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Should Virginia Beach raise the hotel tax by 1 percentage point to help pay for a proposed arena?
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Do it

It's a no brainer. It will bring in millions in extra income for the citizens of Va. Beach.

it will bring in millions......

really? from who? This is a pie-in-the-sky pipedream.

Read the question

Read the question..."Should Virginia Beach raise the hotel tax by 1 percentage point to help pay for a proposed arena"?

Not raise taxes to all by 1%.......Tourism will pay the tax......

Unless al who say no what to pay the tax......READ THE QUESTION....

from where?

"bring in millions" from whom? NO, it would just be local citizens spending their same money on basketball rather than something else. The "new money" idea is just fantasy. My salary does not magically increase because of a basketball team so I can now buy tickets with new money. I buy tickets but I don't go out to a movie and dinner instead to balance out the cost. The city did not make any new tax money off me; they lost tax money from my movie tickets and dinner bill tax revenue going down and equaled it out from the basketball game taxes. No new tax income there, just a different collector.

It's a regional attraction

NBA games bring in visitors from all over the region. An NBA team adds to the overall economy with visitors renting hotel rooms, buying gas, buying food, and paying taxes. It would help Virginia Beach a lot. Especially since the games are played in the winter when the oceanfront hotel rooms and businesses are under utilized.

a thought

--If these people had any brains they would be asking to build a CASINO here and then you would see a draw from all over the place.--including North Carolina.

--but they will wait and Carolina will build one themselves on the Outer Banks and then watch and see how many people change their vacation plans from here to there.-see how much of Virginia's money goes south of the border!---but then we are talking about having brains aren't we?--frank in va.bch.

it's always the locals expected to support the team not tourists

Sacramento is not looking to move because the people from Vegas and Oregon and LA don't go as tourists anymore just for a game. It is because the locals lost interest and don't buy tickets.

so basically what yorur saying is

there shouldn't be any new stores or restaurants or movie theaters , cause its not generating any "new" money, its just money that would have been spent at the old store or movie theater or restaurants, basically just keep things the way they are and not grow.. now i feel foolish for all the times i went to philly and pittsburgh to see my favorite baseball team play there and to go to dc to see the skins, didn't realize it was just for locals

Not at all

I'm not talking about private businesses opening up at their owners expense. I am talking about the claim they are making to us tax payers that using our tax money for this will be made up when they collect taxes on tickets. It won't. Yes there will be a small percentage of people who come to town only for a basketball game, minimal compared to the locals who will be expected to buy the tickets week after week. It will be a LONG time before a transplant NBA team has the attraction of the Redskins, Phillies or Pirates. Not even close. How many trips you make just to see the Wizzards?

taxes are taxes

no matter what they are spent on or how they are generated.. maybe if they said they were going to spend it on more social programs people wouldn't mind it, but it seems if they want to do something for the people ho actually pay taxes ,well you see the outrage,,if you think small you will be small.. and remember, small business, large business private business.. you didn't build that... the government did .. p.s. i hate the nba,use to like it back int the 70's, but now its too sloppy, college ball getting the same way..


No brain needs (or will be) applied here...

Raise taxes for a dubious at best Areana. Go for it VBCC...

arena/light rail

We can't afford either of these two half baked projects. Leave them to the big cities like Richmond. We don 't need an arena for a team that isn't going to come here and we certainly don't need light rail.

Will, you were elected to serve the people, do so, keep your hands out of our pockets and forget this nonsense.

Big cities?

You do know that Virginia Beach is bigger then Richmond?

Arena sports complkex

It'a a no brainer for sure!! That's a nice chunk of change to invest in schools, teachers pay, firefighters, police officers, and..Oh, I forgot, we don't have the money for these. Good thinking...

Just say "No".

It IS a "no brainer" ... because if BRAINS were being used our Banker-Mayor and his cohorts would have laughed at Comcast and sent the con men trying to foist this scam - packing.

This "deal" has black hole in which tax funds disappear written all over it.

But Reid...

What about all of that TOD?

"We won't need to raise taxes"...Oh wait we already did...

"But, we won't need to raise taxes in the future because of the TOD"...Oh wait this proposal does just that.

"But 62% of the vote is a mandate"; so obviously the citizens of Virginia Beach WANT a tax increase for a new areana and Light Rail.

Maybe after they see reality in their tax bill?... Naw I doubt it.

But, if they are going to do it LET's Raise taxes and DO IT! VBCC, Just stop the lies and deception.

I voted no....but

They should raise the rate higher. Also, they should get rid of the oceanfront TIF and put the tax income into the general fund.

Also, they need to revamp the tax burden from 85% residential - 15% commercial.

How about

Building it at that useless Sportsplex that no one uses.


any new tax money should be spent on infrastructure, not frivolity

We are not big league.

This came out today.


The difference between this area and other cities is they created good paying jobs while we create tax burdens. Remember that when they come to you to pay for a short fall in hotel taxes.

a thought

---with all the homeowners taxes constantly going up and with all of our money being spent on the ocean front--'yes' raise the tax on them and use the money for the rest of the city--like the roads that those tourist use every day.--build that arena with private money if they want it so much.--frank in va.bch.

Why not 10 %?

Get all we can from the tourists! Raise the trash can fees, gas taxes, property taxes, vehicle taxes, dog/cat licenses, utility taxes, road taxes, put tolls on the freeway, and dream up new fees and taxes so the King and his minions can spend it on arena and light rail!


Until the five cities can get their respective acts together and cooperate as a unified population center, any effort to bring a major pro sports team here will fall flat. None of the cities has individually enough fan base to make it worthwhile, and the term "Hampton Roads" doesn't carry any meaning for most of those from outside the area.

Theoretically the other

Theoretically the other local cities should not support a project like the arena. Local residents who support the events t the new arena will be taking their money from those other cities to VB, but VB certainly isn't going to share any of that revenue. And I can't imagine VB getting a majority of either house in the legislature to support the "required" state funding. They won't even build roads that would support the port which they get money from.

This will be an interesting process. I hope VB continues to move carefully forward on the project.

Hay Mayor!

Built as you like, but use your own darn money not mine! You want a big fancy stadium that will sit empty most of the time? Built it with private funds, NOT TAX DOLLARS! I see a recall election in your future....

the more the merrier

VAB should raise all taxes, increase all fees, just gouge, gouge, gouge until the gluttonous little gullets on the council are full. VAB should just funnel every single dime they can coerce out of the residents, straight on over to their buddies in real estate development,just lavish their buddies with the fruits of the labor of others. You get what you vote for.

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