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Do you support Sentara Medical Group's new policy to no longer distribute free drug samples to patients?
22% (159 votes)

75% (546 votes)

3% (24 votes)

Total votes: 729
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Let's not

Let's not get folks hooked on expensive brand name drugs when generic drugs do just as well in most cases.


You mean the same Sentara that owns OPTIMA insurance - the one that will pay for the more expensive meds?
Did anyone else catch that connection or is DWTS on tonight?


When ever I have been given a sample, I use it see if it's effective, and then if I need another prescription I ask the doctor if it is available in a generic. I have asked the pharmacist to check the price, if I don't like the price I ask if there is generic or an equivalent medication that is cheaper....if the answer is yes the pharmacist calls the doctor's office and has them change the prescription. This really isn't that difficult folks. I think this is just more top down nanny state management.

You Need to Teach

You, sir/madam, need to teach your ways to all the other consumers of prescription duugs out there. By far the more common approach to refilling a prescription --- especially among those that aren't price-sensitive because they have prescription drug insurance --- is to DEMAND that they be given the exact same thing that worked so well the first time.

If your thoughtful, cost-conscious approach to medical care were practiced by everyone, we wouldn't have a medical crisis. Please somehow figure a way to clone yourself!!


Sentara is just doing it's part to cut costs. After Obama care takes hold of your life forever, this will seem like a drop in that bucket so you had better get onboard with it. I don't know how some of you think that hospitals and insurance companies are supposed to survive with the new mandates and guidelines this bill will burden them with. Cutting costs and even corners will be mainstream in order to survive. Hey Virginians, you elected him so stop complaining.


On the part of the hospitals? What about on the part of the patients? In my humble opinion the survival of the less fortunate relies on samples provided by doctors in order to mitigate the cost of medicines. Drug reps are some of the highest paid sales people and drug companies are some of the most profitable. Why does the profitability of a company rank higher than the health of the common folks?

Wake up people! It's not about Obamacare, it's not about Sentara doing anything other than supporting the drug companies to make more money than they already do.

And you don't think it will

And you don't think it will be about money and cost cutting when the Govt control health care 100%?

Sentara is very nearly a monoply, the only game in town,

They can squeeze any one they want to whenever they want to...and they do.....including their own employees.


Without the Samples of a drug I take...@ 85,year old. On fixed income. I could not have that drug. So how can they save me money by cutting off a FREE sample .When there is not a generic for a year or two..OR more ?

free drug samples

Usually these free drug samples the doctor gives you is to see if you can take the new drug without any bad side effects before filling out the new prescribtion . Now you'll be loss the high cost of the drug after finding out your body rejects the drug .This has happen to me many times .

The end of an era?

Hopefully this will go a ways toward getting the drug reps out of our doctor's offices --- their "educational" sales calls are costing all of us billions of $$$. I will miss the free pens, though...

Even though the article

Even though the article doesn't mention anything about it, we can probably thank the federal government for contributing to the ending of handing out samples. One of my Doctors told me of all the extra record keeping that the feds have began requiring for samples over the last few years. It has probably added enough record keeping costs to finally tip the scale. Thanks again Uncle Sam!!!!

When a new drug hits the

When a new drug hits the market it is still being tested in the general population to see how safe it really is. I for one don't take prescriptions unless they have been on the market for at least 7 years, some people have no problem with being a test subject. The free samples just lead a doctor to writing more Rx for the drug and many times something older is just as good at a much lower cost.

Free Samples

How are the pharmaceutical companies going to market their products, usually expensive? This makes no sense at all because the samples acquaint the patients with new medications. And it gives the patient the opportunity to see if the medication is right for them.

no free drug samples

A patient has the right to refuse a new drug sample, and use one that already is generic, but possibly not as effective. This has been a good way for pharmaceutical companies to show the effectiveness of new drugs. Why should we not be able to continue on as Americans under our current freedoms and time proven results?

This is where the real war

This is where the real war on drugs needs to be fought. To please some of the poor patients that are complaining on this board, doctors should only be provided free samples by requesting them. Doctors should also do their own drug homework without the influence of drug companies pushing products across their desks.
Direct to Consumer advertising should be cut too.
DTC advertising helps allert people to problems they normally would not ask a doctor about, but DTC advertising also creates long-term psychological needs for drugs to fix temporary problems that do not need drugs to resolve.
If America has a drug problem it's a prescription problem more than an illegal one.

not all medication works

The free samples help determine if that medication will work for you before you shill out $$$$'s for the prescription.

free samples

two fold answer. samples are great when the doctor wants to try a medication to see if it will help. ususally a patient returns in 30 days. Drug companies give samples so the doctor will "sell" the product to his patients. Sentara has changed so much since it was "reorganized under new managment" several years ago. We now get a card, a notice on our e-mail, and a phone call....all in one week. Even tho I confirm via e-mail return I still get another reminder. I might me old but i am certain of my appointments. This is over kill. More like a dental office procedure for confirming patients.

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