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Should ODU expand its football stadium?
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The House the Heinicke built

Taylor Heinicke will fill whatever house they can build

Solution: Get rid of football

The money and hassle saved would free up resources for fulfilling the actual mission of a university, which is to educate students and foster research.

The "need" to expand Foreman Field is worse than a manufactured crisis. It's a complete distraction from what ODU needs to be doing in terms of improving academics.


Right now ODU is riding high in football. Wait until they have a few losing seasons then ask that Question. They will hve them.

At The Risk of Norfolk Homeowners..........

I say YES. This area is 'sports starved' and ODU, to compete @ a National Level (to draw more students, grants, endowments) would benefit greatly with a 60,000 to 100,000 seat stadium.

Plus, it may STOP this silliness Va Beach has come up with.....build a basketball arena where no one can GET TOO or GET OUT OF.......

I agree

I agree with the second half of your statement.

a thought

--I think that ODU should expand; forcing every tax paying homeowner right out of the city,--extend that cho cho right to their front door!-let them all ride for free!-put tolls on Hampton blvd to force more PAYING people to ride it!--sell the ports to some foreign company that will bring in some 'more educated people' from their own country and they all can ride the new cho cho to the beach for entertainment!

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