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Do you support a plan by Hampton Roads teachers to wear black to school to protest cuts in education budgets?
57% (721 votes)

40% (506 votes)

Not sure
2% (30 votes)

Total votes: 1257
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Trillions for Iraq and Afghanistan

Trillions for Iraq and Afghanistan and no money for schools and highways in America. Thank you, George Bush.

You forgot to thank Obama

You forgot to thank Obama for his portion of that "trillions"


Hand someone a bucket that's full to the brim, and blame him when the next cupful makes it run over.

full to the brim??

I remember in 2008 candidate Obama said that Mr. Bush was unpatriotic for running up a $9 Trillion debt. So Mr. Obama by the time he leaves office will have raised that to $16+ Trillion. I guess that makes him what he really is, a marxist! Start smelling the stuff you're trying to shovel.

Do tell us what a Marxist is and how you can label Obama a...

Marxist. Karl Marx was a 19th century economist who wrote several critiques on the exploitative nature of capitalism and its need to continuously grow in order to survive, leading to recurring boom and bust cycles. A very prophetic critique, as our financial history as shown.

Now when has Obama, every negatively critiqued Capitalism? When has he ever advocated the destruction of our Capitalistic economic system? He has advocated regulation to make it function better. He as advocated the rich paying their fair share of taxes and decent wages to their employees (employees help create the wealth, why shouldn't they share in it?) There is nothing about paying taxes and decent wages that is against Capitalism.

Where is the Marxism?


trillions? hardly, maybe 1 trillion, but the universal health care will cost more than that for just 6 years..hows that for wasting money,, and besides spending money for defending the country is in the constitution. spending money for health care isnt.

Someone pleade get this family out of the white house

Please forgive Chris22, he tends to forget that his beloved Obama is the President who has spent so much money that we will never pay off the debt in a 100 years. If everyone paid 100% in taxes, we will still never be able to paid off Obama's debt in a 100 years. Obama and his wife with the bad under bite needs to leave the white house and start spending their own money for a change.

Facts a bit lacking

You should look up the facts - most of the debt is due to decisions made in 2001-2008 plus the economic situation. Tax reduction of 2001, wars without any subsequent addition to revenue from which to pay for, Medicaid Drug program (2003) added far more to the debt even this year than any decision of the Obama administration.

Also, much of the so called 'stimulus' of 2009 went not to increased spending but rather reductions in state and local expenditures, so in effect just moving the revenue responsibility, either from taxes or borrowing to the federal level.

Instead of an emotional outburst - why not identify those specific decisions to which you disagree and make recommendations on required changes.

maybe you should

look at the facts, debt before bush.. 5.5 trillion, debt after bush. 9. 5 trillion. half of that debt came the last 2 years of his term, when the democrats were writing the spending bills,,but i guess you just simply overlook that.. debt now under obama 16 trillion...and i guess you think bush spent that money too...educate yourself by checking governemnt websites, not media matters, move on ,, msnbc,cnn, msn,,ect ect.. maybe you then too will know the facts

Maybe you should - Check the facts

I use primary sources not the media as you suspected - suggested reading for you:

"Decision Points" - Bush's autobiography - focus on his section about Medicare part B

"Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy" by Bruce Bartlett - Policy Analyst in the Reagan White House and assistant Treasury secretary for Bush. He given quite an account of how all sense of fiscal responsibility went down the drain under Bush. See how many vetos Bush recorded.

"On the Brink: Inside the Race to Stop the Collapse of the Global Financial System" - by Henry Paulson - he was Bush's Sec of Treasury

- list what spending decisions you mention - and their current impact - you will not find anything significant

If they want to wear black,

If they want to wear black, good for them. Is it going to help their plight, I doubt it. If it makes them feel better, I am all for it. Black is dreary though, so I hope it doesn't put them and the kids in a depressed mood.

Lackeys for the Union Bosses

The teachers protest, the Union Bosses pump their chest and our kids still get indoctrination, not education. Let's wake up and smell what the education elitists are selling us, another generation of mind numbed kids who grow up and can't think for themselves. Break the union hold on education and manufacturing.


Unions have no part in this situation as there is no union in Virginia.


That we would call dog droppings by any other name would smell as pungent.

We are not talking about calling taxes tolls

We are talking about cutting school funding to give money to Amazon.

But you said Virginia Beach should cut school funding.

You said Virginia Beach should fund the convention center they don't need instead of paying teachers they do need. No you say that tax incentives for Amazon are wrong and to put money into education. Make up your mind. Oh wait, if McDonnell does something you think he's wrong. You did make up your mind.

are you sure or just ignorant


bla, bush's SOLS for kids not being able to think

The previous administration SOLA'S brought about teaching to the test not critical thinking. Dont blame he teachers for doing what they are told. The current Virginia GA is further hindering the teachers ability to foster creative thinking by doing away with tenure - "teach what I tell you to teach and nothing more" or you will be fired.


or maybe your just in your early 20" , im 52 our regular classes were like the advanced classes now.. i hardly think it is bush's fault that we have fallen as a country in the educational standing the past 40 years against other nations.. we use to be in the top 3 in the science and math now we rank around 15th or 16th, ever since jimmy carter created the education dept. we have slipped. because the main concern of it is to teach political correctness and how to be more accepting of someone different than you..if i spelled any words wrong...thank a teacher

Short memory

If you spelled any words wrong, I won't thank a teacher, I will blame your mother for not insisting that you study at home.

Short on facts as usual

I understand your default response to anything you don't like is that it's Bush's fault, but the Virginia DOE approved the SOLs in 1995. George W. Bush was governor of Texas at the time.

so what do you suggest to fix the problem?

Should we just not pay teachers? Should we cut their pay. Why do you insist on painting all teachers with the same brush? Certainly the NEA does not speak for all of them though NEA would certainly want you to think so. My view is that many teachers belong to NEA solely for the liability coverage provided, not because they agree with all of the views of that organization.

Fantasy talk...

Less than 1% of manufacturing in Virginia is unionized and not much more nationally. And it is against the law for teachers in Virginia to organize and collectively bargain for fair wages. Where do you guys come up with this asinine fantasy talk?

And if most teachers vote Democratically, why should that be a surprise? The Republican party has done absolutely nothing for teachers and public education. News flash. The working poor and the lower end of the middle class cannot afford private school like the wealthy.

And who are these union bosses in Virginia thumping there chests? Ridiculous psycho talk.

Virginia NEA affiliate president Kitty Boitnott........

On October 1, 2008 the Virginia NEA affiliate president Kitty Boitnott was caught emailing teachers encouraging them to dress up on "Obama Blue Day" and "to sway John McCain supporters." Residents criticized the move saying, "They should teach students how to think, not what to think."
"Boitnott later admitted the letter was inappropriate"

This gives some insight as to where this is coming from.


Sure under the 1st amendment they have every right to make fools of themselves and we have ever right to look upon them with disdain

What we need

Rid the system of a bloated administration driven education system! Get real on the money issues by reducing salaries of administrators and cut the fluff from the budgets and we can begin to pay for education. It's not about anything but the students that suffer from the greed of the adults!
Eliminate the Dept. of Education and return it to the States!

Why not?

Budget cuts have to be made. We cannot keep spending the way we have in the past. Budgets for the military are being cut, Medicare/Medicaide, Social Security will be cut. Why should education be the Sacred Cow for cuts? I've noticed the end product of our public education institutions and I'm not impressed.

Budget Cuts

need to be across the board..unfortunate that our lawmakers are lost in the sauce. We can cut the education budget but it has to be in ways where it will not effect our children's education.

Maybe, just maybe...education doesn't need a cut. Maybe it

needs a raise to provide adequate education to our children.

If that is the case, then we need to think about raising revenue. Perhaps some tax increases are necessary in certain areas, and budget cuts in others.

Just because a family doesn't have enough in the budget for cable TV, doesn't mean they still don't need to eat. Education is as necessary as food for the well development of our children.

Back in black

Might be fashionable (especially if they live in Ghent), but so what? Teachers want to focus attention on this? Then they all, each and everyone, should simply do a mass call-out. No teachers show up. None. Let those who prefer an ignorant citizenry open 'home skooling' to all, since these people seem to think that there is nothing that can't be done by private citizens better than any government entity, including public schools.

While it's easy to blame teachers, the most significant factor in dumbing down the populace has been the consolidation of news venues into the hands of a few corporations. Now the only 'news' you can be assured of is the latest celebrity garbage. There is no 'Fourth Estate' anymore.

Your Comment About Black Being Fashionable In Ghent Is

At best offensive and in bad taste, and at worst highly offensive and tinged with anti-Semitism. The Jewish community has been and will remain an important cultural element of the Ghent community, contributing to its success, its diversity, and its uniqueness among Hampton Roads neighborhoods.

Its against the law for teachers to strike in Virginia.

Even non-union teachers. A mass work stoppage can result in immediate firing and ineligibility to work as a government employee for two years, I believe it is.

They are coming for education

The failure of the Commonwealth of Virginia to fund public education must be protested, and teachers have as much right as anyone to voice their opinion. McDonnell always talks about his new initiatives but never acknowledges that he has cut education spending. Frankly, that is part of the plan by republicans to so cripple the public schools that we private schools will be touted as the solution. Just as republicans have starved transportation and destroyed our highways, now they have turned over new construction to international conglomerates who are paid grossly inflated profits to do what we could have done ourselves more cheaply, faster, and better. They did it to transportation; education is next. The corporatists will win.

Well Mike there would be

Well Mike there would be more money for education if it were for hotel subsidies.


If it WEREN'T for hotel subsidies.

education should be looked

education should be looked at as a privilege, not a right

Terrifying Thought...

...I am truly speechless...

I am stunned at the impact that attitude would have on the country in general.

I think perhaps you would spend some time in places where it is a priviledge and then let us know how wonderful those places are to live.

Share with us the quality of the jobs, ability to own homes, to not worry about putting food on the table or accessing health care in those forwarding thinking places.

From Alot of Hampton Roads Residents Viewpoint

Your stance on TOD, Lightrail, and Hotels are the epitome of specialist interests that subvert the democratic process and local goverments, all in the name of leveraging other people's money (the taxpayers) to line your pocket. Hypicrosy at its best.

Freedom to Express

Although I think it is a little silly. But if Freedom of Speech or Expression is forbidden in Schools where our Children learn about the Country they live in. We have a big problem. Maybe the administrators should think about a standard uniform, we are coming to that !!

teachers blak armband

iknow teachers think they need a pay raise, but is any teacher out there living in the real world ,i know of no one geting a raise in years we .. we pay the taxes to pay their wages, so they need to back down on the black band issue,,with all the job deminishing and going overseas an more and more local people's job cuts and loses, just tell me will pay the taxes to pay tese teachers their wages.. they need to count their blessing.. they are working, getting insurance benefits and mony..count your blessing teachers instead of whining

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