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Do you think Virginia should allow uranium mining?

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Thousands of years

Radioactive tailings from uranium mining stay radioactive for thousands of years. There is no need to risk groundwater contamination for the entire state just so a few Republican campaign contributors can get richer.

Uranium is "old" technology and was chosen for power

generation because the by-products could be weaponized. Thorium is much safer and can be extracted from coal which the last time I checked Virginia had an abundance of.

lets make VA safer by digging up and removing that bad U

If we are worried about ground contamination, maybe we should dig up all the bad uranium and move it out of VA

Maybe we could find someone foolish enough to buy that bad stuff from us.


let's send it all to DC.

Vote no

The uranium ore is safe where it is now. Start digging it up and all bets are off. It is like the proverbial bucket of stuff. The more you stir it, the more it stinks. Also, there are other uranium deposits in arid areas where water pollution is less of an issue.


Uranium mining is and can be extremely safe.

I wonder how many detractors also protest irradiated food.

The best way to help ensure a lot more care and safety compliance is to have the CEO and board AND THEIR FAMILIES live near the area, drink from local water, and their kids go to local schools.
We live in a dangerous world and even more dangerous area. We are a target of some enemy's military, a terrorist knotch, or major accident with the hazardous cargo ships coming and going. If the president was sincere about aiming for nuclear power as a viable source then where are we going to get the fuel?

The most likely harm would be from a "watchdog" creating a disaster to "prove" how unsafe is mining.

Irradiated food is not

Irradiated food is not radioactive; uranium is. Irradiated food makes food safer. Uranium makes bombs, causes cancer and birth defects. I would have irradiated food in my icebox; I would not have uranium in it. Uranium is highly toxic and attacks the inner organs, such as the kidneys. Many miners of the element are now dead. Do we want this in Virginia? This is madness.

Not safe in Virginia

We have too wet a geography and to unstable a climate. But then, it has proven to not be all that safe in other areas either:



CEO and the Board

Since it is a foreign-owned company, I doubt they will move to the middle of nowhere.


Because time and time again we have companies who put profit ahead of safety. Too many other industries have proven their allegiance to their shareholders over their employees and the environment and CEO's and board members can not be forced to live in a possible affected area. I'd prefer we seek renewable energy with off-shore wind as well as solar power for this area.

Stop blaming the wrong people; A small economics lesson for you

People start a business to make money, making money is not a bad thing. Making a profit is not a bad thing. Government regulation that prevents you from hiring people, taxing you mercilessly becuase you want to do better, becuase D.C. thinks they can spend it wiser than you is a BAD THING. You've fallen into the trap of socialists, blame someone else for your failures, pass more regulations, make them the scapegoat, in this case businesses and profit. This country became Great, had the highest standard of living, longest life expectancy, best education system BEFORE government got so big. It's time to cut the size of government by at least 30%, Dept of Energy, Education, EPA, need to go. Obviously nothing they've done has been good for us.

If uranium was safe we wouldn't be having this poll

There is no such thing as safe uranium, It's like saying Internet Privacy, or clean coal, or Tea Party Intellectual, Or Fox News Journalist.

Oxymorons continued

Dimorat scientist.


you never cease to amaze with your emotional rant and lack of intellectual discourse.

You never cease to amaze with your lack of intellectual

discourse. Your continuous pretending that the bottom half of the class Dimorats somehow have a mastery of science is the most fantastic delusion I have seen on this or for that matter any board. It's like 'ole Barry Wassup's contention he can reduce the deficit by spending more money. Forget about calculus, arithmetic says it isn't so. Since you clearly don't know science ( though like most Dimorats that doesn't stop you from commenting on it ) why don't you go Betty Crocker or something. You commenting on uranium is like Madonna speaking on virginity. You both had the briefest acquaintance and only the dimmest recollection.


If done safely, responsibly, and provides jobs!

so lang as...

...local property owners are safe from any eminent domain issues and are adequately paid for any deposits removed from their land, then yes, it's a good idea.


The main concern isn't eminent domain or adequate compensation --- it's whether or not it is environmentally sound to mine for uranium in a location that is so near to the main water supply for the largest independent city and one of the largest population clusters in the state. Do we mine (or drill in the case of oil) in environmentally fragile areas in pursuit of short term economic gain at the expense of potentially catastrophic long term problems.

a thought

IS IT SAFE?-how do you know that it is safe,-because some mining company told you so?--how many coal mine accidents happen all the time,--not the big ones that reach the papers all the time,-but the little ones that does not cause the death of anyone.-the little accidents that cause a LITTLE condemnation of the environment.

do you know what it means to IRRADIATE your food and what it would mean if somehow all the water we now use would become contaminated with the radioactive material from that mining?

you do what you want.-but I wrote down the names of those politicians that are in favor AND the names of those that have not voiced a opinion for later use when it's time to vote.-a vote for mining is my vote against them.frank in va.bch.

I agree with Frank, and that's unusual.

Amen Frank. One comment however, we should be sending letters NOW and not waiting for their vote.

something stinks in Denmark

Anyone else suspicious of these poll numbers?

probably more of the current mood

The accuracy of "thumbs" is very low on real opinion as they really represent a swarm.

The votes are harder to manipulate because of the larger number that vote. Notice there are seldom as many thumbs as there are votes.

Does it really matter since the only opinion the legislators really look at are the number in the crowd during hearings.

Read the Disclaimer:

"This is an unscientific sampling of users."

The Virginian-Pilot online polls (and comments) prove nothing except that right-wingers are disproportionately represented here.


some of our most endearing intellectually deficient pukegressives have a wonderful way of forgetting that of the eight Virginia delegates that jumped with both feet on a free trip to France sponsored by this "foreign" company (to visit one of their other incident free sites)




THREE were REPUBLICANS. What difference does it make? This is not a partisan issue.


not partisan eh???

"Thousands of years
Submitted by Chris33 on Sun, 01/06/2013 at 7:16 pm.

Radioactive tailings from uranium mining stay radioactive for thousands of years. There is no need to risk groundwater contamination for the entire state just so a few Republican campaign contributors can get richer."

what isn't partisan about that statement when the majority of those benefiting from a luxury trip to France, paid for by the company in question, were democrats????

Water Contamination is an old saw!

Since 1978, I've heard opponents for almost anything point to danger to the water supply for anything they choose as a "cause." It's so incredibly easy to wind people up with a little demagoguery and pseudo science. In the '78 case, opponents used a software model designed by a second year undergraduate to "prove" that building a shopping center would destroy a city's water supply. As it turned out, the city lost the jobs and revenue that were sorely needed but an equally large and expansive big box and strip mall came in to take up development once the student activists graduated. Water is just fine. Careful who prepares opponents' studies; hydrologists are quite expensive. No toddlers on the beach; they could contaminate the sea.

If you like radiation, move to Rocky Flats, Colorado

Read "Full Body Burden" by Kristen Iversen and see how the city was poisoned with radiation and residents were never informed until it was too late.

70 mph gust fronts and 30 inch flash floods

don't care about facts, research, or Federal oversight. One inch of rain equals 27,000 gallons of muddy runoff per acre. And 2 inches of rain equals...

Virginia taxpayers would ultimately pay millions down the road..

It's a shame Sen. Watkins said in his statement that folks who opposed uranium mining and milling are just fearful. Yet, many different people thoroughly researched this complex issue not because they wanted to - but because they felt they had to. It doesn't mean they are anti-jobs, anti-business or anti-energy -- It simply means they believe the risks to the Commonwealth far outweigh the potential benefit for a small group. Colorado taxpayers have paid more than $950 MILLION to try to clean up the toxic legacy of uranium mills in that state; Mills have frequently become SuperFund sites, and no one wants to live or do business near any of those locations. Just this week, Pittsylvania County had severe storm, wind and flash flood warnings.

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