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Do you think cats and dogs should be required to have tracking microchips implanted?
55% (262 votes)

43% (204 votes)

Not sure
2% (8 votes)

Total votes: 474
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Why would you vote no?

Just askin'.


My dog is chipped, my choice. It's not the cities job to tell me how to take care of him.

If they want to address they issue of the number of dogs and cats they can change their policies at their shelter. If they wanted to put down dogs that aren't chipped that would be one thing, forcing me to do something for my dog who may never use that service is another all together.

Just another tax method

I would become just another tax, like the one on your vehicle. Humans will be next. Too much government control, be it local or state or federal.


I would like to see convicted child molesters implanted with a tracking device. Animals are animals .

You realize no one will want to believe you

Human chipping? I think it's not far off. I thought it was a nutty idea 10 years ago. I thought the government spying on your personal information/communications was a nutty idea 20 years ago. Wrong. The Constitution was written because founding fathers knew trust in government was dangerous. The Affordable Health Care Act is so lame, the next regulation will be that all insured persons must be chipped before they visit a physician or receive an insured benefit "to reduce the likelihood of fraud" and make it easier to digitally audit proof of service delivery to the insured person. It's inevitable. I think we have all but lost the hope of individual privacy or rights. All with "good" intentions.

Just like

unreasonable voting requirements?


just humans.

This would be a good way to track down missing children.

Technology is bringing down the crime rate.

This would be a good way to

This would be a good way to track down dissidents. Technology both reduces crime and creates it. People are not horses and do not need to be branded with the latest tech. Putting a camera in everyone's house would reduce crime but is that a good idea? Crime is often defined by governments. What we call freedom, some foreign governments would call crime. Even the most vile totalitarian societies have not taken such a step. Putting a microchip on all humans would be as foolish as installing a listening device in everyone's ears.

Somebody said..

Why would I vote no? Excuse me, but I think we have more than enough Govt. requirements,rules and regulations in our lives already... But, if you want to keep your vet, keep your current Pet insurance plan and reduce your pet insurance rates- well this could all be very possible. I recently heard this rhetoric from a well known liar!

I voted no. If the poll had

I voted no. If the poll had asked me if it were a good idea, I would have voted yes. Has anyone thought how expensive enforcement of this idea would be? Or what penalties would be involved for those who refuse to comply? How about a person whose income is below the poverty line who feeds a cat leftovers. Should every good idea be enforced by law or every bad idea punished by the law? I think not. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. The highway to stupidity is paved by those who make such laws.

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