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Will you alter your driving route to avoid new tolls on the Downtown and Midtown tunnels?
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Boycott it

Wow, this is going to be a landslide vote if these early numbers hold.

History may be calling this Bob's Folly one day.

The Bob McDonnell Tollbooth

They should name the Toll Booth after Bob McDonnell or the Republican Party. They people who sold our bridge to a foreign company for 58 years.


I give you some credit for not repeating lies even with your left leaning beliefs. But please read who made these agreements.. It was no Gov. McDonnell. It was Kaine. I know Chrissy 33 does not care about the truth, only in spouting his/her Marxist dogma, but hard to believe you are spouting this crap, it puts you in the same league as the extremists on the other side.. the birthers.

Doesn't matter who started it, only matters who finished

or at least that's what you say about Iraq and Afghanistan. McDonnell owns this, it ends his political career, may undo Cuccinelli, and screws us over.

Any major improvements now demand tolls, including South side Virginia, the Piedmont, Roanoke, all of them. You worry about sequestration? wait until businesses see what they have to pay in tolls.

toll poll

If sequestration goes through, there will be a lot fewer people going through the tunnels/bridges because a lot of locals work for the federal government in other cities. What will happen to ERC's profits? They could well have to go to the state for their money because their clientele might no longer have jobs on the other side of the tunnels and so don't need to go through five times a week. Even if ERC raises the prices to $20 a ride, they might not recoup their profits-sort of on the theory that you can't get blood out of a turnip. Will they have to go directly to the state for their money? The state and ERC need to be cautious. A woman died a week before the Depression and left money to her church for an organ. The money went for bills.

depends on why one would have to go there

I would avoid that rout altogether except for work reasons, then the tolls would have to be passed to the customers w/ higher prices.

Doesn't Matter

It does not matter if you go through there toll or not, McToll promised them(ERC) a profit, even if the state tax payer will make up the difference for them to make a profit of no less than 4%. What ever $$$ tag they tell you today will not be the price tag tomorrow, ERC gets to raise the toll each year, In 4 years it will be $4.00. I will spend $5.00 in gas not to go through McTolls. I will sit in traffic an Hour longer NOT to go through these overpriced tolls. VDOT should have taken control and built these at a reasonable price, $1.00 toll I could accept.

NO I Will NOT drive through ERC tolls.

Win win

So really, the pvt company can charge 25 cents, make up the difference from the govt. We get cheap tolls, gov't pays.

That commment's got to be a joke..

The only money any goverment has is what they take from the taxpayer!

no matter

how many times you repeat an untruth it does not change the facts that Kaine negotiated these partnerships and tolls, Gov. McDonnell merely renegotiated what he could to get the best deal for the citizens. It is shocking, I mean absolutely shocking that you could be blaming the current Governor, when you should hold Tim Kaine responsible.

It doesn't matter jld ...

... how many times you repeat the fact that it was Kandi Kaine who negotiated and approved the original contracts, these people are going to believe what they want to believe and ignore facts over fantasy.

I'll give you points for trying though.

Hey what is the line?

Kaine hasn't been governor for three years, how long is he held responsible?

Sycophantic democretins, sycophantic repugnants, doesn't matter, their all fools and idiots.

Only 3 years???? He has a

Only 3 years???? He has a ways to go. Mr. Obama is still holding Bush responsible

Comment deleted

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Besides making a profit, it

Besides making a profit, it IS one of their goals to alter traffic patterns. Despite the Intelligent Traffic Systems designs and huge monies associated with it, they still do a lousy job of providing enough intelligent infrastructure for the area.

Been doing the tunnels twice a day for twenty + years

If all the commenters are telling the truth, then it will soon be happy days! No more waiting in lines and maybe I can stop going to work at 5 a.m. to avoid the traffic. No more road rage while important people with important things to do drive to the front of the lines and ram their way in.

A hundred bucks a month in tolls is much cheaper than hypertension and I'll probably save half that in idling gas. Already got my EZPass. Let 'er rip.

a thought

--hey Portsmouth!--there might be a bright spot in the future for you!--with the tolls,--maybe people will move to your side of the river to avoid the additional cost to their businesses?--maybe your ports will do more business for the same reason?

--If you think about it--doesn't the tolls really isolate Norfolk from the rest of the state?--you can go west without any tolls!--what can Norfolk do?--wait until the tolls on the HRT hit home.

--you have more room to expand!--things are cheaper!--you only have to pay tolls if you come to this side!--bad thing is the hospital!--but if that was the only reason to come to this side,--it wouldn't be that bad!

frank in va.bch.

I'm not worried about it. I

I'm not worried about it. I don't drive anyway but if I did, I could likely opt for the ferry of a bus as an alternative. I love the ferry and I'm not afraid of the bus and taking the bus hasn't killed me (nor will it) so no big deal


I will absolutely avoid the tolls by whatever means necessary. Charging us again to use something we've already paid for is wrong. PROVE to us it will save us time and easy congestion, build the new structure, then add a toll if necessary. VDOT is so effective in wasting our money that they're already broke for this fiscal year. We have 5 months of idle workers and worsening roads to look forward to.

Look at Virginia's newest Senator for history on tolls

RICHMOND, Va. (WAVY) - The controversial Public-Private Partnership that threatens to put tolls on the Downtown and Midtown Tunnels didn't just happen over night. Governor Bob McDonnell's Administration cut the deal, but the preliminary negotiations took place under former Governor Tim Kaine. Back in 2002, Portsmouth Delegate Johnny Joannou told his constituents to vote against a state sales tax hike of one cent on the dollar to pay for roads.

Faced with the General Assembly's refusal to raise taxes to pay for roads, Kaine claims he was left with no choice.

"At the end of my administration with the legislature stonewalling with state money, we started a dialogue with the contractor."


Or how about this one from Kaine

Unlimited Dulles Tolls: Tim Kaine’s Transportation Legacy

Former governor Tim Kaine is the central player and the initiating root cause that led us to the escalating tolls controversy on the Dulles Toll Road (DTR).

The latest estimates predict that tolls will ratchet up to $4.50 next year, $6.75 by 2018, and $16.75 by 2043, and yes, that is the cost each way.


We all get tolls due to Kaine's mismanagement and cronyism

Mark of Kaine

Northern Virginia Silver Line project’s costs spiral out of control

“It was Tim Kaine’s decision as governor that turned management of the Dulles Rail project over to the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA) in the first place,” Delegate Tim Hugo said in a statement. “The rising costs, the jobs lost to other states, and the ongoing mismanagement of this project are the result of Tim Kaine’s bad decisions.”


You can't rewrite history when it is all stored on the web

Regard Dulles: "Since 2009, when Governor Tim Kaine signed the deal on the tolls and the rates were publicized, and no state funding was provided, Senate Democrats were silent. They offered no objections to the tolls for nearly three years. Then, at the very end of this session, after killing two budgets on the floor, Senate Democrats decided that they would make that their next issue. This will have serious consequences for all Virginians."


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what else didn't the Pilot tell voters last November

Literally moments after Gov. Timothy M. Kaine signed SB666, which tweaked the state's Public-Private Partnership Act to authorize concession agreements with private companies, the Commonwealth inked a concession deal with Transurban, a private toll road operator that manages roads in Australia, for the nine-mile-long Pocahontas Parkway.

Tolls will rise in a scheduled, six-step increase reaching $4.00 by 2016.



The only thing that Gov Bob did is finish the negotiantions already put in motion by Kaine made a much better deal than what has been foisted off on other areas around the state.

No one wants these tolls but to not look at the full history of how we find ourselves in this position only shows how biased and partisan democrat suppoters are.

There is plenty of blame to share with both parties in Virginia and people only make themselves look ignorant by not reviewing the entire history.

The final agreement was signed by

McDonnell, doesn't matter who started negotiations. Isn't that how we look at Afghanistan, or what you conservatives say all the time, the W. hasn't been in office for 4 years? Well Kaine hasn't been in office for three years. Own it kids, your guy screwed us.

new tolls will make me more likely to use tunnels

gas this morning was 3.45 a gallon and my car gets 25 miles to the gallon roughly burning $1.50 for every 30 minutes i sit in traffic and 14 cents for every mile i drive---so if rest of you drive around, the tolls will solve the wait time at the tunnel and make that the most cost effective option for me even before the new tube is built

Succumb to the inevitable

I'll probably get a transponder, reluctantly, of course, if only to accomodate any other tolls I might encounter. I don't go anywhere much that will require a toll, but "when in Rome---!"

Good question!

The question is: "Will (I) alter (my) driving route to avoid the new tolls?" The choices given are "Yes," "No" and "Undecided." I think there ought to be a fourth choice: "How?"

Heading to Deep Creek

Hey there is this new bridge that is going up in Chesapeake. George Washington Hwy to Canal Drive and Military Hwy in Deep Creek is going to be a parking lot. Those people in Deep Creek will never know what hit them. Can't say I didn't tell them so, sorry bro.

By the looks of the poll

By the looks of the poll results they better start improving the roads around all these tolls.


H--- Yes! Who wants to pay tolls, maybe this is the governemnts way of keeping people in place so no one can work or play in other neighborhoods. Seems racist and picking on people that can't afford these tolls. I bet here soon those that can't afford to pay get it free. If those in college get it free so do I because I pay for them to go to college. People that live here should not pay people that come here should pay because these are the true people making the roads bad. The bridges that were built should have paid for the up keep of the bridges. They just took the money and ran why because we as Virginians didnt get the contract right the first time,

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