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Do you support a school policy that allows students to use cellphones at teachers' discretion?
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Why do the naysayers not want students to embrace technology?

As a former educator, I can't help but wonder why people don't want students to use technology in the form of cellphones in the classroom. The possibilities are endless. They can provide immediate feedback for students and teachers, and in a time when tests drive the curriculum and teaching, they are a necessary tool.

As with any new technology, guidelines need to be provided and need to be consistent.

I applaud Dr. Rice for taking the initiative to institute the new policy, and I encourage Suffolk School Board members to allow the other schools the same opportunity to use the new technology.

as a former educator...

...a student's mother once asked me if I had told her child she was stupid. I smiled and suggested she might be one who uses a calculator in the grocery store. Shrugging shyly she admitted she did, however, after sharing that the children in my class could the same calculations in their heads she smiled as well.

A number of times I've been in the cash register check out line when the power or the computer based register went down and the cashier couldn't figure out the correct change because she didn't have a machine to do it for her.

Force young students to use their brains first, then allow them to use school supplied techie equipment to expand their horizons, and definitely not their own equipment which only encourages dishonesty.

side note:

...Kids are not basically dishonest, however, most all our active children bend the rules of their family, school, and society in general to suit their own desires or friend coerced desires. It's just part of growing up. What we don't need to do is encourage them to bend the rules of honesty and cheat, so don't put a cell phone (a computer) in their hands and expect total honesty. Initially they only want to impress their parents with a good grade but once learned, the dishonest behavior becomes easier and easier to carry out... then voila!, we have a home and school trained dishonest kid. Don't put the temptation in their hands and enjoy the real fruits of your mentorship.

You are part of the problem

Your comment shows the unrealistic Utopian view that the far left in this country have. Refuse to allow these kids technology that will help them learn??? Are you kidding me??? Get your head out of academia and join the real world. These kids will be using the phones as they do now, texting to friends, listening to music and playing games.
By your nom de plume I see you have never left campus! Get out and look at the real world.


Let me get this straight...you support having kids graduate from school who can dial and text but can't count back change from a $5.00 bill? There's a time and place for everything. Cell phone use in school in case of emergency is fine...beyond that NO!!


If cellphones weren't the most social of all media for teens it wouldn't seem so silly to 'allow' some usage by teacher's discretion. The children (and they still are no matter how they dress or try to act adult) could use a few hours a day while in school to be away from their obsession with social media....a computer that does not connect to twitter, facebook, etc. is the way for them to enhance their learning during the school day!

Unfair advantage

Not all parents can afford the latest Iphone and a large volume data plan. This idea puts an extra burden on them and leaves their kids at a disadvantage. Then there is the eye strain of trying to read something on that little bitty screen. The kids should be being taught how to learn, not how to look up stuff on their phone.

Pandora's Box

Be careful what you ask for...I guess the government (meaning us taxpayers) will provide cell phones and air time to the kids that don't have one (due to the expensive monthly usage rates or have been taken away by good parents as a disciplinary consequence)...no phones or even calculators should be allowed in classrooms until kids have passed a rigorous math exam proving they can add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers period!


There will be students that will attempt to bully (whining or threatening) teachers into allowing cellphones. Having a school-wide policy gives teachers protection from the tactics that far too many students will try, including gang members and those trying to move drugs inside the schools. Sorry, but that will be the reality of allowing this new cell phone policy.

Cell phones in classrooms

I am not opposed to the use of technology in the classroom, however, what does interest me is that when I put in a search for "What does the word Prussian mean?' as the students were directed by the teacher in the history classroom in the news article the tops results I get are on Wikipedia which is an online source that allows editing by any user. As a retired teacher I would not allow students to use this source since its reliability is questionable. The news article today does not expand on what the teacher's guidelines are for student research, but I would hope that they are encouraged to use more reliable, albeit further down in the search page, sources.


is pretty close. and you are correct it can be changed by just about anyone,changing one word here or there can absolutely change the meaning from what is to what isn't..but that doesn't make it a useless tool. as with any other reference guide you should always cross check with as many options as available.. and as we know even government school books have a tendency to change the facts around

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