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Should Virginia lawmakers restrict the permissions of red-light cameras?
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This whole discussion on whether to use technology in law enforcement is only the latest example of the overall stupidity and lack of engagement with the present that often typifies the old-white-man-Conservative living in our part of the country. Makes me ashamed and embarrassed to be an old white man living in the South.



Nice liberal reply based on

Nice liberal reply based on using facts and understanding of the real issue. Clueless?!?

Nice try

at your name calling but I would say warrat is usually on the conservative side of things.

Do you always jump to conclusions like that?


Sorry, sir/madam, you're stuck with me. That wasn't the correct answer for Native Americans when the Europeans arrived in No America, or for African Americans during the Back To Africa movement in the mid-1800's, or for Japanese Americans during WWII. We're the world's Melting Pot - remember? Divergent views are good --- when they're expressed by thoughtful people of good will, a better answer to a question or problem is always found. The problem comes when the thoughtfulness and/or good will are missing.

So I haven't given up on the South, or you, quite yet.

obey the law and dont worry about it

Only people who dont come to a full stop before turning need to worry. Computers take the video, not some government bad guy. If you come to s astop, the computer dosnt even know a car is there.

How do you know what the

How do you know what the settings really are???? You have no data to prove that and if you happen to stop but before or after the "pad" then you will have appeared to have run the light. The "BOX" on the ground should be marked to further help drivers understand the area to help reinforce the need to stop to include a possible indicator signal indicating that it recognized the stop during a red light situation.

Just wait

If you are turning right at a photo enforced intersection your best bet is just to stop and wait for a green light.


From what I have seen at camera lights, there is a sign to your right
that reads (STOP HERE ON RED)

Big Brother

In many of the locations these exist there is little evidence that these were needed or have had any impact on preventing accidents (the "real" reason for them). Then in other areas where they are truly needed they don't exist. WHY?
Since these are just revenue generators I feel they are not effective and only hamper our already deplorable traffic flow in SE Virginia. People need to learn and practice how to drive with courtesy, manners and within the guidelines provided (e.g.- slower traffic keep right, understand relative motion for merging with traffic, etc.)

Revenue Generation

Revenue generation is as good a reason as any -- driven through Emporia lately?

Learn? How?

You say "People need to learn and practice how to drive with courtesy,"
This is true. However, it is also not done except with the threat of punishment. As examples, I offer this: How many people routinely exceed the speed limit and use the excuse "Just keeping up with traffic"? How many park in fire lanes with the excuse "I'm only going to be a minute." How many habitually stop on a stop sign or red light, not at the line, but half-way across the crosswalk?
Unless people are faced with an effective punishment, they will not only continue to do these things, they will become highly indignant at anyone who calls them out on it. They act as if being in their car makes them impervious to the laws. It's not fair, but there it is!

red light means stop.

Excuse me but aren't they the same people who voted for this law in the first place. Virginia State Code § 46.2-835. Right turn on steady red light after stopping, states:
“Notwithstanding the provisions of § 46.2-833, except where signs are placed prohibiting turns on steady red, vehicular traffic facing a steady red signal, after coming to a full stop, may cautiously enter the intersection and make a right turn. Such turning traffic shall yield the right-of-way to pedestrians lawfully within an adjacent crosswalk and to other traffic using the intersection.””
There is nothing that says, roll through, or try to beat the car coming towards you at the speed limit.

Use of Technology Against Citizens for "Law Enforcement"

Every citizen should be concerned about the ever expanding use of certain technologies in the pursuit of law enforcement. Now, it is being said there will be large numbers of drones patrolling our sky's in the future as well. The Internet is monitored as well. We cannot allways rely on our public officials to protect our interests. It's up to the public to voice their concerns, and the will of the public is paramount to ensure our Constitutional freedoms are protected.

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