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Should Virginia extend voting hours and legalize no-excuse absentee voting?
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Virginia should cease in being an archive, period.

absolutely not

Plan your day accordingly like anything else you care about. Early voting only gets people committed to a certain candidate early disallowing a change of mind by election day based on new discoveries.

Virginia voters

There should be no reason to make the old, the infirm and the ill stand outside in the cold for more than an hour to vote. Or anyone else for that mater. We have it in our power to fix this problem. North Carolina HAS fixed this problem. We should be ashamed.

Republicans have no shame

Republicans have no shame. They don't care if old people have to stand in line for hours to vote. All they care about is suppressing the vote, so they can get elected. But it is not working. Americans are smarter than the Republicans think.

if they dont

want to stand in line to vote they dont have to.. you libs cry about everything.. i got to stand in line to vote im 53 now is that old? what is old, how much is ones "fair" share what is a "livable wage" all talk and no answers..

That's exactly why you guys

That's exactly why you guys are losing elections. It's the "my way or the highway" attitude.


There were only a few places with long lines and those cities would rather spend money on choo-choos and arenas. There is no reason to make the rest of the state spend tons of money implementing new systems because some mayors and city managers can't seem to figure out that they work for the people and not the developers.

I know the elderly in my neighborhood enjoy walking to the polls, breezing in and breezing out, and then going for coffee together. They actually enjoy going and exercising their civil rights and performing their civic duties. Our civic league picks up and transports those who want a ride and then goes to the coffee shop with them, and then takes them home.

No long lines?

Yes, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain....There were only a few places with long lines....Nothing to see here.....Move along....

There a few places

that were reported. Should you dig around a bit, you'd likely find other areas voting areas with similar problems.

How much more does it cost to have the voting officials (most of whom are volunteers) be available a few to several days prior to the Tuesday election?

How much more would it cost to mail and process absentee ballots?


we didn't hear them complain when they stood in line to see obama

Neither did we hear

about them complain when they stood in line to see Romney.

This bill that was presented in Richmond was from Ron Villanueva - a Republican.

ronnie is just

a RINO, that's it and not a good one at that.

Re-check your facts

Take a few minutes, go to google and type in "virginia long voting lines", and you will get an idea of the numbers of peolle waiting for hours to cast their votes in 2012. Don't just rely on the situation at one precinct for data, look at them statewide, and you'll see the problem.


That's "People", not "peolle", (which sounds like a spanish fish stew)

Republicans should get out of the voter suppression racket,

they make our great State appear medieval, Virginians will not go back to the 1950s where misogyny, racism, homophobia and religious hucksters were the laws of the land.

Might as well

We might as well since elections are decided by the vast majority of uninformed people who get their information from 30 second commercials and news soundbites! We certainly can't expect people to take time from their busy lives to understand what they are voting on let alone stand in a line!

How long was your line

I stood in line for 1 1/2 hours. How long were you in line? Fortunately I am not paid by the hour, don't have children to pick up, am physically able to stand for 1 1/2 hours, did not have an important meeting.
Whenever a person votes they are 'taking time from their busy lives' Why should citizens have to take many hours from their lives to do something that takes about 2 minutes?


I’m an election poll worker and a former Texas resident. I can tell you from firsthand knowledge that I saw 80 and 90 year old senior citizens having to wait well over two hours in order to vote, this absolutely ridiculous!

In addition, I’m from Texas where we have had no excuse early voting since the 1980’s and this worked out very well. It is very surprising to see Virginia still using an archaic system!

Extened hours yes, No excuse no

Whose dumb idea was it to have a poll linking both issues?

Extending the hours is a good way to allow voters to better plan their day around work and last minute emergencies. Absentee voting for seniors 65+ works too. There are already provisions for the handicapped.

No excuse absentee voting is just crazy. It's hard enough now to get accurate counts now.

I wonder what opinions on extended hours the poll workers would have. That's a thankless job as it is.

"shall not abridge the right"

Sound familiar. Something about the 2nd amendment. But this came from the 15th. Why is the regulating guns, the 2ne, going down a slippery slope to destroy the constitution while regulating the right to vote, (the 15th) is merely an rational act for an imagined problem.

What harm would this do?

The only harm would be to the GOP. No individual voter would be harmed by early voting. The GOP minority needs to supress votes and voters. Since the GOP does not know how to connect with the majority of Voters they need to reduce the number of voters any way then can. The GOP is about power for the few not power for the people. GOP first country second.

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