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Should Virginia ban abortions on fetuses past the 20-week mark?
39% (184 votes)

58% (274 votes)

4% (18 votes)

Total votes: 476
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I would

very much like to see the question of abortion in Virginia put to a state wide vote. Let "The People" whom the republicans claim to represent vote on the issue. The ballot measure would be simple, "should abortion be outlawed in Virginia?" Why won't the conservatives in Richmond do this? Perhaps they are afraid of what happened in Mississippi when "The People" had a chance to vote on the issue. I think the same outcome would occur here!

Republicans don't want people to vote.

The Republicans love voter suppression. They don't want people to vote!

Yes of

course you are correct Chris..the republicans are for suppressing illegal voting... and the democrats are for everyone voting... sometimes the same person several times... and of course they are for voting rights for the dead also!

The government should focus on governing ... only!

Odd that Republicans claim to believe in less government involement in our lives, when it fits their pro corporate philosophy, but not when it interferes with them campaigning for votes from their fringe supporters.

Abortion, what is it good for?

It's good for all those men and women that can't control their hormones, can't think far enough ahead to have protected sex, only care about the "Thrill of the sex" at the spur of the moment, can't afford birth control pills, devices, or operations. In other words can't be held responsible for their own actions so lets let someone else pay for ending a life legally and at the tax payers expense. In fact lets vote for Obama again and get all these abortions paid for by the government. Shut down hospital run by religious denominations because they won't change their beliefs and then call everyone that disagrees with them Right wing conservative unenlightened individuals that cling to their guns and Bibles. (FYI this is my atempt at sarcasam)

A lot of things

The people you described don't exactly seem like the parents of the year. Stopping people this irresponsible from having kids is money well spent. In fact, it actually saves tax dollars in the long run. Without abortion, spending on welfare would be much higher.

Abortion also provides upward mobility for women who get knocked up and are not ready (either financially or emotionally) to have a child. In a perfect world, everyone would be on birth control. Unfortunately, we don't live in that world.

Look, I'm not saying abortion is great, let's all have one, but it's time to stop micromanaging other people's lives. If you don't like abortion, don't have one! What's so hard about that?

I'm pro choice but after 5 months abortion shouldnt be an option

After 20 weeks, the fetus actually has a chance of viability outside of the womb. This is when abortion is no longer just about the choice of the mother and her body, but also about the rights of the baby who could possibly survive outside of the mother. Late term abortion doesn't involve removing a little clump of cells, it involves killing the fetus and giving birth to it. There is a reason it is often called partial birth abortion. This question is not about the legality of abortion, its about when is the cutoff for having the procedure. When do we start to give rights to the unborn baby that has a chance to survive without the mother?

um, you need to do more research

before spouting falsehoods.

Late term Abortion

This poll is asking if abortion should be banned after 20 weeks, and the answer from everyone should be "NO" To completly ban a procedure could put millions of women at risk. Most late term abortions are only done when a womans life or the well being of the fetus is in jepordy. What is so hard to understand about that?

Late term Abortion

This poll is asking if abortion should be banned after 20 weeks, and the answer from everyone should be "NO" To completly ban a procedure could put millions of women at risk. Most late term abortions are only done when a womans life or the well being of the fetus is in jepordy. What is so hard to understand about that?


Only done when the well being of the fetus is in jeopardy? What's so hard to understand about it? It's a dumb comment. I'd say that the fetus's "well being" is substantially worse off after being sucked from the womb. You might want to rethink that little piece of typed text.

What happens to a women's

What happens to a women's body is between her, her doctor and her God, and the state should butt out.

Well, the state has been

Well, the state has been trying to butt out, but the conservative right's insistence on a non-separation of church and state, keeps making them kick this can over and over again.

Which party would Jesus vote for?

Think about it. Don't be fooled into thinking you're "voting for the right person". Because of our party system, you ARE voting for a party whether you want to or not. Once in office, elected officials MUST walk the party line or give up holding that office next term. So research the core values of why each party exist. Don't be sucked into thinking the fringe issues some partys bring up in speeches are their real purpose .. focus on the true reasons each party exist and who each party truly represents. Once you learn who in society each party REALLY represents, it's easy to imagine which party Jesus would vote for. Simply think of the core of what Jesus taught, take care of the sick and the unfortunate.


is that of the small, already-made-up mind.

VA Republicans

Republicans are all about small government...unless you do something they disagree with! That is the danger of political parties. In order for a Republican to get elected, they have to pander to the religious right who puts issues like this ahead of everything else. In other words, they are more concerned with stopping abortion and gay marriage than issues that actually effect them, such as Wall St reform and healthcare.

This is why Obama is going to sweep the rug with Romney or whoever the Republicans nominate. The insane hicks of the Republican party are going to reelect Obama the same way the hippies elected Nixon. If the Republicans have any sense, they will distance themselves from this lunatic fringe.


if you don't need $10,000 dollars worth of insurance premiums so a fat cat CEO can buy a new yacht then you shouldn't be forced to buy that government mandated policies with a host of coverages you will never need

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