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Should Norfolk allow food trucks?
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Finally food that's good and not high dollar

If it's good they will come all day long. I think it's time to get a meal worth the money that you can get quick and enjoy it. If light rail becomes a reality I would ride it to Norfolk for a food truck experience!

Food trucks

I guess they have a place.I use to work a dealership and I remember a truck would come by in the morning and it was great to have a Sausage Biscuit and hot cup of coffee.It was a nice treat.

Why would Norfolk

even consider not allowing these?

There's laws and such and by permitting them, Norfolk's tax $ increases.

Where's the problem? Does it lay with the Virginian Pilot or somewhere Norfolk's government?

All Norfolk would be doing would be considered as killing new business.

looks like we have a

looks like we have a mandate. but do our city leaders care, and will we still reelect them if they prove they don't?

Check out Richmond

You guys should drive west and visit Richmond. We have a ton of food trucks downtown at lunch - every kind of you you could want! And, a couple of nights a week at different areas around town, we have "food truck courts." They have upwards of 20 trucks and it is wonderful! They do a lot of business and they try and partner with museums and breweries so everybody gets some play. Ethnic food, vegan, standard American fare, mexican, fusion, pizza - tasty goodness!


Fond memories of the "Roach Coach" serving many of the places I have worked over the decades. For those who don't have the time to enjoy a leisurely lunch at a cafe/diner/restaurant, they're perfect. I say BY ALL MEANS YES!!

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