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Should Virginia limit part-time state workers to 29 hours a week to avoid having to provide them health care?


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The Republicans have been advocating austerity for quite a while now. At least as long as Obama has been in office. Did not hear a peep about this during the Bush presidency. I agree we can't keep spending like it's 1999, but slamming on the brakes will have bad consequences. Look at Greece!

YOU MUST BE KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama-Care is responsible for this proposal and propasals just like it in other States accross the nation. Medicade is paid for out of Medicare funding, moving money from programs like the Defense Budget, and increasing our taxes to pay medical care for millions of people who aren't paying their fair-share of taxes...they pay nothing! this is all forced on the States to implement...But there is no State funding to support it. You must be kidding!!!!!!!!!

Single payer system

Every other industrialized country in the world has national health insurance, and they pay HALF per capita what we pay for health care.


Are you serious. Greece went broke from spending too much. Where do you think that money comes from? Does it grow on trees? What happens when you continue to print it? Can you say peso?

Where do you get your information?

Greeks don't pay their taxes

Greece went broke from people not paying their taxes, ie...the Tea Party.

Ms. Chris, you have zero

Ms. Chris, you have zero credibility;
Blaming Greece's woes on the Tea Party
Requires a supernatural level of audacity.
You are epitome of low information sensibility.

As the crisis unfolded, the Greek government faced scrutiny on the accrual of its debt, and how they managed to hide fantastic budget deficits from European authorities. The investment bank Goldman Sachs had entered into derivates contracts with the Greek government, which allowed the government to securitize part of its debt in ways that European rules did not require to be reported. Thus Greece could legally fudge its reported debt and deficit figures.


Please don't just slam on

Please don't just slam on the brakes, I want the whole transmission jerked out of the obama tax and spend vehicle. Greese is in the position they are in because they had a government just like we have now and the one we had before this one(although not near as bad).Stop now and take the consequences now because later it will be 5 times worse.

Just plain mean

The Citizens of Virginia are generally very nice people. Their elected representatives are just plain mean and hateful. There is a hugh list of nasty things they do, this is one of the worst. Cut peopels hours so they get no health care and lower wages.

Good Citizens of Virginia please vote wisely next time and get some of these 'people?' or what every they are, out of office.

Whoever promised you a free

Whoever promised you a free lunch lied to you...and you fell for it. Welcome to reality.


90% of the National Debt was created by Reagan and the two Bushes.

Go to reaganbushdebt.org to see the numbers.

Not true. Obama has spent

Not true. Obama has spent more and raised the debt more than all the other presidents combined.

Wrong answer

We are still paying for both Bush wars, the unfunded drug program, and the Bush economic collapse.

Nice try, though.

both Bush wars?

Which wars are you counting as Bush's? Iraq yes, Afghanistan, no....Obama put us there.

One can only wonder

One can only wonder vis-à-vis
The sanity of those that embrace stupidity.


you better stop smoking that stuff, its bad for you!!


Ok, so I went to the site. It is attributed to Robert Reich, the Clinton era secretary of labor, Berkley professor, and noted advocate of redistribution of wealth. In other words he leans, shall we say, a little to the left.

So please forgive me if am a little suspicious of your sources.


The site provides links to the Treasury website.

Reagan and the two Bushes created 90% of the National Debt.

Bush inherited a balance budget from Clinton.

The site provides links to

The site provides links to the Treasury website.
-So does this one.


Reagan and the two Bushes created 90% of the National Debt.
-Mr. Obama created more debt than the sum of ALL previous presidents.

Bush inherited a balance budget from Clinton.
-Mr. Clinton left a recession for Mr. Bush.

You can get obamacare

You can get obamacare richard stop crying.

Don't blame the Republicans,

Don't blame the Republicans, they are just trying to keep the state from going broke. Blame obama, pelosi, reid and the other socialists in Washington for creating a healthcare fiasco law without considering any of the consequences before they forced it down our throats. It's too bad these people are going to lose hours and money but it's better than the Commonwealth going broke or raising our taxes to pay for it.


The state isn't going broke. The state has however reverted to a snake pit of selfishness as represented by the Republicans in charge.

So now, balancing the budget

So now, balancing the budget is considered "selfish" as well as "racist"...

You sound exactly like the

You sound exactly like the guy in line the other day that stated the federal government can never go broke because we print our own money. Your statement sounds as uneducated as his statement.

which republican put the loop-hole in Obamacare

Did President Obama read Obamacare before signing it?

How could a Harvard Law School graduate have allowed such a major loop-hole?

Will liberals demand the congressperson or senator who included the loop-hole immediately resign? Shame on that politician for not understand that attorneys will zealously represent their client to find the loop-holes!

Did President Obama read Obamacare before signing it to law knowing the loop-hole existed?
Will WH Press Secretary avoid those questions from the Virginia and DC reporters?

"We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it"

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Now they know and they don't

Now they know and they don't like it...especially the Unions who now want an exemption.


Pelosi is a criminal, a traitor, a true enemy to liberty.


Millions more will be added to the underemployed roles... thanks to Obama and his ignorant leech supporters. Companies throughout America are now hiring part timers with 28 hour weekly max allotment. Kroger, Home Dept, Lowes, Papa Johns, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, etc. and state governments throughout the nation are all cutting weekly hours to 28 or 29 hours for part timers. People who actually WORK will suffer more due to this marxist health care law. Typical Obama supporters who finally go out there and find a job will further suffer by their inability to find full time employment!! A decrease in hours worked will increase poverty, decrease GDP and decrease tax revenues, eventually leading to further debt and more tax increases.

Canada has health care for

Canada has health care for everyone. They love it.


Well, not all of northern freinds love it. I have friends that live there and they come to the U.S. for the health care and pay out of pocket to get their care in a timely manner.

Great...maybe you can move

Great...maybe you can move there. One thing Canada does NOT do is allow visitors and illegal aliens access to their "free" health care system. Last time I traveled there, I was warned not to get sick and try to visit a Dr.

to Canada has health care for

You are so wrong about Canada's health care and they love it. They don't get health care. The ones who do, and don't want to wait in line for their turn, come here for treatment. Only those in Canada who can afford top of the line treatment get it. The rich and powerful do. I had a long talk with a mayor in Canada about having to close a hospital, doctors parttime at each. people had to drive an hour between two towns. If people like Socialism so much, move to Canada.

If you're over 65 and rip a knee ligament they give you a splint

to hold your leg nice and straight....for the rest of your life.

Check out Danny Williams. He was Premier in one of their provinces...can't remember which one right now. Recently came here for major medical treatment.

Wonder why?

Doesn't sound like love to me.

Not true, Jely03

I have been to Canada and have friends who are Canadian citizens; what you stated is just not true.

BTW,m one of my Canadian friends came down a couple weekends ago, and I treated him to Norfolk's Gun Show. He was amazed, and he is perturbed at the Canadian government for their stances, not only on health care, but on gun rights. According to him, both are atrocious.


The most recent poll of Canadians (2011) showed:

A 2011 Gallup Poll found that "57 percent of Canadians felt “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their access to health care services (in the United States, that number stood at just 25 percent)."

You must have talked to those in the minority opinion.

Oh well, if a

Gallup poll concludes the that people they asked gave them the answers they wanted than it's got to be "gospel". Come on, get real, when the government wanted to try the single payer plan, i.e. "Hillary Care", the Canadians were screaming that we shouldn't try it. But 20 years later and now it's the best thing? Free market capitalism (not crony capitalism) works better than socialism or government run anything. The only thing that the U.S. Government is mandated to pay for is national defense. Government doesn't fix problems it makes them worse.

Canadian Healthcare

no, no they don't love it. That's why the keep coming across the border to the US to get good, immediate healthcare.


they get seriously ill. Then they come to America for treatment. Where will we go, Mexico?

So you are a Canadian?

Now living in the USA to make your comments in a VA newspaper? So if /when you get sick you will be heading back North for your doctor care and hospital stays? Please explain to all of us that never had to deal with a Canadian system, other than to read stories about why Canadians come to the USA for their care, why do they come here? And as long as they have their own money to pay their own way I for one am thankful to them. It's called the free enterprise system.

all this and more....

has been obama's plan all along. The goal is total collapse of the U.S.

Just reduce the pay slightly

Just reduce the pay slightly for those over say $60,000 or more and spread it out so everybody wins. It's really not brain surgery.

Spoken like a true liberal/democrat

unless you are actually a democrat that makes over 60K. In which case I'm sure you would be saying mot just NO but H--K/L NO! In other words make it like Social Security. All the workers pay into it so that near as many non-workers can collect from it. Oh yea, that sounds like a real plan. And we have 3+ more years of these wonderful liberal ideas. I can hardly wait to hear the next one.

shoved down our throats

Just because the Feds decided that 30 hours makes a full time employee does not mean the state should buy into that nonsense. If you don't work a full 40 hour week you are part time and it is up to the employers as to what benefits they want to offer! The object of the whole health care monstrosity that no one understands all of the parts of is to drive us to a single payer government run healthcare 'system'....just disguised because it wasn't popular to say that! Typical government double speak!


Welcome to the world of "Obama-care." All of you who voted for Mr. Obama and the Democrats are the first ones to be "thrown under the bus." Welcome to Socialism, the "new normal." LOL (I'm only laughing because what is happening to this country can only make someone who loves Liberty cry, I laugh to keep from crying.) :-(

This is a simple argument being clouded by emotions

This is a simple argument being clouded by emotions.

The argument is "Did these workers have health care before Obamacare?" If they didn't, then they shouldn't get it now and if the law says the employer (the Commonwealth) doesn't have to pay it if they work less than 30 hours then the employer has the duty to the shareholders (taxpayers) to cut their hours to less than 30 hours.

End of argument.

"Just reduce the pay

"Just reduce the pay slightly for those over say $60,000 or more and spread it out so everybody wins. It's really not brain surgery????????!!!!!!!!"
Spoken like a true socialist! People are such lemmings it astounds me and saddens me. O'Robbing Hood and his cronies keep there wealth, and you want to put your hand in my pocket. This is only the beginning of the far and wide reaching consequences of this ACA. In the end, I surmise that little gain will be realized in the overall health status of the nation because of this act.

Obamacare not thought out/poor plan

Obamacare was passed without being read by the Democrats. It's a big white elephant in the room getting in the way of the Constitution and Liberties. Since it isn't just about health care it should be abolished, and rewritten in a pure form. I agree, pull back everyone to 29 hrs a week and don't pay any benefits! Obamacare is the problem not the businesses that can't afford to abide by it's discriminatory rules. What's good for one must be good for all.Unions have different plan, Welfare has a different plan, Congress and the President have a different plan...who's paying for all the 26yo and under who get to go on parent's plan as a family plan. It's discrimination! We middle of the road and almost seniors need to group for a family plan.

Maybe we should try Bushcare

Maybe we should try Bushcare lol! Then we can be in the middle of another war, gas can continue to rise to $8.00 a gallon, and another major city can get attacked and the government can act like they didn't know anything about it.

Blaming Bush for gas prices

Blaming Bush for gas prices but not Obama??? Gas was 1.39 a gallon in this area on the day Mr. Obama was inaugurated the first time.

Elections have consequences.

Elections have consequences. It's not like you weren't warned...

The other solution

The other solution is to lay off half of them and increase the hours on the other half.

Is that better? Unlike the Fed, Virginia can't print more money.


This should come as no suprise to anybody. The Federal Government has not one, repeat.... not one program in its entire existence that ever saved money, made money or broke even. And that my friends get passed down to.....you guessed it. We the american people. So the next time you expect the federal government to be your "sugar daddy" good luck with that, because someone is about to get hosed!

a thought

--people---don't cry now --you wanted it so enjoy it!--If you democrats had bothered to read it,--you might have see it.--but you didn't.--wait I'm sure that they will find a whole lot more that some people,--like the poor,--will not like.

--once a liar,--always a liar.
frank in va.bch.

What else do we expect from

What else do we expect from the Commonwealth of Virginia? Find a way not to give people healthcare so the state can save money. So what do we expect the state to do with all this saved money????? The same thing they do with all of our tax money, NOTHING, but just keep the rich happy.

Makes perfect sense

as the economy continues to rebound, although slowly, the savings gleaned from devaluing employees will be more than offset when these same employees find other employment, probably in other states. Then, Virginia will have achieved the dubious accomplishment of increasing turnover rates in state agencies and building a reputation as a state that is hostile to workers.

That will show 'em!

I doubt if 1% of the

I doubt if 1% of the bloggers here know of the surprises to come from Obamacare...if you think Social Security is a mess....you ain't seen nothin yet....the "Affordable Care Act"....haha....hold on to your wallet


Why limit do what you need to do and quit welfare checks get those people to work no work no money and no free healthcare. I didnt have all the kids,I dont want to take care of them,make the parents take care of them quit giving the women the rights to them,if a person is divorced and they have two children,one goes to the woman and one goes to the man and make people accountable for there own children we need to keep our nose out of family drama and have people work. Because you see if people worked and contributed then they would have insurance. Government is the problem, quit giving money away overseas and keep the money and jobs here. Get a handle on the purse. My son works 12 days to pay his rent, rent is 725.00 where is his help?

Conservative selfishness

"The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a moral justification for selfishness."

-- John Kenneth Galbraith

Part Time Workers Hours Limited by State

I have worked for Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control, in a Hampton Roads area store. None of the cashiers, who are also the stock people and more, that work here have had no raise in over 5 years, This in spite of the fact that ABC sales continue to surpass each years sales and previous years profits by the millions, not to mention that after all the bills are paid, surplus profits. hundreds of millions of dollars, are given to The General Fund for the Commonwealth to do with as they please. This includes pay raises, bonuses or incentives for local store managers, regional managers, the Governor and all those who work in the ABC offices in Richmond. All the while, keeping the rest of us working under 40 hours a week so that they have to pay us no benefits

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