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Should voting rights be restored automatically to felons in Virginia who have completed their punishments?
44% (481 votes)

53% (581 votes)

2% (25 votes)

Total votes: 1087
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Jim Crow lives in Ol Virginny

Marting Luther King gave his life to the cause of civil rights, including the bedrock of democracy, a human being's right to vote under the Constitution. 1 in 5,Blacks in Virginia till can't vote. This is systematic racism perpetuated by elected officials who continue to seek any means to disenfranchise the minority people of Virginia.
It's time to rise up and tear down these walls of prejudice, bigotry and hatred and let people exercise their constitutional rights, no matter the color of their skin.


Right - OR - the individuals wishing to maintain their right to vote shouldn't, I dont know, BREAK THE LAW.

Actions Have Consequences......

In response to "Jim Crow lives...." Dear Writer: we need to consider the character and actions of an individual. You should not make this a racial issue. If a person has murdered and has served time behind bars, many would say that the privilege of voting is still not deserved. Race-baiting is quite popular at this election time.


So you are saying 1 in 5 blacks are felons? If that is true one could assume that the majority of the crimes they committed were against other blacks. So arent they the ones showing hatred?

But of course that doesnt fit the PC argument now does it?

Race card

Stop playing the race card! Whites and other colors also are felons.

It does target a minority of Virginians

It targets the minority of Virginians who commit felonies.

I applaude

Governor McDonnell for restoring the rights of so many ex felons. It's the right thing to do.

In Ohio, offenders are REQUIRED to be registered to vote to teach them good citizenship skills, which lowers the recidivism rate.

When an offender completes his or her punishment as prescribed the court, society should do what it can to help that ex offender be a good citizen and not reoffend.

The Republican delegate from Salem is right. Automatic restoration upon completion of probation is what should be done. Let's encourage people who have made a mistake to become good citizens. This shouldn't be a partisan issue or a voter suppression tactic. Remove this remnant of the Jim Crow era permanently.

If the felon has served the

If the felon has served the entire original sentence handed down and has paid his/her debt to society, then yes they should get their rights back.

Would anyone want to be continually punished for something they did years ago, whether it's a felony, or a simple mistake in life?

If we've gone to all the trouble to establish a penalty for a crime, then once that penalty has been met whatever rights were taken away should be restored, otherwise why have the laws and penalties at all?

You mean like a sex

You mean like a sex offender? They are punished forever with little, if any, regard to the facts of individual cases. A serial pedofile and a teenager who made a single mistake are often treated exactly the same by this law. I'm not saying that is not the right thing to do, but it does answer one of your questions, and it should bring pause.

I think we have a pretty good process in place. A felon who has paid his or her debt can normally get back his or her right to vote. The process isn't free to them, but they can do it.

Process in Place

I understand there's already a process in place to petition the Governor for restoration of (voting) rights (just like there's a process for obtaining citizenship in place that most Dems want to ignore)...why is this an issue and what has it got to do with skin color?


What do you mean by "paying his debt to society?" I don't know of any note. Is there consideration? How much? Are you not imposing an imaginary condition?

Can a felon restore conditions and victims to their status before the crime?

Can a felon undo his actions?

An individual, once grown past childhood, is accountable for his actions. There is nothing that any human can do to change that fact.

If the the crime has been

If the the crime has been paid back in full, then yes.


How do you ever fully pay back for murder, rape, child molestation?

You cannot ever fully pay

You cannot ever fully pay for any terrible crime but a permanent punishment policy is detrimental to society. If fosters future crime, hurts families, and goes against the Christian values of forgiveness. People can change and if we work to create a better world for future generations there may be less terrible crimes.

voting rights

If the felon is not violent or a repeat offender, then yes. If he is in and out of a prison revolving door, then no. The logistics for a repeat offender are just too much to try to keep up with.

It is American for every

It is American for every American to have the right to vote.

Voting is the one right no

Voting is the one right no American should ever lose.

A 5-4 Supreme Court majority

A 5-4 Supreme Court majority in Bush v. Gore said “the individual citizen has no federal constitutional right to vote [for presidential electors].”

Unfortunately no

Voting in all 50 states is a privilege, not a right check out the 17th Amendment, It states what you can not be denied for (age, race, gender...) , but allows each state to decide who actually gets to vote in that state.

Targets the minorities??

What kind of clown comment is that? Just who are the folks snarled up in the felony issue? I've never committed a felony. Is it because I'm not a minority? Give it a rest. If there's a path to restoration and our politicians aren't brain dead and issuing blanket pardons, it's fine. Voting is an American gift. It's not a right. You earn or lose the gift of voting and having a say in your government by keeping yourself in good standing. If you make a choice that takes that gift away, it's for something serious enough that you aren't demonstrating the intelligence and decision making faculties necessary to decide just who can run your government.

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