Guilty of manslaughter, Ryan Frederick faces 10 years


The trial of Ryan Frederick in the shooting death of a police officer - a case that tore apart two families and a community - left all sides disappointed Wednesday.

The jury refused to convict Frederick of capital murder but recommended a maximum 10-year prison term for voluntary manslaughter.

Family, friends and colleagues of Detective Jarrod Shivers, shot and killed by Frederick on Jan. 17, 2008, wept in astonishment as the jury returned its verdict. Across the aisle, Frederick's family and supporters were relieved.

About an hour later, the jury returned with its recommended sentence, and the emotions turned.

"Yes!" could be heard from a number of people on the Shivers side.

Those on Frederick's side began to weep.

Sheryl Morales, an aunt of Frederick's, initially said she was grateful about the verdict.

"I knew he was telling the truth from the beginning," she said. "I was hoping for the best. An acquittal would have been better."

After the sentencing, she ran from the courthouse in tears. Only a friend of Frederick's remained to talk.

"I think it's a shame that a good young man like Ryan Frederick should spend 10 years in prison with a bunch of thugs," said the friend, who identified himself as Frederick Stump. "I feel sorry for the Shivers family, but I also feel sorry for Ryan."

Special prosecutor Paul Ebert said Shivers' family "was very upset" and did not want to talk afterward.

"I think it's just an extreme tragedy," he said.


Frederick could have faced life in prison for a capital murder conviction. Instead, the jurors opted for voluntary manslaughter, a charge defined as a killing in the heat of passion and one of the other options given to them by the judge before the deliberations began. Afterward, neither side said the verdict was appropriate.

"The people decided he was not acting in self-defense but in the heat of passion," Ebert said. "That's usually two people in a fight. There was no fight here."

Frederick's attorney, James Broccoletti, though grateful his client didn't get a capital murder conviction, agreed that this was not a "heat of passion" killing.

He vowed to appeal, saying the 10-year maximum sentence reflected the jury's "outrage and emotion" but ignored his client's clean record and character.

"This case isn't over by a long shot," he said.

The jury acquitted Frederick of use of a firearm in the commission of murder. It did convict him of misdemeanor possession of marijuana and recommended a 30-day jail sentence and a $500 fine.

The jury rejected the prosecution's contention that Frederick was growing marijuana for distribution, apparently disregarding the testimony of Steven Rene Wright, a police informant who turned in Frederick.

The victim's widow, Nicole Shivers, sat in the front row on each of the trial's 12 days. She testified at the start of the trial and wanted to testify during the sentencing phase but was too distraught, Ebert said.

As she waited for the jury to return with the sentence, she clutched tissues and wept silently into the shoulders of her family and friends. She left the courtroom before the sentence was read.

The panel also apparently rejected the testimony of jailhouse informant Jamal Skeeter, who also goes by Jamaal. He testified that Frederick said in jail that he saw the police outside his home before he fired.

That was the only evidence the prosecution presented to show that Frederick knew police were outside, but Skeeter's reputation sank after the defense discovered Skeeter's history as a frequent witness looking to shave time off his 14-year prison term.

Circuit Court Judge Marjorie A.T. Arrington set the formal sentencing date for May 8. She can opt to suspend some of the jury's recommended sentence.


For the Shivers family and the Police Department, the verdict did not provide closure.

"Closure?" said Jack Crimmins, president of the Chesapeake Coalition of Police. "There's no closure."

"Their verdict today has jeopardized the lives of police officers," Crimmins said. "I think the jury failed. They failed the community. You've got a man involved in an illegal enterprise, the police come to his house, and he takes the matter into his own hands."

After the verdict, Ebert, the special prosecutor from Prince William County, pleaded with the jury to give the family solace and "sheer retribution" by recommending the maximum 10-year sentence for manslaughter.

In tearful testimony during the sentencing phase, Shivers' father and sister described what the last year has been like.

Jennifer Shivers of Oakland, Calif., said Shivers' young son often runs to the front door wondering when his dad is coming home, and his oldest daughter still has nightmares of her dad trapped in a box.

"It kills me," she said.

James R. Shivers of Downingtown, Pa., told the jury about his son's childhood heroes, how he volunteered as a firefighter at 16 and then served in the Navy for eight years before dedicating a career to police work.

He recalled how, two months before he died, his son insisted on a family portrait with all four generations of Shiverses in the picture. He held up the picture for the jury to see.

"Everybody has been healing a little bit every day," he told the jury.

"We may never be completely healed," he continued. "I've never been through this before."


Pilot writer Kristin Davis contributed to this report.

Tim McGlone, (757) 446-2343, tim.mcglone@pilotonline.com

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Voluntary Manslaughter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our justice systems works!


The article does not discuss when sentencing will occur. In VA, I believe a defendant has the right to have the sentence be determined by the jury, if I'm correct. Can anyone verify?

Sad Very Hard To Overcome The Police Sympathy

Prosecution had nothing to work with, Defense was walking on ice and fell short of a real strong defense defense........... I think he will due at least 5 years, sad


Wow is all I can say!!!!

Good deal...

Happy to see the jury had their heads on their shoulders. Am glad he did not get convicted of capital murder either(as I never thought he should)...but am relieved that the jury is holding him responsible for his wrongdoing.
Now that the verdict is in...can't wait to see how many are going to comment saying that RF won becuase he wasn't convicted of capital murder. Through the entire time, I recall reading all those comments claiming how RF was completely innocent...and he'll be aquitted.
To those who were so adament that he was not guilty and to those who were so confident of his guilt relating to the capital murder charge...let this be a lesson to you. You, as readers of the media and as one who is not personaly involved, do not know the entire story. Let the professionals do their work. Another lesson---->the CSI shows that are obviously watched by many commentors, is called entertainment. Far far far from reality.

So what's it gonna be, folks?

Either it's legal to own and use a handgun to protect yourself and your property, or it isn't. I am disgusted by this verdict. Justice was NOT served today.


Seems like the jury came back with a very fair verdict. Should be interesting to see how much time will be recommended.


There is plenty of good reasons to appeal this verdict. Prosecutorial and police misconduct being the most glaring, so start donating to RF's defense. At least now maybe cpd will answer the many questions the people have. I can't see how RF spending time in prison will help anybody. Meanwhile wright is a free man and you call that justice.


I hope they sentence him to time served.

doesnt seem likely though.

this says a lot:

“I think it’s a very fair and very rational verdict by the jury. I think it demonstrates that they applied reason, thought and common sense and sound judgment in what was a very emotional case,” defense attorney James Broccoletti said.

RF's attorney thinks a guilty verdict is fair and rational. That says a lot. I'm glad that it's over but I know we'll have hundreds of comments deriding the verdict (it's a conspiracy, man....). Then there's the appeal....

Fair and Reasonable considering

Considering that Ryan was committing a crime in growing/possessing the marijuana, I don't think he could have been acquitted. However, the death of Det. Shivers is on the CPD, that's why he was acquitted on all of the murder charges.

I believe the CPD still owes the Community it serves an explanation of what when wrong and how they will do things differently in the future. The citizens of Chesapeake don't want any more of their officers killed or wounded, any more of their citizens killed or wounded by Police, nor do they want any more petty criminals to face murder charges when all they were guilty of to begin with were non-violent crimes.

As for sentencing, I don't think any additional jail time will make a difference either way, I will go along with what the Jury decides just as with this verdict.

Who's stopping them?

"Let the professionals do their work."
If the pros had done thier job in the first place thi trajedy wouln't have occured. Always question authority.

Lets not forget

He did kill someone. He admitted to grow marijuana and got off on that. He shot and killed a Police officer and gets manslaughter. So if someone comes to your home and knocks on the door, it's ok to shoot them and say your were scared, you will get off on manslaughter. Now lets HOPE the jury will give him the MAX of 10 years. It is giving the green light to kill police officers and get away with it. There is no "amen" comment that should be made. I hope when he meets his maker that he can look him in the eye and at least ask to be forgiven. Not one time during court did he apologize to the Shivers family. Now go out and grow your pot as now its ok to do so, lets not forget "its just a plant". I hope you let him babysit your kids then, maybe he will introduce them to pot. Remember, you said it was ok, its just a plant.

Two lives destroyed

I'm a Chesapeake resident ashamed of my city. A failed justice system prevailed. Through lies and deceit they have destroyed two lives. One by the murder of an officer by orders given based on lies and secondly destroying this citizens life that did nothing but defend himself. This is a sad day for fellow Chesapeakians. I pray this travesty can be corrected by appeal.


Justice was NOT served. This is such an unfortunate case. I only wished I could have been on the jury because I would have dead locked it. Our only hope now is that he will be given some sort of consideration for never have been in trouble and give hime TIME SERVED on the manslaugher charge. First time simple possession offenders get deferred findings all day long after complying with one year good behavior etc. Let Ryan go!

This seems to be a decent verdict

And should be a wake-up call the the CPD.

Ever Heard of Self Defense?

Voluntary Manslaughter: Must prove victim was killed. Must prove it was intentional and impassioned.

Really, now? In a fit of rage, he intentionally killed an officer that he knew was an officer?

No, his house was broken into DAYS before and he shot at what he thought were burglars. It turned out that they were cops. Just because they were cops doesn't mean he knew that when he shot. When he realized what was happening, he did not resist.

He fired at burglars in self defense. Self. Defense. At least he won't spend the rest of his life in jail because of the mistakes and shortsightedness of the police, but he has already and will continue to pay for their brazen policies on, particularly, nonviolent "offenders".


A right and just verdict. Good job to the jury!

Enough said

Enough said.......leave it be and let the two families get on with their lives. RIP Detective Shivers.........


Virginia law dictates that the same jury that passed the verdict in a criminal trial is the same jury that recommends sentencing. They've heard all of the evidence, and then they'll hear arguments from both sides and likely some minor evidence before retiring for sentencing deliberations. The judge will also give them instruction, and give the jury foreman the papers with the sentencing range for each charge. Less than twelve month sentences are served in the city jail, while anything over a year is "confined to the state penitentiary for a term of X year/s"

He should be leaving today!

Two lives destroyed because of bad policy. I can't see how they can even bring up RF's honesty when their whole case and reason for the raid was based on lying criminals!


I commend the jury on their verdict. I can only imagine how hard it was to decipher the facts, unravel the logic and apply common sense. I’m sure they will apply the same sound judgment during the sentencing phase.

I hope the CPD and all other police departments learn from this tragedy. When you believe you are above the law, people get hurt, and in some cases, innocent ones. There was no reason at all for the CPD to storm Ryan’s home like storm troopers; they’re just as responsible for this tragedy as Ryan.

To thegoodguys

There are so many intelligent people working on this case. So much evidence they have seen and not us. Believe and trust that their decision was the best, for the families of both.

The jury nor the judge would not have let him off of capital murder if they didnt review all the facts. Trust and believe that they did what is best for our community and our rights.

Dont doubt them. They are very intelligent people.

More common sense must prevail during sentencing

Time served should be the judge's final sentence.

CPD screwed this up from the get go. It's such a shame they could not admit wrongdoing.


I think the verdict was fair. He did kill a man no matter the circumstances. I can't imagine living with the knowlege that I took another humans life, however, the CPD truly mishandled this one. What I want to know who in the CPD is going to be held responsible for Officer Shivers death????? May God Bless both Shivers family and RF.


'"Let the professionals do their work."
If the pros had done thier job in the first place thi trajedy wouln't have occured. Always question authority'

Mind you, that if RF wasn't growing pot...none of this would have happened either. You can take it back as far as you like...bottom line is, it all started with RF's actions.
And I'd question the accused way before I'd question the authority. But for some reason in your mind, the accused was such a law abiding and upstanding citizen, that whatever he said must be true right?


Not one time during court did he apologize to the Shivers family.

Obviously you have not listened to the tapes or read anything about his testimony or you would not have made the above statement.


The jury will set the sentencing. It might come today, or it might come tomorrow. Voluntary Manslaughter is the right verdict for this case. It was in the heat of passion and he intended on killing whoever was breaking into his door . . . police officer or otherwise.

The End....

I am glad he was found guilty, and didn’t get to walk away after killing the officer! Maybe now more people will THINK before blindly shooting a gun!! I hope the officer’s family can move on, and not have to deal with so many rude comments! Bottom line, someone was killed and you shouldn’t get away with murder just because you said you were scared!!!

Seems like at least the citizenry is still sane

Based on what I have read regarding this case it is comforting to know that at least "we the people" have not yet lost our minds. A complete pass would have been a miscarriage of justice. It is also completely unreasonable for the government and its functionaries ,particularly those with guns, to assume that no matter what they are doing if they get killed whoever did it will fry. I still think that the city's bureaucrats should have to answer for their role in this tragedy. I am sick and tired of their mentality that we are mere subjects to be rule over for their amusement and, at their discretion. They have gone through the looking glass to backwards world and needed a dose of reality. Maybe this verdict will accomplish this though I seriously doubt it. It will probably take a serious anti-incumbent house cleaning motivated electorate to do that. At the moment there are just too few people actually tuned in to what is actually being done to us by these people. Who by the way are supposed to be our neighbors and our allies not our rulers...

The RF debaucle and the CPD integrity...

Yea, it's over...but as I've been following this since the beginning, I've not seen/or read the 'hard evidence' from prosecution and the defense was lax...Mr. Brocolletti could have done a much stronger job.

I am so damned glad I do not live in or near the Chesapeake line...
Those guys in blue are out to claim you 'guilty until proven [flimsily, by this case] innocent.
That thin blue line is a real thing...and the rally behind it is a huge smokescreen because they are first to investigate, then file, then handily mis-file all the evidence that can be used against you while you - the citizen, languishes in thier jails. Sad!

(BTW, I never did see even a hint of the [selective] ACLU in RF's behalf...citing for his citizen rights within the very confines of his domicile.)

Fair enough I think...

I wish they had looked more at self defense, but...

This still can work to his advantage. In Virginia (I googled this), a voluntary manslaughter conviction is a Class 5 felony.

For Class 5 felonies, the jury or court may choose imprisonment for one to 10 years or jail for up to 12 months and a fine of up to $2,500, either or both.

I don't know about credit for time served.

Justice does work - Wow!

It's unfortunate a precious life was lost, and another will forever be altered, but I believe the jury did exactly what it had to and weighed everything presented, sans emotion. I seems rational, attentive citizen jurors made the difficult determination that reflects negligence on both parties.

There was no way he would have been found not guilty, and I believe everybody knows this. So he will serve time, and the officers involved must accept that an unnecessary, badge-heavy raid primarily caused this tragedy.

Justice sometimes works in mysterious ways.....


What a waste. At the very most he would be guilty of involuntary manslaughter. He was doing the same thing that I would do if someone was knocking a hole in my door and trying to reach through that hole to gain entrance. Hopefully I would not miss the person that was hanging in the hole and hit someone else instead. The police agencies need to stop acting like the paramilitary force that they are increasingly using against the citizenry except in very special circumstances. Using small infractions of the law to practice their skills is way out of line and this needs to be curtailed. Large amounts of drugs and arrests have been recently made in Norfolk, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach and none of these actions were used. Why was this action used in Chesapeake? We need to know what the contents of the confidential police report contains and make so substantial changes to procedures of the CPD. I hope the sentence is reduced to time served so that everyone can get on with their lives.

Good and Bad

He was wrong for what he did and could have yelled or shot a warning shot. He didn't have to shoot through his front door, what if it had been one of his friends playing a practical joke? And, the CPD were way out of line here. They could have done this during the daytime, or at a time when it wouldn't have caused such alarm for such a petty offense. He did kill someone, so being found guilty was the right decision. No one wins here folks.

Ryan Frederick Conviction

One of those glass half full, half empty verdicts. No one will be happy. If there is a lesson here, it is that what you think about defending your home may not be the law. You better be sure that someone is inside your home and is a threat to your life before taking action or you may be the defendant, not exercising your rights.

thegoodguys, you mean it gives the green light

to the police to smash down your door without any announcement as to who they are or why they are there.
He was convicted and will be sentenced for doing what just about any homeowner would do in the same circumstances.
Now people must assume that all home invasions are the police, lest they go to jail for trying to protect themselves or their family.
In this case they got 2.6 grams of marijuana. In another case of wrong address or the new internet game of swatting, they could kill a mother and child.
I hope the police will now at least review some procedures.
There was absolutely nothing about that case that forced a violent assault upon RF's home. Unless you lived in a dictatorship.
For a few grams of marijuana, a man was killed and another in prison.

I applaud the jury. . .

. .for making a fair decision. Enough of this guys (Rayan's) life was ruined by noting more than bad police work. He should be sent free with time served.

Justice was not served.

OK people, listen up. If you own a gun get rid of it. You obviously cant use it in ANY instance. I guess if someone kicks my door in, I'll just HOPE it's the police and pray it's not the more likely HOME INVASION. What a joke. Good luck RF, and god bless.

It seems like a fair verdict. . .

At least, it seems like a fair verdict based on what has been presented in the pilot. But while this issue is settled (barring any appeals), I still would like to see a very thorough, independent review of how the CPD handled this whole case. There are some senior folks within the CPD than need to be asked hard questions about what went wrong, and what needs to happen to prevent tragedies like the needless death of Detective Shivers from happening again.

But for those of you that think its over for Frederick, its not. I am willing to bet that Ms. Shivers will have a much better chance litigating Mr. Frederick in a civil "wrongful death" suit than she would going after the CPD. The Government is very good at protecting itself - that is it's primary objective.

Ten Years is a gift

Shooting blind through a door like that is recklessly irresponsible. As bad as this was it had the potential to be much worse. One of Frederick's bullets could have gone through a neighbors window, endangering or killing someone.

Ten years is a gift to him, even if they do not subtract time already served.


Submitted by ediesinger on Wed, 02/04/2009 at 3:18 pm.
May God have mercy on the souls of the idiots in the Chesapeake Police Dept who caused all of this. You will have to stand before God one day and give an account for what you have done in ruining Ryan Frederick's life

The way I see it Mr. Ediesinger the Police didn't ruin RF life, he did that all by himself by growing an illegal drug in the first place. Why do you think they call it DOPE.

I am so excited for Ryan. I

I am so excited for Ryan. I actually think he should have been aquitted, but this is the next best thing. If anyone were trying to "tiptoe" through my front door I would do the same. CPD should take a hard long look at procedure and be the ones making apologies!!!

Remember what you've always been told

And that is to wait until and intruder is INSIDE your house before you shoot him in self defense. You hear people joke about dragging them inside but it does kind of make sense.

The jury made a good decision. Errors were made all around. If I was in RF's shoes I may have done the same - you never know until it happens to you - or I may have grabbed a phone and called for help - you just don't know.

But there are too many police shoorings of citizens these days to go unnoticed - they should be able to take some constructive criticism from the citizenry.

I wonder if the VB police broke down the doors of that marijuana bust they just made that yielded all those plants - paper doesn't say.

good job jury

the jury did a good job on this one. Yes RF did kill someone and the voluntary manslaughter was a good verdict. I feel for Shivers faimly because he was a victim here. But also RF is a victim also. If the police would have investigated more and not relied soley on a criminal for their information this could have turned out much different and no one would have been killed. Maybe the Chesapeake Police officers should take some training from the Virginia Beach officers that just made that drug bust. No one was killed and the police got their man. But I bet you that guy will serve less time than Frederick will.

The "Good Guys"?

The "good guys" aren't always good and this case proved it. In my opinion the "professionals" who planned this whole fiasco should have been on trial right along with Ryan Frederick. While they got off scot free, some folks think RF should serve 10 or more years.
The prosecution (representing US THE PEOPLE) charged him with Capital Murder while putting known liars on the witness stand. Our Justice System at work!


My my. . . his own attorney said "use common sense". If Frederick had used common sense, Jarrod would still be here. If Frederick had chosen to be an upstanding citizen and not use/grown/manufacture illegal drugs (yes pot is illegal). . . he wouldn't be where he is now, nor would Jarrod. Time served. . . .one crappy year out of his life. How about Jarrod's wife and family? Their “time served” is just beginning and they got a life sentence. Whether he knew it was the police or an intruder, his intention was to kill whomever was at his door. Your right, he will have to meet his maker one day and so will all of his "dope" supporters. Lucky for you, he is a loving God. For all of you that have said such horrible things about Jarrod and the CPD, I hope your families never have to endure such a tragedy. One irrational decision has ruined many lives including his.

Wake up and smell the Wawa Coffee !

Judge, if you are reading any of these comments... having read all I can read, listen to the tapes , the prosecutions actions almost seemed like an old fashioned witch hunt.. Judge, you should have ended this a long time ago knowing that the prosecutuin had no case... you allowed this boy to be crucified based on emotions... As a country we stand strong to defend what is ours from intrusion, you allowed it to be weaker today by saying that having a registered weapon, and using it in self defense when one fears for his life , get you a voluntary manslaughter conviction.. Shame on you judge for making the nation weaker.. PLEASE go back to day one and read our Constitution !!!

Freddie going away

Bye, Bye Freddie.... Just remember,bad guys breaking into your home don't yell Police! several time before breaking in. Could Freddie go out the back door when the police were coming in? What could Freddie have done without shooting? But of course when you have a gun in the home you feel braver, you take more chances even if they are wrong. I think he would have had a better chance of walking away a free man if the police had come in not yelling "Police, search warrant" while busting in, he would had a better chance if they were not marked with the word "Police" on them. And I think he's a little luck to be alive

Confirmed !!

This jury "IS" as stupid as the Oj jury. What a bunch of idiots !!!

Not fair

I am sorry that someone lost thier life. But sometime we make problems for our selves and instead of saying that they ( police )went about this whole thing wrong , they choose to make that young man look like a killer. Come on you don't have to be a kindergarder graduate to see that this young man's story seemed too true. I try putting my self in his situation and I would have done the exact thing. I think we are giving this police department to much rope to hang us. It is going to get to the point they will be able to come in to our houses for what ever reason, not following the proper SOP's and get away with it.
Yes , he smoked pot...but who doesn't do things they shouldn't. He is not a killer. But to top it off they used convicted criminals to break into his garage and thier testimonies were considered.....what a joke.

when can I start ?

If the you can shoot a police officer and get a maximum of ten years RF, you are truely blessed. You should be ready to serve your sentence and get on with life. You should be asking when can I start ! Its unfortunate that it had to turn out this way but 25 to life or "life" vs. 10 years max.....RF you should be smiling all the way to Greensville ! Good luck.

Justice Served

A very proper and just verdict.

Manslaughter verdict

I wish some of you had actually read the whole article. He didn't get acquitted of the Marijuana charge, he was found guilty of possession of the drug on top of the Voluntary Manslaughter verdict. I believe the Voluntary portion comes from the fact that he may have been intending to harm the intruder who had previously broken into his home. Isn't that the point of owning a gun? To shoot to kill those who would harm you? In this instance he just happened to shoot a cop. Perhaps the CPD needs to have better tactical training and not bring down the entire squad for a handful of marijuana. Perhaps they need to quit relying on the word of a known criminal as their informant. Either way, something needs to change so more detectives don't lose their lives over a handful of a plant.

Gurantee: Out of jail soon, time served or on an appeal bond

No reason to not be granted bond. After sentencing, with all the problems with this case. Appealate issues: #1 Was questioned by police after asking for a lawyer #2 Known professional TestiLiar was used by prosecution #3 Search warrant was based on burglary by professional police informant. #s 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and on and on. He is now only facing a few more years. No reason to not be granted bond

From what I'd gleaned

I was guessing involuntary manslaughter. The misdemeanor finding of simple possession of marijuana indicts the CPD. The jury is essentially telling the CPD that they did not have cause to search RF's home for manufacturing or selling marijuana. Also there could be a message there that the CPD has to share in the responsibility for Detective Shivers death. I have confidence in this country's jury system.

Bad all the way around.

The CPD is only recently added a Street Crime Unit to the Greenbrier area. Drugs have been rampant here for years. I know because I have been involved in getting about 3 or 4 of the criminals busted. The CPD has been incompetent but they are improving, hopefully this case will bring more light on the drug crime element present in Chesapeake.


Brocoletti's comment pretty much sums it up... they knew he did it, and his lawyering got him off easy. 10 years or whatever he gets will never be enough to make up what he took away from us, or Jarrod's family.

I'm glad he was found guilty, and I'm glad it's over. I hope RF thinks of what he did every single day. And just like goodguys said, it would be nice and the right thing to do to offer an apology to Jarrod's family. All that time in jail, and not one apology by him or his friends and family. Even if it wasn't intentional as he says he should make every effort to apologize to them.

RIP Jarrod, we miss you every day.

for those of whom might have been at the trial:

It's obvious the jury didn't buy RF knowing they were Police at the door (no Capital Murder conviction.) Why then, the Voluntary Manslaughter verdict - were they not convinced of the (alleged) hand through the battered door? Did they acknowledge the hand was through the door yet didn't feel that justified the shooting? I'd sure like to know as I had a recent attempted home invasion but the perps gave up before successfully breaching my door. In the event they return, I'd sure like to know at what point it's ok to defend my family and castle.

Sad ending for both sides

Truly sad.

If CPD had planned and executed this raid correctly they would have one more live officer, one more family with a father/husband and one more nice clean minor drug arrest.

Now we have a dead officer, a widow and someone going to jail for up to 10 years...

What a shame.

and you own a gun

Just because you own a legal gun doesn't give you the right to just start shooting. Some of you gun advocates might want to keep that in mind.

to memyselfandi

Listen to the tapes from the police car.. he did not know who he had shot, and he said he was sorry numerous times.. all that behind him now.. he spent a year in jail.. but it was a year of harrasment, and I bet he feared any reprisal within the Chesapeake jail system. The trial got no justice here, and should have been held somewhere else...Lessons learned, let him go.. he needs to fix his house , and clean his pool, and tear down those "free ryan" signs so chesapeake can stop citing him and his family for code violations !


the appropriate opportunity to apologize will be during the sentencing. You've repeatedly told us of your vast experience in court so you must know that. Had RF already done so you would have proclaimed him "insincere". I've read every posting since the day this happened and if you read my posts you'll see I picked no side, only asked questions. Despite my rather advanced age I'll admit to a rather liberal bias on SOME issues. I'm tired of anyone suffering from what I consider to be inane drug laws. I was born before some of these laws came into effect. We've been doing the same thing for so long without any real progress,I'm waiting for some of that "change". Please be safe in your work.


Lets be realistic ; I kick your door in and you shoot me, you were protecting your self, property and family. I die. Now you owe my famliy an apology ? Why is that if you didn't feel you did anything wrong ? Thats a scapegoat ! The real apology should come from the CPD to the wife and kids he left behind because of their poor work to say the least. A nice lump sum of money to the family wouldn't hurt either because of the crappy investigating that lead up to this death. So memyselfandI ....if it makes you feel better, I'll apologize to Mrs. Shivers for YOU ! I APOLOGIZE ! please forgive me .

I can live with this

I can live with this...He did shoot thru a closed door it could have been anyone....


Well, it seems truth prevails. Through all the fog and smog posted on here, the jury saw things the right way. Maybe one day you will find yourself in a position similar to RF and we can all post comments about how you should go to jail.

To Power2theblue I guess in your opinion the CPD

did nothing wrong in how they handled this case. I believe these sorts of "raids" are confrontational by their very nature and are inherently dangerous to law enforcement, law-abiding citizens and criminals a like. I guess criminals and law-abiding citizens responding to their door being broken down are the only ones that are supposed to exercise common sense. Because it seems the police certainly didn't have any common sense in risking so much for so little. Do you honestly believe anyone's life is worth a few pot plants? Whether you like it or not a lot of law abiding Americans will answer their door being busted down with gunfire. If you believe that breaking down the door for all search warrants no matter what the crime shows "Common Sense" on the part of the police, then I ask you to put a sign on your front door "Home Invasions Welcome Here".

Now the insurance can be paid to the widow without delay-

that's what this trial was about, compensating the widow of a downed officer. without the conviction there would not be such an insurance compensation. Shivers has not died in vain thanks to this verdict now, let's give RF some justice and sentence him to time served and let him go. DUI offenders, Meth dealers, cocaine dealers, baby killers, crooked politicians, all get less time behind bars than many less serious offenders. I thank all cposters throughout the year for all the conmtributions, the inane and brilliant. Makes for good copy, still can't deciode on a book title tho. any suggestions ya'll?


He has apologized to the Shivers family repeatedly. Were you not listening???? The jury listened to the evidence and came to a just verdict. Were you in court and heard every shred of evidence presented? Just wondering. You seem to think you know soooo much about this case. Of course this is a bad situation all around. The jury has spoken, so get off your high horse. Obviously, they didn't believe much of the CPD's testimony or their corrupt jailhouse snitches trying to get time shaved off of their sentences. I feel for the Shivers family. They've lost a father, husband, et cetera. The evidence is what it is, and the jury convicted Ryan on the evidence presented. As they say, the truth shall set you free. We'll have to wait and see what sentence the jury hands down.

Nicole Shivers

You need to get on a wrongful death suit against CPD. It is unfortunate what happened to your husband, but, either protocol was not followed or the protocol was very flawed to begin with. I am sure you are familiar with the term "blue wall of silence", that is clearly what is happening here. CPD tried to cover their tracks and put a man in jail for the rest of his life, when all he was doing was protecting his home. Please try to look past Ryan and see the real criminals that allowed this to happen.


To memyselfandI, I know where you are coming from. However, Ryan feels no remorse for what he did so I think it's crazy for you or anyone to actually think he would ever apologize (even though he should)!

The verdict today is truly disappointing. Anyone who puts their life on the line each day or supports someone putting their life on the line each day should be saddened by this decision. Ryan deserves as stiff a punishment as possible. As sad as I am to know he will one day walk free I am thankful that he will at least serve time for what he did (and no, his time served should not count when deciding how to punish him for killing another human being). I hope RF never has to deal with a loved on being murdered...he would certainly want the murderer to be dealt with as harshly as possible.

To the CPD, I know this is a hard day for each of you. Stand tall and walk proud; you have many, many supporters!


I believe he should have gotten aquitted and I don't see how the jury found enough evidence for voluntary manslaughter. Now it's on to phase 2 with an appeal and hopefully another trial and a just verdict. If I lived in Chesapeake, a for sale sign would be in my yard tomorrow, I would not feel safe with a city who have a force who do as they please, what a screwed up Police department they have............Good luck to the citizens of Chesapeake.

waited until now

I have waited until now to comment on this sad situation. I have kept up on the details of this case from day one but wanted to let the justice system do what it is supposed to do. the fact of the matter is, that no one wins in the situation. det. shivers family will never get him back and RF will never be judged fairly again for the rest of his life. everyone is entitled to their opinion to what happened, how it happened and how it should have ended. but the fact remains there was a jury for that and a judge..the same way that the rest of america has to face unfair realities. ask someone who lost a family member to a drunk driver. have you ever seen a drunk driver go to jail for capital murder. i understand the severity of this case, however, i think that the community was more enraged that it was an officer of the law. i feel that every life is equal. that of a drunk driver victim as well as that of an officer. someone asked why RF hasn't apologized to the family of det. shivers...probaby because he hasn't had his chance yet. last time i checked he will have the appropriate opportunity at his sentencing hearing. in the land of the free why are we so quick to consider s

Lets remember one thing

Lets remember one thing people, Mr. Frederick fired a weapon THROUGH a door WITHOUT identifying his target. Regardless of the fact that a hand was coming through his door, you MUST identify any target before firing at it. This is common knowledge that is drilled into the minds of citizens at that pathetic excuse for training that you have to go through to get a concealed weapons permit. It is not SWAT training....It is not military training.....It is COMMON SENSE. Know what you're shooting at. If that was some stumbling drunk that was trying to get into his own house and accidentally got the wrong address, you would all be ready to hang Mr. Frederick for murder.

Rich-N has it right, nobody wins.

It is time for rational drug policies. For those interested in fact not myth: http://www.drugpolicy.org/library/tlcdjarl.cfm

Ryan call the police?

Why will Ryan ever need to call the police? I guarantee he won't let any of his girlfriend's sisters friends around anymore. Also, I don't think anyone is going to burglarize his house anymore. Make that attempt to burglarize.

It's A Shame,

It's a shame that Shivers had to rely on informates such a Wright, and Turnbull.

Maybe if the Policy, and procedures of the Police Dept. had been modified before this event, than he would not of been forcing his way into a family's home, before investigating properly.

The prosecuters will go their way with a conviction in their wallets, and not even concerned that Shivers died, or Skeeter lied......or that they may of lied.

When the prosecuters stand in court and deny evidense, or impeed the truth to be told, or even outright lie; then I believe that their form of Justice is a Farce.

The police had a warrant to search the house, that they got on the word of a lying, criminal. The police did not exercise good judgement in playing Cowboy and forcing their way into that home.

Now that the Police have Blamed someone else for their mistakes, errors, maybe if they really cared about law enforcement they may want to re-examine their policy's.

The War on Drugs is not going to be won by this type of police work.

The police in this case missed a good chance to use better judgement.

Stay Gold,

To Ryan

Ryan, when you get out of jail, please, for your own safety, don't move back to Chesapeake. Every police office in town will be after you no matter the reason. Serve your time, but always watch your back.

Hampton Roads police

I think police precints all over Tidewater should pay attention. Chesapeake has the Ryan Fredrick case, Virgina Beach never prosecuted the cops who killed an unarmed Bayside student they mistook for a robbery suspect back in 2001, Norfolk killed an unarmed man last year, and Portsmouth has a lawsuit on its hand. Time for the Boys in Blue to introduce higher standards and reestablish community trust.

Praying for all involved in this case.


No sign needed. We have guns in our home and we have been trained properly on how and when to use them!

C.P.D. laid down with dogs

and we all know what happens then. Thank god for a sensible jury.A reasonable and just verdict even with all the sleezy cop and prosecuter tricks.
Now lets commence the disbarment proceedongs for Ebert the liar and the investigation into the cops lying.
Chesapeake officials open your ears - the people are talking to you.

This forum has shown it's a fine line between cop and criminal.

Based on what has been written here, some of you police are scary people
with a reckless disregard for the law. You get an "f" on building public confidence. You all have done a disservice to your fellow officers that do respect the law.


For those who don't know the meaning

Voluntary manslaughter is the killing of a human being in which the offender had no prior intent to kill and acted during "the heat of passion", under circumstances that would cause a reasonable person to become emotionally or mentally disturbed. (Wikipedia)

I have been reading these posts and I feel for both sides. If someone is banging down my door and I have a gun...I will shoot first and ask questions later. If this would have been an actual intruder, you know the outcome would have been much different. JUST because I police officer lost his life, he was tried by a Jury. The whole thing is just crazy and RF really should appeal this verdict. And Mrs. Shivers should sue the crap out of Chesapeake PD.

It's messed up from every angle.

Very Old

Change will only come if the people stand up and demand it. Obama ran on a "change and more transparency" platform. Then he defends all his appointees who are criminal. Only after public outcry, does he backpeddle and admits he "screwed up". If this jury had found Ryan guilty of murder in the 1st degree, it would have been a green light for police and prosecutors to commit perjury, suborn perjury, apply for warrants based on lies, send criminals to burglarize your home and,everything else corrupt under the sun.

Fear Factor

What causes you more fear: a guy growing pot plants in his garage, or a poorly managed, heavily armed police squad who can come thru your door on specious evidence and little or no warning?

Answer's obvious to me. "War on drugs" been going on since the 1960's, with no success and no change in user behavior, but huge growth in criminal cartels worldwide. When will we realize that we need to look at the drug problem in a totally different way? Prohibition doesn't work.

Here we go...

"Just because you own a legal gun doesn't give you the right to just start shooting. Some of you gun advocates might want to keep that in mind"
I don't believe gun rights advocates feel this way Gertz. Most gun advocates I know are just as much for gun safety as gun rights. Many of the "advocates" you speak of, not only feel that this is the perfect example of the need to be educated before aquiring a gun...but also of the type of individual you don't want having one.

"The trial got no justice here, and should have been held somewhere else..."
....isn't this what all of you RF supporters/CPD bashers (obviously go hand in hand) were so against when the prosecution wanted it??


Nate Davis Wrote:

I hope he never calls the police for anything. He killed a police officer. As a fellow officer I hope I have the chance to respond to him in a time of need. I will show him the same callousness, disregard, and recklessness he showed Officer Shivers. The Bible talks about a place for people like you Ryan. And it ain't heaven!

TPB Wrote:

Show's you not much of a PolicePerson. At least, in your nonproffesional response.

You may need some help yourself. Tell your Supervisor and he can refer you to someone to talk to about your issue's.

Stay Gold,


Nature girl you

need to rethink you comment about what you would or wouldn't do if you want to avoid being sued for failing to uphold the oath you took.
If you want to get angry at anyone try the person or persons who organized this raid or took the word of an unreliable informant!

This is a sad day

So because I still miss the man I loved who died of cancer I should hate God and want him punished? This seems to be what the family is saying. I know the family is hurting. I know they must miss him. What does that have to do with the case? What does that have to do with shooting in fear at someone entering your home? Yea, he was doing wrong and that's why they were there. They might of been there even if he wasn't based on the reputation of the tipper. There was no reason to have to instill intense fear in order to arrest this man or search his home. They started a fight or flight response. He fought with everything he had not knowing it was the police. Who would expect the first and only bullet you ever fire to kill? I'm sorry for the family but they are mad at the wrong person. She should think of that the next time she's alone at home and hears a noise.

Verdict Submitted by

Submitted by memyselfandI on Wed, 02/04/2009 at 5:17 pm.
Brocoletti's comment pretty much sums it up... they knew he did it, and his lawyering got him off easy. 10 years or whatever he gets will never be enough to make up what he took away from us, or Jarrod's family.

Let's put the shoe on the other foot for a moment, memyselfandI. I have a feeling that if you committed some sort of crime, or the same as RF did, wouldn't you want your lawer to get the best deal for you? Wouldn't you want your lawer to do some "lawyering" for you if you were in this situation? Everybody makes fun of lawyers until they need one! Everyone seems to critizie defense attorneys until they need one! His attorney did a good job under the circumstances considering the testomony of convicted criminals who should have been convicted of breaking and entering, and theft! Yeah, they were reliable!

To terrim36233

"Submitted by terrim36233

If there is a lesson here, it is that what you think about defending your home may not be the law. You better be sure that someone is inside your home and is a threat to your life before taking action or you may be the defendant, not exercising your rights."

If it isn't law, it very well should be.

And why would somebody be in my home at such an hour? Did they want to pound on and ram down the door just to say "Hi"? So what if an intruder doesn't even have the ability to bring deadly force, I was reading elsewhere that you can only use the same force that is brought on you, which couldn't POSSIBLY be true. Your property IS your life, and morally you have every right to defend it. If there is a hole in your door and somebody is reaching through it to unlock it, that's all I'd need to know to immobilize that person as quickly as possible.

RF case

I am so surprised...yet incredibly proud of the majority of these posts. I recently graduated college and i thought maybe my generation just has a different view of marijuana usage. I hate the war on drugs and i think it hurts far more people then it helps. The point is is that it makes more money for the govt with fines because most of the people they throw in jail are not really making a profit from marijuana. The only reason drugs have become associated with violence is because of the police and how they will arrest people for possession of a drug and offer them a scapegoat by snitching on the seller. They do not care how many young peoples lives they ruin along the way. The alcohol laws have become a joke as well, underage alcohol tickets have become a right of passage for college students. I think this case is upright ridiculous. The police are supposed to have at least 3 credible witnesses before they can serve a warrant. These half-ended searches go on all the time this is just a time the police got caught at the wrong end so we all know about it. I really feel for the detectives family because this is such a preventable event. I also feel for RF because i know about 30 med

Laws need to be changed

From what has been posted about this subject, Virginia Law, as they stand now, seem to but an undue burden on people whose homes are being broken into. From what I understand, a person in that situation can not legally use deadly force to defend themselves until it is the "last resort", and they need to take other actions, refraining from the use of deadly force, until killing the assailent has indeed become your final option other than being harmed. I would bet that the Jury felt that while Frederick was probably scared as SOMEONE was bashing down his door, and felt the need to defend himself, he was not yet to the point of having to shoot as the "last resort" in order to protect his well being. That's just a guess.

Having said that, the laws need to be changed - In a situation where someone is bashing in my door, I shouldn't have to worry about be able to prove in court that using my gun to defend myself was my "last option". Having my home invaded wasn't my choice - the burden shouldn't be on me to have to resolve the situation in a way where everyone lives (including the intruder). If you think the criminal code needs changing, you should see what Virginia Civil Laws ha


"Power2theBlue on Wed, 02/04/2009 at 6:04 pm.
No sign needed. We have guns in our home and we have been trained properly on how and when to use them!"

What you say might be true, but you seem to think that ALL gun owners are responsible adults and they are NOT.

No way out

If Frederick hadn't shot blindly through the door -- if he'd held his fire until the attackers actually entered his home, as some people suggested he should -- then he wouldn't be alive today. When a SWAT team breaches your door and finds you holding a firearm, you're dead.

Frederick was given 30 seconds to make an impossible choice. There was no way he could've both defended himself and not broken the law.

If it happened to me

I would be in that chair, but I don`t grow or use dope. I would defend my home and family to the fullest. It fact there most likely be alot more than one bullet. "Castle Laws" are in play. For an example look what happened in CO in the last week! Sounds like the CPD has ALOT of explaining to do instead of this CYOA mentality!

Frederick verdict

This is a slap in the face for law enforcement. It sends the message that it's okay to NOT identify your target, one of the cardinal rules of firearms training; also that it's okay to shoot through your door in defense of your life, which it's NOT. I can't believe it! STUPIDITY.

Some people keep saying

Some people keep saying "well if RF would have been obeying the law this never would have happened"... and if the police would have done their mistakes differently, this wouldnt have happened either.

There are a million mistakes that both parties made that we can blame. Dont bash just one side on here.

Lets pray for the families of both. I feel terrible for both families.

Story needs re-write

It is sad that I had to read the definition of the verdict in the comments instead of the article written by the paper. It is sad that the rest of the charges were at the very end of the article. It would have been nice to have seen two articles. One on the case, verdict and it's facts and meanings. One on the reaction of those involved, that means everyone, the family's on both sides and the lawyers.

PG - very well said.

PG - very well said. Everything I was thinking and more. He's had his trial and jury. Bottom line is - he is a drug user, and he may or may not have been under the influence of it, but he used a gun, (unlicensed gun at that, right?) and shot through a door not knowing who he was shooting. They are simple facts. Just as stated before me. Yes, it's scary. Yes, if someone broke into my house I'd freak out. But, I'm more likely to climb out of the window and run to a neighbor's house than go shoot blindly. If I had to confront them, I'd beat their tail with the billy club I have or stab them. I don't need a gun. I am too nervous in general and too trigger happy and I would never want to be in RF's position.

To Spook

"Submitted by Spook on Wed, 02/04/2009 at 5:52 pm.

The verdict today is truly disappointing. Anyone who puts their life on the line each day or supports someone putting their life on the line each day should be saddened by this decision."

As public servants, everybody who pays taxes are supporting the police, and should be served by them. They shouldn't be forcing their way into his house in the dark of night to seize a few ounces of pot on the word of a lying snitch without any sort of verification or provocation.

"Ryan deserves as stiff a punishment as possible. As sad as I am to know he will one day walk free I am thankful that he will at least serve time for what he did (and no, his time served should not count when deciding how to punish him for killing another human being). I hope RF never has to deal with a loved on being murdered...he would certainly want the murderer to be dealt with as harshly as possible."

Maybe you didn't understand the issue here. He acted in self defense. If somebody attacks me, even without a weapon, and I shoot that person dead, am I still a murderer under the law? No, I killed a person who violated my basic rights to prevent him or her

Of Course he's Guilty

Of voluntary manslaughter, The jury was just following the Judges orders from the last article, involuntary manslaughter and not gulity weren't in the article as being put out by the Judge.

Nate Davis a Cop?

I believe you are a cop Nate. You say you are going to treat someone who calls the police for help with " Callousness, Disregard and Recklessness". Why do I get the feeling this is your normal response to a citizen in need of help? Because I have seen it from many cops just like you. Cops who are like Jeckle and Hyde.

Imperfect Self-defense

I think this jury's verdict in this case is spot on and to me it alludes to imperfect self-defense:

Self-defense is considered imperfect when the killer acted from his belief in the necessity for self-defense, but that belief was not reasonable under the circumstances. If the belief in self-defense were reasonable, then the killing would be considered justified and not unlawful. Where the belief is unreasonable, the homicide is considered to be voluntary manslaughter.

As chaotic and life threatening the front door ramming may have seemed to RF, he should have made darn sure of his targets and their intent before taking an action.

This is an all around very sad tragedy in many different ways and a tragedy that I think could have been avoided on many different levels. I hope we all come away learning something here that will help us avoid any outcome like this in the future.

What about the hole in the door

Was I the only one who saw The hole were the panel was knocked out by the police so that wouldn't be blind or through the door shooting. Also why did the police just take a panel out, why not bash the door in.

The Recommendation

The jury just recommened 10 years! Now it's the judges turn.....

Identifying your Target

For the last time... He did not shoot blindly through the door. Whatever the current law is is completely irrelevant as to what SHOULD have happened. He identified a person in the dark of night that broke through the bottom of his door and was trying to unlock it. Through that same hole the burglar could have poked his gun in and posed an even greater threat. Anybody who feels the need to take a battering ram through my door at night after being burglarized only days before (the time between both occurrences is when he bought the gun, I believe) is probably not going to be a benevolent trespasser... if such a thing exists.

So please, tell me what your definition of "identifying your target" is, because I'm not going to wait to see ID before I start trying to immobilize the person or people attempting to break down my door.

Travesty of Justice

Police should have no right to break into a home for such minor crimes. These Gestapo tactics should be reserved for hostage situations, or other situations in which lives are directly at stake.

Frederick was in legal possession of his gun; no registration is needed to own a gun in Virginia -- may it ever stay that way. One has an absolute right to defend his home and himself from intruders, without exception. The police acted criminally in forceful breaking into his house during the night for what has turned out to be a misdemeanor. The voluntary manslaughter conviction combined with a simple possession charge of marijuana just do not make any sense. What could the jury have been thinking. I cannot believe there was one jury member who could have had the conviction and the courage to stand up against those who voted guilty.

Those in charge of the raid should be held criminally and civilly responsible for their lack of intelligent handling of this case, for their total disregard for the rights of citizens to be safe within their own homes.


lt60--->"Who would expect the first and only bullet you ever fire to kill?"
I am sure those who drove drunk for the first time and killed someone had the exact same mentality.
I am sure those who contracted an STD on their first time had the exact same mentality.
Not expecting a bullet to kill is like not expecting fire to burn. And while there still may be a few who for some reason don't "expect" it... he/she ultimately has the responsibility to accept the consequences.

Ryan Fredrick has a right to defend his house

This trial was just not right. I'm sorry that a police officer died however, a man has a right to be secure in their persons and house. Had the police not been there breaking into a private citizens house this problem would not have happened. The Police state mentality is not the American way. Every citizen deserves to be happy and secure in his own home. Sometimes the police and magistrates go too far. See the following sections to the US and VA Constitution. The Police caused the problem by an attitude of superior power. RF was set up by Police informants. This is just wrong. Police should not so easily break into someones home.

US Constitution - Amendment II
A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

US Constitution - Amendment IV
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers,and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures,shall not be violated , and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

VA Consti

For the badgelickers

But for the ilegalities of the C.P.D. Det. Shivers would be alive and Ryan would be free.

laura eichbaum

You need to re-read my comment. I was quoting the good officer NateDavis on what HE said and responding in kind. I AM angry at the proper individuals, rest-assured. However, I would never resort to publicly posting that as a sworn police officer that I would deny Ryan or any citizen the proper protection and service that I swore to provide to them. That said, I hope that when Ryan does get out, nothing happens to him because NateDavis would be the first one I would think of that would be out for retribution. Afterall, he publicly posted it on this forum. And people wonder why the general public is so skeptical about trusting law enforcement and authority. Thank you NateDavis for showing everyone else just exactly why!

To Nate Davis (and any other police officers who think the same)

You should be ashamed of yourself. People like you give the departments black eyes. You are paid to serve THE PEOPLE -- not to serve those people who you like. If that is how you truly feel, then maybe you should find another line of work, because the public doesn't need you. We need good cops.

Reminder to Gun Owners

Better to be judged by 12 than to be carried by 6.

Questions Never Asked

Why has no one asked the obvious questions?
Why fourteen officers to take down - commando style - a single person allegedly growing 12 pot plants?
Why raid the house when the alleged pot plantation was only seen in the garage?
Why not have a female officer knock on the door looking for her "lost dog" and serve the warrant?
Who planned this screwed-up raid? What was Det. Shiver's role in the planning?
Was this a "training" raid for the CPD using Frederick as a guinea pig that went horribly wrong?
Why did the Chief resign less than a month after this catastrophe?
Why isn't the Widow Shivers suing the CPD and the City for 30-40 million for killing her husband? A well-planned and executed warrant service using force appropriate to the situation would have avoided this tragedy.
Et Cetera....


Look at the drug charge RF was convicted of--simple possesion. The CPD managed to escalate a drug possesion charge into manslaughter. Supporters of Mr. Shiver's family would do more honor to his memory by addressing their rage at the supervisors and politicians who helped escalate a hard-working man's after work vice (RF's evening bong toke) into a dead police officer. Or better yet...how about the lying jailhouse snitches who made up stories to put events into motion?
.....And one more thing for crying out loud...to those who are denying Mr Frederick's remorse, I would suggest listening to the first interview recording again.
I respectfully suggest that the police revert back to a policy of 'Serve and Protect'. I don't believe any of us needed to be protected from Ryan Frederick. Why get someone killed over marijuana possesion? Who's next?

gun license? permit?

I am amazed by the citizens that are clueless about laws and gun ownership. There are no laws requiring licensing of handguns, rifles, or shotguns. I have as much right to own a Glock as you have to own a gallon of milk. The gun is absolutely legal. The anti gun lobbies, and liberal universities must teach journalism students to use language like "unregistered/unlicensed" when referring to guns.

At 29 years old, 10 years in jail (if he gets that much) is far better than the eternity he would have spent in the dirt if either the CPD saw him with the gun first, or if it was in fact a home invasion.

This is about Ryan's

This is about Ryan's sentence, not about the emotions involved. And Det. Shiver's father is right, a parent should never have to bury his child, but that has nothing to do with the merits of this case.

From the article:
“But for his illegal activity, Jarrod Shivers would be here today,” Ebert told the jury while pointing at Frederick.

Hey you got one right! The PD should not have gotten an illegal warrant from a lying, inconsistent snitch and moved in without a shred of evidence.

And then they try to contrast the reactions of Ryan and the Shivers family, as if he is still some stone cold killer. Ryan has already been in jail for over a year for defending himself, what's the difference at this point in spending more time in jail.

Stay classy, Pilot.

and Mr. Crimmins ....

Has no business with his insinuation that maybe the some of the jurors are growing weed. If I was on that jury, slander lawsuit coming his way, or maybe I would sue Chesapeake Coalition of Police, as he was speaking as their mouthpiece. It is utterly amazing how those "of great character" become mudslingers when they are emotional.

Warner Athey

There should be a procedure for police to properly identify themselves and let the home owner read the warrant before they try to smash in the door, so something like this doesn't happen again.

Nate Davis 2

"I hope he never calls the police for anything. He killed a police officer. As a fellow officer I hope I have the chance to respond to him in a time of need. I will show him the same callousness, disregard, and recklessness he showed Officer Shivers. The Bible talks about a place for people like you Ryan. And it ain't heaven!"

That was the 2nd worse statement you could have made. The first would be saying you were going to kill him after his release. You are a professional whether you like it your not. You are to be a professional at all cost. If you don't want to do that, then leave the job. Police aren't to have a personal agenda. You can have an opinion, but in a public forum like this, you've severely hurt police departments with your comment. They and you are to enforce the law. Whether your brothers and sisters in blue or you like it or not.

By convicting of Voluntary

By convicting of Voluntary manslaughter in this case it has eroded our rights. What is implied is that i have to wait and identify a person who is seeking to gain entry to my home by force. Nonsense. I am taking my only advantage and killing them if that is what it takes. Baseball bat or gun. Cop, girl scout, or nun. If you choose to knock in my door and I am not aware it is an official visit as in this case, your done. Regardless of consequence. To sit back in retrospect and debate what a person should do in this scenario is absurd. This was involuntary at best. This verdict and sentence was a compromise for police aspect of the shooting. The jury ignored the constant attempts to pull the wool over their eyes. Without justice you will never have peace. The police have lsot sight of their original mission.

Should not have gone this way

Not to be uncaring towards Shivers' family, but the fault on this lies with CPD and not Ryan Frederick. Their tactics killed him, RF was just their scapegoat. They need to seriously review their policies and change their tactics. This unnecessarily destroyed 2 lives and I believe he should not have been convicted. And not to wish bad things on the jurors, but lets see how they respond in the future should anyone go breaking down their doors. People have a right to defend themselves and they have a right not to have a Barney Fife cet of cops practicing at playing military.

I feel for both sides

I feel for both sides because I know what it is like to live somewhere that you do not feel safe, and he was protecting his home regardless of the fact that someone got killed(but on that note it is sad that children have to grow up with out a parent because I been there also, and that someone had to lose their life. My only hope is the Chesapeake police will make a effort from now to full acknowledge to the persons inside a home that they are the police and want to come in, I wonder what would have happened if they would have just rang the door-bell!! The kids would still have a daddy and that wife would have her husband, and a young man would still have his life to live as he see fit.

Now that is sad

Kinda like...

MMactor said "Everyone seems to critizie defense attorneys until they need one!"
Hmmmm....kinda like how everyone seems to criticize the police...until they need them.

Appeal Bond- New Trial

The District Attorney's office won't even want to retry this case after more information about police and prosecutorial misconduct surfaces. I am sure Skeeter and Wright are going to start changing their stories. And the police department can't keep the pressure to stay quiet forever.

But for RF's actions leading up to that night.....

I understand that the prosecutor was not able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that RF knew he was shooting at the police. ?'s I still ask r, why didn't he just look out the window? The jury has spoken and I can accept that. I personally believe that the CPD did knock and announce, now whether RF heard them, I wasn't there. I also understand that the jury has sent a clear msg that you can't just start shooting at someone coming in your house and expect not to be held accountable for your actions. Remember it's the totality of the circumstances that you will be judged by. If RF had yelled out that he had a gun, yelled out that he called the police (whether he did or didn't), I'd like to think that Jarrod would still be alive, and RF would not be facing ten years in prison.

The validity of the warrant is not an issue in this case. Would the CPD do things differently- probably, but hindsight is 20/20. Will tactics change-probably (but law enforcement is dangerous and you know that going in to the job), did the CPD do anything wrong that night- NO! It was an unthinkable series of events that ended tragically. RIP Jarrod..we miss you.


There is no such thing as a "licensed" gun in the state of virginia. Unless it is a controlled class of firearm and that is on the federal level. If you have a clean record and you buy a gun, all records pertaining to the pruchase of that firearm are destroyed after 30 days. So please do not make it sound like having an "unlicensed" gun is an additional crime that warrants more jail time.

Sniper don't be a doop

Sniper: Let me educate you on the word DOPE as used when in reference to narcotics (and it has nothing to do with being stupid)
"Before it came to mean “a narcotic or narcotics considered as a group,” dope was borrowed into English from the Dutch word doop, “sauce"

And by the way,EDIE is female name. Pronounced like needy. It is NOT Eddie.

A shame

After seeing the Head Juror, it was obvious what was to follow...
This guy got duped... The CPD and other departments all need to regroup and think how they can deal with these situations without endangering either party. Seems like a little bit of pot is a ridiculous thing to risk life over. Blazing EGO .... The Defence Attorney that picked that head juror was a complete moron. (or allowed her to stay)


juries frequently choose lessor charges and the maximum sentence.


"Better to be judged by 12 than to be carried by 6".

Amen brother. My baby girl is playing with her toys right now by the front door. A firearm is within reach and iff the door starts to shatter, I now have to hesitate defendin her and myself in fear of the system. Here is a questin; What if someone starts shooting through your door? Can you return fire through the door even though you have not identifed the target yet?

hey chesresident

oh, yeah I think you should be able to shoot at someone coming into your house forcibly! your comment is epic fail! look out the window you obviously live in some in some kind of wonderland. There is one place in the good ole' US of A a citizen should be able to feel safe. That is their home!

Oh wow

Well, I've tried to be neutral with this case, trying to see both sides. I cannot remain silent any longer. 10 years for what began as a search warrant that resulted in a drug charge of 30 days. A DRUG CHARGE OF 30 DAYS!!!!! I respect the police and I know they have a hard job and for all of this time, I was on the fence. I even agreed with the voluntary manslaughter charge. And as many times as so many of you have said, I'll say it again. If the CPD had PROPERLY gathered their evidence ie. 1. not relying solely on an informant who a. broke into the garage b. stole half of the evidence c. lied; 2. Did not properly observe and gather evidence of dealing; 3. Conducted a dangerous, totally unnecessary commando raid, Shivers would not be dead. This IS the bottom line. RF would have done his time for the drugs, no one would have died and he'd be free now. And what about Wright??? Why the hell is he out of jail??

I live in Chesapeake. I no longer trust the police.

Boy, am I confuzed . . .

Once again, with the verdict, the assumption is the jury didn't agree with the Prosecutor that RF knew they were Police. BUT, they found him guilty of VOLUNTARY Manslaughter for reasons still unclear (I didn't attend the trial but I'd surmise it was due to doubt of the hand reaching thru the breached door; thus, he fired on an unknown target) YET they find him Not Guilty of Illegal Use of a Firearm?
Please, when the jury can be interviewed, will the Pilot attempt to provide their (jury's) rationale - us homeowners need to know if we now are expected to allow our doors to be knocked in completely by unidentified intruders before choosing to wield a weapon.

Prosecution's Jailhouse witnesses and informants are Reliable?

What a farce of Justice when these people are getting bail, money and special treatment and a man with no record whatsoever gets 10 years.

As the law is written, I assume Voluntary Manslaughter is appropiate. 10 years for the crime. NO way. Not when these other scumbs are going to be among us (curtious of the Prosecutors) while RF rots in Jail. These circumstances that are evident do not seem legal at all to me. Meaning the total liar felon (professional)witness and the other witness that was granted bond the day after his testimony.

the chief

Of Police (at the time) and whomever signed off on this farce (raid) should have to share a cell with Ryan for 10 years also. I hope the judge has the common sense to reduce the sentence to time served.

To the supporters of the CPD Do you have the guts to admit

that the CPD and law enforcement in general need to rethink the use of door busting tactics except in the most extreme circumstances? If you believe that the decision by the CPD to use these tactics even for such a small crime or for all search warrants is appropriate then go ahead, stand up and be counted. Your silence is deafening and proves my point that you don't believe in what you say. You don't believe that the benefits of door busting searches make sense in ALL cases and certainly a few pot plants aren't worth anyone's life. Yet when you bust down doors that is in fact the risk you are taking.

Just know the jury verdict reflects the community and now real violent criminals and drug dealers know they can shoot police officers when they bust down the door. Nice work fellas, you lose.

No closure?

Crimmons says there is no closure. I suppose he can't get closure because Ryan will remain alive and since one of his own was killed he wants Frederick dead. Is that the attitude of our police force? If so, we've got some serious problems. My home is my castle and MY property, if you want to come into it and search it, ask! They took the word of a bunch of hoodlums and that is why Shivers is dead.


In my anger over all of this (and also ran out of room), I want to say how sorry I am to both the Shivers family and the Frederick family. Even though it DID happen, none of it should EVER have happened. May all of you find peace.

Law Enforcement Agencies

People should not judge the trial. They should only judge themselves. I have been a LEO, Law Enforcement Officer, for 19 years. I love my work when I can help citizens - But do not like having to "put others away", but for the same reason, I know it is very dangerous !!! But if we all said it is too dangerous, then where would we be?

I go to work everyday so that my children, grandchildren, and family can hopefully live a somewhat safe life, and not to have drugs shoved in their face on a regular basis.

JS gave his life for you and I to do this. Stop being so judgemental of the CPD, were YOU there? Not always do we "citizens" not involved in the case, or not hearing all the evidence as it occured in the court room, know the facts as they truly were. We rely on media ..... and you know as I do, they 'JUMP' to get the news on 1st, and sometimes, THEY too are not perfect, and do make mistakes.

Please, if nothing else, YOU reasonable readers, let JS rest in peace with the honor that HE deserves !!!!

FOR THE REST OF YOU, drug people, and criminals ..... get a job !!! YOU have way too much time on your hands ~~~~ and not enough sense to write a paragra

The Trial & Error

I really feel bad for the death of Mr. Shivers, but the reality of this all is that the Chesapeake Police Department screwed up to the upmost. No controlled buys and relying on a informant who is a complete liar and a thief. Only 2.8 grams found in the house and no plants discovered whatsoever. He admitted growing weed for his purpose and he was acquitted because of no evidence found. There is no law against buying hydropnics and lighting equipment. The manslaughter charge was what I expected, getting anything higher than that would have been a shame. We all are human and prone to mistakes. Just because you wear a gun and badge doesn't make you above the law. The police department needs to admit that they jumped the gun and made alot of critical errors in this investigation.

Gertz Point

"Power2theBlue on Wed, 02/04/2009 at 6:04 pm.
No sign needed. We have guns in our home and we have been trained properly on how and when to use them!"

You said "What you say might be true, but you seem to think that ALL gun owners are responsible adults and they are NOT."

Exactly, now he's got 10 years hanging over his head. If you're going to own a gun and use it, plan accordingly!


You wrote..."This IS the bottom line. RF would have done his time for the drugs, no one would have died and he'd be free now"

RF was growing pot before they raided his house....so in essence, it was RF's actions that started it all. Had RF not been growing pot...all of this could have been prevented...including the 30 day jail time you theorized he would only be serving. Thats the bottom line. His ILLEGAL actions set this in motion. CPD may have screwed up in the course of it all...and by all means...investigate and respond appropriately if needed. But RF started it all by choosing to engage in illegal activity...which was the cause for the warrant to begin with.


Henry... or whomever said our silence speaks volumes... remember, we also have lives to attend to as I stated before.

Mmactor...If anything I'm saying Brocolletti did a good job. I'm not bashing lawyers. I know they are necessary in the judicial process. Just like you said about lawyers, same goes for cops, everyone hates them, until they need one.

I think the verdict speaks volumes, along with the sentence. They wanted to convict him of more, but the prosecution was unable to prove the case to them. To them, not to me. Sure, I would have liked a murder verdict, but I accept this verdict. As for closure, of course it doesn't bring closure, and it will never bring Jarrod back.

You all need to remember in your postings, that he wasn't only a police officer, he was a person... a wonderful friend, great father, son, and husband. When you are villifying the CPD just know that Jarrod loved his job. I hope RF is haunted everyday by what he has done.


I cannot believe that with all evidence presented, the ineptitude and corruption of the CPD wins. It is a sad, sad day for not only the Frederick family but for all of us. Sickening and disheartening to see the "sheeple" throwing their lot in with the wolves.

I strongly recommend that you read

The Washington Post just did an article on Che Calvo, the Mayor of Berwyn Heights, MD. The police raided his home after a delivery man left a package on his porch. They shot his 2 dogs, soft cuffed him and his mother-in-law and ransacked his home. It is an incredible story. What happened in Chesapeake is NOT AN ISOLATED CASE!!!!!! We should all be angry. The article is in Sunday's magazine section and can be read on-line.

click, click


Mistakes made by both parties

From all I've read about this subject, the Chesapeake Police Department screwed up the handling of this situation from the start. Their policies and procedures for making drug busts should be thoroughly reviewed. Ryan should never have fired a weapon blindly through the door at an unknown target, but he never would have been put in that situation if the police had done their work properly. With that in mind, I do think the sentence does fit the crime. I do not doubt that with another jury pool, he could have gotten the death penalty.

Mr Crimmins

The only opinion that's relevant now is that of the jury. I'm a citizen of Chesapeake and OUR jury of community members has spoken. I didn't like the decision, that's irrelevant. They found that RF was NOT guilty of murder or cultivation because the burden of proof was not met. The Commonwealth presented a case based on the testimony of thieves then expected a jury to think they're telling the truth this time because they've suddenly decided to be model citizens? Your opinion as a police officer is scary to the citizenry. It indicates that you do not respect the system you are sworn to support. The verdict did not jeopardize the lives of police officers, CPD policy did. Having served our country I believe in everyones right of free speach. When anyone publicly proclaims opposition to the system they are sworn to uphold further investigation of that individual is warranted.

Rest in Peace Jarrod

I'm glad that RF is being held accountable for his actions, as seen by the jury, and I hope that the judge affirms the 10 year sentence. I hope this sends a msg to those people who still don't understand that you need to know what you're shooting at before you pull that trigger. It's the totality of the circumstances that you'll be judged by, so you better be able to explain your actions, or lack there of....

And for those people making comments about what they'll do if the police come to their house with a warrant, can I suggest letting the police do their job. If you have issues with the validity of the warrant, take them up at the appropriate place...the courtroom, not at the morgue.

Compromise Verdict

I feel for both sides as most of us do (or should). I did not want the defendant to get such a severe verdict as I truly believe he panicked because he was afraid for his life. NONE of us know how we would react in his shoes. It's easy for some to say that they would look out the window or call 911 first and just as easy for some to say that b/c of the earlier break in, he didn't need to look out the window and since they were breaking in his front door, 911 would not have arrived in time. He was a home owner with a regular job and no criminal history. We all know he was not a threat. Having said that, the police have a job to do and the fact that they were there that night is not why the officer died. It was just a tragedy - blame does not need to be assigned to anyone. I work in the legal field and have for years and believe this is a compromise verdict. My guess is that the majority wanted him convicted of the lesser charge but there were 1 or 2 who wanted a more severe punishment. So, they compromised on the charge, but agreed to to a maximum sentence. There are no winners on either side.

To those who continue to

To those who continue to write about the 'rules' of proper gun training, I will only say that in my opinion, RF did identify his target. Awakened from sleep, with all the racket from his animals, he saw his front door blown to smitherines in front of his eyes. He fired his weapon at what he believed were a person or persons breaking into his home to do him bodily harm, possibly death. To act any differently is giving up any advantage to his agressors. You all should consider that had not his gun jammed, he could literally have taken out the entire squad that broke down his door.
By the guilty verdict, CPD is now vindicated of any wrong doing on their part. "It's all RF's fault". Fact is, he should have been aquitted of all charges and the CPD should change their methods for serving these warants for minor infractions.. Just my opinion...

An answer for Dennisp

"Submitted by dennisp on Wed, 02/04/2009 at 7:41 pm.
Once again, with the verdict, the assumption is the jury didn't agree with the Prosecutor that RF knew they were Police. BUT, they found him guilty of VOLUNTARY Manslaughter for reasons still unclear (I didn't attend the trial but I'd surmise it was due to doubt of the hand reaching thru the breached door; thus, he fired on an unknown target"

Well manslaughter is considered reckless behavior that results in someone's death.

memyselfandi and proudamerican....

I told you it was manslaughter!...Now learn your lesson cops..you go bustin' in a citizen's door, based on a liar/thief's info, you might end up dead. And as I stated before, you and your testosterone pumped up buddies are lucky that his home protection weapon wasn't an AR-15 with a 50 round magazine or it would have been 6-7 dead cops that night. LEARN FROM THIS!

continuing criminal enterprise

I feel sick for both families, Ryan's and Jarrod's. Yet, I just feel that Ryan never intended that evening to harm a cop, and the jury agreed. All large city police departments could be brought to their knees if investigated by the F.B.I. and charged under RICO statutes. The country is not yet ready for this. We wouldn't have enough jail/prison space to hold all the corrupt cops. Plus, the huge influx of former police into the prison system would be a major headache. All of them would have to be housed in Protective custody because all the inmates who are incarcerated based on the dirty cops perjured testimony. Until there were enough of the disgraced cops in prison to form their own gang for protection. Right now prisons are at double or triple capacity. Some triple bunk inmates as if they are being shelved, with a little more than 12" between the top of one bed and the other. To throw cops into this would be like sharks at a feeding frenzy.


They did announce. They did knock. I find it hard to understand how you say that the jury took the word of convicts. Their word was right, he was growing pot, by his own admissions. How he could be found not guilty of that is amazing. How he could be found not guilty of the gun charge is beyond me also. He did fire his weapon and kill the Detective. So, he did use the gun to kill someone. At least he will do 10 years (less I'm sure with "good behavior"). And how you still think it was a hand that was reaching up through the door is something I don't understand, it was the battering ram. Now comes the part that I can't get out of my head....In the movie "life" with Eddie Murphy, does anyone remember the part where the big dude says "you gonna eat that cornbread?"....maybe that could be changed to honeybun in this situation. And by the way, I did listen to the tapes, and was there for some of the trial, HE NEVER took responability and said I'm sorry to the Shiver's family. HE NEVER said that. A simple I'm sorry would be nice.

I seem to recall that after

I seem to recall that after this case hit the papers, another incident happened where a citizen shot through the door and killed a 8 year old who was knocking on his door. Not breaking and entering, just knocking. I'm pretty sure there are other cases where people were drunk and accidently had the wrong house (you know the tract neighborhoods where they all look the same) and wound up dead. What a country. I'll be glad when this is out of the news, and we can get back to the housing bubble.

Justice served Not in this day and age

Although he was found guilty, a message should have been sent to the police department. You just can barge in and flash your badge around as though you are above and beyond the law. Amazing how the police got away with murder rather than Ryan. Yes I feel more sorry for this indivdual than the police department. The man in charge of the scene that day should be held accountable. Justice in America! No Police go around attacking African Americans and others and you see it on video tape. We as citizens are not going to take it anymore. The police want respect, you better earn it first before you receive it from the public. Put down the remotes and stop watching cop shows and learn to do your jobs as you were trained to do so. The man is found not guilty for use of a firearm but guilty for shooting a cop. Hmmm! I guess a man's castle is a cop's castle. Oh well life goes on. It is only going to get worse before it gets better. Free coffee and donuts at 7-11 tomorrow.

10 years!?

RF should've gotten a hell of a lot more!
Can you spell S-W-I-T-C-H?
Never, ever, shoot a Law Enforcement/Police Officer. NEVER!!!!!

Jury-unfortunately, ya'll had the Judoge's restrictions. Here's to hoping RF gets into general population and becomes someone's.....girlfriend.

To memyselfandI

"Submitted by memyselfandI on Wed, 02/04/2009 at 8:19 pm.
You all need to remember in your postings, that he wasn't only a police officer, he was a person... a wonderful friend, great father, son, and husband."

What does this have to do with whether Ryan Frederick acted in self-defense or not? This is only meant to treat Det. Shivers as an emotional object whose memory must be retributed against. How about you remember in your postings that Ryan Frederick is a person... an accepted member of his community, a great person to his dogs, a person with quirks and hobbies, including gardening, and is mostly shy and keeps to himself.

Perhaps you should look up "logical fallacies" and figure out which one you (and I) just committed.

"When you are villifying the CPD just know that Jarrod loved his job. I hope RF is haunted everyday by what he has done."

And what exactly did he do? From what I see he acted in self-defense against an intruder barging into his home. And we should wish that he continues to be haunted by CPDs mistakes? For shame!

I wonder if the CPD will explain

why they had to smash the door in to serve a search warrant, particularly after they saw Ryan coming to answer the door?

Did they not want him to reach the door?

Why didn't they just smash the door in when they secretly arrived, in the dark, with unmarked vehicles and no lights? They obviously did all they could to keep Ryan from knowing who was at the door. That part worked well.

Who decided that a commando assault on a private residence was the best way to serve a warrant?

I hope an investigation will answer those questions so this kind of tragedy won't happen again.

second guess

I read these comments and it appears that everyone is trying to use sound judgement in what they would do in this event. First of all the Police enforce all the laws not just the major or minor ones. second I believe there is a Federal Law titled Posession of a Firearm by a drug user, sounds like RF fits that bill. So please if you smoke weed or sell weed do not have a Firearm in your possession, as we all know we do not make sound decisions when we are drunk or high. I know we would all like that night back and we would make some changes, like not selling weed, or not shooting through a closed door at an unknown person. The bottom line is RF caused the death of this Police Detective by his careless actions. If this Detective would have shot RF through a closed door everyone would want his head on a silver platter, because he should no better. RF has ten years to get his life together, Detective Shivers nor his family has that option. God Bless all involved and always think before you act.


I read about that a couple months ago. Someone inside the company, UPS or fedex, was using unsuspecting citizens addresses to mail cannabis to. Then another inside company man (the driver) was supposed to intercept. Drug sniffing dogs hit on package, so cops went to the house with guns ablazing. Shot two Labrador retrievers in the back (yeah the were running from the cops). Then big oooops, they find out it was the mayors house, and that he wasn't involved. He and his wife were pissed, dogs are dead, house is tore up.

"Submitted by chesresident

"Submitted by chesresident on Wed, 02/04/2009 at 8:35 pm.

And for those people making comments about what they'll do if the police come to their house with a warrant, can I suggest letting the police do their job. If you have issues with the validity of the warrant, take them up at the appropriate place...the courtroom, not at the morgue."

I haven't seen a SINGLE comment of people saying that they'll violently confront police who bring a warrant, and that's not even the issue here. Ryan Frederick awoke from sleeping to hearing his door being rammed, his dogs going crazy, and somebody poking his hand in to open the door. The purpose of this raid (and all other "no-knock" raids) was to get in before Ryan could destroy any evidence. But if that was the purpose, why would they announce? And if the purpose was to announce and allow Ryan to have them enter peacefully, why didn't they give him the chance? Pound on his door for a couple of minutes and wait to see if he comes to the door. Do ANYTHING but break in expecting somebody inside to know it's police.

rf case

while i hope we all regret the death of an officer, and it seems some type of closure happened today,i still have questions about all of this. was a "special prosecuter" brought in because local prosecuter's were unsure of the facts of the case? did the citizens of chesapeake incur any extra costs in bringing in thses "special prosecuters" who could not get a guilty charge on any of the original charges? did anyone hear if the informant who admitted to breaking in the garage was charged with anything? what about the pot that he stole,was he charged with possession? and where exactly did rf talk to the professional witness or was it fate that these two just happened to be together?

Rf should've gotten more

than just 10 years!

A man officer lost this life. All ya'll pro RFer's can think about is that moron's side, yet you are completely lost towards the loss of Detective Jerrood's life. What in sam hell is the matter with you folks?!


The 7-11 jab will irritate cops. I know because I had a fix-it ticket that I needed signed off. I saw a patrol car at a 7-11 and, as much as it pained me, I pulled in to get my ticket signed off. I went inside and the cop was putting some cream and sugar in his coffee so I approached him. He was a little miffed that I was bothering him, and said yeah I'll see you outside. I watched him grab a few donuts to go with his coffee then he walked outside. I said, jokingly, "hey you just commited petty theft" and he got all bent out of shape. I didn't know they were allowed to take all the donuts and coffee they wanted. Maybe Ryans lawyer should have had the cops all parade in front of the jury with their shirts off. This cop proceded to run me through the wringer. Checking vin ##s Wanted to see my lights and blinkers, all over a freaking registration fix-it. Thought he was going to beat me up and plant some dope on me or something.


The sick irony is that closure in this case may be when Crimmins' jack-booted drug warriors fill up enough cells with casual drug users, the system will have to make room. Due to mandatory minimums for drug offenses it will be the manslaughter convicts who will be released early.
Crimmins appears to be so blinded by his fervent zeal that he has a hard time recalling the facts of the case. His question to the jury regarding 'how many of them are growing marijuana' is idiotic. Ryan Frederick wasn't growing. He had in the past, but wasn't when his home was invaded. If prior actions are reason for battering down one's front door then someone needs to call and warn our current president of the impending raid, and the previous president, oh...and the one before that.
We also need to address the use of state sanctioned burglers. Soviet style police work seems to be what CPD leaders believe in. I don't. When the dust clears I hope someone considers how to prevent, rather than punish senseless and tragic deaths. My sympathies to the Shivers.

Wrong again Len

There was marked police car on the street right outside his house.

And if you would see the vests, helmets and badges they had on that night, there was absolutely no doubt who they were. I'd like to know if ever there has been a home invasion with 16 people busting into someone's home. There were 16 officers performing that search that night.

RIP Jarrod.

Give me a break

I am so sick of hearing o bad cops, that's what they deserve. BOTTOM LINE: RF KILLED SOMEONE. BOTTOM LINE. What if some punk kids went banging on his door at 8:30 that night and were planning to run off and he freaked out and shot them? Would that be ok? Would that be fair? Would he deserve manslaughter or wouldn't first and/or second degree murder be a better fit? Yes - many lives have been destroyed by this night. Fact - search warrants and drug bust are not polite and "fun". THIS IS NOT A FLOWERY WORLD PEOPLE. O and penns008 - I HOPE you never need the police for anything b/c you sound so ignorant that fools like you only like the police when THEY need help and then maybe you can appreciate what these individuals do on a daily basis for very little pay and even less respect.

Frederick Verdict

I believe Frederick was defending himself. Why would someone shoot a cop because they had a couple of pot plants in the garage? The police in charge of setting up this idiotic 'raid' should be fired and held accountable. This was a tragic and unnecessary version of the Keystone cops. The Shivers family should ask the police some serious questions, like why this deadly raid was necessary.


RIP Mr. Jarrod, RIP Justice System.

What a kangaroo court.

I hope RF appeals. This is wrong. CPD is responsible for this officer's death plain and simple.

Arm Chair Quarterbacks

Over the last few months I've been reading all the comments by the arm chair quarterbacks about how the Chesapeake PD screwed everything up with the way they executed the search warrant and investigation in this case.

My comment to them is, why don't you experts go out and get a job with some the police department, put on a badge, a vest, a pistol and risk your life to enforce the laws the way these people do. Then you can try and do a drug investigation and execute a real warrant and see how you do!!!

I worked in Federal law enforcement for 23 plus years. I worked with state and local officers all that time, they put their lives on the line every time they go out the door to protect you "experts". I've got news for you, real life is not like it is on the TV. You don't give the suspect time to dispose of the evidence before you bust the door. I've been there when the guy's trying to flush everything down the toilet before you can get to it. So until you've been there and done it, not just watched it on TV, think before you put your mouth/keyboard in gear.

Wrong again, memyselfandI

"Submitted by memyselfandI on Wed, 02/04/2009 at 9:15 pm.

There was marked police car on the street right outside his house.

And if you would see the vests, helmets and badges they had on that night, there was absolutely no doubt who they were. I'd like to know if ever there has been a home invasion with 16 people busting into someone's home. There were 16 officers performing that search that night.

RIP Jarrod."

All of those are visual cues allowed for somebody who had ample time to assess the situation and visibility of all of those things within the 30 seconds given to Ryan after being woken up to the sounds of battering rams and barking dogs.

You really think Ryan had the time (and visibility) to count the officers, look out the window for marked police cars? He had somebody POUNDING on his door after his house was broken into days before, and given his short amount of time to assess the situation, it is safe to say that he didn't know that there were 16 people outside his door, that they were police officers, and that they weren't just somebody there to harm him.


I agree, if he'd not been growing pot, there would have been no search warrant and none of this would have happened. I can't agree more. Yes, he set this all in motion. Ok, so I digress, that is the bottom line. But you agree that the CPD screwed it up, and I stand on my opinion that they screwed it up for the reasons I previously stated.

You are missing the point

dbhall is missing the point. This arrest could have taken place peacefully with two officers at 4PM sitting in their car in front of RF's house waiting for him to come home from work. Instead an elaborate sting was worked up so the SWAT team could get their combat gear on under the cover of night and use their fancy battering ram. I respect all officers who put their lives on the line daily to protect law abiding citizens, but this is clearly a case where cops purposely used way more force than necessary and now one man is dead and another's life ruined.


I imagine this blog will be removed, however, I must ask you one question, are you an idiot? Explain to Det. Shivers three children that they now have closure.

"Submitted by dbhall on Wed,

"Submitted by dbhall on Wed, 02/04/2009 at 9:23 pm.

Over the last few months I've been reading all the comments by the arm chair quarterbacks about how the Chesapeake PD screwed everything up with the way they executed the search warrant and investigation in this case.

My comment to them is, why don't you experts go out and get a job with some the police department, put on a badge, a vest, a pistol and risk your life to enforce the laws the way these people do. Then you can try and do a drug investigation and execute a real warrant and see how you do!!!"

So you are saying that unless we work or have worked in law enforcement then we can't know how hard it is to be in law enforcement and therefore can't comment on the actions of the law enforcement? It's our job as citizenry to comment on law enforcement! We pay our taxes to support them to protect us. We don't pay them to go out with their big guns breaking down doors of nonviolent offenders of laws that shouldn't even exist to begin with.

Its a fallacy to say "well you've never experienced something so you can't comment on it". It is everybody's right comment about things in different regards. I mostly comment on thing

I believe in the Judicial System

I have personnally on a jury for a criminal case that involved shooting someone. I don't know if the jury was right or wrong on this one, but they went with the evidence that was given to them and the way it was given to them by the judge and the lawyers. They did not use the editorials or the poll that the Virginian Pilot had (which was a joke). Furthermore, there are twelve people who have to agree on a verdit and that is not always easy. Some may critize the jury for either being too harsh or not harsh enough. However, I think that the jury system that we have adopted whereas the people who make the decision of innocent or guilt are not professional legal people sitting above all of us, but of the same layman level as the rest of us. Like I said, I am not at all sure they made the right decision, but I for one appreciate the service that they do for all of us.

"Submitted by winsliad on

"Submitted by winsliad on Wed, 02/04/2009 at 9:30 pm.

I agree, if he'd not been growing pot, there would have been no search warrant and none of this would have happened."

Um... if cops wouldn't have believed the lies told to them by confidential informants, which they would have obtained illegally anyway, then none of this would have happened.

But then, banging on the door of completely innocent people (getting the wrong residence) and harming or killing them or their possessions happens more than most people think. Check out this link to see for yourself: ttp://www.cato.org/raidmap/


So are you saying it's ok to take the word of an informant who stole half (compromised) the evidence? It's ok to conduct a dangerous raid based on the word of this informant only? Was any evidence presented that he was dealing, other than the word of the informant? This is ok?

I don't doubt that these LEO's put their lives on the line every day.

Timed served and call it even

But for the grace of God, Ryan Frederick could have been killed by the City of Chesapeake, Va for misdemeanor marijuana possession.

ARM CHAIR QUARTERBACKS? We are the people!

We lay the brick, build the ships, install your cable, inspect your plumbing, write the songs and make the comments. Aren't you one of us?


Sorry dbhall, but most of us would score too high on the intelligence test to be excepted. You chose to be a cop, correct? You weren't drafted into the position, were you? I chose not to work around that element. I wouldn't be able to sleep as night, and it would probably take a three hour shower each night to get all the slime off of me, that had rubbed off of the fellow officers. In 23 years how many times did you see one of your fellow officers do something inappropriate, that by department policy is supposed to be reported by you? And how many times did you report it?


Please read previous comments.

Sad day for the US

A sad, sad day for the United States and the Constitution that use to guide us. I really, really hope they appeal and get this matter above the kangaroo court that tried it. Ryan should be a free man, and this nonsense by the police should stop. I would rather see a million criminals get away than the door broken down in the middle of the night of one citizen. We have fought all these years and spent billions of dollars and the lives of our servicemen to put an end to this in Iraq, yet we allow it in our own country. Chesapeake, wake up and get rid of your police chief, mayor, prosecutors, and whatever other leadership you have that can be tied to this, you are a disgrace to Virginia.

Fear of Retribution ??

I have noticed a number of daily posters to articles on this site have abstained from posting on Ryan Fredrick articles. Fear of retaliation from the CPD? Imagine how many people would post their true comments if they did not fear some measure of retaliation from others or the CPD themselves? Wether that be not responding to a call at their house or something similar... Just a thought...my 75 year out Mother called today and told me how bad she felt for the kid and how poorly she thought the CPD handled themselves...I asked her if she had talked with anyone about this since it began...she replied, Heavens no! They might not come to the house if we ever need them. But still, My deepest regards go out to the Shivers family and friends of Mr. Shivers!!! I am deeply saddened by your loss! May God bless you with resoloution and peace.


RF is going down just where he belongs!


I do hope an appeal is in the works.

Listening to the tape was enough. It is not shooting blindly through doors when a panel has already been broken out. Any reasonable person would fear for their life. I would. I guess the cops want you to let the ''burglar'' in first and find out if they are planning on hurting you second.

When did intruders get rights?

CLEARLY the police did NOT wait long enough for him to answer the door. CLEARLY they could have done this ANY other way and found him innocent, and no cops would have been harmed, or doors.

The Nazi night raid is what got this cop shot, not anything else. Ryan was not growing pot.

as I thought

All of you who weren't in the courtroom don't think much of the jury I guess. Hey, when the DEFENSE lawyer says GUILTY is a FAIR VERDICT that says something.

No, doesn't excuse CPD. But comments here prove that narrow-mindedness cannot be treated or cured. You mourn our justice system when it works; deride it when it doesn't. Justice was served today.



For those calling for an appeal

It is very easy for you to say, since you won't be serving the time. Perhaps this trial went down right way? Seems fair to me, as voluntary manslaughter seems appropriate, especially when the prosecution was going for broke. I would scratch this one off as a win. When it is all said and done, a man was shot and killed, and that man was shot and killed outside of the house, not inside of the house.

About identifying targets....

I think there is blame to go around for both sides in this tragedy, but I also think the jury made the right call here when considering just the shoot/no-shoot aspect of RF's claim of self defense.

We all have the right to defend ourselves in our homes, and I hope that right is never abridged, but you have to defend yourself in a way that is 100% lawful or face legal as well as moral consequences.

RF by his own admissions says he didn't know that it was the cops breaking down his door. That implies he didn't know WHO AT ALL was at his door. How about this scenario: a neighbor passing by sees flames on a roof of a house. He frantically rings the bell and knocks on the door, but the owner is watching TV and his dogs are barking and he doesn't hear him. The concerned neighbor decides to break down door and rescue anyone inside. The owner hears the brake in, gets his gun and fires through the broken door fearing for his life. The good Samaritan neighbor is shot and killed.

Bottom line: When you decide to shoot someone in your home in self defense, you had better make sure your life is actually being threaten in a way that will satisfy the court. You should try to av

You are all free...

...to do as you are told. Do not touch anything we say is bad for you. Now get back to work. Pay your taxes. Pay no attention to the wording of the deeds on your land or how much you pay for the imaginary privilege of owning anything, which you don't. And if we come for you, you better lie down on the floor face down and shut up. Or else!

No worries all energy seeks balance and the dam is overflowing. It won't be long now...

Poor Guy

I don't personally know Ryan, but feel he has been rail-roaded. Hope he gets an appeal. I own dogs & know if they hear a noise @ night, they bark SO loud, I cannot not hear anything else. I feel sorry for the officer shot, but know in my heart it was unintentional. 10 yrs. in prison is too long, for a police "screw-up"!

The jury has spoken

first I totally disagree with the storming of a home for alleged pot growing or other nonviolent charges. There are better ways to gain custody of the individual than storm trooping the home. The CPD will hopefully now make better judgement calls on which crimes they try to perform similar raid tactics. I do worry about what would happen to a homeowner awakened by a violent bashing on his door and holding a gun to defend his family from intruders not realizing or hearing the shouts of " Police". I know ,for this example, what the outcome would be, we would have a dead innocent homeowner shot by police upon entering the home and encountering a man with a gun. Of course that would be quietly swept under the rug with taxpayer money to avoid a lawsuit. With all the recent " swatting" happening its only bound to happen to some innocent homeowner who has firearms. Second The Police should make sure your informants have truthful,factual information
However the people of the jury have made their decision. The jury took all available information and made a decision. We have to accept the fact that they did the best job they possibly could with the information they were given. This is a l

It is a shame.

The Chesapeake police really messed up, why didn't they go in the morning when this kid was waking up. Why did they go in front door? Why did they go in for some herb? Why did they believe in a criminal? Please can someone answer?

Early Out

Well since the country is almost broke and preparing to default on all its debt I say RF gets out early. Our country no longer has the funds required to keep non violent criminals in prision. Obama will make sure of this. He is the voice of the people. Enjoy your change. Since he already has time served and good behavior there is no reason to give him more than another year or two. And everybody wins that way. Everybody gets what they want. Except Mrs Shivers. RF does and little time and goes home. His relatives write a book and he and them is a rich man. It is the american way. Oh and while he is in prision he will live high on the hog and have the upmost respect of his fellow prisioners. He is considered a cop killer dont ya know. RF may well get a mistrial because of the emotional testimony of Mrs Shivers and end up sueing the City.

If you do not agree with the CPD hit em where it hurts no more donations.

am 81

You obviously don't know what an appeal bond is. Ryan was being held to answer charges that could have kept him in prison forever. Now that that is off the table, he may be released on bail ( an Appeal Bond) while the case goes through the appeal process. Considering the multitude of issues in the case, it is not unreasonable to expect a ruling that could overturn the conviction. I would expect the bond to be in the neighborhood of $100,000. I expect Ryan to be released very soon and to never spend another day in jail.

Forget it, I'll not see and report any non violent activity

... in the hands of the CPD, the lesson here is that it could result in police brutality turned violent,

"Police brutality is the use of any force exceeding that reasonably necessary to accomplish a lawful police purpose."

The police may have dodged this charge, and think they won the case. But they have lost far more. They have lost the respect and trust of the majority of the people in their jurisdiction. This is one law abiding, law respecting citizen who will NOT report ANY illegal activity that is not life threatening, for fear that the CPD will make it a life threatening event.

Yes, police brutality is what should have been on trial here. I can not even comprehend that the recommendation for this young man is for more than time already served.

So, when do we get a report on what the CPD is going to do to ensure this kind of police brutality will not occur again?

When will we hear that the CPD is getting help from VBPD on how to plan and execute a drug arrest like the one they executed last week, after months of collecting evidence and planning, that resulted in the arrest of persons for having 150+ pot plants... successfully without getting anyone killed.

Get a Life Selfish Stoner Hypocrites

If this pothead would have obeyed the law, a fine Chesapeake police officer would still be alive. No pothead marijuana grower . . . no informant that smoked with him . . . no pot starved burglar trying to break in to RF’s house to seal his drugs . . . no CPD search warrant . . . no drug using pothead with a gun worried that someone was going to seal his drugs . . . no dead police officer . . . no children without a father and no wife without a husband. I know all you stoner advocates want to make this about your personal crusade to smoke drugs, but this is about law and order. Anarchy may work for you, but it causes nothing but death and destruction for the rest of us. 10 years was a gift!!

No Goober

you are wrong. I'm not saying RF should have counted the police at his door?! I'm saying all he had to do was see the number of officers outside his door with their visible badges and patches saying Police, and he would have easily known who it was. The marked car was right outside on the street.

Also, RF stated himself in court, several times, he heard a knock. Not a pounding a knock. If he had said he heard that pounding, then how could he have not heard the many, many announcements? And again, no one broke into his house, they broke into his detached garage, and RF knew who did it. If he was so scared, why didn't he report it? Why didn't he call the police?

And those of you fearing retributions by the CPD for your posts? That is simply laughable. Do you really think they have the time to come on here, get your IP address, connect it to you, and then flag you for retribution? That is just as ridiculous as thinking RF was not guilty.

Mr Fredrick "Convicted Cop Killer"

I heard someone knocking on my door and was afraid? I heard the knock on the door, but not the annoucement "Police Search Warrant" sir you are a liar!!! Police officers are required to announce there precense and their intentions.
Lets see I would

1-quickly dial 911...and advise the dispatcher someone is breaking into my house
2- look out bedroom window see who's there notice it was the police and answer the door or again call the dispatcher and ask what is going on?
3. Grab a gun and fire wildly through a door?

For all you arm chair quarterbacks growing marijuana is illeagal in the State of Virginia. Police do not set up appointments with criminals to execute a search warrant or wait for an individual to come home it does not work that way and it never will. The police are forced to work with informants guess what? they are criminals. The info that the CPD went with was credible information that RF was operating an illegal grow operation and they acted upon the information. enjoy prison Mr fredrick you wont be shy anymore!!!

Verdict in Ryan Fredericks case

Just when I thought the humanity that has seemed lost for 8 long years had been found I hear the unbelievable about the verdict in the Ryan Frederick case. Who in the world are these 12 people who actually think Ryan Frederick is responsible for the tragic death of a young police officer in the poorest excuse for police action I can remember in recent years. Does anyone actually believe that the men protecting us all from the evil of marajuana smoking really yelled police that night? Does anyone now think this" breaking down the door bullying" was really necessary or that the informant was worthy of even a conversation much less storming into someones home. Those we entrust to keep our laws have to be above shortcuts and cowboy style intrusions into peoples homes and lives. And we, those given the awesome responsibility of policing the police have to be brave enough to call it like it is. The police are responsible for one man's death and now another's incarceration. I don't know how they sleep at night. And we decided that to make it right we would look the other way and give the police a pass. It's sad that when we closed one injustice in gitmo we have allowed another rig

Pilot please do us a favor

and turn off this comment section. The verdict has been handed down along with a punishment. Enough.

An Honest and Fair Decision

I am in agreement with the verdict. I was leaning more towards the involuntary manslaughter though. In reality, the only reason he will do time is because Police Officer was killed. Had it been a common man this thing wouldn't have even gone to trial. Ryan's main legal problem was that he didn't identify his target. He just shot as unknown person's were beating the door down. TEN YEARS? I strongly hope that the judge doesn't give him ten years. Maybe 5 or 6 years. He will do 85 percent of any time he is given. The cops screwed this one up from head to toe, we all know that. No need for me to regurgitate what has already been uttered repeatedly. One sad thing is the corrupt acts of these few cops and snitches will make the whole Chesapeake Police Department look bad in the eyes of some. And that shouldn't be the case.

This is a sad day for our Constitution rights.

I am disappointed, no, disgusted, with the verdict of the jurors in this case. There is no legally, sane way that an impartial jury could conclude that Ryan Frederick could be found guilty base on evidence presented, and after hearing flawed testimony from tainted witnesses. There must have been other factors in their decision, such as how much money the city of Chesapeake would be liable to pay if Ryan had won his case and sued. Another may have been visioning a recreational pot smoker being allowed to go free, regardless of the mitigating circumstances surrounding Officer’s Shiver’s death. Or could it be the repululsive thought that the CPD is really the one responsible for the death of one of their own. Regardless of their reasoning, this is a sad day in America and a sad day for our constitutional rights. For the sake of all citizens of this country, we must rally around Ryan, and demand that his and our constitutional rights not be trampled upon just to cover up police illegal tatics.


He didn't hear all the other announcements, because they didn't exist. No one except police testified that there was more than one knock. And each cops testimony was different than the others.

Am I missing something here???

I have been under the impression that the officer did NOT kindly knock as the below people have imagined...but instead had partially knocked part of the door out and his hand was inside unlocking the door when he was shot. Am I wrong?

As I have just read "Detective Shivers WAS actually in the act of crawling through the broken door when he was shot, versus standing on the front step or on the front lawn as has been contended in the days since"

This is what we all have a problem with....he did NOT knock on the door anounce police etc... he was comming through the door as a burgler would...Fredrick did what any person would had done that was just burglerize the day before....he thought it was another burgler....

This is NOT a story about a guy that criminally shot a cop through a door....We all would say throw away the key if it were.


You are a wiseman. You have hit the nail on the head. The police cannot live with themselves, knowing they,and they alone are themselves to blame for a fellow officers death.

mr wiseman

By your post it is apparent you know nothing of the law or the case and for that matter the constitution of the United States. Everything the CPD was correct and an animal will be placed in his cage to rot


Considering the ridiculous testimony of Shivers wife and the use of unreliable informants, an appeal should hopefully stand a chance. But the CPD screwed up big time here. If Frederick wouldn't have shot when he did, the police would have almost certainly shot him and most likely been cleared of any wrong-doing. As it is, a bad man is dead and someone who looks to be a good man is in jail. I guess that's better than the good man getting killed and the bad man getting away with it. But either way, nothing good can come from such shoddy, corrupt police work.

me myself and a waste

of time. Nothing else you can say pal. You and your whole team failed. All the info was laid on the table and the right won out over wrong. Next time do things the right way and you won't have to go through this. The CPD made mistakes, poor judgement, improper technique and it cost them. All of them. Because someone got caught with less than $5 worth of weed does not mean they are a waste. Why don't you try sitting in a courtroom just 1 day and see how many times that stuff comes in. Game Over. Nothing else you can do.

And you were not present that night at his house

so don't imply that you know anything more than anyone else. You do not know how anyone knocked nor do you know what it sounded like to RF. Speculation, and you were wrong.



Yes, you are missing something

Yes, you are definitely missing something here. Detective Shivers, nor any other Officer every crawled through a door. Does that even make sense? Why would an Officer climb through a door without knowing what they were encountering? All of the Officers testified that Detective Jarrod Shivers was on the lawn, with one foot on the front step when RF shot and murdered him. I am glad that you think we should throw away the key because RF shot an Officer who had a legal warrant to search a home for drugs, and in the midst of performing his duties, including knocking and announcing, he was shot and killed. Let's let him finally rest in peace.

Thanks Chesapeake!

You just set a president on criminals killing COPS. I would expect such a verdict from Portsmouth, but not Chesapeake. I pray you sleep well.

thanks chesapeake

I will sleep like a baby!!

Submitted by themema on Wed,

Submitted by themema on Wed, 02/04/2009 at 9:50 pm.

... in the hands of the CPD, the lesson here is that it could result in police brutality turned violent,

"Police brutality is the use of any force exceeding that reasonably necessary to accomplish a lawful police purpose."

The police may have dodged this charge, and think they won the case. But they have lost far more. They have lost the respect and trust of the majority of the people in their jurisdiction. This is one law abiding, law respecting citizen who will NOT report ANY illegal activity that is not life threatening, for fear that the CPD will make it a life threatening event.

Yes, police brutality is what should have been on trial here. I can not even comprehend that the recommendation for this young man is for more than time already served.

So, when do we get a report on what the CPD is going to do to ensure this kind of police brutality will not occur again?

When will we hear that the CPD is getting help from VBPD on how to plan and execute a drug arrest like the one they executed last week, after months of collecting evidence and planning, that resulted in the arrest of persons for having 150+ pot pla

Fredricks Gift

Well the story has been told and I guess the only thing for sure from this jury is that you will be held accountable for shooting at things that go bump in the night. Be glad it wasnt the girls scouts giving that "light knock" that Fredricks claimed to hear. I know it seems like common sense, which appears to be the least common when reading this message board. When the Police are serving a valid, legal search warrant, wheather you agree or not, the magistrate signed it and it was a legal reason to enter the residence. The detectives serving the warrant announced Police. They do that everytime, because they don't want to get shot. There would be no advantage to not announce police? So with that said, who has the reason to lie? The one who would only tell the truth when he was forced to do so by the physical evidence. The defense attorney did a great job and never sunk to the level of other defense attornys in recent Chesapeke trials. He earned Fredricks the gift of a lifetime. He better take it and run, the next twelve jurors may see through the Jeckyl to the Hyde that obviously commited these crimes.

girl scouts? haa haa

when do girl scouts break down the front door??

Well it's a good thing it wasn't my house

or there would have been a lot more than one dead. The middle of the night in any of the hampton roads cities with the media all hyping the shootings and killings and home invasions around here every single night? That stupid law about only shooting an intruder if they are in the house and there is no other way out can bite me. Here's to hoping castle laws get voted into effect in every state soonest.


"This is one law abiding, law respecting citizen who will NOT report ANY illegal activity that is not life threatening,"

Oxymorons at their best.

This case is over

Ryan is a very fortunate young man. The jury could easily have found him guilty of murder. Now it's time for the Shivers family to try to move on with their lives. It's time for Ryan & his family to realize just how fortunate he is, to be among the living, & not found guilty of murder. He is still young. He can be better prepared to deal with life's issues, after being forced to deal with the consequences of his actions. I wish the Shivers family well. I wish Ryan & his family well.

What Is Reasonable?

There is no Victory here for any of the parties involved. Shooting a gun carries great responsibilities including everything a decelerating penetrates. This case serves as proof more Warrants must be served using a Crown Vic bristling with antennas, and three or four hulking Police Officers, in broad daylight. Parties had instant access to all the vitals on this suspect homeowner from criminal, DMV, real estate records, public school records, and credit-reporting bureaus. This whole thing will go down in history as preventable by both police and the defendant.

Washington Post article "Deadly Force"

This is a must read article from Sunday's paper. Deadly Force" by April Witt.

to dbhall You can call us armchair quarterbacks all you want

You obviously don't understand how things work in America. We these armchair quarterbacks as you call us are the Citizenry and you derive what ever police power you have ever exercised from us. We as Citizens have a duty to question tactics used by any arm of the government that we as Citizens find objectionable. If you don't like the scrutiny I suggest you move to a different country where the Citizens are not allowed to raise objections to the actions taken by agents of the government. We don't need any experience in Law Enforcement to make the judgment that busting down doors for minor offenses isn't worth the risks to officers, law-abiding citizens and criminals alike. So by your infantile logic police need to bust down the door for a search warrant even when the item to be searched for can't be flushed. Your comments are why a number of law-abiding Citizens no longer trust LEO's. There are better and less confrontational/risky ways to obtain court admissible evidence and arrest alleged wrongdoers. Have you ever hunted? Have you ever sneaked up on anyone? Are LEO's incapable of stealth? Enjoy your doughnuts and beer.

They just might

I don't imagine any of the jurors plan on violently invading someones home over a doobie anytime soon. So, they probably will sleep better. The fact remains that the officers involved used questionable ethics to build their case on RF and then used needless Waffen SS tactics to execute the warrant. They could have arrested him in broad daylight, away from the home, and gone into it while RF was sitting at CPD being questioned. But, no. They had to make a 'big splash' in their careers and play Rambo with a man whose home had already been broken into, which they new full well of it and took zero precautions as they should have. Then they all suffered selective memory about the previous break-in while in court. And, as for acting professional toward RF after Officer Shivers was down, have you stopped to consider they did so, because they new they were in the wrong that night? If it all happened as CPD put it, I would have expected much more uncontrollable rage from these officers, not kit-gloves.


#1 I doubt that girlscouts are going to kicking anybodies door in at night.
#2 Valid, legal search warrant based on lies.
#3 I have seen more than one case dismissed, when the homeowner produced a security tape of the officers entering unannounced. The cops had testified that they knocked. They then changed it to ...We thought we knocked.
#4 There would be no advantage to not knock? Someone claiming to be a cop on here says it would be advantageous...someone could be flushing the evidence
#5 The police have plenty of reason to lie. Look at how upset their grand pooba Crimmins got at the verdict.
#6 Take the vedict and run? Why? Ryan can never be found guilty of anything more than manslaughter in a retrial. He will be out this month on appeal bond,whether set by this judge or a court of appeals.

JKBRENT, you really know how

JKBRENT, you really know how to angle everything against the police. Right down to an evil motive for treating him professionally. If they'd have beat him up, you think it would have been more believable. Your saying their lack of uncontrollable rage points to their wrong doing. Sorry if that argument seems quite fanatical. RF is lucky you weren't representing him with such ridiculous hypotheticals.

Submitted by angelak on Wed,

Submitted by angelak on Wed, 02/04/2009 at 9:13 pm.
I do hope an appeal is in the works.

"The Nazi night raid is what got this cop shot, not anything else. Ryan was not growing pot"

So I guess RF's own testimony that he WAS growing pot is a lie? People like the quoted commentor amaze me. Even after it was proven more than just two officers were present...some refuse to believe it. Even after the raid was proven to be performed at 8:30pm...some still believe it was in the middle of the night. Even after RF stated he didn't know what he was shooting at...some still refuse to believe it. Now, to top it off, even though RF admitted that he indeed grew pot...there is obviously some out there who refuse to believe it. Amazing!

What People Might not get - inlcuding Crimmin

Issues that seems to get lost (pay attention, Crimmin, because you just don't seem to get it:) 1) The "light knock" that the CPD alledgedly used, or any shouts of "police" (that one detective and several neighbors testified was never heard before the first gunshot) might have not been heard because of the dogs barking at what they perceived as "an intruder". 2) Whether Frederick grew marajuana or not, most citizens that posted an opinion that the CPD exercised poor judgement in executing an unnecessarily heavy-handed "commando" style raid on a citizen, that up until that point, had a clean record (upon "further review" it was found that this raid was done only on the testimony of a criminal who had burglarized Fredericks home a few days before the raid - and the CPD knew of the burglary). 3) People have rights - one of them is the inherent God-given right to defend yourself - especially within your own home. If I know its the police that are bashing down my door, then I can reasonably assume that if I peaceably give myself up, I won't be killed. But if I DON'T know its the police, all bets are off, and I don't care what some legislator said, I am suscribing to the "better to


I respect your opionions and especially your feelings. This must be so very hard for you. I would like to ask one question though. Were you present the night of the serving of Frederick's search warrant?

MCSEVA......Yes you are

Yeah to answer your question. I think you missed the entire trial. Your comments are not even close to what was proven in court. Did you get your info from another person posting blogs? Your about the most uninformed person on these boards and that is definately saying something. The only person saying Shivers reached through the door is RF and the first time he said it was in court. If you believe that I have all kinds of great stories to tell you.



You obviously don't

You obviously don't understand how things work in America. We these armchair quarterbacks as you call us are the Citizenry and you derive what ever police power you have ever exercised from us. WRONG, we derive our powers from the constitution of virginia nad the United States

We as Citizens have a duty to question tactics used by any arm of the government that we as Citizens find objectionable. Yes you do have that right but your objections are quite uneducated and simply wrong. The tactics utilized were proper for the entry in a marijuana grow op.

We don't need any experience in Law Enforcement to make the judgment that busting down doors for minor offenses isn't worth the risks to officers, law-abiding citizens and criminals alike. WRONG again a marijuana grow operation is not a minor offense it is a FELONY in the state of Virginia. That is what the search warrant was issued for

So by your infantile logic police need to bust down the door for a search warrant even when the item to be searched for can't be flushed.
TRUE marijuana cannot be flushed but the police do not just walk away when no one answers the door, or shoots through the door

Your comments are why

What People Might not get (pt 2)

...But if I DON'T know its the police, all bets are off, and I don't care what some legislator said, I am suscribing to the "better to be judget by 12 then carried by 6" philosophy when I feel my safety, or the safety of my loved ones, are threatened 4) Police are ACCOUNTABLE to the people who empower them and pay them (hint, not the Government) - the taxpaying, VOTING, citizens. 5) Your CPD FAILED, Mr. Crimmin, in being responsible in exercising their authority and powers RESPONSIBLY - I don't support pot-smoking, but unless you have something better than the word of a 2 bit crook, DON'T BASH PEOPLES DOOR DOWN over alledged plants. 6) Given the power that the police have, if they don't uphold the HIGHEST standard of integrity, people tend to get mad.....

Crimmins - Is any of this getting through to you? This isn't coming from some left wing radical. Its coming from a guy who votes Republican and loves his country (but doesn't always trust his Government).


You stated

"I would rather see a million criminals get away than the door broken down in the middle of the night of one citizen."

You must live in a great neighborhood! Sorry but I'd rather the police catch the million criminals and bang in the doors that they need to bang in to do it. Next time they get shot at though, they'll return the favor. If the citizens of Chesapeake won't support the police they will have to stick together and support themselves.

What should Mr. Frederick have believed

...about the people at his door? If it was police, there should have been flashing lights in the windows and repeated clearly-audible announcements made by bullhorn, but there weren't. Mr. Frederick correctly believed that people outside the house were seeking to break in and intended to subdue him or worse. He may not have guessed that the people merely intended to search his house after subduing him, but he shouldn't have had to.

If his house is typical, non-amplified talking and yelling outside will hardly be audible, much less intelligible, from much of the inside. Low frequency sounds like knocks will carry, but higher frequencies like speech will be largely absorbed. There is a reason police use megaphones when they actually want to be heard. The fact that police didn't use a megaphone in this case (and indeed--according to their own testimony--had their "announcement" given by someone with a feeble voice) suggests that they didn't really want Mr. Frederick to hear their announcement.

There are two possible ways to prevent incidents like this from happening again:

-1- Require that homeowners yield any tactical advantage to intruders who would seek to harm them.

it speaks VOLUMES

that the charge that started all of this...the growing charge...was reduced down to simple possession. a 30-day misdemeanor. with good behavior, RF would have served 15 days. i have seen people get more for speeding/reckless driving, and yet, someone had to die over this. Mrs. Shivers, prepare your lawsuit against CPD, the outcome of this case should be proof enough that there was at least SOME negligence on CPD's part that night.

Crimmins: "they questioned him professionally". . .

Perhaps that is because they (the CPD) knew they were being recorded.....

It is what people do (including police) when they are NOT being recorded and can get away with it that worries me. Why wasn't the raid recorded?
Why wasn't the testimoney of the informant recorded? Why wasn't the proceeding before the Magistrate that lead to the Warrent recorded? We have the technology. Transparent Government - accountability. I sincerely wonder, Mr. Crimmins - how much would you support that?

Just a thought.

Apeal Ryan

Appeal your case Ryan. And when you are found innocent let the prosecutor serve 10 yrs for your time and inconvenience. The vast majority of the people are behind you.


I feel deeply for Shivers' family, but that doesn't change the fact that an innocent man was convicted. Shivers made the choice to bust through someone's door, a police technique that leads to violence all the time.

Where is the outrage???

Where is Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton? Had Ryan been a black male there would be protests in the streets and threats of economic sanctions.

Where is the support of our civil rights?????

Akira you don't need to donate

They will get a good settlement over this

RF knew that he was shooting at...

...someone who was trying to knock down his door for no apparent legitimate reason. He may not have known the particulars, but people who would bash into an occupied dwelling don't generally want to sit around for tea. Not only do I think RF reasonably believed that he was seconds away from being assaulted, but I can't see why any reasonable person in his exact situation would have believed otherwise.

The cops' own testimony makes clear that the cops weren't really trying to announce themselves in such a fashion as to actually be heard, nor did they park their cars and turn on the lights in such a way as to be seen. It would almost seem they wanted Mr. Frederick not to know that there were cops outside. Well, they succeeded.

Should we require that homeowners surrender to burglars, for fear that they might be cops, or should we require that cops actually make a real effort demonstrate their identity and legitimacy? The second option would seem far more sensible to me, since it would make just everyone safer (including honest cops, but not including burglars).

The Civil Lawsuite will not be against the CPD

Criminal culpability and civil liability are two distinctly different things. But unfortunately, in this case, the CPD is very much protected from any civil liability. As much as the senior leadership of the CPD is at fault for this tradgedy, they, by definisition, will bear litttle responsibility for it.

Like it or not, your government is as responsive as your voting is.


If I read your post correctly, you stated that Det. Shivers was crawling thorug the door like a burglar would. Stop, you are so far from understanding the truth in this case. I am glad you did not sit on this jury because the evidence would have gone right over your head. If you followed any of the Va. Pilot reports or actual courtroom testimony you would know that Det. Shivers was not entering through the broken door. You are misinformed and you posted false information.

lawsuit kevin

I would be more inclined to believe you Kevin, if you knew how to spell Lawsuit,tragedy or definition.


How is it that he was convicted of a felony(shooting the detective) but found not guilty of using a firearm in the commision of a felony? Our legal system is really jacked up! He's got more reason for an appeal than Carter's got liver pills. I hope he ends up winning the appeal or sentenced to "time served."


Amazing how evryone has thier own belief's on what happened that night,
how about who cares what you believe and let the facts sink in....
THE COPS ANNOUNCED? NO they didn"t just ask they neighbors you can hear through the windows somebody coughingthat walks by.. and if i am not mistaking one of the neighbors were in the front yard letting the dog use the bathroom and didn't hear anything.... if they announced then why use a battering ram why not wait for someone to come to the door? oh because you believe the words of criminals.. its quiet here in this little section and everybody knows and hears everything in these three blocks my child was in my front yard playing with some other kids so if that much yelling police open up believe me the kids would have heard...
so let me tell you what i know.... I know i was on the couch and seen an unmarked white van speed by before dark and then another...then nothing i got in the shower for about 15 min and while drying off i saw cop cars with lights and could hear cars driving by so fast so i immediately ran outside to see what it was and thats when the entire police department was out side and more unmarked vans drove up and everything

"Closure?" said Jack

"Closure?" said Jack Crimmins, president of the Chesapeake Coalition of Police. "There's no closure."

"Their verdict today has jeopardized the lives of police officers," Crimmins said. "I think the jury failed. They failed the community

Mr. Crimmins, what has jeopardized the life of the police officer was NOT the actions of the "jury" ! How dare you critizise the very system service men die every day to uphold. What got that officer killed was the "no knock" search warrant, poor intelligence (paid informants and convicts are not the best source of intelligence) and perhaps poor training. Perhaps it would be best if spent time investigating the proceedures used in this case to insure against the same thing happening again instead of trying to blame "the system"!! It is a tradgedy that a police officer got shot trying to do his job but to follow it up with an unjust punishment because of the tradgedy is just beyond belief.


we have a "president" and not a "precedent" now on killing cops??? Sorry I am not the guy to correct spelling errors but that was so huge that your comment lost all merit. Or maybe now we don't have a dangerous "president" on unmerited no knock warrants. God Bless the families involved and thank you to the jury for a just decision. Seems like CPD is guilty of rambo tactics in pursuit of a petit crook, the Defendant being in a state that does not follow the "castle doctrine" and Shivers of following orders.

Bad verdict--He should have been acquitted of everything.

I hope the defense appeals this verdict as this case should never have gone to trial to begin with. The police were 100% wrong in this case and should be the ones on trial for the botched raid. As a fellow police wife I feel sorry for Mrs Shivers and her children but the PD killed her husband. They had no probable cause to break down his door and I would have shot him too--if anyone came breaking through my door they ASSUME the risk. This jury had to be pressured to bring back some kind of guilty verdict because of the tax increase the certain lawsuit against the police department would have brough when Ryan Frederick sued them and won. I am certain he will be freed on appeal--the cops in this case lied, suborned perjury and hid evidence and committed more perjury. I've never seen such a travesty of justice in my life. Cops lie all the time and these cops lied themselves black in the face to try to make an innocent man pay for their mistakes.


I took a handgun course a few years ago. During the instruction the question came up as to why I wanted a handgun. My response was that I want it for home protection. The reply I got was this -- Should you have to use it for protection, make sure the body is INSIDE the house when you shoot. Anything else will cause you problems. ---

I see now he was right. Maybe RF should have gotten the same instruction.


Wow, a guy kills a cop and only gets 10 years! If I were a cop in Chesapeake I'd think twice before responding to any domestic calls, burglaries, robberies, or home invasions. I'd take my sweet time to help the citizens of chesapeake. They sent a message alright; it's ok to grow and sell weed, it's ok to shoot someone on your front lawn, it's really ok to kill a cop. I hope that jury can sleep tonight they really screwed this case up. At least they convicted him of something. My prayers go out to the Shivers family, God bless you.

The civil lawsuit....

should be against RF. After all he killed a Detective standing on his front lawn. Mrs. Shivers if RF has anyhting left after paying his high priced atty please go after it.

Appeal for Rf

I guarantee Brochilletti won't be there for the appeal. If Rf can't pay the bill his high priced atty is out. Brochelletti won't be around if there is no cash. Rf will have to find a new atty for an appeal, one that works for free.

excuse me?

I'm a bit taken aback by the comment made by this "Nate Davis" poster who claims to be a police officer:

Submitted by NateDavis on Wed, 02/04/2009 at 4:24 pm. "I hope he never calls the police for anything. He killed a police officer. As a fellow officer I hope I have the chance to respond to him in a time of need. I will show him the same callousness, disregard, and recklessness he showed Officer Shivers. The Bible talks about a place for people like you Ryan. And it ain't heaven!"

This FRIGHTENS me as a citizen of Chesapeake! To think that the ones we PAY to PROTECT us have mentalities such as this. I would like to think that 'officer Davis'' statement has been reported to his superiors; I'm sure they would be proud to know this is what is wearing the badge and supposedly protecting this city.
"Nate Davis", you should be stripped of your badge immediately and put on trial for threatening citizens safety! I don't care what anyone has done to upset you, while you're carrying a badge you have NO RIGHT to make sure horrid statements to anyone! If someone needs an officers help it shouldnt matter what this person may or may not have done in the past, YOU are to respond accordin

Questions still linger...

There are still quite a few things leaving question marks in my mind. A couple of them are:

If the search warrant was for a grow operation in the detached garage, why were the CPD detectives busting down the door of the house? I’m sure the warrant was valid for the entire property (house and garage), but if the CPD are hanging their hat on the grow operation being the reason for the raid, then why wasn’t the detached garage the primary target for them, to be sure they could secure the plants they were after?

Why didn't the police have their emergency lights flashing in front of Ryan's house if they REALLY wanted Ryan to know the police were at his house? Why didn't they call him on the phone and tell him to come outside to be served a search warrant? Why wasn't the warrant served during daylight, for example, when Ryan was arriving home from work, unarmed?

Also, I find it telling that, according to sworn testimony in court, Ryan searched for his telephone after the shooting (so that he could call 911 to ask for help against the intruders, etc.) Obviously if he was trying to call 911, then he didn’t know it was the police outside.

I read that Mr Broccoletti has


I wouldn't be surprised if Brocoletti did handle the appeal, he obviuosly knows more about it than anyone. It's not that defense attorney's are "the devil", they're doing their job; had the prosecution done theirs better and perhaps checked more into their informants the verdict might have been a different one. If a defendant is deemed indigent, the court appoints the attorney's fees and all court transcripts to be paid by the state. An attorney has 30 days to file notice of appeal from the date of sentencing and 60 days from that time to turn in all transcripts and arguments.


The jury did a good job distinguishing between CPD's heavy-handed raid and RF's illegal activity. I think some of you still believe the Japanese Maple theory, but by his own admission Ryan Frederick's illegal activities got us to where we are today. When even the defense attorney says the jury was fair I'd say justice was done. Ryan Frederick got his day in court. I hope CPD's tactics get the same scrutiny.

Ryan F. should be allowed to go home until this is settled.

What a tragedy-in so many ways. The jury should have let him go or at least convicted of the lesser involuntary manslaughter. I am sorry for the man's family. The police officer died for nothing. No heroism here, the CPD was kicking in a door because the guy was growing pot. The police could have stopped him a number of times as he came and went for work. Instead they wanted to practice their commando style tactics as if this guy was a major criminal. Now, several lives have been ruined. I am grateful he did not get convicted of Capital Murder-that would have been a travesty.

Travesty of Justice

Though it could have been worse, this is still a travesty of justice. Ten years is a long time for a person defending their home to have to sit in prison. I recall an incident several years ago in Suffolk where a home owner watched an unarmed burgler come through a window of is him while in the sites of his gun. One the burgler was in, he shot him dead. That was a act of premeditated murder because he could have ordered the housebreaker to lie on the floor while police were called. The homeowner got off without serving a day. Ryan, on the other hand, shot at goons as they broke through his door and clearly feared for his life. The difference is that they turned out to be cops. I hope he is freed on appeal.

Do you really want a civil suit against RF?

It would be an opportunity to put CPD and a particular detective under deeper scrutiny.

"Just doing their jobs"

"It's not that defense attorney's are "the devil", they're doing their job; had the prosecution done theirs better and perhaps checked more into their informants the verdict might have been a different one."

The PD were "just doing their jobs", also. I'm sick of that phrase. How bout we just do our job RIGHT? Had the PD excercised anything near good judgement and regard for public safety (that includes theirs and Ryan Frederick's), Frederick would be back at work right now, checking in once a month with his probation officer for a urine screen, and Det. Shivers would be home with his wife and kids.

And folks would have one less reason to fear or mistrust me when I roll up in my patrol car.

It appears by the verdict

It appears by the verdict that the jury believed RF when he said he did not know it was the police outside. Otherwise he may have been looking at Capital murder.

I believe that the audio and video recordings proved there was no malice in RF's actions (e.g. he did not have a deep hatred for law enforcement etc.) If he had clammed up and requested a lawyer things would have been totally different. There would have been no way for the jury to see his remorsefulness of what happened and emotional state afterwards if it were not for the recordings.

The only thing CPD can do is learn a lesson from it. If it is a "knock-first" warrant then don't be bashful in your attempts to make contact. Use the bullhorn, call the guys phone, turn on the police lights. Since you do this type of raid quite often, are you complacent about procedures and morphing things into what you think they should be? This is either a training issue, a leadership (sargent) issue or both. Maybe it's time for the SWAT team to handle all of your raids. Better yet try not to do ANY raids until you have exhausted all other safer routes. It is more than obvious to everyone that this type of raid was not needed in the

The initiation of force

Amid all the complication, lets keep one thing clearly in mind.

There is no evidence of any kind that, left to himself, Ryan Frederick would ever have harmed another human being. Up until the moment his door was breached, his only crime was a vice shared, at a similar age, by the current President of the United States.

Still, it was a crime, and the police don't get to pick and choose which laws to enforce. Perhaps they should have arrested President Obama 20 years ago and ruined that useful life as well.

But in enforcing the law, the police need not throw all sense of proportion and caution to the winds to effect every arrest for a minor, victimless crime. The use of forced entry to an occupied dwelling without CONFIRMATION that the occupants know the police are outside must be limited to rare circumstances where lives might be saved rather than endangered.


Crimmons said their was at least now closure. The only thing closed about this is the internal investigation the police have done on the circumstances of this raid and the resulting death of Det. Shivers. The police department needs to immediately release the results of that investigation. We have one detective dead, a citizen that was facing the death penalty doing a year in jail already, and now facing a 10 year prison sentence because of the ineptness of the lead investigating officer. We need to know the contents of that report so that we know that changes are going to be made regarding the use of a paramilitary force against the citizenry for such a crime of possession of marijuana. Even if he had a large scale growing operation it should not warrant such an attack, and it was an attack. They decided to attack this home knowing that he was the victim of a recent robbery and had purchased a hand gun for protection. Isn't that the epitomy of stupidy. Would you attack anyone if you knew they were in possession of a handgun for personal protection? Responsibility for this death lays squarely on the shoulders of the CPD and the informants that were trying to make a buck and cutting

Kudos sd7201

I read that same comment yesterday and was pretty shocked too. Since there was such a flurry of posts, I just shook my head and said to myself - there's much of the police force summed up in, essentially, one paragraph.

Like you, I hope this individual has been reported to his superiors, but I'd wager that "NATEDAVIS" is not a real name. In any case, that statement should be cut and pasted into a letter to Chesapeake city council, to the commander of the CPD, probably to the Commonwealth Attorney's office in Chesapeake, and to the Attorney General for Virgina.

Statements like those of NATEDAVIS, if he is really in LE, don't give many citizens the warm and fuzzies for police officers. Rather, it tends to galvanize the "us versus them" mentality, leaving most people distrustful of police officers, if not in outright contempt of them.

This case should be a wakeup call to EVERYONE for so many reasons and on so many different levels.


I hope all reporters have the sense to keep the names of the jury out of the paper and news. If a police officer would make a statement like "Nate" did, they could be in the same boat as the defendent is if they need help from Chesapeake police. "Nate" should be reprimanded for making a statement like that! I lived in Va all of my life(close to 60 years) but feel relief I now live in NC. Don't get me wrong I love Virginia and would still live there if my husband didn't already live in NC. I too worked for the State for over 30 years! Chesapeake police has had a bad reputation as long as I can remember. They might not like the outcome, but they still are required by LAW to perform their job according to police regulations. Hopefully, a full investigation into their procedures will be initiated!! If I was the detectives family I would be looking to the City for answers.

jury decisions

This is why you have to be so careful with a jury trial. Voluntary manslaughter is not the charge to have been convicted of. If they belived it was a "heat of passion", then he should have been convicted of capital. That means he knew who it was, and the who was the CPD, not the normal home invasion suspects.

The story in VB about the guy who had the growing operation of over 150 plants this week, you didn't hear VBPD using the same methods of executing the search warrant. CPD has been training for this kind of entry and what better time to showcase their talents than on a target that they felt was non-threatening and in a neighborhood where they can say there were "Taking Drugs Off The Streets"!!! Even the most reasonable persons out there have to admit there were many more ways to handle this, but doing that would also admit the CPD has some responsibility in the outcome.

Guilty of Posession of Marijuana for PERSONAL USE.....is that what Det Shivers died for?????


One last thing...how many times have you heard an officer say "a known drug area"? I'm wondering if that neighborhood know as a drug area and how many of those "drug area" homes are they performing no-knock search warrants on without incident? Maybe the Pilot could get info on that number to show maybe this case actually was the exception and not the rule of how most go down? Did the number of previous and subsequent (similar) search warrants come into eveidence in the trial?

This not meant as a quip,

This not meant as a quip, but an honest reply to the statement below:

"If I were a cop in Chesapeake I'd think twice before responding to any domestic calls, burglaries, robberies, or home invasions. I'd take my sweet time to help the citizens of chesapeake."

No worries on that. It was the SOP long before this case.

As for suing RF, you guys are a bit off. For what? The equit on a house in a sos so neighborhood? Insurance does not pay for any intentional acts. Unless the family finds a lawyer looking for press and brownie points w/ the police she will have to pay more for counsel than they would receive. Grow up people.

Intelligent jury?

I've read how this jury was intelligent. As a general rule, I link intelligence with logic. That said, how can they logically convict him of voluntary manslaughter and NOT for the use of a firearm?

"This case isn't over by a long shot," he said.

...good, it shouldn't be.This guy was railroaded by the police. Who is allowed to investigate themselves? I hope his atty keeps on this until he gets parole at the worse....10 is absurd!

It's kinda sad that the lead

It's kinda sad that the lead investigator didn't take a step back to re-evaluate the situation once he learned there was a breakin at RF's garage. Did he think that RF would just leave the plants there and not destroy the evidence? That's exactly what he did.

If the investigators knew that the informant did the breakin then the warrant should have been voided. After all the informant was acting as an agent of the police. Didn't they think it was rather coincidental that a burglary happened at RF's garage right after they asked the informant to "check" for pot plants. Then it turns out it was the informant.

RF should have cleaned up all the evidence and then reported the breakin to the police. That would have sent in investigators and they would have seen there were no plants in the garage. Hind sight is 20/20.


If President Obama or I (or maybe you?) had gotten caught smoking dope or using coke in our youths would we not be expected to answer for breaking the law? "But it's only a little pot" is not an excuse for violating the law, whether you agree with the law or not. If any of our 'useful' lives had been ruined by our illegal activity the fault would lie with us and our choices, not the system that caught and prosecuted us. When it comes to the law I taught my children two things: Obey the law; or accept the consequences when you choose not to. Ryan Frederick must face the consequences of his choices. Obama and I (and maybe you?) were fortunate enough to have never been caught.

Not Good!

The bottom line here is that the family of a person that has done nothing but lead a productive life and contribute to the common good of all decent people, will never be able to be with him again in this life!

And the family of a less than productive member of society will only have a couple of years of phone calls from jail and visitation to deal with!

No matter what the verdict was, RF was conducting illegal acivity in his house, giving the CPD probable cause for the search warrant! He is responsible for Det. Shivers death!

Maximum Term?

When Police break the law, then there is no law. Just a fight to survive.

I wont bother calling the police. It doesn't make our homes safer. Each call to the police department, provides statistics for the city to use to get more funding. (( bottom line for MOST arguments)) But where are the police? Why is there a police car within 5 minutes of ANY location - yet it takes 20-45 minutes for them to respond when called. I live in Norfolk. Listed as THE HIGHEST CRIME CITY IN VIRGINIA. My family members live here too. And ATLEAST once a year- 1 or 2 of us are the "victim" of crime. We have reported these crimes. Nothing happens. So, last year, when my brother caught a guy stealing from his garage - He BEAT the crap out of the guy and threw him in the street. The guy didn't come back.
Problem solved, and it didn't cost the tax payers a thing.

I feel so sorry for our society when the governmnet can become so corrupt, and we are persucuted for defending ourselves.
Our rights will be trampled further and further.
The only thing evil needs to succeced, is for good men to do nothing.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Crime in your neighborhood

The people that are saying that the warrant wasn't justified because it was "just marijuana" are being extremely unrealistic!

If there was a subject growing weed in your neighborhood would'nt you want it dealt with? Say you find your teenage son or daughter smoking weed, you ask them where they got it, they say so and so's house. You would (being a responsible parent) call police and you would expect them to do something about it! Well you can't have it both ways!

Marijuana growing and dealing leads to other problems. If everyone had the attitude that "it's just marijuana" we would all be in big trouble!


Isn't it a law that you can have a gun in your possession in case of intruders? RF was defedning his property. He had no intention of killing the detective. Listen to the neighbors. They said that they didn't hear a thing. Why can't we hear what the investigation was on how they approached the house? Were all exits, windows secured by the TF? It's a shame that one man had to die doing his job, but did he execute his job properly! Everyone has their own opinion, but RF should have gotten involuntary manslaughter and time served!!!!!!!

They do choose...

Police do indeed get to choose which laws they enforce. I believe allowing them to decide which crimes are "juicier", and therefore more worthy of their attention needs to be stopped. Police are all too willing to look the other way on certain offenses if they are handed something more exciting (like an alleged grow op which would allow them to batter doors etc.)If their job is to uphold the law then do it without reservation. No wonder the average person has no respect for law enforcement. Using jail house informants and snitches with obvious motivation to lie is a poor excuse for real police work. Maybe the CPD should take notes from Va. Beach and stop embarrassing themselves. Also, until the internal police investigation report is released to the public this whole thing stinks. Armed raids on citizenry for small amounts of marijuana is ridiculous. Check out www.leap.cc an organization of law enforcement professionals against the drug war. Time for our country to join the 21st century.

Right, Doc Tabor

Doc Tabor: "There is no evidence of any kind that, left to himself, RF would ever have harmed another human being."

RF was immature in understanding where his pot habit could take him, but otherwise a stand-up kid: keeping a household, going to work, engaged to be married. The person in the scenario who was the greatest threat to others was Steven Wright. When RF's life crossed paths with SW's, things changed.

SW allegedly abused his girlfriend, stole from RF, committed burglary for the CPD and stole credit cards.

But the CPD is geared up for someone like SW to stoke the flames of their "work." They didn't properly vet either SW or RF.

As the professionals in the scenario, I hold them most responsible for Shivers death.


Closure?" said Jack Crimmins, president of the Chesapeake Coalition of Police. "There's no closure."

"Their verdict today has jeopardized the lives of police officers," Crimmins said. "I think the jury failed. They failed the community. You've got a man involved in an illegal enterprise, the police come to his house, and he takes the matter into his own hands."

Precisely the complete lack of analysis and understanding that drove the CPD to screw this up from the word go. The police didn't "come to his house" they battered a door in Jack. Precisely what part of this reality are you incapable of understanding? This wasn't some polite knock on the door followed by gunshots!!!

Tell you what Jack, the community will be much safer if the CPD ceases to operate in such a needlessly violent fashion. The death of Detective Shivers is of course lamentable, but had the tactics used by CPD fit THIS situation instead of using the maximum amount of "legal" violence, none of this would have happened. Cowboys, plain and simple. By the way, if you are truly concerned about citizen support how about advocating for an open and honest examination about what the police did WRONG that awfu

Ryan Frederick was scared

Ryan Frederick was scared out of his wits. The police were in plain clothes. How many of us have dogs that hear something in the middle of the night and our hearts start pounding? Fortuneately most of us never have anyone breaking in their door. I'm trying to figure out what he could have done differently. In this situation, having the gun was his downfall. Could he have hidden, run out the back? Would the police have gunned him down? I don't know. If he had been standing there holding that gun when the police entered, he'd be dead. I live in Chesapeake, I'm still shocked that my police department would carry out a raid this way, for a small time pot user, with no criminal record like RF. They easilly could have walked up to him in their police uniforms, in broad daylight and I believe, they would have made a peaceful arrest, and he'd have paid his fine, done deal. I feel sorry for the Shiver's family. Sorrier for those of us who live in Chesapeake, if this is still the way police think they should proceed with cases such as RF. I have felt all along that RF thought his life was in danger,(who wouldn't) and acted in self defense.

Rail Road

Well it looks like that Norfolk is building the Light Rail and CPD has laid the tracks for a system to RAILROAD people in the name of Doing There Job!. If the people that are keeping up with this story and blog can see all of the holes that were presented in this case, what do you think the Appeals Court will do. ???? The statement about the warrent being for a detached garage is really on line!. The Chief is in a bad position as he has to protect is people even if they are wrong or face condemnation from the PBA and union!. The least that He can do is release the results of the internal investigation since the TAXPAYERS are paying for it. Still wonder wy Cheasapeake DA didn't do the case?? Think he may have seen the Swiss Cheese Holes in the Case???

illegal enterprise? the police "come" to his house?

"Their verdict today has jeopardized the lives of police officers," Crimmins said. "I think the jury failed. They failed the community. You've got a man involved in an illegal enterprise, the police come to his house, and he takes the matter into his own hands."

CPD jeopardized the life of an extremely value asset to the department and community by performing a risky raid for nothing more than "to send a message". They didn't "come to his house"...they used excessive force against a suspect with not a single prior or any evidence of violent tendencies. And an illegal enterprise? CPD never made a buy to prove he was a dealer. They relied on a convicted felon who simply had a grudge against RF. RF didn't have a right to defend his home when the neighbors & fellow cops didn't hear "POLICE! POLICE! POLICE!"? The Shivers family didn't deserve this and they are in my prayers as well as RF! I hope Ms. Shivers sues the city for lack of SOP on this tragedy!!!

Somebody explain how one is

Somebody explain how one is guilty of voluntary manslaughter, yet not guilty of use of the firearm.. one would think you would have to have both.. No firearm, no manslaughter ???

Just another supposition on an impossible tragedy...

Memyselfandi said:

"you are wrong. I'm not saying RF should have counted the police at his door?! I'm saying all he had to do was see the number of officers outside his door with their visible badges and patches saying Police, and he would have easily known who it was. The marked car was right outside on the street."

I'd like to respond. Could it be MMI, that he was on his way to answer the door or to look out the window to identify who was knocking, in which case he would have seen who was there but was only given 25 seconds before the ram came through the panel? "All he had to do" you say was to see. He was never given that opportunity. And yes, if I had of had a recent breakin, I'd of had some form of protection in my hand also, when answering the door, especially with my dogs alerting me to something that was not quite right. MMI, are you Ms. Shivers? If so, no matter what is said, you will have your opinions which you are entitled to. But so are the rest of us. We can agree to disagree and still feel compassion for all of the lives disrupted and affected by this entire incident.

I could understand if RF was a hardened criminal...

I could understand if RF was a hardened criminal. I could even understand if he expressed no remorse but it was apparent that he became violently ill at the news that he killed Det. Shivers.. There was enough proof that he was acting in self-defense but lost alot of justification when he failed to establish a visual of his target. He would be held responsible if he was getting roobed and a stray bullet hit a nieghbor. Isn't it interesting how a prosecutor from N. Va. could use dramatics instead of facts for the state's case? Using Ms. Shivers as the first witness was nothing more than manipulating the jury going forward and painting RF as "Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde"? That prosecutor didn't know a single thing about RF to make that assumption. Usingunreliable witnesses with felony records to paint a picture of a man with no priors as a psychopath? So if my friend has a beef with me, steals my personal stash of weed, can go to the cops and say I am growing weed, and I lose all my rights to defend my home and am a psycopathic killer?

A tv world

Hopefully police departments around the country will evaluate their procedures in regards to when it is appropriate and necessary to perform this type of raid. The CPD was executing a search warrant on a person with no history of violence, no prior illegal activity, and suspected of growning a small amount of pot.
This is not television. CPD is not starring in an episode of COPS. The desire for public accolades and splashy headlines is not what the goal of any police department should be, ever. This type of action enforces the stereotype that police are only one step away from being criminals themselves. This entire episode was designed and executed by the CPD for maximum impact and to highlight the paramilitary abilities of its officers.
There was never any need for this overwhelming use of force and everyone involved has paid too high a price for absolutely no gain. Drug use will not be reduced, violent crime will related to drug operations will not be effected, and the police have lost credibility.

Ryan Frederick Verdict

Crimming's should be ashamed to make a comment like such "Jeopordize the lives of police officers" What about the citizens rights? There is something called "The Constitution of the United States"-this should serve as an example to all law inforcement that you must follow the rules and just because you carry a badge doesn't put you above the law.
As for Mrs. Shivers-I lost my father at the hands of another and you must learn to forgive in order to heal. Do not think that blaming Ryan for this unfortunate incident will make it all better. I am disappointed in the Voluntary conviction-I was hoping for Invlountary and a release of Ryan. One thing that can be learned from this-police officers will try and cover up and convict whomever they can to close their file. Very sad-doesn't make me warm & fuzzy towards cops-but then again they aren't any different from you and I-they screw up too-and boy did they ever.

Speak for yourself, justanother

"Obama and I (and maybe you?) were fortunate enough to have never been caught."

I have never used illegal drugs, nor have I ever used alcohol to the point of intoxication, or even smoked a tobacco cigarette. There is no one more opposed to drug use than me.

But this is not about drug use, it is about the disproportionate and reckless use of force by the police. With days to plan, and years of training, they placed Frederick in a position where he had to make a life or death choice in seconds with inadequate information. When he chose wrongly, they ignored their own contribution to the resulting tragedy and used Frederick as a scapegoat rather than look to what they could do differently to avoid the next tragedy.

If you cannot see the wrong in that, perhaps you are still under the influence.

Guilty of manslaughter

You have to expect someone doing drugs or selling drugs might be carrying a gun. Every time you hear about someone getting shot and it seems like for no reason and no one knows why, the first thing you think in the back of your mind is drug related. Even if its the wrong person they were still doing it because of drugs. So the police have to realize this too and pot is not that bad to break into someones house the way they did. Lets face it the police break the law all the time and get away with it. I have had enough dealings with them and have never been in trouble. A couple of times if I wanted to I probably could have had their jobs or sued them for them stepping over the law. The only way you get any justice from them and I know this first hand also is if you know them or you have money. Learned this at early age and raised my kids that you don't call the police and you don't trust them. If you do call them make sure you have no other choice.

The Frederick trial

I have lived in the Tidewater area most of my life. I have fully supported law enforcement all of my life. In my sixty years I have seen numerous police that were highly professional, with high ethical, as well as, moral standards. I have also seen many police officers that followed their own rules, as well as, crooked cops that were and were not caught. To see a life lost is by no means something I wanted to see, however, correct police procedures were not followed, unreliable informants were believed, and, police couldn’t agree on their story of how the “RAID” actually went down. The CHPD is responsible for the officer’s death, through arrogant blunders, and cover up lies. Who will investigate and prosecute the CHPD? The HERO”S can do wrong. We the People need to take a long hard look at real professionalism, ethics. and morals.

Frederick should walk, he’s not a cop killer. He was in fear for his life. He is the CHPD scapegoat. Are we in a police state?


Doc Tabor: "There is no evidence of any kind that, left to himself, RF would ever have harmed another human being."

You don't think having a marijuana grow op and a gun is in and of itself a dangerous practice? Do you know how many break-ins and robberies occur due to such narcotic activity everyday in Chesapeake. A scenario was brewing for him to have a confrontation with someone, burglars, robbers or police.. He could have easily been put in a million situations where he would have hurt someone or gotten hurt. He created that situation due to his actions.

Drug dealers/growers/users need to understand that they will not be left to themselves.

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