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Should Moorish Americans be granted special rights in U.S. courts?
26% (200 votes)

73% (571 votes)

Not sure
1% (8 votes)

Total votes: 779
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special treatment

if they want islamic law go back to where they came from

A better idea

How about we use the same kind of punishment that they'd get under Islamic law, beheading, stoning, chopping off the hands of thieves....

You know, the GOOD stuff.

Be careful what you wish for, you might get it-and MOOR.


@ jimmyf: LOL! Righteous "Pun"ishment, indeed!

As a Reform Druid...

I fully support the Moors claim of immunity to traffic laws.

We Reform Druids are, in fact, exempt from city taxes. Previous court rulings to the contrary do not apply as they were based on claims by Orthodox Druids.

After all, the First Amendment doesn't say freedom of WHICH religion.

My claim is every bit as valid as theirs.


Can I get any sort of War Reparations or Federal Rebuilding Loans as a natural-born citizen of the now-occupied nation of The Confederate States of America? Our constitution also allows freedom of religion so I'm sure that Dr. Tabor's views would be welcomed in our newly rebuilt country. If Native American Indians can get back some of their lands as a consequence of being conquered, then why can't we. I'm just askin'........

I'm wondering...

how many people are unaware there is no such thing as a 'reform druid?'


I'm guessing most of us here, Doc. However, given the 50+ year degradation of the public school systems, I could be very very wrong!

My 2 cents.

I foresee many more criminals "converting" to this NEW religion, however, my opinion is that they should be held accountable to the laws that they broke when they were just plain ol' American citizens.

If they are not middle

If they are not middle class, middle aged, white males of European descent, the are already getting special treatment for some reason or another.

if you aren't a u.s.citizen

then get the heck out of here.

It's all a bunch a bull

Hey maybe I'll join the Confederate States of America? Another long lost country that only exists in history books. This whole business is a bunch of bull. It reminds me of folks who protest the Constitutionality of taxes by not paying them, they end up in jail. These cats may as well say they are citizens of Alice in Wonderland or Neverland!

Good Grief!

If you live in the United States, you obey the laws of the United States. If you want to follow Moor laws, go to "Moor," wherever the heck that is!

Come on people

Some of the comments regarding this article show an incredible lack of historical knowledge. Moors,(what the Muslim culture which attempted to expand as far as Andalusian Spain) is called, included Northern Africans, and Arabs and lasted for about 800 years. However the modern day "version" as evidenced in this article is little more than another attempt at Jailhouse manipulation. If a surgeon were to give me advice on a medical procedure, I would listen. In this case I have worked for over 13 years in a Jail environment and this letter from Mr. Ford could have been pieced together from a collection of letters I have received from "jailhouse lawyers" over the years, I know whereof I speak. He says "I just want to be recognized", after reading the art

If they want to be treated differently...

Give them no due process, no speedy trials, guilty until proven innocent,
no right to court appointed counsel, cruel and unusual punishment(s), etc., etc.
Give them a one-way ticket out of the country. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Moorish- Americans

First, let me say it's sad because people are quick to critize on things they no nothing about. The moslems of ancient inhabitence ruled many parts of the world and are indigenous to them as well.The Moors help frame the Constitutions of United States and John Hanson was the first president under the articles of confedeations.Moorish-American have a Divine Constitution of The Moorish Science Temple which states in act 5,that we are to obey the united states constitution.So for a Moorish-American to violate the laws of the U.S.Constitution, which is the law of the land, he also violates the laws of our Divine Constution of The M.S.T.of A..Our 5 principles R love-truth-peace-freedom&justice. We are for equality,when r u going say the same


When you decide to drop the hyphen.

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