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Do you think women should be allowed to serve in combat?
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Only if they choose to do so

My mother, now 96 (and still driving here in VaBch) served in WWII on Goodenough Island (near New Guinea in the South Pacific). She volunteered as an Army nurse and was a Lieutenant stationed with the Cornell Unit and was clearly near the thick of things. Might as well been infantry at that point. I applaud all those who volunteer to fight for American and our freedoms. Period! Also, my father was a Guaduale Canal survivor, brother and I Viet Nam etc. So why not. All of our lives are at risk when it comes down to the bottom line. So women, go for it. We already have female airwing commander and women flying fighter aircraft. Just say no if you don't want to go.

51% of officers in the Israeli Defense Forces

51% of the officers in the Israeli Defense Forces are women.

How good is their military?


Pretty *amn'd good !!!

Does anyone believe that most women think this is a good idea

If there are enough women out there that want to spend days' weeks, or more humping mountains, jungles,etc.and living out of a 60 lb pack, living without toilets, showers, heat/AC, sleeping in a hole, killing, aiding the wounded, watching bodies blown apart, and all the other glamorous benefits of combat then let them form their own divisions, battalions, regiments, companies, platoons, etc. and send them off to war. Maybe other nations will follow our lead and send all their women out to fight them. Then while the women of the world are out there killing each other off we men can stay home with the kids where it might be more hectic than combat but I know for a fact it's one heck of a lot safer. This is insanity at the highest levels.

For all the nay sayers and

For all the nay sayers and thumbs down types - obviously you haven't considered that when all is said and done there are women in combat on a near daily basis; they just don't have the "title" not to mention the breaking of the brass ceiling this sexist ban has imposed. There are women COs of combat ships, women crewmembers of combat ships.COs of fighter squadrons, women fighter pilots. The so called "weaker sex" is anything but that.
Better,IMNHO, to ask the women who are already in uniform what they think and give up your knee jerk reactions.


Have all woman register for selective service.

You're right

though I hate to see anyone have to serve in combat unless absolutely necessary for defense which hasn't been the case in a very long time. Fortunately we do not have a draft.

Only if they have to register for the

draft. That is not "EQUAL RIGHTS", that's special rights.


heaven help em if they get captured on the battlefield, you people for this live in enough fantasy to believe that the people who capture them wont rape them and make them sex slaves? im sorry i should have said "comfort items" .... heaven help us


Yea, nothing bad ever happens to men that are captured, they never get raped?
Don’t you think that all women in the service have thought of that?
And anyway if they can survive and manage get through basic without getting assaulted and raped by their own brothers in arms then combat should be a cake walk.


a lost soul.. political correctness got wild


Great, but only if identical standards (physical fitness, living accommodations, privacy, etc.) are maintained and not reduced. Also, pregnancies at anytime outside of very specific windows should result in severe disciplinary action and an OTH discharge. Loss of a single member of the team, especially with such reduced force levels, has a significant impact on readiness. The military is built to fight wars and defend our nation, it's not a social project to provide equal opportinity jobs.


Agreed.....same should go for men who get their wives pregnant and have to leave the unit to take care of them. OTH discharge. They should of been more responsible and planned their pregnancy when they are on shore duty. I have had to deal with these Sailors on numerous occastions...they try to get out of sea duty due to their spouses pregnancy issues....way many more men than women do this. No one talks about this huge problem in our Navy.......imgagine that...

Women in Combat

Whether you think they are capable or not - if women volunteer for the job it should be the complete job - no exceptions - to do that you are saying that men or more capable and women need to be protected instead of a protector -

IF HELD TO EQUAL STANDARD, let them serve.

The physical standards are lower for women then they are for men in the military. That is an undisputed point and in most jobs that is not an issue. The infantry (true combat) is not a place where a lower standard is acceptable. Those women that except these lower standards admit de facto that they are less physically capable then the men they serve with. Equality should be absolute and we should all live by equal standards. No person should ever get a job just because of the presents of testicles just as no person should ever get a job where any standards were lowered for them to do so. There are no distinctions made over race and sex in the definition of equality. That said, IF HELD TO EQUAL STANDARD, let them serve.

Same physical and mental standards

Agreed Navy diver....Same standards for men and women no matter what job they have. I always thought the female standards were a joke. They were extremely easy for both men and women. If you arent in shape you shouldnt be in the military. This is coming from a retired Navy Chief and yes I am a female. I have worked at units where there was 1 standard for both men and women and your age was not an excuse....1 standard. I loved that. Then no one can throw it in your face...especially when you score higher than they did....yes this happened on a regular basis....


Women and men are supposed to be equals. Same jobs, same pay,same benefits, and same risks! If they don't want to fight then don't join!

how about another poll?

"Would you want your mother in combat?"

Open to children and adults of all ages.

Yes to my Mom

She was a tough lady! Raised a family, did chores on the farm, worked in a factory during WWII, worked in the fields all day to make food for the troops, and kept me in a straight line!

If they make it through the same boot camp, they should be capab

The days of "barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen" are over.

It is interesting that a lot of the same nay saying remarks are exactly the same as when "the nigras" were integrated into the army.

Shouldn't be a choice....

I think if women are going to be allowed into combat, it shouldn't be a choice they get to make. They are either required to serve when called upon or, they aren't allowed at all.

Usually, Men have no choice in either registering for selective service (which still exempts females) or being sent into combat.

The fact that they can have the "option" isn't equality at all.

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