Poll Question

Nansemond River visits No. 2 Oscar Smith on Friday in a Southeastern District football showdown. Who's your pick?
119 votes - open
High Schools
Week 1 football results are in. Who do you think looked the sharpest?
133 votes - open
High Schools
Do you agree with ODU's decision to let Norfolk Sheriff Bob McCabe provide services to the school's athletic program?
204 votes - open
Which college football team will win the most games this season?
594 votes - open
Should William & Mary have stripped Confederate imagery from a ceremonial mace and moved a plaque honoring Confederate soldiers?
2762 votes - open
Have there been enough changes made to policing in the year since the Ferguson protests began?
655 votes - open
Should ODU begin paying stipends to its athletes this year?
1053 votes - open
What should Virginia do about the 1,691 motorists who already have license plates with the Confederate battle flag on them?
891 votes - open
Do you support the plan for VA Vibe?
314 votes - open
Virginia Beach
Should Portsmouth retain its auditor?
536 votes - open
In the case of married military couples, should one person's housing allowance be eliminated?
468 votes - open
Should families be able to get police records on family members' suicides?
616 votes - open
What should happen to The Savoy in downtown Norfolk?
178 votes - open
Do you agree with the Virginia Beach jail's policy on people suspected to be in the country illegally?
282 votes - open
Virginia Beach
Which baseball player 25 or younger would you rather have on your team?
217 votes - open
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