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Should Virginia have discrimination protection for gay and lesbian state workers?
42% (588 votes)

56% (793 votes)

2% (31 votes)

Total votes: 1412
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What does someone's sexual preference have to do with their ability to do a job??????


I dont know, should we have special discrimination laws for Cowboys fans as well. How about we dont walk around telling everybody our business in the bedroom and just treat everyone with respect. And if you cant do that, you're fired! Is this like a huge problem in Virginia? I dont know about everyone else but everytime a run into a pothole and sit in traffic in downtown Norfolk because of a watermain break, the first thing I think about is how everything would be so much better if we just had those anti-discrimination laws for gays. Maybe Mr. Marsh can put this one in his special committee to die.

Dumb question

Dumb poll question


Everyone should keep their sexual preference in their bedrooms. Gay, straight whatever. What you "prefer" in the privacy of your home should remain there. I don't want to know. I don't want you to let my children know.It is your private business. We live in a society that feels it must twitter, tweet and blog everyone to death. Gee, just like I am doing now LOL. As the previous commenter stated what does that have to do with job performance.

One's private life should not come into the office at all.

I do not go around all day telling everyone I am straight, why do gays need to force their private choices into the public discussion?

Live your lives and be happy, leave everyone else out of your private lives.

So I assume then

that your wife never attends company functions, you don't have her picture on your desk, you don't talk about here at all, she's not on your benefits, you don't talk about children or grandchildren, you don't ask for time off to take care of your wife when she's sick? You don't touch, kiss, hug, show any affection in public? You don't hold hands in theaters, touch at restaurants?

Sir, I do believe you tell us every day what your sexuality is. You may not say it with words but your actions speak louder.

QUOTE "Everyone should keep

QUOTE "Everyone should keep their sexual preference in their bedrooms. Gay, straight whatever" QUOTE

I agree, but most straight people don't. We've all boasted of our "accomplishments" at some time or another.

The issue I have with gays is every time they hold a rally or event, they turn it into a circus, thereby eliminating any chance of being taken seriously. If you want to be taken seriously, act accordingly.

Boasting with friends is

Boasting with friends is private. Boasting at work with strangers is just plain creepy. Gay rallies/parades which require tax payer funded security is just plain wasteful as it caters to a certain segment of the population. This is just as true for any ethnic related, tax supported event.

One law which covers

One law which covers discrimination should be adequate. The act of making special laws for certain groups is by definition discrimination. Hate crime legislation is a farce. The crime is the issue, the motivation is irrelevant.


The Democrats in control of Congress and the White House could fix this by amending the Civil Rights Act(s) to include sexual orientation as a protected status. But they don't have the gumption to get out there and do it. Certain segments of their caucus would probably have a problem with them manning up and doing it. But, they're the enlightened party!

Right-on hurddboy! And they

Right-on hurddboy! And they should add to that folks like me who are left-handed, others who are bald, or those who walk with a limp. Where does all this crap end? Do you really think you can legislate everything? We have so much legislation that is unenforced anyway, despite having more employees in government than any employer in the world. And none of them make a profit - just cost us money!
\Let's try to get rid of laws that are nonsense or not enforceable, cut taxes, get out of peoples lives and move forward with smaller govt.

There should be no

There should be no discrimination of any type. One does not always publicize their sexual acts but if they present their significant other than it is exposed. What is the difference if I have a picture of my wife at my desk vs you having a picture of your life partner, Nothing. Let's discriminate against incompetence. Let's discriminate against people against those who simply have majority but can no longer adequately do their job.

No individual group needs to

No individual group needs to be specified for discrimination. One law which covers everyone is sufficient.

The homosexual community is

The homosexual community is comprised of some of the best and the brightest. Most are well-educated with above-modest incomes. Many homosexuals are in loving, committed relationships - often stronger than heterosexual relationships because there is no legal tie binding them together... only love.

The attitudes of this state are abysmal. If every homosexual in the state moved away, you'd be left without many of your best workers, thinkers, teachers.

After the homosexuals are all gone, who will you target next? Jews? Women? Non-US natives? Anti-discrimination laws are to ensure that someone isn't denied a job or access to services based on arcane and ignorant personal views.

It's funny!

'Cause I am in contact with people every day and I don't know or care whether they are homosexuals or not. Any law which singles out one group as "special" is wrong, so THIS is wrong. Imagine having a law against discrimination and still needing individual laws for each color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, etc. It's just stupid! These laws only CREATE contempt for the people you think you're trying to help.


Have a special law just for people who have sex differently than the traditional norms of society. Why would that make them a special group that needs protection? They are not like the people who went through slavery, the civil rights movement, or womens suffrage groups? Every bill based on the homosexual agenda should be shot down.

Your ethnocentric view must

Your ethnocentric view must be based on ignorance. What exactly are the "traditional norms" of society? Weren't all previously discriminated against groups at one time considered "non traditional" and "special?" Also, what exactly is the "homosexual agenda?"

The LGBT community needs protection because of people like you who think it is perfectly acceptable to discriminate against us simply because you can't possibly stomach anyone who is different then you. Bigot, anyone?

Your ethnocentric view must

Ethnocentric, Wow1

I guess that means the people that I have known and loved that were gay does not mean anything. Wrong is wrong, I do not care who it is.

oh please

Please show documentation of where gays are targeted or where there is rampant discrimination requiring special treatment carve-outs. No group deserves special rights over any other group.

Not special rights, equal rights.

Not special rights, just equal rights. Why should the person I love be a factor in whether I get to keep my job or not? It has absolutely NOTHING to do with it. Does the fact that I'm black and my husband is white get me fired in Virginia? No. Well, then, it should not happen if I'm a woman and my significant other is a woman also. Crawl out of the muck, my friend. Evolve. This is the 21st Century for crying out loud. Only those who are insecure with their own sexuality oppose EQUAL rights for gays.

What part

"and liberty and justice for all" don't you understand. People don't get fired, beaten up, or killed because they're Cowboys fans and people have a constitutional right to be "creepy." And why doesn't it bother us when heterosexuals brag about their sexual exploits? What drives this debate is fear -- fear of people different from us. And I find it appalling that 2/3 of the responders think that employers can discriminate against an employee due to sexual orientation.

and liberty and justice for

and liberty and justice for all" don't you understand. People don't get fired, beaten up, or killed because they're Cowboys fans and people have a constitutional right to be "creepy."

They do

And why doesn't it bother us when heterosexuals brag about their sexual exploits?

It does

What drives this debate is fear -- fear of people different from us. And I find it appalling that 2/3 of the responders think that employers can discriminate against an employee due to sexual orientation.

I didn't count 2/3rds. I think most are anti-discrimination. You're being discriminatory wanting special legislation. There are already laws which address employer discrimination.

Perhaps you should reread the article.

You're being discriminatory wanting special legislation. There are already laws which address employer discrimination

Bob McDonnell removed sexual orientation from the employee discrimination law. This makes it legal for employers to discriminate against LGBT employees. It's not only Northrup Grumman at stake here for the LGBT community, this goes for all companies in the state. That is the underlying concern here.

Cowboy Fan Violence?

FBI statistics: an average of five murders and 1,200 assaults per year motivated by victims' sexual orientation. Studies show that 80% of crimes motivated by sexual orientation go unreported. I didn't see any category of crime related to team loyalty or left-handedness. Perhaps you could share that information with the rest of us. The poll was at 63% in favor of discrimination when I posted. That's pretty durn close to 2/3.

Yes, and . . .

I would say, from my personal data base, that one half of military women are grabbed in a sexual way just *once* early in their careers, before they learn to never be alone with just one other person of the opposite gender (a "he said, she said situation"). That's assault, too. And all the employment laws in the world haven't been able to stop it. You simply have to file charges when these bad boys show their colors (not that that will result in a conviction, but it will inconvenience them somewhat and make them think twice next time).

The assaults should be

The assaults should be prosectuted as.......wait for it..............wait for ...............wait for it............you guessed it.....assaults. No new rules needed.

How does one get accurrate reporting statistics on unreported crimes?

63% not wanting new legislation is not the same as 63% being discriminatory. It's the 37% that want special legislation that are being discriminatory. I didn't tally the posts so I apologize if this is what was meant.

Being assaulted or harrassed for being gay/lesbian is horrible. I'm straight and have been assaulted. It didn't feel too good either.

Yes, creepy people have a right to move around freely . . .

But no one has the right to make gross sexual references or movements around me. I am female and I will "red light" that behavior in a heartbeat, as the sexual harassment it is. I don't care if it is gays or straights--keep your sexual comments to your private life. So . . . flamers better not expect to be able to cry "discrimination" and convince people that talking about what they did Friday night is protected speech in the workplace. I haven't let straights do that for my 27 year Navy career and I am not about to start tolerating it now.

Now, some guys think just like I do, but people make fun of them when they object to graphic conversations!

P.S. I may sound like a hard case, but *most* people don't advertise their weekends at work. The one or two I have known who did deserved to hear about it from the equal opportunity folks.

"creepy people"

There are "creepy people" all over the U.S. and since the majority of the U.S. polulation is heterosexuals then the majority of "creepy people" has to be hetero also.
When you cannot stop straight's talking about their Friday night encounters, just how do you think you are going to stop gay's......I mean "flamers"?
You don't seem to give gay's much credit for being professional at the workplace, but you need to pay more attention to your straight co-workers, before you start being a "hard case".

Just Appalling

I find it appalling that people want to come out of the closet with such a deviant lifestyle. I personally do not want to know about it, keep it to yourself.

It's simple....

No discrimination protections, no quality corporations moving to Virginia... it's that simple! So sorry.

If it's a quality

If it's a quality corporation, it takes care of the problems from within. It doesn't sit around waiting for laws to pass before doing what's right.

already got it

Got the same laws protecting gays as the rest of us. Oh you mean a special proprietary law? Heck no. That opinion goes for everyone. Laws on top of laws, on top of laws alreayd in place for the American public. Enuff already...Let's get back to the "there ought NOT be a law" mentality.

Hey Bornfree

No one has said any such thing. Your just turning facts and numbers around to fit your argument. That dog won't hunt dude!

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