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Should a president need Congress' OK before taking military action when U.S. interests are not directly threatened?
89% (557 votes)

9% (59 votes)

Not sure
2% (11 votes)

Total votes: 627
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The C-in-C is the head of the armed forces and are at his discretion. If the Congress is against this they have the right do deny financing and to declare no confidence in the President and call for impeachment. Saying this the military doesn't need another rung in the hierarchy scheme (ladder). The more levels of management leads to more incompetence. ( The Peter Principle)

Re: ( The Peter Principle)

I totally disagree. The President is not a dictator and the Congess is a representation of the people of this nation. If the C and C, as you call him, is not required to go through congress then he can, in your opinion, do anything with the military that he wants including invading, say Canada, if he so desires. That is not the checks and balances system we need. He is there to represent "we the people" not his advisors and his ego. If we are attacked then he needs to ask congress to declair war like FDR did in 1941.

Not Sure About You

But, I wouldn't trust BHO (who has zero experience in real life or military) to lead me in a game of flag football much less giving him the authority to send our military and country into harms way without congressional approval.

Use of the Military

To use military force in any situation can be seen as an act of war. Only congress can declare war. Actions by the President may very well be seen by other nations as an act of war and give congress no choice. I do trust President Obama, but creating a war is not his job.

And US Interests

should have to be directly related to our physical national security, not to private interests and commercial control of resources.

Not His Personal Police Force

The military under this administration has been drafted into service as unwilling members of the Re-Elect Obama movement by the Democrats. Exposing the military's tactics and, until now, classified weaponry, has done nothing towards making America safer, but has only made the soldiers and sailors look like incompetent fools unless Obama or Biden give them specific direction. They are just a part of the re-elect Obama campaign run by the DNC. This same group, has for decades, slammed the military as a waste of money that could be better spent on entitlements (or call it what it really is –money for votes) for their voter base, the residents of the slums of this country, kept their by the very people that say want to help them.

Obama should have landed on an carrier in transport plane

Cime out in a flight suit, make the sailors stand in the sun while he spiked the football under a "mission accomplished" banner. The he would be seen as a strong supported of the military.

i must be missing something

is there a need for this poll? What am I missing?

This guy...

Can't even maintain a personal conviction of whether or not he supports gay marriage, and you have to ask if he should be able to use the military at his discretion? Absolutely not!

Commander in Chief

That title is granted for the purpose of assigning responsibility to the President for the prosecution of war. It is NOT granted to give him sole decision making power over WHICH wars to prosecute.

pointless poll

this poll is totally pointless....everyone knows that different rules will alway be applied to GOP presidents and pukegressive presidents will be allowed to do as they please without a peep from their peeps

different world in D.C. now

10 years ago I would say yes get approval, but the way our Congress works now, they would hold up a yes vote unless the add on amendments approving funding of hometown pet projects were passed along with it and thus they would never pass the matter. We would never be able to take any action if left up to the Congress to make the decision given today's climate in Washington of bickering and holding bills hostage for concessions in other areas.

The House would be slower

To wait on today's congress, Osama bin Laden would be still walking the streets shopping in a open market. The house only moves fast on vacations and how to point blame.

get real!

-do you really believe that we got him because Obama was president?--what world do you live in?--it took years to find him and just because Obama was president at that time you give him sole credit?--you insult the rest of the people who was part of his discovery and killing.

President needing congressional approval for military action

If there was a President in office who I trusted, I would say: No, let the President use his/her good judgement and we can discuss the matter latter. HOWEVER, in this case, I would vote: YES, he MUST have congressional approval.

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