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Do you agree with the Virginia Senate's decision to table the bill declaring that life begins at conception?
56% (521 votes)

43% (395 votes)

Not sure
1% (13 votes)

Total votes: 929
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Finally some common sense

It is good to see that the Republicans in the Senate may have found some common sense and the courage to protect our freedoms and civil rights from the religious radical minority. How about not just tabling the bill but burning it.

Are you sure they found common sense,

or did they just feel the political wind? I think it was less common sense, and more a worry about the 2012 elections. They should be worried about the JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, that was their battle cry in the 2010 elections. I believe women are smart enough to control their own bodies, with NO help from a backwards republican party!

I agree

It was politics and the election that caused the outbreak of common sense. This is how the political system is supposed to work. The voters influence their representatives to do what the majority wants, regardless of the representative’s personal beliefs. The radical Republicans don't get that basic concept. Seems like Gov McDonnell gets it he might be a reasonable Republican.


You can bet this Bill will come up again next year. It was "tabled" to provide cover for McDonnell as he campaigns for the VP spot to the GOP ticket.


they wouldn't know "common sense" and "courage" if it hit them between the eyes. They are back-tracking because the public is outraged and the state is quickly becoming an embarrassing laughing stock of the country.

It is simply stunning that a state that has a rich and enviable history as Virginia does would find itself being pushed back into Medieval times by the cretins that have taken over the organs of state government, pushing Draconian, repressive, anti-freedom policies while completely ignoring any pretense of improving the econony. Whining about "cutting taxes and regulations" is all they can muster, in spite of the fact that no historical, factual examples can be cited where this created one job in this country.

When will the GOP do what they promise?

And stop enacting new laws and regulations on the populace and begin to roll back regulation as they promise too every election, but never do.

Hey Bobby M. When are you going to do your job

You need to be fired.

You are supposed to be working on jobs, lowering taxes, fees, tolls, and getting out of our business.

Instead you're adding tolls, raising fees, and trying to crawl into bed with all of us.

You seriously need to end your career right where you are.

Considering govs in Va can

Considering govs in Va can only serve one term, the only thing McDonnell cares about is proving to his fellow fundies that he's stellar VP material for Romney.

Not entirely accurate

VA governors are not limited to 1 term; they simply cannot succeed themselves. Mills Godwin, Jr., was the last one we had serve more than one non-consecutive term.

I am tired of seeing this state raked over the coals.

I really get tired of defending this state to my family in the midwest, with all these insane new bills that the RADICAL religious fanatics keep getting put up for a vote it is hard to tell people that this isn't a backwards southern state like they accuse. I like living here, it isn't nearly as ignorant or fanatical as the news makes it out to be. Sure we have the Kooks at Regent and Ken Cuccinelli but most of the people of Virginia are reasonable people. We should consider electing some of the more rational ones!

talking points win over truth

If people would have taken the time to read HB1, you would see the truth over talking points.
"4. The laws of this Commonwealth shall be interpreted and construed to acknowledge on behalf of the unborn child at every stage of development all the rights, privileges, and immunities available to other persons, citizens, and residents of this Commonwealth, subject only to the Constitution of the United States and decisional interpretations thereof by the United States Supreme Court and specific provisions to the contrary in the statutes and constitution of this Commonwealth."

Maybe too many people read the attempted substitute by McCellan (D-71) which put women at risk.

Trust but verify and laugh at the talking points, they almost always lie.


Should have the right to kill a baby/child at any age. Life is precious how dare anyone think they should have the right to decide who gets to live or die. They do put people in jail when they kill someone and abortion is no different then going out and killing someone except the mother is killing her own baby with a doctor's help.

Where is the proof life begins at conception

This republican talking point is regurgitated constantly but never is any scientific proof offered, just opinion. It's not a cake when the liquid meets the dry ingredients, it is just a bowl of ingredients. It is also not a life when a sperm meets an egg. If I am wrong prove it. By the way quoting the bible as reason for government action is against the constitution.

missing part of the equation

Life begins at conception. But that is not the whole story. Life begins at the point the fertilized egg is implanted in the womb (and for in vitro - when the egg is in the womb).
In easily understood terms, conception begins in the uterus. That may not always be the case because of many conditions, but those are really distractions and people being petty. Reasonable people know the intent of the conversation.

It is illogical to assume that a fertilized egg can be viable without the uterus. Although the scientific use of embryos is needed, the respect of life is needed.


you have the right to decide when a clump of cells, lacking any consciousness, becomes a human being. Seems you have the right to force your opinions on women regardless of circumstances or medical advice. How dare YOU presume to tell others that they must adhere to YOUR moral beliefs and have no choice in the matter about their lives or health.

Maybe someday we'll decide your opinions are illegal & punishable by law. How dare YOU!

The unborn

at any stage should not be murdered to accommodate people's choice to have recreational sex.


Do you count rape as recreational?

These kooks

will be christening used condoms next!

It's not easy living in1620?

Kids today have no respect.

Smoke & Mirrors

It sure is easy to take up time & money in Richmond squabbeling over the social issues of the 60's rather than dealing with economic issues NOW!!!!!

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