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Would you get the HPV vaccine for your young daughter?
48% (253 votes)

48% (253 votes)

Not sure
5% (26 votes)

Total votes: 532
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isn't that...

...something they give to dogs. ;)

Uh, no

Considering that it's a vaccine against HUMAN papilloma virus? Doubtful.

HPV Vaccine

For those that really beleive their children are not going to have sex until married and that getting the Vaccine HPV will somehow give there children permission to have unprotected sex- consider this: your daughter waits until married to have unprotected sex...at that time her new husband may have HPV and infect her, she gets it and cancer. And you could have prevented her from getting HPV and many cancers. How would you like to get that pohone call in 10 years???? think about your child not your unrealistic dreams - may be worried because of what you were doing as a teen ager.

Terrible question

Terrible question.
Question should read: Should the Government force you to have your child have the HPV vaccine?

religion is no

excuse to deny your child a life saving vaccine. If you answered no, then I feel very sorry for your daughter.

There is no force

Any parent can opt out by simply saying so.

Not much of a mandate, really.

with the exception

With the exception,perhaps, of contagious disease the government has no business mandating medical care. Of any kind.

On the other hand,

The government has no business forbidding medical care, either. I was going to add "Of any kind", but there are the "snake-oil" and mysterious machine purveyors who need to be forbidden.

Another instance of religious dogma devaluing girls and women

A parent should research the safety and effectiveness of any sort of vaccine, medicine, or treatment proposed for their child. That's the responsible thing to do. However, I do have a problem when religion enters the mix because historically women have not fared well at the hands of those purporting to "know" what God wants for us. I say to everyone, don't take the pharmaceutical industry's word at face value, nor the government's. By all means, question their true agenda. Likewise, don't allow a religious agenda (i.e. promoting chastity) to cloud the issue when it comes to protecting your child's health. Your very chaste daughter may marry a guy who was not as chaste and become infected as the result of his prior behavior.

Science comes out with a

Science comes out with a vaccine that prevents cancer and we have parents more worried about their daughter's potential promiscuity? Seriously?!? I guess they would rather have them become barren or dead then use a ridiculous excuse for making whoopie. I can't imagine any teen, any teen, saying "I just got my HPV shot so now I can have unprotected sex. I wasn't going to lose my virginity before but oh boy now's my time to do it" Wow. Just wow on the amazing display of ignorance and fear.

Reminds me of the ignorant people that are against the inoculations. I guess those people would rather their kids be crippled by polio.

The manufacturer and doctors know very little about Gardasil!

It is worrying that Merck the manufacturer of Gardasil and other promoters actually know very little about the vaccine!

Here's a list of 27 important questions which they cannot answer!


We opted out

I have 2 daughters and 1 son (ages 10-17). None have had the shot nor will I have them get it. If they choose to get it as an adult that is their decision. I chose to not have them get it due to the adverse reactions.

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