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Should Virginia allow early universal in-person absentee voting with no excuses needed?
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Most Virginians support early voting....

......except the Republican Party. They want as few people as possible to vote.


This is a true testament to the direction our nation is heading, absolute laziness. If you can't get off your fat *ss to stand in line to vote, then you don't deserve the privilege. "I have to work" is not an excuse because your boss or company CANNOT punish you for voting Though, I'm sure those who want early voting are just suckling the federal teet anyway. Besides, it won't matter because January 22 2013, a new executive order will be put out dissolving congress and appointing the current administration monarch of the United Socialist States of America.

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Not everyone is LAZY

What about people like me who have health issues and waited in line for over two hours, only to be in such pain that I had to leave before I got a chance to vote? You have a lot of nerve to think that everyone should be put in the same category of "fat a$$e$".

I do have nerve

And the fact that the CinC made a point less than 30 seconds into his speech to point out "long lines" and "we've got to fix that" struck that nerve. He is implying that there have never been lines to be waited in, ever, what happened when we had paper voting machines, people had to wait in line. How many ordinances and amendments were stuck in that people actually read (two in VA at a minimum). In an ever increasingly technological society we are dumbing ourselves down to "i push button, make thing work". Thank you for voting despite your ailment, you are true American, perhaps in 4 years you will still be able to vote, because the way I see it, the only way to get rid of long lines at the polls is to eliminate the polls altogether.


Lazy people don't stand in line for hours with the only reward being the opportunity to vote. These are often hourly workers who lose money or annual leave just to do their civic duty. How long did you stand in line? By the way does your name sykotik76 imply that you have been psycotic since 1976?

Yet another uneducated...

Here's the facts:

Health issues is listed as a viable option for absentee voting, So, for those of you who stuck it out despite your illness, kudos to you, you realize there is something worth fighting for.

I will back up the fact that the decry is from the dems and only pointed to the polling districts that are predominately under served communities.

While you may loose leave or little wages, pick a time that is least impacting on you, the company cannot deny you the right to vote (nor punish you for doing so). Granted, VA does not have a specific voter protection law, but there is case law and precedent in other states, soooo if you where so inclined and your company did punish you, then you could most likely win a case.

And since you have asked to obviously misspelled question

No, my moniker does not indicate that I have been psychotic since 76 it implies that I have been Sykotik since 76, please...if your going to go toe to toe with me on monikers, bring more than ANONYMOUS. You are now happy I have touched you. WOLVERINES!!!


Every thing is black or white with you isn't it? You must be "lazy" if you can't stand in line for hours in the cold, doesn't matter some are in a wheelchair, others are handicap, but YOU are not LAZY. YOU are one of the lucky ones, I bet you could stand out in the cold for days on end just to cast your vote.

Nothing lazy about you, and you will forever have your health.

common sense

Now we know government & common sense does not work together, like “government intelligence”. Maybe by year 2080. Make Election Day a national holiday if people have to wait 3 or 4 hours to vote. When people turn around a leave from crowded polling places, that is not right, but people have lives. They have to change something, we could only hope.

election day/holiday?

seems like that is just what the auto unions did...they gave all "american" autoworkers the day off to pay back Barry for what he did.

Day off with pay compliments of

Government Motors via the Barry Soetoro administration using our tax dollars.

Voted yes

Open the polls the Monday prior to the election and close 'em down Saturday evening. Same hours of operation.

It's either open them earlier, or get more machines. More machines and polling places would be better.

Some are concerned about people wanting hand-outs and freebies and believe that they all vote for the other guy...so let's make it hard for them to vote. But these folks will wait days outside of a store for the latest electronic gadget. They're stand in a 2+ hour line at King's Dominion or Busch Gardens for a 3 minute ride. So what's stopping them from waiting in line to vote? Nothing. And guess who's standing in line with them?


Virginian Pilot you are being very selective on your comments from readers-- the email from WOZ uses "name calling" in his/her remarks. Why isn't that deleted - in only leads to more anger or was that his point anyway?? You need to pay closer attention to the ignorant remarks of some people that just want to get under the skin of others.

Protected Opinon

Woz is entitled to his/her opinion, what sets people apart is the ability to let cooler heads and education prevail. If they don't like the facts or what is being said, they have the option to ignore it. On a personal note, I have never liked that the Pilot or any other site removes posts, it is censorship and always seems to be aimed at those who don't go along with their views (liberal or conservative). We have to move past these labels and think what is best for the nation, before it is destroyed.


Even if the absentee voting gets turned away again, why can't elections use the technology that we currently have? Why not go to a website and cast a vote? Give people more options other than standing in line at a rec center or church. I know security will be an issue, but if we can file our taxes electronically, I'm sure that a vote can be secured. Think how much faster an election could be finalized. We won't have to wait up until 1 or 2 am waiting for the results.

The people have spoken

Will the Republican legislators in Richmond do what the people want?....NO

Early voting

I am an elderly person who cannot stand in line. If I pull up to the voting area and vote from a vehicle I am taking down a machine for 15 to 20 minutes along with 2 voting officials. This means that several people have to wait in line longer so that I can vote. I am being considerate of others. Therefore my being able to go to the registrars office and vote there would benefit all of us.

Early voting

Yes with proper ID!!!!


Standing in line 1-3 hours just to vote is the biggest voter supression out there and is bipartisan. No one wants to pay more taxes to pay for voting machines so let us use the ones they already have stretched over a two week period instead.

Early voting

Yes to early voting its time for a change, everyone should have ample time to vote. There is to many people in todays world and people should not have to wait in line to vote. Still one vote and these votes should be held to accountablility and should be checked like usual.

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