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Do you agree with Norfolk's decision to remove the eagle nests because of air traffic safety concerns?
25% (362 votes)

72% (1031 votes)

Not sure
2% (34 votes)

Total votes: 1427
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Ealges Nest

Councilman Paul Riddick has the facts wrong again

It won't work, and it's not necessary.

This is an example of CYA policy, so that the city and the airport can deny liability for any future aviary collisions. The eagles will not buy in to it. You would have to cut down the trees and drain the lake in order to get the eagles to relocate. This simply gives the city and the FAA the right to say they will not be held liable for future mishaps, since they have done "due diligence" to get the eagles off their property.


I guess the ones that vote No would rather see a plane crash and kill a bunch of people than move the Eagles to safer place.

eagle nests

No one wants a plane to crash.

Point is there is risk in everything we do. Everything. And this risk is minimal.

The eagles live here. They are not leaving. It is a waste of taxpayer dollars to try to discourage them.

Feature the Sanford Airport eagles. They have moved and moved back to a closer site..



Having been in a plane that lost an engine from a bird strike, I can't believe that people are so dumb to chose birds over human beings. Weird.

Choosing Eagles Over Human Life??? Not The Issue!!

No one is choosing Human Life over an Eagles Nesting area..... The issue here is this; removing and harassing the Norfolk Botanical Eagles will not lessen the chance of a bird strike at the Norfolk Airport!!! The area has flocks of Canadian Geese, Cormorants, Gulls, Ducks of every variety and TWO Bald Eagles........
This appears to be like everything political these days, don't care what the issue, I just need to win. By pulling the "death card" on the Botanical Gardens, the issue has become clouded.... if there is a bird strike it would in no way be the fault of NBG because there will always be birds in the air and planes..... COME ON, SOMEONE TRY TO GET A GRIP!!!



Flying is a huge risk, with or without eagles

Bird strikes, particularly eagle strikes, are way down the list of flight deaths/injuries. PILOT ERROR is the number one cause.

No one wants to lose a human, nor an eagle, but discouraging eagles from nesting does not address the root problem (Lake Whitehurst as a feeding mecca), nor any of the other much higher risks of flight. If a new nest is built five miles away, the eagles will continue to feed at Lake Whitehurst.

Millions choose to fly, IGNORING the highest risks - pilot error, weather and mechanical failures. If anyone is completely risk-averse, I suggest not flying and not driving.

Reply to Anonymous re Eagles

I guess you posted as Anonymous because you don't want anyone to know who DID'NT do their homework. NO ONE wants people to be killed, that is just a foolish notion. The point is, you cannot MOVE Eagles, they WILL return! A bonded pair will KEEP OTHER EAGLES OUT OF THEIR TERRITORY!~ If they are gone MANY more Eagles will come in to vie for that territory. There are many PROVEN ways to deter birds from runways. Other airports are doing so with success! We are simply asking the town of Norfolk and the airport to do research into these alternatives so that we can live in HARMONY with nature. THAT is doing the right and moral thing. Is that too much to ask??

Will Removing Nest Help?

From what I understand eagles are very territorial, so not sure how removing this nest will help anything at all. My guess they'll just rebuild in another tree at NBG or in someone's yard nearby. Same problem, different nest location.

Removal of Eagles Nest

Exactly Anonymous. No one has mentioned that because eagles are territorial, they also defend their territory and chase other eagles away! Take these eagles out of the garden and be prepared for more eagles in the area. Humans need to learn that they cannot control everything, and to live in harmony is a win-win situation.

MVK reply to Anonymous

Well said MVK....EAGLE ON

Reality check

An estimated average of 5,000 strikes happen each year.

Flight 1549 - all survived
Flight 1673 - all survived
Flight 571 - all survived
Flight 1475 - all survived

Yukla 27 - all killed - 24 AWACs crew
1995 Dassault Falcon 20 - all 10 killed
Flight 604 - 35 killed
NASA astronaut Freeman - killed
Flight 375 - 62 killed

The fatality list goes on, but I hope you folks get the point.

One bird has already been killed, and luckily the plane did not crash. So, do you want more dead eagles and potentially dead family members, or do we move the nest? Personally I like the eagles and love my family, so I vote to move the nest.

eagle strikes

so you are telling me that all of these eagle strikes were at this location? And what years were they?

Reality Check

You need to do your homework. Start by reading ALL the comments on the Eagle nest and maybe then you will be able to understand what the issues REALLY are and what we are actually asking for. Right now you don't have a clue, and I bet you won't do ANYTHING to better grasp the situation. This is exactly what we are fighting....people making decisions without bothering to understand the issue and that is very sad!

Removal of Eagle Nest at NBG

I have been watching this nest for several years. This subject is very near and dear to my heart. I understand both sides of this unfortunate situation. Seems to me rather than jumping to a quick decision, more research should be done. There has to be a way for this to be a win win for both sides!! I will continue to support NBG no matter what, but I am afraid that a lot of other people dont feel that way. So now we have to consider the people on the airplanes,the eagles & NBG. Again, I feel this decision has been made without looking for alternative solutions and more from a political perspective. Please allow more time to all parties to have their say. This is a very sensitive situation and it deserves to be handled fairly!!

remove eagle's nest

We save the eagle, yeah. It does not mean that air planes will be save from those geese and other birds. Accidents do happen even when you walk across street or driving in car. Eagles has been here for years, why now. This should have done at the time of the first nest was built. Now people learn from this eagle(s) and love him(them), good luck with the procedure of remove the nest.

Norfolk Eagles

I have an idea...why don't you remove or relocate the Norfolk airport?
Then your would be saving the wildlife in the area and any residents in case a plane crash. Just a thought....

If it is going to be done....

If the nests are going to be removed, PLEASE remove them before the birds start to prepare for next winter. Don't mess around and wait until the birds cannot prepare a new nest.
I hate to see them leave the Gardens, but if it is going to be done we can at least be humane and allow them time to re-nest.

Reply to Blametheotherrightprople

It is too late....they are now a bonded pair and have already started to prepare the nest for their next clutch. YES this cannot be done in a humane manner at this point. Now is the time for Norfolk to do their homework and look for better alternatives, like proven methods that work at other airports and LEAVE THE NEST ALONE!!

Removing nests not Moving the nests

Were is the information that they are moving the nests. They are not they are removing them.

Don't fly to Norfolk

Don't fly to Norfolk International Airport. Boycott the airport. No people on planes, no planes at the airport, no airport.......problem solved.

Just wish this approach

Just wish this approach would be considered. To me nothing has really been attempted, except a decision has been made. Eagles can't talk, so someone has to talk for them. This solution would be favorable for both, humans and eagles. I can heard people saying, "yes, but this cost money!. How much money have they spent already and how much more we they spend. The eagles are not invading the sky, we are... they were here before us. Another question that comes to mind, why are airport allowed to be build close to water. Here's the link to a solution to this mess. Just wish it would be reconsidered.


removal of eagles nest

they will come back...it is their territory! you cannot get rid of the other water fowl which also interfere with airplanes...don't mess around with mother nature!

Bird Strike Issue/ Eagles Nest

Because this male has such a long time established territory it may be very hard to chase him off, without negative results backfiring.. Problems with
eagles nests at other airports with less established birds have concurred this is not an easy task to accomplish, and may even worsen the matter, with nests being built closer.Take Sanford/Orlando for an example, 3 nests removed, 200 trees cut down, fish removed from ponds, the eagles returned time after time.
Maybe it is about time to support research and major funding to make planes
more bird safe, and develop more effective ways to deter them from airport grounds. With many people being laid off in the space/aeronautical industry, this would put some of those people back to work.
Lets face it,

Don't fool with Mother Nature

When we move into undeveloped areas the first thing we do is displace wildlife. Then we think we have the right to complain when wildlife moves back into these areas. They were here 1st the've adapted,they're just trying to survive amongst manmade obstacles. Since the age of flight there have been bird strikes. Why? Because man has invaded the sky. It should be the resposibility of all airports to deter wildlife from the airport grounds during take offs and landings. Take your chances in the sky. You can't get rid of wildlife just because it's not convienient for you without causing harm to the eco-system around us. Taking down 1 eagle nest is not going to change the fact it's their home. He will rebuild or others will try to move in.

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