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What is your stance on how to deal with unwanted shelter animals?
I agree with PETA: Euthanasia is often the most humane way.
23% (443 votes)

I agree with No-Kill Hampton Roads: Euthanasia is almost never the answer.
67% (1301 votes)

I'm somewhere in the middle of the two groups.
10% (193 votes)

Not sure
1% (13 votes)

Total votes: 1950
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Put them down.

It's bad enough the taxpayer is compelled (by our Gov't) to support people who won't take care of themselves.

If charities want to support a "no kill" method of caring for unwanted animals I'm all for it. I may even volunteer or donate to help the cause. But, I won't support taxes going towards that same goal.

I would like to add, and to be fair to the animals, that I'm all for putting down irresponsible owners who abuse their pets as well as those too ignorant or lazy to have their pets spayed or neutered.

Running a No Kill shelter is

Running a No Kill shelter is often less of a burden to the tax payers of a community, because more of the expenses are shouldered by rescue groups that partner with the shelter. It is easier and less expensive to deliver a homeless animal to a rescue group than to maintain the animal even for a few days and then go through the expense of killing the animal.

There are rescue groups that

There are rescue groups that would take many of these animals. Cooperative efforts between various shelters and rescue groups can often find homes for many of them.

As if...

The majority of the legit rescue groups are having a hard time placing animals and are full too. The rest are simply hoarders.

Thank dog for PETA

For doing the heartbreaking, backbreaking, thankless work. It's easy to be an armchair hater ... it's much more difficult to really make a difference. PETA's sole mission to to alleviate suffering. They help animals every single day.

If you mean that Peta

If you mean that Peta alleviates suffering by killing the animals, then yes they do. However, the question should be, is it right to kill an animal, when you could find the animal a home or provide treatment to alleviate the suffering? Peta is supposed to be a supporter of animal rights. The most basic right is the right to life? How can Peta explain this inconsistency?

If no kill

means releasing feral cats into the environment then I'm against it. respect for feral cats means no respect for native species.

But then I'm also against owners letting their cats loose in neighborhoods. Irresponsibility is rampant among cat owners and lovers. It's time for feral cat colonies to be eliminated and those that feed them be charged with keeping a dangerous animal.

bad logic

Starving the existing colonies does nothing to alleviate their suffering or keep people from constantly releasing more, unaltered cats into communities. People who care for these feral cat colonies also set traps to get them fixed (the ONLY way to solve the problem) and get them rabies vaccinations. Killing a feral cat in one community just makes room for one more to move in. They're territorial animals.

slanted article

The no-kill movement is NOT about prolonging suffering. It's about pushing spay and neuter to make it a reality and never killing adoptable animals for space. A horribly ill and not treatable animal or one with extreme aggression would not be an animal this movement is fighting to keep in a cage for the remainder of its life. It's about not murdering perfectly adoptable animals just because their spot is needed for the next one coming in. The first step is realizing how barbarian the way it's been done so far really is and the only way to make it happen is to fix your pets!!


--how could any other response be expected from people that think so little of other lives, that they slaughter their own unborn children by the millions.

--PEOPLE DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE EXCEPT THEMSELVES.--ALLOW ANYTHING, --except what they don't like.--then it's war.

--ever see a wet cat?,--tell a LIBERAL NO!

Clearly you haven't seen real suffering...

Because if you had ever seen people suffer, and not just the homeless guy on the corner, you would know that the carrying capacity of this earth (for humans) has reached a breaking point. Abortion, while remaining a viable but also legal option, is NOT what we are talking about here. Neither if anyone's political lean. Liberal, Democrat, Republican. None of them are the problem, because if you notice your other fingers are pointing right back at yourself!

The question is how to deal with unwanted pets. You make pet ownership positive, let good animals have a chance, and educate new owners instead of making pet ownership an elitist club or a dirt secret. Shame on PETA. Shame on you too.

Euthanasia Is Not Always Humane

I can't believe people are agreeing with the PETA stance that "euthanasia" is the "Humane" way to deal with shelter pets. Are people aware that there are only about 20 states in the USA that kill unwanted shelters pets by lethal injection? The other states still use gas chambers. A horrific, painful means of killing live animals. It can take up to 20 minutes for an animal to die that way..is THAT humane? Animals killed via gas chamber are piled up in a "box" and sealed shut...CO2 gas is pumped in..the animals are gasping for air and in panic often claw each other, vomit. After the "deed" is done, the gas chamber box is reopened and more animals are piled on top of the dead ones.

Thank God

Virginia outlawed the gas chambers a while ago. I can't believe it is still allowed anywhere. Horrible :(

No kill

I think that it should be a law in Virginia that all animals should be spayed or neutered and microchipped. I also think that the people dumping animals in shelters should be help accountable for their actions. There should be a database that is accessible by all shelters and rescues with the names of people who surrender animals to shelters. Animals are not the problem! People are the problem!


They would then just release them on the streets. I agree though. Stupid excuses like "oh we had a baby," "we decided to move to a place that doesn't allow him," "she's too old," "my girlfriend doesn't like dogs," and "he got too big" are just a few of the things those of us who've worked and/or volunteered in shelters have heard WAY too much. These people either have no clue or just don't care that their pathetic excuse is likely going to end up being a death sentence for the living soul they are abandoning. Pets aren't for everyone but once you take one home and bring them up, that animal is a part of your family and your RESPONSIBILITY.


I've had to have a vet put down my pets, when they became old and sick. After witnessing this, it's a wonderful way to let them go. They don't suffer....at least I didn't see that they did. The sedative took it's course, and then the last injection.
The real issue, is people don't spay and neuter their animals. I agree with one of the posters that it should be a law to do so. And, if vets would have 4 days a year where they would do it for $20, more people would have it done. Right now...it's stupidly expensive. I've spend more on my animals at the vet than I have myself and my son for 3 years at the doctors office. The three pits that the article referenced is a horrific situation. Unfortunately, this one of hundreds.

Euthanasia & Killing are different

Euthanizing a beloved companion animal at a Vet's office is very different from taking a healthy homeless animal and dragging them down the hall tethered to a catch pole to be killed. Usually there is no sedative administered before the fatal injection that stops the animal's heart. Even well administered euthanasia isn't always a peaceful death. Sometimes the animals fight with their last dying breaths.

Euthanasia is mercy killing, appropriate when an animal is suffering from pain or illness that cannot be reversed or ameliorated. There is nothing merciful about ending the life of an animal who wants to live. No Kill advocates are not against euthanasia. We are against the senseless, needless killing of shelter animals.

I don't think a healthy

I don't think a healthy animal should ever be put down just because nobody wants them. Putting an unhealthy animal that suffers from diseases that nobody will want to take care of or very old animals that no one will adopt because of age is a different story. Euthanasia for an unhealthy animal is not different than what many pet owners will do when their pet becomes too expensive or the pet will suffer to keep alive.

I never wanted to euthanize my cat. We adopted her in spite of being FIV+ and she lived a very wonderful 8 years in our care before succumbing to subsequent illness.

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