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Should plaintiffs who sued to stop Downtown and Midtown tunnel tolls seek a rehearing from the Virginia Supreme Court?
74% (281 votes)

26% (98 votes)

0% (1 vote)

Total votes: 380
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You lost

You lost, let it go already! Tolls are here and they're fair.

no, they're not

That's what the British said of Washington at Valley Forge, too. He didn't quit, and neither will we. I have already paid my personal share for both of those tunnels since 1964. A 58 year contract with 13.5% guaranteed profit is not only not fair, it is literal Highway Robbery. Your pet, ERC, can't even manage to fix the horrible potholes in the righthand lane of the westbound downtown tube. It's been like that for eight months or more, and I expect it to be another year or two before they bother with it.

republicans lost on the ACA, but that dosnt stop them

I submit that we give up on the tunnel toll when the republicans give upon sabotaging the ACA.

fine - then you can pay my way to and fro ---

everything you purchase from this toll and beyond will cost you more and more - sorry you don't know that -

you can pay every ones way - OK??

everything you purchase from this toll and beyond will cost you more and more - sorry you don't know that -

He's still making money off this "outrage."

McSweeney is milking it for more billing hours.


Any politician who voted FOR the tolls should be voted out of office. These are the people who WE can do something about. Their names should be splattered all over advertisements so as to let the people know they should NOT vote for these people.


Where would one start? You need to read about how this all came about.

Comment deleted

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You lost

Get over it and get your Ez-Pass


--I don't plan on using any of them.--never did.--don't go in that direction for any reason.--doesn't stop me from thinking the tolls were wrong in the first place.

--=doesn't stop me from thinking in a few years PORTSMOUTH will be better off than VIRGINIA BEACH or NORFOLK because of the tolls, THEY DIDN'T CARE ABOUT.--I will watch PORTSMOUTH grow with their ports, room and roads --time will tell.

Don't make it any worse

Even if some error could be found, the General Assembly would just fix it.

The tolls are coming and more delays will only justify a higher toll later due to the delays.

Tunnels Tolls

I would have thought that you couldn't give the people something like a toll-free facility, and then 27 years later not only have the tolls returned on the tunnels but a higher one then the previous one of $. 40 which was in effect 27 years ago. the only reason the Downtown Tunnel and the Midtown had tolls was to pay off the bonds which were sold in the 1940's to pay for the construction and maintenance of said tunnels. The people were raising hell having to pay the $.40 toll. Now they are in worse shape and the tolls are to be higher. The people running the tunnels now are only interested in making a profit, not how many times you have to pay. They view that as your problem, not theirs. Find another way to Norfolk.

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