Blacksburg mayor, Joe Biden talk about gun violence

When Vice President Joe Biden releases his recommendations for reducing gun violence Tuesday, Blacksburg Mayor Ron Rordam is guessing they'll have a familiar ring.

That's because just before Christmas, Rordam was among 12 mayors from around the country who joined a conference call with Biden that stretched more than an hour as the officials explored the lingering effects that mass shootings have on communities.

"April 16 really changed Blacksburg," Rordam said, recalling what he told Biden and the mayors about the 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech that claimed 33 lives. "The immediate month or two afterward, of course ... the strain on first responders. â? It goes on a long time.

"I know I still have moments when it comes back and it affects your thoughts and your feelings," Rordam said.

He said that during the Dec.21 call, he had an exchange with the mayor of Aurora, Colo., where in July a man killed a dozen people during a screening of a Batman movie. Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan asked Rordam how long it would take for the town to get back to normal.

"It really never gets back to the way it was," Rordam said he answered. "That experience is always in the back of your mind."

Rordam said he would let the vice president release the suggestions that were made during the call about stopping gun violence. The tone of the phone call was mostly conversational and aimed at sharing with the vice president perspectives on how mass shootings scar communities, he said.

Besides Rordam and Hogan, the call included mayors of Charlotte, N.C.; Avondale, Ariz.; Philadelphia; Oakland, Calif.; Charleston, S.C.; Minneapolis; Oak Creek, Wis.; Memphis, Tenn.; and St. Louis, Mo.

The call included no one from Newtown, Conn., where a December shooting spree left 28 people dead, most in an elementary school, and prompted President Barack Obama to charge Biden with coming up with recommendations on curbing such incidents, Rordam said. But the mayor of nearby Bridgeport, Conn., was on the call.

Rordam said he had about a day's warning about the Biden call and spent time preparing for it with the town manager. He said he was glad to have a chance to discuss important issues with the vice president, but would have preferred if Blacksburg were not on the nation's roster of mass shooting sites.

"Unfortunately, the group of us that have been involved continues to grow," said Rordam, who serves on a Blacksburg council with members that are elected without party labels. Rordam's name has come up as a possible Democratic candidate for the state legislature.

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Biden is a liar

-and he represents liars, people who find any method to gain their agenda acceptable, in fact, laudable.

He's here to grab your guns, period.

True, perhaps;

but just look at the comic relief he provides, playing Curly to Obama's Moe....



1,000,000 Americans have been killed by guns since 1960

What would the reaction be if 1,000,000 Americans were killed by terrorists?

And how many are black on black shootings?

When most have lost their second amendment right to bear arms.


What does the race of the victim have to do with it? Does that make it ok in your mind? As long as no white people in Va Beach getting shot, it is no big loss, not your problem, right?

Comment deleted

Comment removed for rules violation. Reason: Off topic

-by category more kids under

-by category more kids under 14 have drowned in swimming pools.

By far, more by automobiles- but everybody drives, right? I mean, you have things to do and places to go.

(Yawn) Dazzle Us With Some

REAL fancy figures, 33 - like how many folks have died since the Chinese invented gunpowder...


On how good the terrorists lobbyists are and how much money they have to buy congress ...

Pretty typical

Biden chooses to talk to the mayor of the town of Blacksburg, where guns are legal and shooting didn't take place, rather than the president of Virginia Tech, where guns are not allowed but the shooting did take place. Classic.

It may become a States Rights Issue.

"Wyoming Introduces Bill To Nullify Any Federal Gun Control Measures, Jail Federal Agents."
"This week, Wyoming lawmakers introduced a bill banning the federal government from enforcing an assault weapons ban or a prohibition on high-capacity magazines in the state, calling the effort an attempt to “take the Second Amendment seriously.”

The bill, which is sponsored by eight Wyoming state representatives and two state senators, calls for federal agents who attempt to enforce those measures to be imprisoned for at least one year and up to five years, and fined a maximum of $5,000."
Don't mess with the Real Cowboys.
Details at:

Wyoming? Do people even live

Wyoming? Do people even live there?

Guess who lives there.

"Trails Center Celebrates Black History Month with an Exhibit on Black Cowboys: The new exhibit features prominent black cowboys from Wyoming and throughout the West"
"By the late 1880s, thousands of black men worked as cowboys. According to some estimates, in the early American West, approximately 25 percent of the cowboys were black."

Most issues become states rights issues

in state dominated by "cowboys."

I will be happy to keep my hands off their cold dead guns if they keep their cows and sheep and drilling rigs off MY public lands (or at least pay a fair market price for the privilege). Oh, big government is OK when it is subsidizing THEIR livlihoods but not when it helping folks in the aftermath of, say, a Sandy or a GOP economic meltdown!

Damn right Wyoming!

It is about time somebody stood up to the Imperial Federal Government of the United States of America. Rock on Wyoming!

Biden is a clown.

Biden is a clown.

I Do Hope You Realize, Jon,

that you've just managed to insult clowns everywhere.

namecalling eh?

Standard operating procedure for the right wing.

I Challenge You, Panther,

to point out JUST WHERE, in this thread, I resorted to name-calling.

Joe Biden should reccommend a ban on assault weapons,

and hopefully, registration for all weapons.

If others are so afraid of their own govt., so paranoid as to believe it is the intention of our elected officials to remove our guns and throw us into re-education camps. Well then I feel sorry for you and the scary world you live in. .

Republicans can’t win with a base that is at war with math, physics, human biology, economics and common-sense gun laws all at the same time

But Dand these folks love Jesus

and everybody knows that Jesus came to this earth to teach us that people should pass through this life on their way to paradise armed to the teeth. He gave us one rule to live by - "Do unto others before they can do unto you" or something like that. Jesus is clearly on the side of the gun lovers. The choice is very simple and easy for the simple to understand - we can live under God or we can live under Tyrants - there is no other choice. These folks prefer God and know that God wants them to be armed and ready to kill the postman, the IRS agent or the men in the black helicopters in His Name. These people need a political party and the GOP is it.

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