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Should Gov. Bob McDonnell have designated April as Confederate History Month in Virginia?
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Confederate History Month

The Confederacy was an important part of Virginia's history and legacy, it should be respected and so honored.

A system set up to humiliate

A system set up to humiliate and enslave a group of people, honored? A war fought to eliminate one of the most inhumane conditions, celebrated? First eliminate equal protection and now celebrate treason. Cant wait to see whats next from good old Bob.

Hmmm let me think

You do realize that the "system setup to humiliate and enslave a group of people" was setup well before the civil war throughout the country and persisted in the northern states after the war. The war wasn't fought to eliminate slavery since it was still legal in the north to own slaves during the war. Do you celebrate independence day (July 4th)? Isn't that considered treason as well if you look at it from the British point of view. Try to broaden your mind and think for yourself.

Confederate Month

Hell...let's put old Jeff Davis' picture on the $2.00 bill while we're at it...

I thought Virginia Lost that war . . .

When I was in high school and later in college in two another southern states we learned that the South lost that war. Not only that we no longer think the idea of fighting for slavery was a good idea. Why would we celebrate the losing side? What is there to celebrate about? Are there still sain Virginians who are proud of this war, whatever the bravery shown on the battlefield. The fact is the very basis for that war was crushed like its Army was crushed. If we must, let us celebrate those Virginians who were against the war.


You went to high school AND college and still have grammar and spelling issues that severe? "In two another southern states"... "What is there to celebrate about?"... "sain Virginians" (as opposed to 'sane' ones), not to mention the lack of a question mark at the end of that question. Anyway, sorry to nit-pick, but the simple fact of the matter is that its not a "celebration" - its a vital history lesson of our heritage. I am from MA, but I find the history of the war (especially the South's point of view... which had little to do with slavery) fascinating, and believe it should be taught/learned.

Wow - what a silly post

We all make typos when participating in this forum. Ridiculing typos as means of attacking the ideas expressed by the poster is -- well --silly.
This declaration is not about teaching history. Nobody is against teaching history. This is a celebration of Confederate history. Finding the civil war fascinating and studying it are very different than celebrating it.

Think harder next time

Please let me know where you went to college so that I can avoid them. I don't think your parents got the education they paid for. You are correct in the fact that the south surrendered. I don't think you can claim that the south was "crushed". There were victories on both sides. The north also had a 5 to 1 man advantage as well as most of the industrial might of the country. I am proud to be from the south and proud of what bravery was shown by the soldiers on both sides during the war. It was an awful war but to ignore one side because they "lost" is to ignore the lessons learned from this war. Your college education did not cure you of ignorance. Another thought for you, do we still have a native american history month? Didn't they lose as well?


Be proud of treason and sedition if you want but let's not re-write history. The South was crushed, smashed and occupied. A few tactical victories do not alter that fact. As you point out the United States of America was able to overwhelm them with manpower and industrial might. Too bad, for the sake of the nation, that the Soutern leaders were too blind and arrogant to see that coming or if they did see it, too pigheaded to negotiate an end to slavery instead having to be forced.

You can put down your weapon now, Paul.

It's clear to me, Paul, that no matter who won or lost the war 150 years ago, you are still in the midst of its presumptions of hate and anger. Take a break, Paul, and stop insulting others. It doesn't honor either side to yell, scream, or disrespect your opponents. There were good people on both sides of the civil War, and there were questions of principle on each side. Perhaps by recognizing the worth of people on both sides, we might have a reasonable dialogue.

I am not sure what you mean by disrespect or insulting

I am against the re-writing of history. Pure and simple. Secession and the armed attempt to destroy the United States WAS sedition. It WAS treason. The people who led the the South into war WERE foolish, arrogant and blind. The South WAS crushed. If it is disrespectful or insulting to keep the record straight - so be it. I have said nothing about the worth or courage of the people involved in the fighting on either side. They were just people who, for the most part, were sucked into a catastrophe that they could not have stopped. But since we are talking about good people on both sides why was this proclaimed "Confederate History Month" when it could easily have been "Civil War History Month?" Why was reference to slavery stricken even though previous GOP governors included it? This declaration as it was promulgated was divisive and was intended to be. It was obvious part of Confederate Bob's establishing his bona fides with the far right wing.

Equal Opportunity

It seems that in the past decade or two, people have forgotten about the "equal" part of equal opportunity. Every segment of the population has a history month. If we don't celebrate the history of those on the losing side, does that mean we will be ignoring Native American Heritage Month in November?

Richmond was the capital of the C.S.A. Robert E. Lee was offered command of the Union Army but declined the offer in anticipation of his home state, Virginia, seceding a few days later.

I can understand Confederate History Month not being federally oberserved, but I believe it should definitely be observed in Virginia.


It's all about history! Belive it or not all those Confederate soldiers did not have slaves. Most of them lived or died fighting for
a cause, states rights. Slavery was a part of it but not to the common
soldier. My relatives came from Ireland, we are of Scots-Irish decent and
had no slaves! Let us have our time to reflect back on our past and our decendents thats all. The southern people are a proud group of people who
love their country and want to live in peace and honor. We do have a history do you!

God Bless The South

Company E 8th South Carolina

Reddog - What country are talking about

It sure sounds like the country you proud people love is the CSA and not the USA. Did I get that right? Your saying God Bless the South instead of God Bless America is what makes me think that your heart and loyalties still lie with the Confederacy. Hey, you can love whatever you want. Thanks to those damn Yankees it is a free country. I was just wondering.

government for all the people

Some Confederate soldiers did not own slaves because most could not afford to but they were willing to die for state's rights and slavery. To celebrate HATE IS THE ISSUE. McDonald is a hater and all who think otherwise are foolish.

You are the Fool, not everyone who disagrees with you.

Maybe McDonnell just hates ignorance. You could at least get his name right.

Our education system is failing us if this is what's taught

Your post shows that you really have no clue what the Civil War was about. Before posting more ignorant and personally embarrassing vignettes, you really should study up on the Civil War.

TV and Hollywood don't count as historical sources either.........

I've studied it at length

I've studied it at length and taught it, as well. Please tell me your thoughts on what the true cause of the war was. States' rights? States' rights to do what??????

re: Hate is the issue

concernaboutnow wrote "Some Confederate soldiers did not own slaves because most could not afford to but they were willing to die for state's rights and slavery. To celebrate HATE IS THE ISSUE. McDonald is a hater and all who think otherwise are foolish."

Any celebration that causes people to actually learn something about history -as apposed to the ignorance spouted here about the Civil War and the Confederacy- is a good thing. The thing that caused brother to fight against brother, neighbor against neighbor was the issue of States Rights vs Federal Government control, not the issue of slavery. Not denying it was a factor, but only one of many.

Hate is NOT the issue, but knowledge. False, incomplete, and misleading information leads to disaster.
"consequence of a false direction having been given to publick opinion. This is the weak point of our defenses, and the part to which the enemies of the system will direct all their attacks. Opinion can be so perverted as to cause the false to seem the true; the enemy, a friend, and the friend, an enemy; the best interests of the nation to appear insignificant, and trifles of moment; in a word, the right the wrong, and the wrong t

Re; correction of post

The last part of the above should read:
"Whenever the government of the United States shall break up, it will probably be in consequence of a false direction having been given to publick opinion. This is the weak point of our defenses, and the part to which the enemies of the system will direct all their attacks. Opinion can be so perverted as to cause the false to seem the true; the enemy, a friend, and the friend, an enemy; the best interests of the nation to appear insignificant, and trifles of moment; in a word, the right the wrong, and the wrong the right." James Fenimore Cooper

"The disposition of all power is to abuses, nor does it at all mend the matter that its possessors are a majority." James Fenimore Cooper

"In America, it is indispensable that every well wisher of true liberty should understand that acts of tyranny can only proceed from the publick. The publick, then, is to be watched, in this country, as, in other countries kings and aristocrats are to be watched." James Fenimore Cooper

Sorry for the bad editing.-

It doesn't matter how many

It doesn't matter how many times you re-enact the war, you are still going to lose. Good always tiumphs over evil. Now with these two bozos in office Virginia has become the laughing stock of America.


Thank God we have a great conservative Governor. Now let's impeach the democrats in November! Then we can get rid of this sad excuse for a "president". Let's ship him back to where he was born.


And don't forget black history month !

Kudos to the Governor of Virginia

For his refusal to kowtow to the whims of certain groups/individuals who would vilify the right of others to celebrate and honor their Southern heritage!

Please educate me on the

Please educate me on the 'heritage' so many people are talking about? Seriously, please do. Segregation? Lynchings? Hatred? Or is it sweet tea? Please, let me know.

OK Liz, Here Ya Go

I can't help but wonder what your reaction would be if this were a discussion about Black History Month and I substituted the phrases "Disproportionate causation of crime", "Perpetuation of the welfare rolls", and "Fried chicken" for the rather nefarious terms used in your diatribe.

Of greater concern is that if you actually are, as you claim, a teacher, that you are in a position to influence impressionable young minds with the hatred reflected by YOUR stereotypical mindset. That is a truly chilling thought.

You are entitled to honor YOUR heroes. I deserve no less of an opportunity to honor MINE.


The South shall rise again!

You're not doing your

You're not doing your 'cause' any favors by making comments like that. It's comments like those that perpetuate ignorance and stereotyping. Ugh...disgusting.


Ashir was probably mocking southerners. I know we have rednecks that express themselves in that manner but I don't see too many of them posting opinions on a blog.
Either way though, your point is well made. People need to raise the standard of discourse on this board.

A Clarification, Please

So, Ptown, is it your position that "mocking southerners" and characterizing them as "rednecks" - your words, not mine - are reliable methods for raising the standard of discourse on this board?


When describing the actions of another party (especially one you don't agree with), it is not uncommon to use 'their' teminology. Perhaps I should have placed 'rednecks' in quotes to remove ownership of the term. I simple mistake of grammar I assure you. I'm a Virginia native and very proud of my southern heritage.

Response to Your Clarification

I certainly hope my post to you was not worded in such a way that implied I was raising questions with respect to your birthplace or the level of your devotion to your ancestry.

However, I must take exception to your contention that by merely placing quotation marks around the term rednecks, you would escape ownership of a term some people find to be an offensive stereotype. As such, I was puzzled by your use of the term in conjunction with your advocating raising the standard of discourse.

Thanks for clearing that up for me.


Perhaps the quotes don't do it. But I don't personally use the term redneck. A person mocking the south and screaming 'Ye Haw' while doing it would. I do want the standard raised, that's why I don't call my ideological opponents names.

Mocking, of course!

Yes, I am mocking southern racists who are "celebrating" a "victory" and spewing BS that its okay because its "history."

Southern by birth, but

I have ancestors who were there at Anteitam and Appomattox Courthouse. My family has been in VA since the 1600s, but do I think we should have a Confederate Heritage month? No. Why? To me, it reminds me of a time when Virginia was raising the Confederate flag in resistance to integration in the 1950s, 60s and early 70s. Although I respect my ancestors for fighting for their homes (which, for the average soldier, that's what it was about), bringing this old notion back only denies any progress that this wonderful state has made. I love living here, and will always be here, but I believe in moving forward, and not always looking back.

Confederate History Month

My Dad spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy, in both World War II and Korea, and I'm very proud of him. However, I have a relative from five generations past, of whom I am equally proud. This relative spent four years as an artilleryman for the Confederate States of America, fighting as a part of the CSA Army of Northern Virginia under General Robert E. Lee.

My relative, James Richard Townsend, Sr., an artilleryman, fought all over the South and had a hand in several major engagements including Chicamauga. I do not know if he was discharged, or if he was pardoned because the last several months of his payroll records are missing, a common problem with CSA records due to Richmond having been sacked and burned by the Union army. However, more than adequate records were available to show his service for over three years, in order to qualify as the necessary CSA army relative as part of my qualifications to join Sons of Confederate Veterans.

After the War, he returned to the Petersburg area where he opened a general store with a U.S. Post Office inside. The business was ultimately operated successfully for many years.

He was never wounded, but the Testament he carried in hi

This is part of our history

You can't ignore history but you can sweep it under the rug. We have statues all over Richmond and other cities honoring our civil war dead. We will also be honoring and celebrating other events in the evolution of our great country and commonwealth.
Gov. McDonnell isn't against anyone - he is only leveling the playing field.

What 'playing field'?

What 'playing field'?

Wrong Kaine "Ole Virginny is Back Online"

You people that talk about "haters" are the real haters and racists. Why did ex. Gov. Kaine (virginia traitor) apologize for something that was done before he was born? Simple... He's not right in the head. I apologize for nothing. I did nothing wrong and I will celebrate for what my past ancestors died and believed in (right or wrong). Today we believe slavery is wrong (I agree). Today we go to see and marvel at how the great pyramids were built. Why do you "haters" go visit a structure that was built using "slavery"? For the same reason I will celebrate Confederate History Month. It's part of history. You Obama's need to get over it! There were "white slaves" as well. Is anybody gonna apologize for that. No!!! My Great Grandfather was an indentured servant to a farmer in Pennsylvania. He was taken from an orphanage by the farmer and put to work on his farm. He was beaten, abused, and forced to work for no pay. This was a commom occurance in those days. Get over it Obama's your not the only one's wronged. Raise your hand if you have been a slave. Gee, I see no hands raised. So what do you have to whine about!!! Move on and stop complaining about what I celebrate!!!!!

I'm not originally from Virginia

but this is what happened to my ancestors. Please read.

Confederate History Month

My Dad spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy and I'm very proud of him. However, I have a relative from five generations past, James Richard Townsend, Sr., of whom I am equally proud, who spent four years as an artilleryman for the Confederate States of America, fighting as a part of the CSA Army of Northern Virginia under General Robert E. Lee. He fought all over the South and had a hand in several major engagements including Chicamauga.

He was never wounded, but the Testament he carried in his shirt pocket saved his life by stopping a Union minnie-ball. This must have happened a lot in the South because in the Confederate museum in Columbia, SC, there are several Bibles on display which have been penetrated by a minnie-ball.

I am a native of Norfolk, steeped in it's history, sick of it's political correctness! Truth MUST prevail, and much gratitude to Gov. McDonnell for having more insight concerning truth than his predecessor!

E D Stewart Jr
Courtland, VA

Well Said

Well said Mr. Steward!

Political correctness is a symptom of the disease of liberalism, and diseases need to be eradicated...

Confederate Month?

Of course it is about our history but do we celebrate taking land from the indians?
We need to remember and teach our young but not everything is worthy of celebration. Slaveowners were kind of like the 2% of the wealthy owning 99% of our wealth today--very few with big clout.
How about a day or a week?


To all those folks in favor of Confederate History Month - how would you feel if Germany were to designate a Nazi History Month?

no comparison

there is no equivalence between Nazi Germany and the Confederate States
the Confederacy fought for small state governments, while Nazis fought for a strong, overbearing centralized government.
In terms of race, Nazis were anti-Semites, while Jews were free & prosperous in the Confederacy, Judah Benjamin, a Jewish southerner, was one of the highest ranking members of Jefferson Devis' government.
and in terms of slavery the Confederacy was also not unique, since there was still slavery in the UNION border states, and in parts of South America.
and the truth is if modern Germans choose to study their Nazi heritage, why would it be any of our business, or do u believe you should control everyone's thoughts & feelings ?

At CBX...they were fighting

At CBX...they were fighting for the states' rights to decide whether or not they could establish slavery in new territories. So yeah, it kind of does boil down to owning slaves. Regardless of who was on Jefferson Davis's government, wrong is wrong. I don't believe Dmorgan was trying to say that the Confederate South was exactly like Nazi Germany. I think he was referring to the outright atrocities against human beings that were present in both situations.

Trying to be deep......

But your comaprisons are WAY off.The Confederates wanted to preserve small government to keep slavery intact. To say Jews were free & prosperous in the Confederacy, still does not justify oppressing another race of people.Not to mention Jews were later targets of teh KKK and otehr extremist Southern groups, so poor try there.The terms of slavery in the South were definitely unique to slavery in some border states including Pennsylvania. Look up the laws regarding slavery in Pa and how it was eventually abolished to find out the difference.And lastly if it is not any of our business what Germany does, why botehr to reference South America????


with no due respect, Pennsylvannia wasn't considered a border state, it was a deeply entrenched Northern state.. Union border states were the states where slavery was still in practice, but where they chose to stay in the Union, and not secede (KY, MO, DE).. so the North/Union still had slave-owning states in it's ranks.. my point is/was that it is historically inaccurate and dishonest to single out the South as the moral rogue in the story of the Civil War (and liken them to Nazis), even the most high-profile Union general (Grant) was a former slave owner.. It's simplistic to say that the South had a monopoly on slavery, even the Emancipation Proclamation ONLY freed slaves in the Confederacy, it kept slavery in place in Union slave-holding counties.
The Civil War was about POLITICAL POWER, the Southern states wanted to hold the balance of national power, while Northern states wanted that same power, which is why they fought over population numbers and who would get new territories.. both sides had slaves. This is always about demonizing the South, instead looking at the holistic tragedy that the Civil War was.


Your comment shows you have absolutely no grasp of pretty much anything regarding the history of the US or that of Germany.

You should really go study before posting another idiotic comment like the one above!

Exactly! In my book, that's

Exactly! In my book, that's the only equivalent to Confederate History Month.

re: Nazi History month

dmorgan23464 wrote "To all those folks in favor of Confederate History Month - how would you feel if Germany were to designate a Nazi History Month?"

I have no problem with a Nazi History month, Confederate History month, Black History month, or the teaching of any other history - as long as the history is taught with the inclusion of the precepts and ideas of the period and why they are considered to be a problem today.

There is no "right" or general law that says someone cannot say or do things that others find offensive -there are exceptions like inciting to riot, yelling Fire in a crowded building when there isn't one, etc. - but especially in political speech; it is almost certain to offend someone! That is what "Freedom of Speech" in the First Amendment is about.

Lets have Nazi History month

Lets have Nazi History month every year.

You Southern Virginians

Make us Northern Virginians laugh.

You do realize

You do realize stereotyping is equivalent to stupidity?

I am a southern Virginian

I am a southern Virginian and I am laughing myself. Virginia from Richmond down is just so backwards.

Ignorance is no excuse

I suppose if I were really ignorant, I could whine, cry, and complain about "Black History Month", but I don't........

No ignorance here....I hope.

Here's what I have gotten out of this history story....In his inaugural address, delivered on March 4, 1861, Lincoln proclaimed that it was his duty to maintain the Union. He also declared that he had no intention of ending slavery where it existed, or of repealing the Fugitive Slave Law -- a position that horrified African Americans and their white allies. Lincoln's statement, however, did not satisfy the Confederacy, and on April 12 they attacked Fort Sumter, a federal stronghold in Charleston, South Carolina. Federal troops returned the fire. The Civil War had begun. Now, it's stipulated that the war was started because a few were unhappy with the ground rules on slavery. I'm hurt to know that even in the 21st century there are people out there who rather have me still live a second rate citizen with little to no rights. I truly believe had the South won, that's where I would be right now.

History doesn't show that

Civil rights didn't become a big issue until many decades after the civil war. Women couldn't even vote until 1920. This was a global trend and there's no indication that wouldn't have happened if the states had remained in two unions. The biggest difference is we probably would not have become the economic powerhouse of today and the World Wars may have turned out very different.

In any case, suppressing history out of the political correctness does nothing but create ignorance.

Suppressing History

No one is trying to suppress history by disagreeing with Confederate History Month. The Civil War is taught in 4th and 5th grades, as well as on the middle and high school levels in Virginia's public school system. Per the curriculum, both sides of the war are taught. With that said, why do we need an entire month to commemorate what we have been taught, per the state's curriculum, since we were 9? It was a horrible period in our country's history and the only heritage created by it was built on the back of owned human beings.

I am glad people with dark skin

are treated as my equal. I know they are my equal. If you want me to be equal with you then you should have no problem with me remembering history as I have no problem with you or anyone else remembering their history.

History vs today and the future

Remembering history and living it as if that life was your own are two different things. Right up to this day, the black race still LIVE the past as if it was thier own. It ISN"T! That happened TWO HUNDRED years ago...how long can one claim to be oppressed and still blame everyone but themselves for their own failures?
Why are there so many black people making a great living in this country? Because they do not live in the past and expect to be "taken care of" or expect restitition from those that were not even alive !!

How can I repay the debts of others when i DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT ENTAILS? how does one demand restitution when it wasn't them that was affected in todays day and age??
There are too many opportunites out there..for EVERYONE!Time to stop using the crutch of color..it no longer exists except in the minds of those that expect to be taken care of and do not have any motivation for themselves..that want to be victims the rest of their lives..
The past is dead...there is only the here and now and the FUTURE...what will you make it?


If you were truly 'not ignorant', you would realize that comparing Black History Month to Confederate History Month is like comparing apples and zuchini! Black History Month celebrates achievements made by African Americans when all of the laws were against them. It celebrates rising from the ashes of intolerance, hatred, and segregation. What does Confederate History Month celebrate? Please educate me.

Confederate History Month !

As a card carrying, flag flying, member of the SCV, I must applaud the governor's actions. This is a fantastic opportunity for all Virginian's to look in too Virginian's part in the war of northern aggression.
I cannot understand why the NAACP is throwing a hissy fit! A quick look into the history of the war will show that black confederates fought for independence also.

My great grandfather, and my great uncle, were members of the Richmond Howitzers. My great uncle William Henry Tatum was a member of gun crew number one. Gun crew number two was manned by black confederates.
All too often the history of this conflict has been painted over.

As for the issue of slavery, slavery was still legal throughout the entire United States. To laid the blame of slavery on the doorstep of the south is convenient, but it is not the truth! Slavery was the sin of a nation.

Respectfully submitted
David Tatum
Suffolk Virginia

poll: Gov. McDonell's proclamation

Obviously, the governor's proclamation has upset some and pleased others. So let's try to make this month into a something-for-everyone issue. Politicians are supposed to care about that sort of thing.
For those whose ancestors fought for the Confederacy, they are the descendants of brave men fighting for their homes. And they should certainly be honoerd.
And for those concerned about the slavery aspects of Confederate history month, let them remember that in some mysterious working of Fate, it was that very secession that made emancipation possible. With the most aggressive slave states out of the Union and in the force of anger over the war, the Abolitionists got much freer rein than ever before.

What's amazing

Is how everyone it taught Lincoln freed the slaves.

No he didn't. His action was geared towards the South. His emancipation proclamation had no affect on the Northern states so who was freed?

It was nothing more than a trick to win the war.

Wish people would learn their history so when they are told things they know what was really going on.

Get over it! We deal year

Get over it! We deal year after year with Black History Month, not to mention BET TV, and numerous other shows, marches, holidays, etc. There will never be an American Indian Month, White History Month, American Indian TV etc...Lets go even further. How about Jewish History Month, the list could go on. I am sick and tired of catering to one race. Sorry, what was done almost 150 years ago was and is history. At this point in time, I really thought we were all just Americans... Make it personal, just be proud of your families history, and this great nation's history, regardless what it is. The past is what makes this the greatest country in the world. And the rights that have been given to us because of the past is what we need to concentrate now on protecting....
So sorry if it offends some, Black History may always offend some too.

Pick Up a Book

Sounds like somebodys jealous. Dont hate on AA people because they suffered unlike u. Maybe you need to be more proactive as they were to get your heritage or culture/history exposed. And what does BET has to do with any of it, I love BET.:)

Poor Excuses

Maybe if blacks would move on and quit dwelling on the past they might be able to become more productive in this country. I mean, look at all the wonderful black professors, teachers, and PRESIDENT that there is to look up to...
If you dwell on the past that was NEVER YOURS...you end up being that past and never living up to your own potential...throwing away a life and futre for what?
Why do many blacks need to use this crutch for so long?? I really wonder..because there are many blacks out there that have looked inward and moved on to a better FUTURE and still have their past to motivate them instead of dragging themselves down to being paralyzed with something that happened in another lifetime..

Why do many blacks insist on keeping something so dead, so alive...ASK YOURSELVES this...WHY? Why not embrace this country as you should and be an AMERICAN with prospects..I bet all these great black men that have made a life for themselves a can help you on the way to becoming the person you should be in stead of the person who is no longer here..those that died over 200 years ago..
It makes no sense except for one to be in the mindset of the "poor me" syndrome which in effect n


It makes no sense except for one to be in the mindset of the "poor me" syndrome which in effect nullifies these wonderful black pioneers in this day and age...

silvrtungdvl..what a complete oxymoron!.....

"If you dwell on the past that was NEVER YOURS...you end up being that past and never living up to your own potential...throwing away a life and futre for what?
.....if that is the case, what is the need for us Whites to dwell on the Confederate past? Also what makes you think that Blacks ( according to your blanket generalization) are being paralyzed by things that happened in anotehr lifetime? Maybe some are being paralyzed but what is happening in their own lifetime. Look at the hate being spewed towards good black roles models such as the President? We have always forced Blacks to live in a white world- not just one month out of teh year, but every month. It is us Whites who do the majority of hiring and firing. It is Blacks who continue to have an unusually high unemployment rate. They are the last to get fired and first to get hired. I can go on and on. I find it so strange that Whites can find fault with Black history, but we cannot recognize our own agrieved ways when we feel forced to recognize anotehr culture other than our own.

Why does BET and anything

Why does BET and anything with "Black" or African American" in front of it instantly come under attack? Its Americas fault for that whole Black identification...

Short Comment

"THANK YOU" Gov. McDonnell!!!!!


Dont you mean McStupid? I think u do.

Obvious Questions not asked

Wished Gov McDonnell and AG Cuccinnelli would have been asked about their stands on these questions (suing the feds in the AG's case) before the election so the voters could have decided whether they wanted these issues dealt with as the new Gov and AG have.Has any other state declared this Confederate History month?

multiple states have

multiple states have confederate history month

I don't know...

Since you are so informed why don't you do a Google search and find out?

On the Healthcare Suit do you know how many other states are suing as well?

If not, go to Google and look it up.

Not hard is it?

How many fine Va. Citizens...

Can actually trace linage back to the civil war. I can't. I am a "come here" and my family came to this country through Baltimore in 1895 long after the War of Northern Aggression. The Vietnam War is the only one that has any significance to me. The rest are old history...and the winners get to write the history.

Tracing back roots

"RLS says:Can actually trace linage back to the civil war."
So true, not many can claim decendants from this past era that actually live here just as many blacks cannot claim to know their decendants from africa if they even came from there.

Enough with this garbage...It has become a stupid thing to celebrate any kind of month thing like this.Black month is a joke because not one of these black representatives can claim their lineage or even know it just as we, from europe cannot, and even the southerners can't...everyone that had claim to the civil war is dead and gone. It is PAST HISTORY... why do we celebraste it? Why do we not celebrate our FUTURE ....as to what we want to become? Someone once said, if you keep looking back you lose sight of what is ahead of you and miss the best opportunities life has to offer you!

Do you think Abraham Lincoln was looking back to the past when he wanted to end slavery?? Of course not. He looked forward to doing good things..so let's look forward to a good future and leave the silly past where it belongs..to those that have DIED. Let's make our own history here and now in this present and for the future history!


Tell me again why Virginia is celebrating 2nd place? The war is long over and you lost. Live with it.

It's Not Easy

It's not easy to forget that whupping the North put on them.

Love your History

You honor your history for your own reasons, I'll honor my history for mine. Let's move own, please. It's the future that worries me in these trying times.

Confederate History Month

How do we impeach this idiot? He does not reflect the view of most Virginians.


Of the above poll say yes! I guess he is representing the majority on this issue as he is supposed to do.

I hope thats not true

It sure isnt my vote

Thank god.

Thank god.

Im In

If there's a will there's a way. Bob McStupid is starting off on the wrong foot. First the civil suit against the healthcare reform, now this...smh. Who voted for this guy?


Evidently more than who agree with you.

I did and am proud of IT!

Your freebies are long on free and soon to be gone! Get off your butt and pay for your own crap!

I could say the same about Obama

In fact I think I will.
How do we impeach this idiot? He does not reflect the view of most Virginians.
Dang how does it feel.


How did Obama get into this? And in FACT he does reflect the view of most Virginians.

Confederate History Month

The civil war was about much more than slavery. The confederate heritage belongs to many just as black heritage belongs to others. We need to respect it all. I think it's a great idea to bring it back.

State Rights

State Rights were and still are the issue! Obama care is a prime example.
The federal goverment is dictating to the states what the must do. I for one say shove IT! You can call me what you like that does not change the facts.


I am in agreement with you I did not word my last reply right. I was ranting and not at you.

Why is someone always pointing an accusing finger?

People of VA should be able to celebrate their confederate history for a month. As has been mentioned, we celebrate Black History with a month-long event. If celebrating VA confederate history offends some folks, take a look at that large mural inside one of Tidewater Community College's Norfolk buildings, (the one at the corner of Granby Street and Freemason Street). It celebrates a hard struggle blacks went through to get where they are today. I am offended by seeing that each time I drive up Granby Street. But that depressing mural doesn't make me feel racist or cause me to accuse someone else of racism. These are events in our history, good or bad, that brought us to our civilized state today. We should all make the effort to get along with each other better than we do.


Dont you know the history of the Confederates? Obviously not, because you wouldnt have posted such a comment. They were not apart of the union, so why would you want to celebrate it. Celebrating the Confederate nation is like slapping the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in the face like crap. maybe thats what u are...i dont know.

heritage not hate

I know you hate to hear it, but it's true. It's my heritage, my ancestory, just like you have yours. Why is it OK for you to celebrate your's but not mine? I'm not ashamed of my dead relatives, quit proud to be honest. They were men & women w/their own thoughts & convictions. Strong, determined people. You may not like what they stood for, but they were proud, hard working, dedicated & basically willing to fight to the very end for what they believed in. Yea, I'm proud of that & them & if you don't like it, to darn bad. I have the right to celebrate my people like you have the right to celebrate yours.


Do we get a Slave Rebellion/Revolt month now?

Thank you fine Governor!!

This is far less separatist than black history month. February only celebrates one people. April celebrates all Southern people. There were over 10,000 black confederates that fought for the ideals of the South of their own accord. Get educated or grab a glass of shut it.


...and they were called slaves. Good justification (sarcasm)!

No need to sweeten what already taste good to ya. Your month of celebration should be based on the merits; that's all you need.


....let the pick up truck jockeys have their historical month-o-pride-feel-goodness. All of these "prideful" ethnic/race months are simply an excuse for crybabies to whine about anything else but their creepy, failing lives, and a distraction for those too slow to live for themselves.

Confederate History Month

Are we talking about the history of the south or the brief period of time when the south became a confederacy during the Civil War? Civil War history is covered in the 4th, 6th and 11th grade in school as well as in U.S. history classes in college. It has been studied in great detail both in and out of school through books, movies, TV specials. Why do we need an additional month to look at the confederacy ? I don't get it??

Love Your Neighbor as yourself

Love your neighbor includes NOT offending others especialy when you can prevent the offense. What if there was a "Let's Honor OJ Simpson" month? I'll bet that would be a sore spot for Caucasians. Would that type of honor for the sake of focusing on OJ's football career or as as a loving father and ex-loving husband validate that level of recognition and be appropriate? Of course not because the strongest taste left in you mouth concerning this man is that you think he was guilty. The same goes for African Americans, this Confederate History month revives a very bad taste. Bad taste is just a mild rendition of what is conjured up. There is always two sides to a story, and if more people choose the high road considering their "neighbor's" feelings, we'd all be better off. Not everyone can be pleased, but somethings are obvious.

Anything Good for the people?

What Good has the Confederate Army ever done? Please advise?


If this is about the history of VA, WHY make it this? There is so much more history in our state!!!! And it seems like there are far more important issue he should be working on.

We always seem to need more special days to reflect upon

Just take a look at all the special days and months we mark off on our calendars. From religious days to ethnic weeks or months, Federal holidays off, State historic days. Frankly, my calendar is booked for this year when you count cupid/mothers/fathers/birth x 12 / anniversaries x 3. Then you can add the festivals from Neptune, Italian, Mexican, Irish and the list goes on. If they add a Confederate month for the Democrats of the Old South to celebrate, they should also add a Whig-turned Republican Party anti-slavery (Northern Yankee) month as well. Yes, just for the historical record the guys that won the Civil War were Republicans including Abraham Lincoln. As for the South, there were many more issues than slavery and states rights that caused Americans to fight each other to the death.

Why are republicans always

Why are republicans always stirring up hate? Why do republicans think they have cornered the market on Jesus? Why are republicans threatened by the teaching of honest and objective history? How can a republican with a law degree from Pat Robertson U, who thinks that a woman's place is at home and under a man's thumb go wrong by proclaiming the glories of the confederacy? Republicans are why I stay active in politics. No one who cares about America could just sit back and let them take over.

Have you been paying attention

Have you been paying attention to how the country has been in a downward spiral with the Dems in charge?

have you been paying attention

That downward spiral was started by George Bush


Because being hatefilled all in the name of God is what makes a republican a republican.

Rednecks trying to have a

Rednecks trying to have a celebration at our expense that,s what it.s all about Virginia has more important things to deal with then this hateful


The shoe may be on the wrong foot. The Democrats started and lost the Civil War, promoted slavery, implemented poll taxes and started the KKK. If it wasn't for the Republicans the country might very well be split in half and blacks would have been given their freedom at a much later date. Just the facts, nothing more nothing less.

Addie - you ask why do they stir up hate

It's because its all they got. They invented the "Southern Strategy" and Wedge politics to seize power by turning people - especially the poor and disadvantaged - against each other. Their problem now is that they have Wedged away so many groups - educated people, African-Americans, Hispanics, recent immigrants, homosexuals - that they ahve painted themselves into a corner and face political extinction. Their only hope now is to stir up and energize their "base". This Confederate History Proclamation is part of that strategy. The pathetic pandering to the Know Nothings of the tea party by McCain, Romney (whose health plan Obama adopted), Pawlenty, and now McDonnell bear witness to their giving in to panic. Sort of like the Civil War - a few tactical victories (like McDonnell winning) will not stop the sweep of history. "Conservative" ideas have been tried for 30 years and have failed miserably. We are going to have to try something else.

Confederate History Month

The objection raised by the Black caucus is one of the reasons racism will never end in this country. It seems it is perfectly alright to have: Black History Month, Martin Luther King day, Miss Black America pageants, the NAACP, Black Policeman Association, and the list goes on and on. However, it is not OK to have a White Caucus, a White Policeman's Association, an organization for White People Only, White only Beauty Pageants and the list goes on and on. Until the Blacks can accept the fact that their own ancestors sold them to the white man and today's White sociality had nothing to do with it, nothing will ever change. The Confederacy is part of this county's heritage mores than anything else because it ended up setting the slaves free.

Well said!! You hit the nail

Well said!! You hit the nail on the head...I, for one, would like to see an Italian-American month, a Polish-American Month, a German-American month and an Irish-American month (in fact we should have a month designated for all the various backgrounds in this country)...what's fair is fair!

Virginia is an Authoritarian State

Listen here NyteNArmor!! Let's ship you were you belong in ENGLAND!!!

Confederate History Month

All the comments I have seen here posted about this subject just further reinforce my belief that racism in our country will never be a dead issue. We have black history month (which, why my kids needed to study Michael Jackson for this I will never understand when so many wonderful black people did so much in history), we have women's history month, we have every kind of holiday known to man for every other aspect of our history-why we cannot also celebrate southern history is a mystery to me. I'm not even from Virginia, I'm from Mississippi for heavens sakes, and we don't even have the issues down there that you Virginian's seem to have around here with race! And everyone always wants to point fingers at those of us from the deep south as being the most prejudiced people on the planet! Perhaps those who want to fuss about this the most should be the ones looking the hardest into the mirror about their beliefs and issues in regards to race.

It was an armed insurrection....

against the government of the United States that resulted in the deaths of over half a million Americans and deeply scarred this nation in the area of race relations.

Whats to celebrate?

the south lost

The confederates lost the Civil War and it was 150 years ago. Why commemorate such a huge loss and failure? The Confederate States of America were defeated badly. That's something southerners should try to forget.

All of us have heritage

All of us have heritage. You cannot ask respect of your heritage from others without learning about and showing respect for the others' heritage also. It is a good time in this country to revisit our history lest we doom ourselves to repeat it.

virginia is for losers

The south lost, get over it!


Well what a brilliant statement, any history month is a celebration to those concerned it is not about winning or losing, try reading about early American history you just may learn something! Or you may choose to go back to the blue state you came from if this celebration is too much for you......

Confederate History Month

Why stop with Confederate History Month? Surely we can come up with other Gov sanctioned celebratory tags. There's the War of Northern Aggression Month, War Between the States Month, The War for Southern Independence Month, War in Defense of Virginia Month, Mr. Lincoln's War Month, The War for Constitutional Liberty Month, The War for Southern Independence Month, The War for States' Rights Month, The War for Southern Rights Month, The War of the Southern Planters Month, The War to Suppress Yankee Arrogance Month, The Late unpleasantness Month and the more modern, Massive Resistance Month.


We should just have a history month. The average American is woefully ignorant of his/her country's history, so why not just make a whole month a history month, and make every American learn something about American history?

History is as history does

Today's news is tomorrow's history. As a boy growing up in Virginia, I remember the centenal celabration of the Civil War in 1961. It was a big deal. Brought lots of tourists to the State. We need the tourists back again to help our economy grow.

So, Tom ....

Why is this not "Civil War History" month? I'll tell you why. Because this more general wording would not have stirred up the divisiveness which was the purpose. Changing the name slightly would still honor those who fought on all sides without exacerbating today's divisions.

Can someone answer my queston?

What good has the Confederate Army ever done? I think that we have to look at the history because it is not an honorable history. It is a history that seeks to keep people down.

Confederate History Month

Does anyone know when the slaves outside the staes in rebellion were freeded?

Does anyone know why it cost more to ship goods to the north than the same goods shiped south starting in the 1830s?

Does anyone know about President Lincoln's plan for reconstruction for the Southern states? Hint: it was not what President Johnson was forse to do.

Does anyone realize that a black man wrote Dixie?

There just might be a great deal of history vs myth to be taught.

What hate there was has for the most part gone.

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