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Do you agree or disagree with Virginia Board of Health's approval of rules holding abortion clinics to hospital-like standards?
61% (314 votes)

37% (191 votes)

2% (11 votes)

Total votes: 516
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Virginia's loonie toon Tea Party (Taliban wing)

wants every body to own guns, women silenced, no health care, no unions and government small enough to drown in a bath tub.


want people to enjoy theirs rights.. owning a gun is one, getting an abortion is not, especially when the supreme court judgement was based on a lie by Norma McCorvey,and yes she admitted she lied.. no government run health care(just look at how well dmv and the post office operate)..no public unions,why should tax payers get shafted by government workers.. yes smaller government means more freedom .. but then again most liberals will gladly give up their freedom for "security" provided by the government .. so its no wonder your afraid of freedom,

You obviously have no understanding of rights

and until the SCOTUS says otherwise, or we ratify an amendment to the Constitution it is a right. They found the right for all Americans not just Norma McCorvey.

My how you anti-rights folks will twist and turn the facts. That is called spin my friend

yeah, that must have been tough to say with a straight face

Liberals are afraid of freedom... ha ha.... Like the freedom to marry their significant other of choice, the freedom to vote without excessive government regulation, the freedom to have equal medical insurance coverage for women's health issues, and the freedom to engage in private and consensual marital relations the Attorney General doesn't enjoy. I'll st stop there because I'm already tired of poking holes in your silliness.

Big government republicans

If a woman was able to register her uterus as a corporation, Republicans would have no interest in regulating it.

What difference

How clean the clinic is matters little to the fetus that is going in there to die anyway. The rules are about making it safer for the women!


Any woman who obtains an abortion should have a sterile environment in which to kill her baby. We provide sterile techniques when we put a murderer to death by lethal injection, why not a precious unborn baby. ALL women who obtain an abortion should also be drug tested to make sure that she is not causing undo harm to the baby she is about to kill. Do we not make sure death row inmates are well cared for before their execution ?

they should

also check to make sure the woman isn't hiv positive, but then again i guess that would be infringing on her "rights"

Maybe they should be forced to wear a burqa?

If you also took away their right to drive and speak to men without the permission of a male family member you'd probably avoid a lot of problems to start with.

Maximum BS.

"The rules are about making it safer for the women!"
Horse hockey! The "rules" are only one of the methods used by those who want to abolish RvW and are going to use every means at their disposal to make it happen. I do NOT agree with them, but I might respect them a little if they would actually be honest about this, and come right out and admit it!
Failing that, the rules should apply to ALL clinics who perform ANY type of outpatient surgery. Anything less is pure hypocrisy and innate dishonesty!

legalized murder

people should take responsibility for their own actions. Abortions should be minimized.

Subjugating Women

According to Gallup polls last summer, 80% of the country thought abortion should be legal in all (26%) or certain circumstances (51%) or had no opinion (3%).
Only 20% agreed that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances.
Also, 98.5% of all abortions are before 24 weeks, which is the medically accepted minimal time of viability.
And the vast majority of those are before 12 weeks, when the fetus is about the size of a raspberry.
God, or nature, is the most prolific abortionist. 30-50% of all pregnancies are naturally terminated before the 12th week.

Until all surgical providers have to meet

Until all offices that offer surgical procedures the same requirements, this is just anoth attack in the WAR on Women by the pro birth zealots. The pro birth zealots have no respect for what has been decided is constitutional. Puts all the other cries "it's the constitution" in perspective (a PR stunt only).

I want the same standards

Applied to the facility that does my colonoscopy or esophogial as well. If it's unsafe to perform an abortion there, then it's unsafe to enter other bodily orifices as well.


Just another clear example of right wing big government trying to control our lives. Posts talk about "freedom", well give me the RIGHT and the freedom to make my own choices, keep the government out of it.

wht about the

babies "rights" and freedom.. yet i bet you cried when the school children were killed by that lunatic


A zygote is not a "baby."

An egg is not a chicken.

If an zygote isn't a human

If an zygote isn't a human being then what is it, a dinosaur?

Little explanation of the birds and the bees for you Chris. When mommy is pregnant a baby will be born, human baby. That is unless she kills it first because it's a girl and they wanted a boy, or it has down syndrome, or the timing is wrong because she already booked a vacation to southern Spain for 9 months from now.

Right now no one controls

Right now no one controls our lives more then the left wing radial lunatics we have in office.

Equalized standards

If an abortion doctor is allowed to perform murder when the fetus is out of the womb and alive, then I could care less about health standards. Any legal, federally funded, and state funded facility that performs a medical procedure should practice health regs as does any hospital.

Hopefully these new regulations will work.

Hopefully these laws will help to save lives and stop sicko operations like Dr Gosnell ran in a poor Philadelphia neighborhood.


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