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Should Virginia lawmakers repeal the state’s three-decade moratorium on uranium mining?
Yes, lift the ban
43% (1170 votes)

No, keep the ban
56% (1514 votes)

1% (23 votes)

Total votes: 2707
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Why not?

Drill/mine every resource to the max! Take it all and see what's left. I support mining if it doesn't harm anything.

And if it does harm something?

We seem willing to give more attention to and put more money and effort into studying the effects of light rail then the effects of uranium mining on the health of our water supply and our populace.

If light rail was not to work out, it would be a waste of money

If uranium mining was not to work out, it could very well be a waste of life.

Its a serious issue, with potentially very serious consequences that deserves considerable attention and study. Studies funded by mining interests who will reap the profit and be long gone after potential harmful consequences begin to take affect are not sufficient. There needs to be cautious independent study to assure that we are not killing ourselves in an acquiescence to corporate quests for profit.

Nothing is risk free

If we keep blocking every source of energy that poses even the most remote risks, we will end up freezing in the dark, which is pretty risky in itself.


In your Libertarian view, it is ok for a foreign-owned company to make all the money and for tax paying residents of Hampton Roads take all the risks.


Aren't some risks more dangerous than others?

I don't think uranium mining is the last frontier on resources. Frankly, I see this as a step backwards. More dangerous and less functional than other energy sources...unless need more carriers, subs, and nuclear bombs? Some things are worth the risk...uranium mining is not one of them.

Radioactive tailings

Radioactive tailings from uranium mining stay radioactive for thousands of years. Ask the Japanese what they think of radioactivity.


Chris, you ask them and get back to us. While your at it, ask them about starting a major war and then refusing to surrender even when all hope was lost.


According to The Japan Times, the Fukushima nuclear disaster changed the national debate over energy policy almost overnight. "By shattering the government's long-pitched safety myth about nuclear power, the crisis dramatically raised public awareness about energy use and sparked strong anti-nuclear sentiment". A June 2011 Asahi Shimbun poll of 1,980 respondents found that 74% answered "yes" to whether Japan should gradually decommission all 54 reactors and become nuclear free.

In addition to the risk of

In addition to the risk of contamination to the water supply of millions of people, there is quite a bit at stake here for the mine workers. Quoting the National Academy of Sciences that did the study this past year, "Even exposure to a very small amount of radiation could raise the risk of cancer. Current occupational standards for radon exposure in the US do not provide adequate protection for workers at risk of lung cancer from protracted radon exposure." Read more at http://www.southernenvironment.org/newsroom/press_releases/2011-12-19_nas_report

Drill, mine, strip to the max?

Why equate the Fukushima nuclear disaster with WWII? 72 years has passed since that attack and since then Americans have no problem buying Sony HD tv's, driving Hondas, and running Yamaha outboards on our boats, etc.

The missed point is that we KNOW that there can be catastrophic effects from uranium mining and they can harm ALL people. We don't have an obvious need for more uranium relative to the risks posed from the extraction of the resource. The Commonwealth of Virginia has enough coal to supply power for generations. We won't be driving nuclear cars any time soon. Alternate energy sources certainly seem like the business of the future. I have no idea why we would lift the ban and expose ourselves to dangers known and unknown.

Make Virginia the Energy Capital

The U.S imports 92% of its uranium fuel requirements. Half of that amount comes from Russia. And yet, almost 40% of the electricity in the Commonwealth is generated by nuclear power. And 100% percent of Virginia's uranium fuel is imported from foreign countries!

According to the socio-economic analysis commissioned by the Virginia legislature, the uranium project (located a five hour drive west of Norfolk) will create 1,000 new jobs and add $5 billion to the regional economy, over the life of the mine.

Talk to any qualified engineer with knowledge of a project like this and they will tell you, there is zero chance the water supply to Norfolk or Virginia Beach would be contaminated.

Even the Virginia Uranium guy told

the Virginia Beach City Council that the proposed mining is not "zero" risk.

Also, over the life of the mine, how much do Virginia Taxpayers have to pay out to maintain the mine, over the
"life" of the mine, then the stored waste-for thousands of years?

Uranium Mining Ban

A very wise group chose to put the ban in effect some 30 years ago. Let us reaffirm their wisdom and keep the moratorium in place. Sufficient experience around this country and around the world has shown that the safest place for the uranium is deep in the ground where it is most commonly naturally found. Beyond that, the mining industry thus far has shown little regard for the need to genuinely demonstrate that they are capable of safely mining uranium anywhere.

Furthermore, there is satisfactory proof of entirely revolutionary devices which can capture and utilize energy from the unlimited supply which has been concealed and obscured from the general public since Nicola Tesla tapped into that energy as far back as during the 1880 's!

VOTE "NO" to keep the Ban on Uranium Mining!!!!!!!!!

Hello Folks Time to Wake up!! Why are we ignorantly trying to destroy our planet and our drinking water. People you need to vote on this poll, and try to out weigh all the corporations that are currently voting for it! This can seap into our Water Supply and Radon stays in the ground for many thousands of years! It has been linked directly to all sorts of CANCERS. Try using the resources that we have readily at hand our WIND POWER, our SUN POWER! Green Readily Resources that are there that will not destroy us or our Planet! We can live Healthy and not worry about Our Natural Resources that would be DESTROYED if we keep going on this path! This is not about Politics it is about our HUMAN HEALTH and our PLANET!
"The earth will not continue to offer


The earth will not continue to offer its harvest, except with faithful stewardship. We cannot say we love the land and then take steps to destroy it for use by future generations.”
― Pope John Paul II

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