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What do you think of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s decision to issue lapel pins of the state seal with a covered breast?
It's the right call
2% (210 votes)

It's a bad idea
95% (9225 votes)

No opinion
2% (241 votes)

Total votes: 9676
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This guy

Is an idiot. Period.

lapel pin

Waste of time and money! I hope the taxpayer did not pay for the pins.

New Look

Get off the PC Train AG. I didn't vote for you for this kind of BS.

Grow Up! What a ridiculous

Grow Up! What a ridiculous idea. Guess next move would be to hit the Museums and paint Tee shirts over uncovered breasts. GEEEZZZ

how juvenile....

sorry...sounds like a beavis and butthead skit...but its real life! OMG! Hmmm..now that I think about it...which one is beavis and which one is,....?...oh sorry...can't say butt-head in the commonwealth...new law...you know....


This almost reminds me of the "Great Castration"...

You see boobs and nipples every day, either on TV or in your own house. I'm assuming Cuccinelli is married, which means....

I understand the drive behind it, I don't agree with it. There is a difference between nude and naked. Nude is more tasteful, more artful. Naked is more pornographic, cheap, tawdry. You can thank the Medieval Catholic Church for that. Cuccinelli, find more important and pressing matters to tackle! We Virginians are quite happy with our state flag!

State Seal

Come on people there are better things you can do, get your___ together!!

You gotta be Kidding!

What next pants on dogs, cats, Zoo and Farm animals. Extremism in the name of a political agenda becomes tyranny. Aren't there more important matters of state to occupy the AG and the McDonald administration????


I agree. It would be better to concentrate on the hoodlems that wear their pants below their butts exposing their brain. That is the law that should be enforced. Leave the long lived state seal alone !


This is the man I voted for???

If you did, you got what you

If you did, you got what you deserve ...

State Seal

What have we gone back to the Victorian era? Ain't they got nothing better to do then this?????? Like feed the homeless, pave streets, violate people's 1st amendment rights and such? Guess what they say about those Gov. workers are true.


even the victorian era had tasteful erotica in statuary, art, film, etc. He's trying to take us back to pre-medieval times...and working his butt off to make VA the laughingstock of the world.....

My new State seal

My new State seal pin say "fire Cuccinelli".

How ridiculous...hasn't this

How ridiculous...hasn't this man studied art history or the classics? Doesn't our attorney general have REAL issues to address?...oh wait, on second thought, given his activist agenda, I guess I would rather have him spending time on this kind of garbage instead of going after gays and independent women. Again Virginia is a laughingstock--in only 3 months we have become a national joke.


I thought this was an April fool's joke, but today is May 1--I guess he's a month late. Ayatollah Pat is wielding his influence. When you elect an alum of Reject (Regent) University as gov, this is what you're gonna get folks. People were warned about electing religious nutbags into office. The only thing preventing these people from running this place like the mullahs of Iran is the Constitution. But trust me, they'll find ways to twist that document into a pretzel to achieve their aims.

Lapel Pin

Once again prudish silly Virginians are making me proud I'm a Delawarean. That is until Joe Biden opens his mouth and I'm reminded that he too is from Delaware, then I'm a man without a state.
How ridiculous! How exactly did Cucinelli make it this far in life if he's so easily offended by a cartoonishly drawn naked breast? Before long he'll be ordering the Chrysler Museum to drape all their statues and he'll have all the women at the oceanfront in burqas!

I'm with you

I too am from Delaware (until Biden speaks) and then I want to become the person without a commonwealth! Unless you get right up on his lapel and stare at the tiny pin, it isn't going to make a difference. How much did these new pins cost???

Cuccinelli has some supporters

5% of this unscientific poll said it was the right move.

Boy, Virginia is getting some publicity lately.

P.T. Barnum said there is no such thing as bad publicity, but I am not so sure he meant that for anything other than his circus.

Not our circus.

Can the Republican Party get any loonier?

Really, when will serious conservatives take their party back?

Where do they grow these guys?

Another clown.

Nothing better to do?

You've got to be kidding. All of the things we need to focus on: Transportation. Jobs. Education. And this is how we're spending our time, money and brain power? What a waste!

State Seal

Somebody has entirely too much time on his hands. What can we find for the Att'y General to do?

How about move to Greenland?

How about move to Greenland?

Bad Move

And I voted for him! Winners get to write/rewrite history and so it continues.....

I hate to say this about a fellow Italian-American,

but the man is an idiot.

With all the challenges that we have in this State of ours, the last thing we need is for him to waste his time on this non-issue.

God forbid that some other wing-nuts pick up on this idea. Changing all of our state symbols, from patches, to plaques, to stationery, to flags, would cost millions.

And for what?

Because Cuccinelli is intimidated by the sight of a boob?

You got it, one boob

You got it, one boob intimidated by another !

New State Seal

Our present Virginia Attorney General must have his mind in the gutter to have found our State seal to be unacceptable. His views are archaic and to be feared. His religious right ideas are certainly, under the constitution of our great country and state, his rights but please, do not try to force them on all Virginians who love the constitution of our country and that of our state. Put the traditional (as on the previous state seal back) image of Virtue back on the seal.


Anthony Comstock is alive and living in Virginia. What's next, skirts on pianos, and men required to wear tops at the beach?

I voted for Ken Cuccinelli

...but this makes me seriously question his judgment.

That means you are partly

That means you are partly responsible for the banana state Virginia has turned into.


One minute they whine about lack of funds then this fool sues the federal government like a pouting child and now this. Are we not over the witch hunts and trials and public punishments?! It was recently noted that Australia got the criminals and we got the religious zealots--who got the better deal?
I pay my taxes willingly but not for such as this! What sheep followed party dictates and elected this guy?

State Seal

What gives him the right to change the State Seal which has been like that for decades? I thought only the General Assembly could change our Seal.
As one poster stated," the man is an idiot". Why make a big deal out of something so small? The AG has too much time on his hands,if that is the only thing he has done. After all these years, if our State Seal "offended" anyone, then you need to move to another State. As Forrest Gump would say " Stupid is as Stupid Does". So true,so true.

Changing a Seal that was created in 1776

You are right on target. It seems that a state officer would not change an official seal, especially the Attorney General!

Changing the State Seal

HMMMM, Guess the 700 Club does govern the State of Va

What did you expect?

Taliban Bob attended Ayatollah Pat's Reject(Regent) University. I guess AG KOOKinelli is trying to please the Bible belt fanbase. No where in the Bible does it say there is anything wrong with nudity. Why cover up what God created? Is he saying that what God created is ugly and needs to be covered up? Both of these fools can kiss their political futures good-bye. We have another 3-1/2 years of this comic duo and then good-bye. I hope all you apathetic voters who were too lazy to go out and vote just because Obama wasn't on the ticket are happy. Let this be a lesson to you--EVERY election is important!

I have 2 squawk @ this one..

The Battle of the Boobs,live from Va!! I'll wager on the real ones 2 to 1 everytime!!!! LOL

Wingnut cred

Yep, that stuff about him (and McDonnell) being ideologues was overblown BS. Silly Virginians. BTW, I particularly like the new seal changing the robe/dress/whatever from blue to red. Stay Classy South Carolina, er, Virgina!

This is the breast we can do?

I thought insanity disqualified a person from public service...it is official, Cuccinelli has lost his mind. And we're paying this guy....now who's crazy!


Me thinks that the AG definitely has way too much time on his hands if that is his main concern. And he gets paid for this? Someone needs to find something for him to do. BTW, is he a native Virginian? Scary thought.

Real question

The question is "what do you think of the media thinking this is a major news item." It's a stupid pin. Politics really makes people petty and just plain idiotic. I guess it explains the popularity of daytime talk shows.


You want the media to ignore this story because it will further expose Cuccinelli to the nation just what a clown he is.

Its always the boob on the

Its always the boob on the right that causes problems.

Ah, I see

Ah, I get it now. 4,000+ votes on a pilot online poll on a Saturday afternoon doesn't happen. That makes it obvious it was posted on some nutty political web site where people have no lives and get all uptight over insignificant stuff like this.


Oh please Is a bare breast thet important when we have so many other really important issues to take care of.... Makes one wonder who we have leading our government

You got it

These are the reactionaries you voted into office. Did you learn your lesson never to trust a born-again Christian who says he's changed over time?

Let me make sure I understand

State institutions of higher learning cannot issue reasonable prohibitions of anti-gay discrimination without approval from the General Assembly but the attorney general can capriciously change the state seal unilaterally? I sense an inconsistency here.

See Those 102 "Right Call Votes"?

Those are the 102 people who would be offended by a pin depicting a naked breast, and "outraged" that a public servant, someone who's supposed to represent the people, would dare wear such an offensive thing. 102 potential "I'm offended" lawsuits.

I voted, "Bad idea", but maybe the AG made the right call after all?!

Who handed Puritans the power over Viginia's seal?

"Virtus" is an ancient Roman concept, and the Romans surely were not Puritans.

Virginia wasn't settled by Puritans, either. Virginia got the Cavaliers from the English Civil War, while the Puritans and other Roundheads tended to settle in the North... New England... and become "Yankees".

So why is Virginia's seal being redesigned to please Puritans?

By this one single deluded man?

If another such lunatic were to decide that Virtus looked better with a Mickey Mouse head, would he be allowed to get away with that, too?

Teach this irresponsible official the limits of his power.

Down with Tyranny

Our Attorney General would be well advised to study the meaning of the images on the Seal of Virginia. Virtus has killed Tyranny and broke the chains and knocked off the crown. She stands above him a strength of courage to overcome all odds. What better story could we want for Virginia.
Please join the Friends of the Great Seal of Virginia Facebook page.

State Seal

Lets just bring "more" humiliating attention to the Commonwealth....

Think for yourselves

Dear readers,
Cuccinelli did not try to change the state seal. He gave lapel pins to his employees (at his own expense) with a historic seal from a flag in the basement of the state capital. He's a history buff and liked the flag. He gave these gifts over a year ago. The media has taken this too far and they keep bringing it up because he is conservative. He has man worthy accomplishments in office (have you read that he just released an innocent man from jail?), but you do not read about them because the liberal media doesn't want you to know about them. This is not fact based NEWS. Don't be sheep just because you are liberal. Think for yourselves! Learn the facts before you jump to conclusions.

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