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No hope for Jens Soering (Part 2)

(... story continued)
Within two weeks of the Supreme Court's rejection of his final appeal in 2001, Soering began work on what became the first of four books he has written behind bars.
That first book, "The Way of the Prisoner," and its successors present a grim picture of prison life - a Darwinian struggle for survival where the strong prey on the weak.

Those paying car tax late won’t face steep penalty

Car owners who haven't paid their vehicle tax bills got a reprieve Tuesday from state lawmakers who wanted to make sure slackers don't get walloped with super size penalties.

Hispanic laborers driving unregistered vehicles have caused scores of Eastern Shore traffic deaths

The Ford Escort was racing north on rural Seaside Road, its occupants headed home from a wedding, when it ran a stop sign at 55 mph. The driver of a Ford F-150 traveling east through the intersection never saw the Escort, police said.

The black-and-white world of Walter Ashby Plecker

Walter Ashby Plecker, the first registrar of Virginia’s Bureau of Vital Statistics, starting in 1912, forced Indians to classify themselves as black. The tribes, he said, had become a “mongrel” mixture. (Courtesy Richmond Times-Dispatch)

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