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Should Norfolk release the video of a fatal police shooting at a Ghent bank?
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Bank shooting

Why do we need to see it. Does the family want to see this man with a mask, try to rob a bank. I don't think so. They want to say it was a wrong police shooting, and he was innocent.
That is what is normally on TV. We see enough of this type of thing everyday on TV. Showing another will not help anyone.

Partial agreement

I agree the tape should not be released, but I do not think there was a mask involved. Perhaps the family should see it, but not the public.

Educate yourself

If you are going to bother spending time making comments, please actually know about the subject. No mask. No bank robbery.

Criminal activity mask or not

Let it go. This is old news. Criminal activity does not pay.

Voting Down An Accurate Comment?

How can anyone vote down an accurate comment? What is going on here? No Mask. Not even a Bank Robbery! I think they should show it to anyone who asks. If they are so sure no crime was committed show your transparency. Otherwise count on more people having less faith in the police force. While you are at it put cameras in police cars. Because the real reason why Norfolk Police won't is because they can continue to miss treat the public without any accountability. Before you say I'm talking out of my whatever, I must let you know that I've seen it with my own eyes!

Educate us. Where was a

Educate us. Where was a mask mentioned??


The Police work for us, the taxpayer, and yes we should be shown the evidence when ever possible of a Police involved shooting. We as taxpayers , have the right to judge the people who carry guns .

There was an attempt to rob

There was an attempt to rob the bank when he tried to cash a stolen check. If that isn't robbery what is? Taking money that is NOT your's whether by fraud or by force is still robbing !!!

Thanks for reading,

Thanks for reading, everyone. To clarify the comments, Johnson was not wearing a mask and it's never been reported that he had a mask on. He was in the bank drive-through lane presenting a stolen check to a teller hoping to cash it. His girlfriend was convicted of conspiracy to commit larceny. -Patrick Wilson, The Pilot.


Robbery is taking by Force or threat of Force. I wish the Press would get that straight. If someone breaks into a house or business and no one is inside it's Burglary not Robbery. You can not rob a house or business just a person. If a person is working in a business the robbery takes money by force or threat. The person is charged with robbery to the person of property belonging to business.If a person goes into a 7-11 store and takes a six pack and runs out the door it larceny. It he assaults the clerk while running out the door he or she could be charged with robbery.

No, it's not.

Taking money by force or threat of force is robbery. Taking money by fraud or in any other way not involving force or threat of force is larceny. But none of that matters. What got the thief the response that killed him wasn't larceny or robbery. He got killed by a person who was justified in being there by virtue of the job he was hired to do. That person was forced by the subsequent actions of the thief to defend his life and the life of his friend. The thief wasn't killed for being a thief. He was stopped from being a murderer. The fact that he died in the process is an unfortunate consequence of the available tools at the moment in time he was stopped from being a murderer.

The family wants it

The family wants it released; you are incorrect. It is the investigators that do not want it released. If there is more to the story than is being told, then some might want it covered up. If it validates the story line presented by authorities, then it would enhance respect for the police. It will also show how some police really perform their duties and if disciplinary action is warranted. Like many crime stories which appear in print, all of the facts are not always known at first, although the Pilot is doing an excellent job in this situation. Americans have a right to know what is going on in our society. Truth may be painful, but disinfecting the truth is worse in the long run.

Comment deleted

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seriously, on the first two comments, remeber the incedent

Release the tape; transparency for goodness sakes. The tape will reveal the truth of the matter.

i say show it

& I'll quantify it/w the standard statement. If you didn't do anything wrong & have nothing to hide then, you have nothing to worry about. It's the same argument BHO used when talking about the NSA data collection. If you're not doing anything wrong, you've got nothing to worry about. So what gives Norfolk 5.0? Why not release it? I'd say you have something to hide. Not hating just saying.


The case might be pending in Civil Court.If the family or their Attorney wants to see it I see nothing wrong with the City Attorney doing so.If people don't trust the Commonwealth Attorney they should vote him out.

If you don't want to be

If you don't want to be dead, don't try to run over cops with your vehicle after trying to pass a bad check. Move on. Nothing more to see here.


People want to disarm citizens because the police will "protect" them. The same people don't trust the police when no charges are pressed against them.

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