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What position should DePaul Medical Center take on water births?
Immediately allow water births again
55% (193 votes)

Maintain the 90-day hold and make a decision from there
20% (70 votes)

Ban water births outright
21% (73 votes)

Not sure
5% (18 votes)

Total votes: 354
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France and European nations have been doing this for years

Practiced for more than 50 years in contemporary France and Germany, these nations have lower infant death rates than the USA. Midwives don't just permit births in situations any more subject to infections than today's hospital environments seem to be doing.

death rate skewed

First of all, in this country we calculate death rate based on much earlier viability, so premies are included compared to European death rates which are based on much later gestational age (closer to term). Second of all they do have the litiginous society we have here, so when something bad happens, everybody and their brother (sister) don't get sued.

And again, economics determines health care

I think we can generally agree on this matter of litigeous life in the USA. We also think of health care in terms of cost, and the cost of law suits seems endless. What a shame. Now we're seeing the costs of good intentions with Obama-care. If we have the best options for health care delivery, we may be going from good to bad, and, oh my gosh, worse.

That's nice

Why don' you go there to live then?

I did.

As a matter of fact I did. I've lived many places and observed health care in many countries. How about you. It is to our advantage not to be totally ethnocentric in our view of what is workable and what is not workable. Just as others borrow good ideas from the USA, the USA can borrow some good ideas from other societies.


"What position should DePaul Medical Center take on water births?"
They should stand around the tub, with the OB Dr. or midwife at the side where the patient can be easily reached. All should wear masks, and assume a position of readiness to do their jobs.

As long as

As long as the babies are not born and then killed, as did Dr. Gosnell!

Water Births

You forgot, "Who Cares!"

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