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Should the U.S. government allow a wind farm to be built off the Outer Banks coast?
57% (479 votes)

Yes, but they should place the turbines further back
14% (115 votes)

27% (223 votes)

Not sure
2% (19 votes)

Total votes: 836
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Proven to not be efficient

The cost, maintenance, reliability, and efficiency make it unworthy of taxpayers funding this antiquated technology. Environmental concerns are another issue! It would be more efficient to place under water turbines and use tidal/gulf stream currents!


Doesn't anyone wonder why this technology didn't work back in the 60's and 70's? The government (meaning us tax payers) will have to subsidize this type of "green energy". It's a lose/lose situation. I'd rather go with natural gas.

We subsidize all energy

We Tax payers subsidize all forms of energy: oil drilling, gas drilling, corn for fuel, coal prodction, etc. You name we subsidize it, either directly with seed money or with tax breaks. This is at least 'Green', as you say, so we Tax payers won't have to subsidize so many negative side effects from energy use such as smog, lung problems, acid rain, etc.

Subsidize Green and be healthier!

How many trillions of dollars?

How many trillions of dollars have been spent fighting wars in the Middle East for oil?

Will we have to spend trillions fighting any wars for wind power?


Wind power is made in America.

Wind power is made in America...really?

lets export it then

the danes

The Danes get 20% of their power from the wind.

Are they smarter than us?


Are they?

If they are not good enough for the Kennedys in Mass. why would they be ok here?

terrible analogy

They're good enough for here solely on their own merits, clean air, water and land. It's clean energy, exactly what is called for today, the waiting time is over, we're already 50 years late.

Let the Kennedys and Mass figure that one out for themselves, this concerns our neck of the woods, VA & NC.

This is a chance for us to take the reigns and become a US leader in wind energy, we have the wind, plenty of it. I'd much rather see windmills on the horizon than oil derricks, no explanation needed here.


Smarter? No.

They don't have a runaway faction of government that bends all the rules for their own usurpation yielding in a runaway polluted planet.

I dont undestand how looking at windmills would dampen tourism

Would someone explain to me how being able to see windmills would slow tourism. The only thing I can thin of is that those few who are so opposed to wind energy would get a stomach ache if they saw some and rush home. I also think ship captains are smart enough to see and miss a windmill. As far as I know, windmill dont move.,

I understand one thing.

If man doesn't do something, and do it quick. Nations are going to be fighting over what little natural resources, we have left.

low information characters will vote for anything

Some friends of mine had a meeting concerning new energy options
I was hoping to make my house energy efficient.
what I found out was that there is no source of energy which available from wind and solar which will not cost the taxpayer without any return.
the technology has not advanced by any means to the point of a profitable resource
its like this my house would cost $30,000 to become independent and the rate of return for my investment is around $900. per year, given there are no problems ever and we have 35 miles per hour wind every day all day long. the government knows it and the companies know it. its a money game using those who do not know any better
it pays to research before we just vote a feeling

windmills have been used for hundreds of years

Wind power, as an alternative to fossil fuels, is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, clean, produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation and uses little land.The effects on the environment are generally less problematic than those from other power sources. As of 2011, Denmark is generating more than a quarter of its electricity from wind and 83 countries around the world are using wind power on a commercial basis. In 2010 wind energy production was over 2.5% of total worldwide electricity usage, and growing rapidly at more than 25% per annum. The monetary cost per unit of energy produced is similar to the cost for new coal and natural gas installations.

And no American soldiers need to die in the Mid East for wind power.

Windmills look good

Actually, the large slow turning windmills are rather nice and even relaxing. They beat oil rigs, shore power line, cell towers, and most other man made objects. I think the Tourists will probably enjoy them. Maybe they could be painted different colors or each one could be sponsored and have a company name on it. Oh I am sorry I said that some body will probably do that and then the horizon would be ugly.
Anyway, we need to do something less damaging to the environment they fossil fuels and river damming we have been doing.

Only if:

If they can come to an agreement with the USN as to the placement and clearances of the structures.
The turbines turn slowly enough the birds shouldn't have any trouble with the blades. Also, they would make great tombstones for the "Graveyard of the Atlantic".

Wind turbines are already killing eagles

The turbines that are currently being used in Converse County, Wyoming, are currently killing at least one eagle per month. In addition, Pacific Corp. who owns the turbines are NOT being fined for the deaths, unlike the oil companies who have had to pay fines.

Tough Choices

I love bird watching and not want to see brids harmed but what is more harmfull to the total population of eagles and other birds? Some wind trubine stricks or acid rains for fossil fuel and chemical waste in the water systems from fracking, oil drilling, coal production.

Our only safe choice is to give up electricity completely. Everything we do impacts some being negatively and positively. There is no win-win for every person or species. There just the idea of doing the least harm.

As usual, asking the wrong question

Of course the government should ALLOW wind farms to be built.

But should the government, at any level, subsidize or mandate purchase of wind power? There, the answer is, of course not.

If someone can use wind to generate electricity at commercially viable rates without a subsidy, and can find a voluntary market in which to sell the power, then good for them.

But until such time, government should stay out of the electrical generating business other than to regulate for external costs like pollution. Everything else should be controlled by the free market.

Can we also assume that the

Can we also assume that the government should not subsidize (directly or with tax breaks) the oil, gas, ethenal, and coal businesses? If that is the case then the cost of all these fuels would rise, supply could decrease and wind energy would be more profitable.

No subsidies or mandates, period

Not for anyone.

Regarding tax credits, no form of energy should receive special assistance. Often, the depreciation allowance is characterized as a subsidy, it is not. It is an accounting convention older than the income tax which is similar to depreciation of non-renewable resources. It applies to all forms of mining, from sand pits to gold mines. I do not classify that as a subsidy.

But yes, remove all actual subsidies, and let the chips fall as they may.

Doc Tabor

Government subsidizes many facets of our infrastructure, without some form structural support and ideological goals it would be mass bedlam and fail.

We need to take wind power to task, see what evolves over a given time period, nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say. We've put off alternative implementation for a half century now, due to attitudes much like your own.

I'll never understand your sworn allegiance to continuing with polluted forms of energy consumption, here's a chance to change all that and you seem to want it to fail. Fail because it will cost more, anything new costs more. And it will fail without government's cooperation, at both the state and federal level. Wind power has already experienced that in VA and NC.

anything new costs more? Only if government is involved.

Everything new, in a free market, costs less.

The number of hours labor it takes to buy a modern car equivalent to a luxury car of 20 years ago is less than for a standard model of that era. What has happened to the quality and price of phones over the last 20 years?

Only things regulated by government get more expensive in constant dollars.

anti gov taken a step too far

Not a very good example, the car industry is regulated by the gov as well.

And one of the things they gripe on is meeting strict emission controls and dictates for gas mileage.

Using your cost analogy on cars it would seem that the industry has met all pat goals and is forecasted to meet future ones.

The cost of wind will come down if it is proven viable. Let's test drive it off our very shores and find out, a lot will be learned and we will be better off for it. We owe it to this planet Doc, and I won't get into a global warming discussion with you, there is a lot more at play, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the fish we eat.

Wind Farm is no more or less "natural" than highway 12

We build and maintain highway 12 to "develop" the Outer Banks
the idea of a wind farm in what should be a great location is no more or less offensive than the road that's PROVEN to have hindered the natural ecosystem of the outer banks..
We love lighthouses,,, NOW but do you think everyone loved them when built??
Build the Windfarm and reduce our reliance on NON renewable energy sources

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