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What do you think of Kroger's purchase of Harris Teeter Supermarkets?
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a thought

--the idea of beating the completion by buying them out, leaves the consumer to be the loser.

Like Food Lion did

I recall Food Lion moved to get a lock on local grocery business by buying Hannaford and by essentially running SuperFresh out of business ( as I recall A&P was wobbling then anyway). Then Food Lion showed its appreciation with the pay three prices for the same item at three stores format. Thankfully Food Lion did not buy Harris Teeter, or for that matter, Walmart Neighborhood Markets.

Doesn't matter to me . . .

I don't do my regular shopping at either one. Harris Teeter is WAY too overpriced and, although Kroger is getting ready to open the Kroger Marketplace on Holland Road near my house, it has been out of the way. I shop at Food Lion and when I feel brave enough, I shop at Walmart.

Remember, the old adage,

Remember, the old adage, "You get what you pay for." And, yes, HT may be a bit overpriced, but the quality of their products far surpasses that of Farm Fresh and definitely Food Lion.

Kroger = Farm Fresh

both Kroger and Farm Fresh lack quality and service, therefor it costs less for their products. Harris Teeter was the only mid-priced grocery store around. even Food Lion beats Farm Fresh and Kroger.

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