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Champion: Does Putin have an endgame in Syria?

If Russia’s leaders are concerned about their ability to succeed in Syria, they aren’t showing it. They may have to rethink their approach, though, if they want to bring their intervention to a quick end.

Carter: Benghazi, Watergate and muddled motivations

This week, Hillary Clinton testifies before the House Benghazi committee. If you’re a Democrat, you’re certain by now that the investigation exists only to embarrass her. If you’re a Republican, you think journalists intentionally bury every Democratic sin and exaggerate every GOP gaffe.

McManus: What Bernie Sanders needs to do

Bernie Sanders, the insurgent candidate for president, says he plans to give “a major speech” soon explaining what he means when he calls himself a democratic socialist.

Bernstein: Joe Biden is out, but he won't be down

The Joe Biden perpetual trial balloon, more than six years in the making, finally popped Wednesday. The is-he-in-or-is-he-out guessing game was starting to hurt the vice president’s reputation, instead of enhancing his status within the party as the obvious choice if something happened to Hillary Clinton.

Capehart: Perverse campaign against gay rights

The battle over Houston's nondiscrimination law took a real ugly turn last week when opponents aired one of the most outrageous and disgustingly deceptive ads in their effort to repeal it at the ballot box in November.

Carlson: Bush's battle with Rubio has a familiar plot

Let’s tear our attention away from Donald Trump, if only for a moment, to check in on a psychodrama unfolding way downfield in the Republican presidential race. I’m talking about the sniping campaign motivated by love gone sour between the two candidates from Florida, Sen. Marco Rubio and former Gov. Jeb Bush.

Thomas: The importance of doing for yourself

A recent New York Times headline read, “Raising Taxes on the Wealthiest Would Pay for Bold Plans.” The story says that by soaking the rich, “the government could raise large amounts of revenue … while still allowing them to take home a majority of their income.”

Sunstein: Ben Carson's odd take on the Constitution

So far as I know, no neurosurgeon has ever written a book about the U.S. Constitution. But then again, no neurosurgeon has ever made a serious run for the presidency.

Friedman: Millennials' turn to take the blame

It's a rite of passage for each generation to get bashed by the media. The baby boomers were the original "me" generation, as they were dubbed by Tom Wolfe in the 1970s. In their 20s, they were portrayed as rebellious individualists who threatened to destroy all that was good about post-World War II America.

Rubin: Jeb Bush's big chance to knock out Donald Trump

You cannot go wrong betting against conventional wisdom in this election. Right now, conventional wisdom has it that Donald Trump, in championing the far-left-wing propaganda that President George W. Bush left us vulnerable to 9/11, has pulled off some masterstroke. Jeb Bush on defense! Jeb Bush re-litigating 9/11! But I’m not so sure about that.

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