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Do you think Rep. Paul Ryan is a good pick for running mate for GOP candidate Mitt Romney?
73% (760 votes)

22% (230 votes)

5% (52 votes)

Total votes: 1042
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Ryan and Romney

I think Ryan can help bridge the gap for Romney with the ultra conservitives.

That is important because?

Does the GOP really think that if they didn't have a real conservative on the ticket that the ultra conservative base would vote for Obama?

The only

good thing about picking Ryan is it just about guarantees the re election of President Obama!


Yes, let's do talk about Ryan. And Romney's taxes. And Bain capital. Let's talk about ANYTHING except 8.3% unemployment, because doing so would then mean we'd have to talk about the President's spectacular failure!

Thats a republicans want to do is Talk, no action

Maybe if the republicans would take some real action on jobs, to try to solve Americas problems, something could get done. A "women are second class citizens jobs bill" is not a real jobs bill. Look at how the republicans increased the debt by causing Americas exceptional crdeit rating to be lowered by insisting America didnt have to pay it's debts. The republicans stop every Obama proposal, even the ones they were for until he said ok, then they were against them.

"The republicans stop every

"The republicans stop every Obama proposal"

I guess when the president proposed his budget, the senate was 97-0 republican right? The repubs are right to impede Obama - he wants to rule rather than govern and the democrat sheep just keep sauntering up to the feeding trough blind to the damage this idiot is doing to the country.

Reverse the party name

You have it turned around. Just ask Harry Reid and Pelosi what they have done to help "we the people"?

Reverse the party name

You have it turned around. Just ask Harry Reid and Pelosi what they have done to help "we the people"?


How many times did Reid refuse a vote on Republican proposed budget bills?

Harry's vote

I can answer that easy question, everytime the GOP gave them a budget!


Obama will be the next President. Get used to it and accept the fact.

If obama is elected, I hope

If obama is elected, I hope hes better the one who is in the White House now, because that one is useless.

Why I voted yes

I voted yes that Ryan is a good choice because it will help re-elect President Obama. Two conservative wealthy white guys should drive the moderates and independents, who decide the election, to Obama.
Why worry about shoring up the conservative GOP base? Does the GOP really think this 'base' would ever vote for Obama?

"Two conservative wealthy white guys..."

Yeah right on, hammer it home. Those racist white billionaires!

Was Sarah Palin unavailable?

Paul Ryan was voted "Biggest Brown Noser" in his High School class, Craig High School, Class of 1988.

Why wontMitt release his tax returns?

Wow if this is all the left has

we are screwed. Come on people there are actual arguments we can make to get people to vote for Obama!

We have to remind everyone how racist the republicans are, and how they want to sacrifice older American's healthcare for billionaire tax cuts !!!! This childish name calling makes us look dumb.


will release the REST of his tax returns when BozObama release his Columbia University transcripts.....now THAT is a joke.


you want records, why does your Kenyan Marxist buddy in the White house spend millions of dollars to hide his birth certificate and school records? What is he hiding?


Had my vote, something Romney and Ryan won't be able to get. The mormon's might vote for Romney but he made the same mistake McCain made. Santorum is the only one this christian trusted. Ryan isn't conservative enough. Sorry Mitt, but you made a Bad call.

poor gubner b.m.

after his term as gubner, he will be unemployed. YEAH!!!!!

What a thoughtful provocative post

that "gubner" bit is hilarious!

Good Choice

That said, I'm still undecided about who I'll vote for in November. Like it or not, Ryan at least has a plan; the same can't be said of the President.

That said, I'm very much against the do-something-even-if-it's-wrong school of management. Taxes need to go up on everyone. Discretionary spending needs to stabilize. Then it's time to attack entitlements and the debt.

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Post continued, repeated

Anybody else notice Paul Ryan never held a real job?

From his official bio (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390443404004577582112521141598.html and http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/paul-ryan-r-wis/gIQAUWiV9O_topic.html):

-- Adviser and speechwriter for Empower America, 1993 to 1995
-- Legislative Director, Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) (1995 to 1997)
-- Marketing Consultant, Ryan Inc. Central (1997 to 1998)

He filled a glorified internship with a PAC, spent less than a year on a congressional staff, then held a sinecure from his bother while campaigning full time to get elected to Congress at age 28. He's in his seventh House term.

If, as so many on these boards wail, Obama *never* worked, how does Paul Ryan get credit for having any real-world experience?

if being an elected politician is not a job...

...then why do we pay them, provide them with lifetime medical benefits, and ensure they have a pension for their services?

Ryan pick ensures Obama's re-election

Dictator Norquist and the Koch brother's selection of Ryan sealed the fate the radical, looney toon right wing, alas for tea baggers and ditto heads.


Demorats must be worried

From the comments you demorats sound desperate and worried now. Are you afraid Barry Soetoro Obama may have to actually defend his failed presidency and policies now? Barry will continue to attack and deflect attention away from his failure to do anything substantial for America and the economy. The citizens will tire of Barry Soetoro's negative campaigning, commercials, and rhetoric.

Romney/Ryan will offer some real choice for America. They will tell the truth that the Demorats do not want you to hear about. We need real change in DC. Our government can not continue to spend like a sailor on liberty. You will now see Romney define positions in contrast to Barry's failures. We need hope and change, just not the lies offered in 2008.


Both of these guys are soooo out of touch with America and her vanishing middle class. The GOP has become a greater threat to the USA than any other group on planet earth. They started down that road when they put Pat Robertson up for president and they have just kept going down, down and down. I think it can be said that after the last election the GOP's owners decided that this Democrat, a Black Democrat had to go and damn the USA and whatever happens to it. He must be a failed one termer and that has been their mission and Ryan was one of many at the head leading the charge. If they do win we all are going to lose.

Ryan has considerable..

appeal among the Tea Party members, and will give Romney and the ticket real cred as far as those who hope that a real effort will be made to start reining in spending.


Romney picks Ryan to corner the potential stay at home crowd. Then today he distances himself from his new VP. I think that shows Romney's true colors more than any thing else in this campaign so far. Forget Romney and his conniving, just stay home.

Paul Ryan

Ryan is probably not a good choice as a VP. He does not offer an edge (association) with any minority group and the democrats will (continue to) scare women and the elderly with mis-truths about Ryan's economic proposals. It's unfortunate that the media has been captured by scare tactics (sensationalism) and not focusing on the President's record.

VP Choice

I think Romney was correct when he introduced him, The Next President of the USA. Ryan should be on top of the ticket!

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