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Should the Cavelier on the Hill hotel be sold?
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roll right

Pat Robertson should buy it and open a homeless shelter.

He would then be redeeming himself as well as the COVB.

Let the court decide, and then let marketplace pressures decide

its fate. One thing for sure, the City of Virginia Beach has no business sticking its nose in this matter. They know nothing about business, only how to raise taxes and fees, and do special deals for well-placed developers. That's picking winners over losers, which is what capitalism and free enterprise does, not government.

If Bruce Thompson wants to stroke a check to buy the Cavelier, then that deal will be between Thompson and the owner of the hotel, whoever that may end up being, but no taxpayer dollars should ever be considered.

I believe the decision will fall in the lap of Curtis Colgate, who has an intrinsic stake in these facilities.


I was born and raised in Va Beach and the Cavalier on the Hill was an icon even then. When you walk through the front doors you take a step back in time. When life was a lot simpler even for the high rollers. However, it's just a piece of real estate and if the owners want, or have to, sell it, so be it. We are still a free country ,for now anyway. So if someone wants to buy it, I say good for them.

Lots pf businessmen on council

Just because the decisions dont meet your demands dosnt make them wrong. Your lies do make you wrong.

If the question was...

do you want a sale to be forced on the property? the answer would be no. Gene Dixon has maintained it as a landmark in Virginia Beach for a long time. He is not motivated by financial reasons to sell it and I believe keeps it as a future investment and for sentimental reasons (as his father bought it years ago), and I believe he will keep it as for the foreseeable future. If and when he decides to sell it at his own volition, then that would be his right, although I would be sad to see it torn down/or condos being put up all around it. A little open space is refreshing in the Beach borough.

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