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Should doctors be allowed to ask their patients whether they own guns?
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the question is moot

The United States Constitution's Bill of Rights allows a doctor to ask me any question he or she damn well chooses. I can also choose whether to answer it or not.

When we start polling ourselves inane questions such as this, it's become painfully obvious that government has exceeded it's intended purpose.


I am proud of you.

Another case pf the re[ublicans getting between a patient and do

Another case of republicans getting between a doctor and his patient. More of the dreaded government regulations. No wonder repubs are called the flip flop party.

so what if they started

asking about, knives, weed, smoking,does your father hit your mother or vise versa, or does your father speed while your in the car while he is smoking, the doctors need only ask about why the patient.plain and simple

Doctors asking about guns

vabbum where do you get your information from? That is part of the obamacare law and NOT ONE Republican voted for it. My answer to the doctor would be "what does this have to do with what I am here for". Then change the subject.

Crazy people with guns

Doctors should not ask their patients about guns. The more crazy people there are that have guns, the better. Especially people using drugs need to have guns. This is America, we like crazy people to have guns, so they can kill little children.


What possible reason is there for a doctor to ask a question not related to patient care?

"You might have the flu, do you have a gun?"

The shooter was a

The shooter was a democrat,
Betcha didn't you know that.
And high crime ares are blue areas,
I urge you to redirect your hysteria.

well said

well said - sometimes I wonder if the Pilot asks 1st graders to write these poll questions. Any doctor absolutely has the right to ask me this question.

But in my opinion, as the question has absolutely nothing to do with his or her ability to treat me, I will decline to answer and choose a new doctor.

What would such questions...

prove? isn't there a doctor/patient privilege in play? Unless a person tells a doctor, a lawyer, a clergyman, etc., that they are GOING to commit a crime, there isn't much those people can do. There were warning signs among several of the most recent shooters that meant nothing when it came to any official action, they just couldn't act on it IF it had been reported to them as it was. Now, if someone is going to run a day care center where kids will be dropped off, I think that asking if guns are kept on the premises is fair. But a doctor treating a patient, in asking 'in general' if that patient owns guns, is ludicrous. Should doctors have to, say, ask gay patients if they ever wished they were straight? Why not, where dos this stop?


now that ALL medical records (including the answer to such questions which the Regime is pushing) are widely available to anyone connected to the system (including the government) your presumption of "confidentiality" is naive at best.

I have two hand guns, they are registered,

I also have a concealed weapons permit, I don't care who knows it.

Honest, secure gun owners, gun owners who don't suffer from some weird paranoia, have no problem with sensible regulations, like banning assault weapons and mandatory gun registration, we should be very concerned about the nature and mental state of the folks who possess weapons of any kind.

If you don't agree, well then I feel sorry for you and the scary world you live in.

I'm curious, what did you do

I'm curious, what did you do to register your firearms?


then we want to know if you don't care. Name and address please.


"Assault weapon" is more a political term than a description of any kind of firearm readily available to the general public. Note that fully automatic weapons are not easily obtained and already are highly regulated. Those may rightly be considered "assault" weapons, but as I said are not easily obtained.

So what assault weapons would you recommend banning? Keep in mind that there was an assault weapons ban in effect for ten years once and made no difference whatsoever.

As for "feeling sorry" for those who disagree, go for it. I doubt your self-righteous pity will change anyone's mind.

"Honest, secure gun owners,

"Honest, secure gun owners, gun owners who don't suffer from some weird paranoia, have no problem with sensible regulations, like banning assault weapons and mandatory gun registration"

I'm a honest secure gun owner, and I don't suffer from any weird paranoia, but unlike you, I have a HUGE problem with what most politicians consider to be "sensible" regulations and banning guns because of how they look, since the ID10Ts in Washington and around the country are not really talking about "Assault Weapons" which have been heavily controlled and taxed since the 1930's. And there is no good reason for registration, other than to make it easier for the government to know what you have when they decide that you don't need guns anymore.


I too would like to know exactly how your two handguns are registered.


It's obvious that you have no handgun, or knowledge of the Virginia laws concerning firearms. There is no need to register firearms in the Commonwealth of Virginia. You continue to spout an ideology, philosphy that is not grounded on logic, intellect or knowledge. I beg you to educate yourself for the good of our nation on the facts concerning the issues of the day. "Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty."
Thomas Jefferson


The real question people should be asking is what is the Dr being told to do with the information after he ask the question. That is the scary part of any move in this direction.

doctor quesrtionsa

Asking the question depends on what the patient says. If the patient makes a statement to the doctor that sends out a danger signal, then I think the doctor could follow that up. But for the dr. to just out of the blue ask the question, I have my reservations about that.

do with the information??

give it to the Gubbermint

When my father's Parkinsons

When my father's Parkinsons and dementia was rapidly advancing, his doctor asked my mother and I whether he was still driving or managing the finances, and I'm glad he did. These seem no less relevant in a medical discussing than gun ownership when there's a medical condition what would impact the patient's ability to make sound judgements (not to mention motor skills). Depending on the progression of such a condition, it may be more helpful to ask the patient's family or caretaker than the patient themself.

Doctor's asking patients about guns

Are you kidding, Dr's already ask a million questions that are not related to the visit. Dr's can ask but you do not have to answer. All you chicken littles out there need to quit jumping on the bandwagon of the government is taking away my privacy. Why did this very weak story even make the paper. We, as a society, get spun up over the most unimportant issues and let the big problems rock on unnoticed.

if its so weak

why even bother to have them ask in the first place?

Conceal and carry?

The term conceal answers the Question. Ask me no questions I'll tell you no lies.

There is a popular republican refrain

"if you are not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about."

"if you are not doing

"if you are not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about."

And then there is the popular Democrat refrain _
"If I'm doing something wrong, what does it matter? It won't be held against me."

kinda like

with the facial recognition cameras on city streets, and red light cameras, ect ect..

This is a Tempest in a Teapot!

If a doctor asks you about guns in the house and you don't want to tell him, than don't! Whats the problem?

Carefully worded poll question

Editors, I think what you really meant to ask is: Should doctors be REQUIRED to ask. I just wonder how long before we're required to answer.... under penalty of perjury.

Misses the point.

The issue is not whether or not doctors should be "allowed" to ask about gun ownership. I have no objection if my doctor has the time and inclination to compare his or her preference in hunting rifles to mine.
What I find objectionable (and I think most other conservatives find objectionable) is the assumption that doctors should be encouraged (intimidated, bullied, or even worst required) to ask about gun ownership as a part of routine medical care.
That is just one more example of the “social engineering” that liberals routinely champion regardless of the many other people who find it objectionable. After from their perspective, people who object are “ignore, uneducated, and backward” and their rights don’t have to be respected.

It's a question that could save a life

Say during the 7.5 minute consult with the general practitioner the patient presents a change in a family/personal situation which is contributing to depressive or aggressive thoughts/feelings. Because a gun's impact is so immediate, knowing that the person is depressed AND has a gun might prompt a different treatment plan- referral to a psychotherapist, social worker, etc. The question should be MANDATORY if there is a positive reply to "Do you have any thoughts about injuring yourself or someone else?"


Doctors have a first amendment right to ask anything they wish. Conversely so do patients. So when a doctor starts asking question not germane to my health care then I will start asking that doctor question that are germane.

How many times have you been successfully sued for malpractice?
Are you under the influence of any psychotropic medications?
Have you ever seen patients while overly tired or stressed?
What was your GPA in medical school?
Have you ever been written up for violations relating to the practice of medicine?
Have you ever engaged in risky behavior?
What is your BMI?
Do you receive kick backs from Big Pharma to push certain medications?
Have you ever prescribed the wrong medication to a patient?
etc., etc., etc., etc.


Best comment on the whole thread.


Absolutely the best comment in this thread!


Before any of you progressives say, well they don't have to treat you then.

It would be prudent to remember that under the Unaffordable Tax Care Act, there was ZERO tort reform.

So the first doctor that refuses treatment because I exercised my first amendment rights to ask my own questions or refused to answer their non-germane questions, or exercised my fifth amendment rights to not have to testify against myself to the government (since all medical records will now be viewable to the government upon demand), I will be trucking down to the nearest attorney's office to file a malpractice lawsuit, a civil right's violation law suit, and a complaint with the medical ethics board.

And then what?

Lets say he asked if I have a gun and I answer yes.

What then?


What are you diagnosed with? What drugs are you prescribed for your condition? I would imagine that there will be some kind of matrix that leads the health care provider towards who to call when the combination of conditions, drugs, and guns add up to some value.

My Doctor doesn't have to ask....

When I'm in the exam room, I pull the holster off my belt and it's left on the counter.....

He even noticed that I wasn't carrying the Colt that day and had bought a Glock.

I was touched that he noticed such small things.....

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