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Should the Navy change all of its uniforms to use flame-resistant material?
76% (309 votes)

22% (88 votes)

Not sure
2% (9 votes)

Total votes: 406
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Yes but

The question should read:

Should the navy change it's WORKING uniforms.

Fire retardant dress blues/whites are not needed due to when/where they are worn.

No, it's not necessary for "ALL"

Dress uniforms do not need to be made flame/flash retardant. Working unifroms that are used aboard ships, aviation uniforms, and those who whork in industrial environments. The cost to make all unifroms flame retardant would be horrendously expensive. Before the Admirals and MCPON tried to "keep up with the Jones's" (Marines/Army) the uniforms worked fine. These thoughts comes from 20 years in a navy uniform.

Not to mention

that flame retardant materials are generally heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

As are

bandages, Furacin soaked gauze wrappings, and other treatment dressings for skin burns. Fortunately, I go back to the days of two choices: Standard issue dungarees, white and blue dress/undress uniforms, and "Seafarer" brand fitted uniforms, (if the command would let you wear them). Personally, I doubt if those who now design the constant influx of new uniforms ever served in the military at all!

It seems

It seems like just about every time the navy got a new CNO, a new uniform change would be coming in about a year. The navy has way to many uniform options. When I was in, you could take 25 male sailors
and dress then in 25 different uniforms, all regulation. This included both summer and winter uniforms. Way too many. Some were never worn.

addition to the above

These 25 uniforms were just the E-6 and below, chiefs and officers were another story.

I question the Navy's uniform ideas

Having retired on 2003 after 27yrs in the Navy, I question the uniform change. If you are onboard ship (most are) then you need fire retardent uniforms, period for all hands. To suggest that only certian rates need to wear them, would suggest that only certain rates need to fight fires, or join in DC. We are not in a fashion show and should stop acting like it. We all can't be one force with one type of uniform. Sailors,Marines, Airman, and Soldiers are different and so are their uniforms. Let's bring back some common sense, recruiting efforts won't be hampered with how the uniform looks.

I agree with the previous posters

Again the Virginian Pilot does not know a working uniform from a dress uniform. ONLY working uniforms should be flame resistant. When you are on duty and at work be it a boat, ship, shipyard, or air station you may be called on to help fight a fire or explosion.

Military Unifroms

No, due to the military, should have been aware of these defects prior to current news stories. There is a money problem right now. "HELLO" who cares no new iniforms. Every time the military wants something they make excuses as to why they need them. This is the goverment they should have known about this. We the tax makers need to stop and put a halt to money grabbers and new uniforms. If the goverment wants them then put this money back in my paycheck then I will vote yes to new uniforms, Looks like the little people were again left out of the conversation prior to this. Wake up people we need to start marching to make a better tomorrow before all our rights amd money is taken away by money hungry goverment employees.

Safety is no accident!

If there is a shipboard fire there will be a lot of burn victims from unforms melting to skin. Be safe and go to a more effective cloth!

Unless the Navy considers it's sailors collateral damage, YES...

...however it should fire a few of its uniform contracting officers who spent too much time in bed with with a rather crappy contractor.

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