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Would you support paying an additional 1 percent in sales tax to pay for road projects in Hampton Roads?
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Gas Tax

We have a method of taxing folks that use the roads in proportion to their use. It is called a gas tax. A sales tax is regressive and bears no relationship to road use. It is just another hand in your pocket with no targeted use, to be spent as politicians see fit. Say no.

Fuel tax

It seems to me that if the General Assembly is going to authorize a referendum it could offer a choice between a hike in the fuel tax on both gasoline AND diesel fuel or an increase inthe sales tax. The former seems more equitable.

Fuel tax

It seems to me that if the General Assembly is going to authorize a referendum it could offer a choice between a hike in the fuel tax on both gasoline AND diesel fuel or an increase inthe sales tax. The former seems more equitable.

No matter what they say, the

No matter what they say, the legislature would raid the fund and send the money up north or somewhere else rather than spend it on local projects.

I contacted Chris Stolle's office

...to state that I would not support a tax that fed into the general fund and could be diverted to other uses. His aide sent me a link to the bill that shows clearly this money is intended for transportation only:


however intended, be wary of unintended consequences...

...if the new tax goes into the general fund, all the intended intentions in the world still won't stop the General Assembly from spending such revenues as they see fit.


This reply came from a politician and politicians lie. Think city stickers.

I don't and wouldn't trust

I don't and wouldn't trust them as far as I throw um.It will just be another tax !!!!!!


If Stolle wants to raise a tax, raise the gasoline tax. The sales tax is a regressive tax that has the greatest impact on the poor. A Republican choosing to pick the most regressive tax to pay for something that motorists should be paying for -- who would have thunk it?

No different than the rest of our elected brains

Why would you think that Stolle is any different from the rest of the elected brains we have sitting in state houses, administrations, or Congress. It isn't about us, it's about them. The name of the game is privilege and power. Maybe it has always been. They scrap among themselves for publicity's sake, hoping to hook a few of the more gullible of us to be faithful to one group or another with our votes. This past election, and the 2010 elections have proven that our nation and state is desperate for true leadership as opposed to partisan skill. We have already capitulated to near serfdom. Gadgets substitute for Antoinette's cake. The country relies on being in hock up to our axxes. By the time we die, we will be penniless-that's the plan.

Hope the folks in his

Hope the folks in his district remember that at election time.



No....raise the gas tax...that way we share equally...

also, there should be a law stating that the funds be used ONLY for infrastructure.

This could actually stop Norquist controlled Republicans from peddling our tunnels, bridges, highways and ports to foreigners and toll booths on every other street.

No No No!

Start using the money we have paid correctly. Gas tax, DMV fees and any other fee and tax associated with vehicles, where did it go? To the lazy DOT and City workers I see take 4 men and 3 days to fill a pothole?
Take a long hard look at your present system and fix that first. I am so tired of politicians, civic leaders, Mayors, managers and so called representatives of the people having only one solution "Throw money at it".
Well it's my money and I am tired of you lot throwing it away!

It is our turn for nice roads

How come northern Virginia roads are so well maintained while we have to pay more to have our roads repaired? Who among you believes the 1 cent tax will remain here for our roads and not go somewhere else to repair their roads. If you are going to raise taxes raise them on everyone in the state. We are now paying for the nice roads all around the state it is time we get our roads repaired with their tax money.


Keep in mind several key facts with regard to your statements about northern Virginia roads being so much nicer.

Mean income levels in northern Virginia (areas adjacent to D.C.) are nearly $30,000 more per year than Hampton Roads. More income equates to more tax revenues.

Mean housing costs in northern Virginia is over $400,000 more than Hampton roads. More expensive homes equates to more tax revenues.

Northern Virginia residents pay an additional 2.6% sales tax on motor fuels. More tax revenue.

Drivers in northern Virginia who use those "nicer roads" experience an average annual traffic delay of nearly 74 hours compared to Virginia Beach's 33 hours. So just because roads are "nicer" in norther Virginia doesn't mean it's better.

Tax the users!

Tax the people who use the roads through regristration fees, gas tax, or property tax on vehicles.

Good idea, and then...

Prohibit people like you from receiving any benefits or goods carried by motor vehicles unless you show a proof-of-fee annual card that allows you to receive them. And, oh, by the way, you won't want to receive any entitlements from the people who must commute to work and pay the taxes that pay for your services. Sounds fair to me.

Poll Choices

The response options should read:

o Yes
o No
o H*** No!
o Uninformed

Gas Tax

As many other commenters said, I vote for a Gas Tax increase. A tax of 5 or 10 cents per gallon would not even be noticed by drivers since gas prices fluctuate so much every month. The tax on gas has not been raised since 1986. The cost of road construction has gone up and so should the tax. Sales tax hurts everyone even the poor and non drivers.


NO...not without some guarantee that monies raised will be used exclusively for highway construction/repair and not siphoned off for some other pet projects. PLUS, we need guarantees that the monies will stay in Hampton Roads. In addition, just like going to war, we need an exit strategy!!

Sales tax

My only concern is the sales tax revenue increase would be used for other project....
Why are we not increasing the gas tax as should be and we know that money will go for roads, not other projects..

Clowns... absolute clowns

You've proven you can't handle money. Why should you be trusted with more. You just sold us down the river for high tolls to a private company so you wouldn't have to increase taxes and if I heard it right, you laughed about it. Now you want to come back and ask us if we'd like a tax increase too? Amazing. Do you lose all contact with your head when you take office? I'd like professionals to do an accounting on where our money is going now. Track it to see where you're putting it.


As usual they just say 1 % but you know that will only be the beginning.Just like the Chesapeake expressway when it was built the toll was suppose to be on it long enough to pay for it but the first thing they did was add cost by constructing more toll booths to collect so the vicious cycle will never end.How about making the companies that pave and or build the roads guarantee their work.The paving on the M&M tunnel entrances and exits were just paved and are already getting potholes in the same places again.Make them stand behind their work

No sales tax

I won't support a sales tax for roads but I will support an increase in the gas tax IF all the tolls come off.

sales tax to pay for road projects

I am sure that they would use this new revenue exclusively for Hampton Roads projects. The fine folks in Richmond could then just subtract that amount from what we would have received. Remember how the lottery was going to be dedicated "just for schools and education"!

It's NOT a tax problem, it's a SPENDING problem!

You're telling me that the state employees, and state government can't find any place to cut spending and use that money for roads without raising taxes?? Come on people, state and federal government are taxing us to death and NOT upholding their fiscal responsibility to the residence of the state and country. They have to stop using our tax money to buy votes in order to win/buy/steal elections! Both Major parties are to blame, I call them "Republi-Crats".

Job Killer

This tax on sales is a job killer. Raising taxes on everyone will cause job creators to raise prices and reduce costs such as employees. I believe the GA will simply reduce funding to Hampton Roads since we would be creating our own funds.

And asking the voters to raise thier own taxes is a cowardly political move... JMO

separation of money

Interstate roads should be maintained by the fed, state roads by the state and local roads by the locality. Our hierarchy of trickle down economics for tax dollars is a joke. We should be paying the majority of our tax dollars to the state not the fed. We give money to a congress that can't even balance a budget and then expect them to hand a piece of that pie back to the states. It's ludicrous.

I'm confused

How do the statements "Interstate roads should be maintained by the fed" and "We should be paying the majority of our tax dollars to the state not the fed." correlate to a logical conclusion?
Besides, if the federal government took on the task of road maintenance, wouldn't that be the same as the days of FDR and the WPA doing road building? And wouldn't that result in the government creating jobs, which according to some, is the task of the private sector, not the government? And, doesn't the private sector building roads result in tolls?

Sales tax to fund road projects

If Government needs more funding for road projects,why they are not pursue to add VAT tax(es) on every purchase(s), like for example Europe has? VAT varies on every country,average VAT is approximately 18 %. Also,there should be tolls on I-64 & I-664( $1.25 toll should be enough ).

Europe shows: VATS are not enough

Europe shows that, sooner or later, VATS are not enough! As far as tolls for 64 and 664, you're proposing to increase local commute time and community accidents as more and more commuters search for alternative routes. I already travel 17 miles on local streets rather than I-64 at rush hours. Life and limb are my reasons, plus bumper thumpers from nut-so drive-too-close commuters in a rush! 4 out of 5 drivers around here weave, don't use directionals, slam their breaks, and drive in predatory pursuits for the next exit ramp or red light. There aren't enough police to enforce DMV rules. You can't even get drivers to move over for fire trucks or ambulances, or move to an empty lane to let someone merge on an expressway.

yes and no!

--how do we control the possibility that the money from the sales tax for roads here will be used in 'addition' to state money that we are entitled to anyway?--and not the normal treatment we are getting now,--which has been--FORGET YOY!

--again I ask for the elected leaders from this area --DO YOUR JOB--and represent us.--don't ask---don't beg---stand up and act like the people you claim you are!--frank in va.bch.

The referendum didn't pass the first time

because the people are NOT going to vote yes to raising our own taxes!

IF the government (whether it is city, state, or federal!) would handle the money they do have PROPERLY, then they'd HAVE the money for roads! AND, the people would TRUST them with the extra money.

I will NOT vote yes to raise my own taxes. We elect officials to do THEIR job and if THEY feel our taxes need to be raised, then so be it. They just want to pass the buck and NOT do their jobs!

"How do the statements

"How do the statements "Interstate roads should be maintained by the fed" and "We should be paying the majority of our tax dollars to the state not the fed." correlate to a logical conclusion?"

Federal Highways are paid for out of federal funds and have been since the FDR administration (please try and keep up)- hence the transportation bill bloated with pork that the Congress uses for bribes.

There are far more state and local roads than interstate highways, so yes, more tax funds should remain at the state and local level, not be sent to D.C. to be blown on bridges to nowhere touted by unionized state employees.


“A government big enough to supply you with everything you need is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.... The course of history shows that as the government grows, liberty decreases.”

Thomas Jefferson


When Virginia (Federal government included) starts being more responsible with the money we already give them then and only then I'll consider giving them more. If I blow my paycheck on crap I don't actually need I don't get to go to my employer (the Navy) and whine that my --car broke / roof leaks / wife needs a new rack -- and I need more money. Why should I reign my budget in controlling my spending and not expect the same from my government.

NO to sales taxes and tolls

I'm as anti-tax as one can be but the only sane way to raise revenue for transportation is an increase in the gas tax. No new (costly!) infrastructure is needed to collect it, it doesn't create pinch points or directly affect travel to and from localities as tolls would do, and it is spread across the largest number of users in the most efficient and proportional way. Tourists and those traveling through VA get to pay too.

I am for a gas tax if that revenue goes into a transportation lock box by law, and VDOT gets a full audit, especially contract admin. We don't need any more road projects that take years to complete nor do we need highways with speed bumps.

Road Taxes

NO, I would not vote for another tax,simply because we are taxed enough as it is, without giving them more money to throw away. Our forefathers were overtaxed by England, and that caused a War to rid ourselves of further taxes levied by the King. If we keep taxing people, pretty soon there will be nothing left for us to live on. Politicians are going to have to learn that you don't spend more then you receive. We, the working people and retired people have already learned this lesson.

sales tax for roads

yes if there is a posiive warrannty the city council and mayor have no option to divert the funds to other places

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