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Do you think homeless people should have been kicked out of an encampment near Millers Lane in the Seatack area?
56% (490 votes)

36% (314 votes)

Not sure
8% (69 votes)

Total votes: 873
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What is it about "private

What is it about "private property" that the NO voters don't understand?
Let them come to the NO voters place and camp out in their back yard.

Rescue Missions, Churches, private organizations...

They are trespassing and living in squalor and although their situation IS unfortunate, they should have been evicted a long time ago. Besides, I highly doubt that they are making their way to a place with indoor plumbing to relieve themselves. There ARE places for them to go...Rescue Missions, the Salvation Army, and churches, to name a few. Our church on the peninsula used to house homeless people (a program called "PORT") for a week or two at a time and a handful of other churches would do the same all winter so that the homeless wouldn't have to live outdoors in the cold. We provided them with meals, a hot shower, and a heated place to lay their heads. It was no Hilton, or even a Super 8, but it was better than the streets.

a thought

--interesting?--people don't care about them it seems.--some of you would rather the government,--any government,--pay for a 'bike path' then help these people.--they don't count!--not in anything except maybe on police reports.--do they deserve your contempt?--why?--what did any of them do to you?--do they belong on private property---NO--but they are human beings and deserve better then --JOE PUBLIC AFFORDS THEM.--AND WHAT DOES Obama DO FOR THEM?--help them?--find them jobs?--they don't count.--they are not of any importance to him,--so forget them.--just like you.these people were family members,--brothers,--sisters,--fathers,--mothers,--veterans,--and all you want is to get rid of them.--NICE!

frank in va.bch.

you seem

You seem nice, Frank. Guess you won't be upset when they move into your backyard. Hope you have a big one.

a thought

--and you would rather the government build a bike path?--then help them.--If I had a piece of land big enough,--I'd give them a tent!

frank in va.bch.


Give them 2 and say one is from me.

Give them your share, now let's say it's 1/2 from me, ok?

That sounds like the ultra-liberal socialist way to do things.


VBCC's shelters?

Where is King Will when we need him? The Mayor and his developer cronies were supposed to be building a homeless center. When will this happen? Oh, I am sorry, we need a new miniature pro ball park, an arena for failed sports franchises, and light rail over helping the down trodded people who attempt to live here. The city should relocate these people to the organizations that can help them. What happened to Church groups,Salvation Army, and other such people lending a helping hand. If I were one of the squatters, I would pitch my tent in VBCC's yards!

Good idea

Thats a good idea. Frank, you may not be getting those guests afterall.

Ford has a better idea maybe?

If the likes of a Hurricane Sandy hit us like it did in the Northeast, we'd be looking up to the homeless with a LOT more respect of exactly how it is that they survive in times of drastic need.

In the aftermath, we'd soon cherish the things once taken for granted (ie: water, electricity, sleeping in comfort, hot meals, cold drinks, hot showers, etc.)

The amazing part is that if such a devastating tragedy did occur here, I believe the homeless would be far more accepting of us than we are currently accepting of them.

PS: Frank of VB has a good point here and also at the article's forum where he questioned why 'illegal immigrants can stay and not the poor homeless'.

Perhaps that's a question that 44ford might even be able to answer.


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