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How long did it take you to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012?
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Only took about 30 seconds to vote. Stood in line about 90 minutes to do it thought. Did meet some nice people while standing in line and saw some old friends too. A lot of young kids were there, all well behaved. Hope they learned something about the democratic way of politics.

How long to vote

It took me 90 seconds to vote, as I voted absentee IN PERSON.
The days of ALL VIRGINIANS voting between 6AM and 7PM on ONE DAY are long gone. Virginia needs to expand absentee voting to include vote-by-mail plus expand regular voting to 1-3 days.


I tried 7x to vote yesterday at various times of the day and never made it through the line though I sincerely tried -- I read an article about my polling station today -- it would have taken 4 hrs to get through the line -- who has a 1/2 day to dedicate to voting when you have to work, run errands, drop off/pick up the kids, and work 8 hrs? it truly shouldn't be that hard -- next time, I'm voting by absentee ballot!

There was no line at my

There was no line at my polling station. Took less than five minutes, including opening the door and walking into the building. Sometimes living in the middle of nowhere has its advantages.

Poor setup, paper ballots, slow voters - worst conditions ever

I went to vote around 11AM, a good move. The voting area was in a brand-new school but they picked the darkest place they could find. I think it was backstage in the auditorium. Only two officials checking in voters and worst of all only 5 places set up to mark your ballot. One tabulating machine. The problem as I saw it was lack of personnel, not enough places for marking the paper ballot (what happened to the machines - they were a LOT faster, though it only took me 30 seconds to read and mark my ballot) and biggest problem of all was a lot of the voters sat down to mark the ballot and just sat and sat. Maybe they couldn't read or couldn't figure out what they were looking at. Bottom line is some voters took way too long to vote.

Be ready to vote

My polling place had a sample ballot posted on the wall every 10 feet or so, so you can read it while you wait in line. That way, when you get your ballot, you should know exactly what to do.

Didn't take long

Chrysler Museum/Ghent. Walked over just after 1500. No line at the machines; waited maybe two minutes to get checked in. They'd changed the entrance voters use from the normal one to one around the corner. Since there's a major renovation going on over there, walking around to the other entrance was a bit awkward.

Still, pretty smooth, compared with 2008, when I waited something like three hours. Saddest part? Going one-for-five on my picks, or the Democrats' sample ballot handed to me as I walked in. *sigh*

Green Run Voting Poll

More absentee ballots. Voting on Saturday. Solutions.
At Green Run there were 3 lines. I waited to get ID checked (three hours). LIne for ID checked (5 mins) and another line to wait for a booth to open to cast the ballot. After voting some people went out and brought back coffee, water and snacks for people who had been in line for hours. They were afraid people would get tried, discourage and leave. There was not enough parking, many people parked on the median and the grass. I parked in the neighborhood and walked to the polling station. People with back problems and senior citizens, clearly suffering but not enough to give up their place in line. Not everyone can take 4 hrs of leave like I did to exercise their right to vote.

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