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Do you think the state should contribute funding toward an arena proposed for the Virginia Beach Oceanfront?
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Surprise, surprise - and you thought it would be free?

Give us a dig darn break! Just how much are taxpayers supposed to spend so team owners get rich? Notice what's happening in Glendale, Arizona. Laying off fire fighters and police officers to pony up another $20 million to keep a non-playing hockey team arena going. Pretty good idea don't you think? This nation is economics ignorant and entertainment nuts.


in this case, to many uneducated voters. They economy is not getting any better and bringing and professional sports area will not help it. because its not like we can afford the extra law enforcement that we would need to cover events like these. Plus we REALLY do not have accommodations it would take for an event like this.

We have just as many

We have just as many accommodations as Charlotte, Jacksonville, or Memphis. We have a lot more than we think and we have NO PRO SPORTS at all in our whole state!

Accommodations a Plenty?

Perhaps we DO have an abundance of hotel rooms for any incomning basketball teams. However, do you realize that to "accommodate" the height of most players, we have to have higher ceilings and longer beds in such acommodations? Consequently, we the taxpayer will end up having to build a new hotel for tall people. Bad deal, bad idea...

Accommodations a Plenty?

Perhaps we DO have an abundance of hotel rooms for any incomning basketball teams. However, do you realize that to "accommodate" the height of most players, we have to have higher ceilings and longer beds in such acommodations? Consequently, we the taxpayer will end up having to build a new hotel for tall people. Bad deal, bad idea...

The RICH need to pay their FAIR SHARE !!`

NOT hard working TAXPAYERS !! THESE filthy RICH people like Mayor Sessoms,The NBA owners and the RICH DEVELOPERS need to PAY their FAIR SHARE !! Croney Capitalism is all this is and its what makes Capitalism look bad.

Why This is a BAD Idea

Lets see, Virginia Beach funded the "TPC golf course of Virginia Beach", opened in 1999 and it is a money loser then Virginia Beach funded the Sportsplex which also opened in 1999 and that too is losing money, no professional team there. Now the city council what to build(fund) another money pit? No thanks the people in Virginia Beach need to get their head out of the sand and start voting these people OUT OF OFFICE!

in a word NO

why should the rest of populace of the State fork over money for VAB's delusions of grandeur?

if VAB politicians and their ignorant voters want to pay millions in extra taxes for an arena, a choo choo to developer projects, and other assorted "private/public" partnerships (that somehow always seem to land on the back of the taxpayers and never the developers) that is their right but the rest of the state shouldn't be made complicit in yet another bad political crony project

Are you kidding

VAB's delusions of grandeur? Really? I live in Virginia Beach and I am not for this and the majority of my friends are not for this. HOWEVER... a few of us who are educated and informed voters can not vote the rule makers out... #1 people need to educate themselves on their candidates and the issues... They do not...Even if they are successful in getting the money, and it was a successful venture, what ever city you live in in this Commonwealth, will have their hand out for the benefits. Do I think we need another flop, No. Give our teachers raises, fix our roads, those are things we the people need, the real people. so Quit blaming all VAB's voters.

You had your chance

to vote for new City Council members who would have voted for the residents of Virginia Beach instead of the Special Interest Developers. We do not have the votes on City Council to stop this so live with it,work harder, and get ready to pay more taxes to support City Council spending to keep the developers who funded their campaigns flush with our money.

Done deal.

I voted no, but as a Norfolk resident, the only dog I have in this fight is my miniscule share of the state money that will be thrown at this.

Neither this poll, nor any other public input of any kind, is going to stop the imperial Virginia Beach leadership from their eyes-glazed-over quest for big-city bling.

It and light rail are going to happen.

Hold on to your wallets.

As a resident of Portsmouth

who will have to pay tolls because we don't have the money for roads I emphatically say NO! Until we, the people, don't have to subsidize the basics with our taxes AND take home pay no frills should even be considered. Virginia Beach, pay attention to what Wagner and Villanueva are saying: It's ok to spend taxpayer money for sports, but not for roads. What silly men you've elected.

The Rich get Richer

All of these Rich White men are just getting Richer off the backs of working taxpayers. These Filthy Rich Developers,Rich NBA owners,Rich Banksters like Sessoms,and Rich Promoters like Mike Barrett should pay for this with THEIR money. Pay your FAIR SHARE !!

Va Beach proposed arena

Isn't Virginia facing a budget shortfall ? ? ? Why are we Virginians spending more and more money towards FRIVOLOUS items that WE DON'T NEED???

Cities are cutting budgets to the bone...NOW...and we the taxpayers have to live with less and less city services. What are our "LEADERS" thinking by bringing in something that will strain our "already stretched" resources
to live and function. It's a BAD IDEA, it will cost us more for police/firefighter protection, more lodging, water/sewer, parking, etc... the list can go on . . .

Bad Idea

Because they lie, they take away all of our benefits by telling us everything is going to the dogs yet they make billions upon billions while they say things are bad. You know what they are bad for us. but not becasue of the economy because of the crooks who call themselves consultants, developers and the whole lot of them. sick and tired of being sick and tired.


At least Tata has some common sense.

VA, whats wrong?

WE NEED PROFESSIONAL SPORTS!! Hey people Comcast who built our Ted Constant Center and VA Beach Amphitheater wants to offer us something MAJOR.We have been so use to minor,mediocre,out dated venues that it is not the peoples fault that we don't understand what a MAJOR venue will do for our area and for the entire state.Why do we rather spend our money buying tickets to MAJOR events in every other city in the country but we don't want our own.We wear their merchandise and support every other city in America but our own.We should be embarrassed.Don't worry if we let this go we don't have to worry about getting a MAJOR venue again.Then we can go give D.C, and N.C. our hard earned money so they can continue to past us by GO REDSKINS LOL


We need FOOD and SHELTER, we don't need the nba.

a thought

--do you realize that not a single thing that they call major has succeeded here?--not one!--why would it change now?

--I am actually in favor of a arena!--but not sports arena,they just don't add up--HERE!---why not a Hampton Coliseum here?--how many people from this side go there?--do you want to wait until they put the tolls on that tunnel?--you know they are!

--I think that any arena here should be built with private money!--there's enough here with all those hotels owners and developers that keep running their mouths about how great it is.--put up your money.--sell bonds---sell stock,--you people put YOUR money where your mouth is for once--not just for your own benefit--frank in va.bch.

absolutely not

Va can't pay for their highways without tolls for the next 50+ years (thanks Governor) so why in the heck should we contribute to a sports arena for Va Beach?


You are so right, i don't understand. We can't get a budget pass because the republicans want to protect the gifts for the rich, you want to cut medicare, social security and medicaid and all of the programs that benefit the 98% What have we become. I think our children need that money more than an Arena, We will be like all the other states with the tourist areas that make the money, while the rest of the state suffer and go to the dogs.

We need a new poll: "Who in

We need a new poll: "Who in Virginia Beach is actually an NBA fan?" I'm not talking about the good ol' days with Magic, Bird, and Jordan. I'm talking about the pathetic league of crybabies it has become. I'd now rather watch an ACC or Big East basketball game any day over suffering through an NBA game.


No, why should we take our money from our children and seniors and needy to build an arena which will only benefit those with money. No, all over this state budgets a re being cut from our schools and public service because we have no funds, yet we can find 380 million to build an Arena if they think it will generate so much money then why won't they put the money up themselves, the Private sector always taking formt he government and the people. No we need a football team like we need a hole in the head. don't we have enough of these facilities and sport teams. Every body making millions except our teachers and those who deserve it. Our children need that money more than we need an arena. Shouldn't they be the investment

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