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Should states be allowed to compete for federal grants that would help them speed up and modernize voting rules and procedure?
54% (194 votes)

43% (156 votes)

Not sure
3% (12 votes)

Total votes: 362
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Aren't we already in enough debt?

Oh wait! The Fed can just print it up! Of course, anyone would prefer standing in bread lines to waiting in line to vote.

Whinny little post

America is the richest nation in the world. All we have to do is cut defense and raise taxes on the rich. Or as Bill Clinton calls it, "Arithmetic."

Warner, a progressive Democrat wants to modernize elections,

Regressive Republicans did everything, legal and illegal to suppress voting.

Republicans, teapartiers, dittoheads, YOUR party is stuck on stupid, and is terrified of change

Five Stages of Repug Grief
--1. Whining
--2. Signing up for secession
--3. Buying extra ammo
--4. Drinking Bud and flinging stuff
--5. Falling asleep watching Fox News

Wrong Answer

I see that the Demo kool-aid is still flowing. It was the Dems who tried to keep people from voting, racists like the Black Kitty Cats in Philly with their ball bats, like the Dems in the precincts who threw out the absentee ballots from our serviceman protecting your right to live off all the taxpapers. Look within for what has caused this sharp division in this country, and from your comment it looks like it's still active.

Good one!


I saw the same type of behavior out of the liberals after the 2010 elections. Reading some of the doom and gloom over on Daily Kos was classic.

Both parties are stuck on stupid and have been for ages.

You forgot a couple:

* Blaming everyone and everything for their election loss EXCEPT their candidate who insulted as many Americans as possible; and a candidate who took a different position from week to week on every issue.

Please keep the feds out

"We the people" should stand and shout really loud! A grant is a handout and we should not be spending federal money on a state issue. If Warner would stop spending we might catch up on the massive debt.

mitt romney's 14% tax rate



As is oil company subsidies and giving money to banks to save their bacon and then watch them turn it over to their CEO's and henchmen that bear the full responsibility of this mess under the watchful eye of George Bush.

Oh Man!!

I thought these goons in D.C. are supposed to be working on lowering the deficet, not more spending, they still are not getting the message.


You have hit the nail on the head and now you need to spread the word as I do every chance I get about the evil that has parked their as*es in OUR White House! Bless you for seeing through them.....

I am spreading the word that you are wrong...

George W. Bush inherited a strong economy, a budget surplus, and a nation at peace.

Eight years later, he left Obama with a shattered economy, a trillion dollar deficit, and two useless wars.

Obama saved the country from another Great Depression, rebuilt GM, reformed healthcare, reformed Wall Street, doubled the stock market, created 12 straight quarters of GDP growth, created 32 straight months of private sector job growth, got Bin Laden, got Gaddafi, and got us out of Iraq.

And now with the automatic spending cuts and the expiration of the Bush tax cuts in 2012, Obama has solved the deficit problem as well.

Obama has done a very good job.

Solution, now give me my Obama money

We do not need some trumped up competition Senator, we just need the registrars to add one or two more ID checkers and laptops at the polling places during a presidential election. When your election comes up in two years, there will not be any long lines or frustrated voters!
Two old women with a small screen laptop was the problem!

Need more that this

Actually what is needed is a Federal non-partisan election commission that works with state level non-partisan commissions to set up voting districts and run elections. There is no place for politicians in setting up voting district or running ht actual election. We are the laughing stock of other democracy when it comes to how we administer our elections. We can learn a lot from India, Brazil and Europe.

Republicans created a monster

By gerrymandering their congressional districts to make them super conservative, Republicans created a Tea Party Frankenstein monster that is going to destroy their party.

Guess who wins

This is a silly proposal that will result in favored states getting more borrowed money from the feds and subjective results that aren't provable one way or the other.....like the education game of race to the top....just another giveaway to gather votes!

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