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Virginia Beach officer accidentally shoots another in training

CAMDEN, N.C. A Virginia Beach police officer was accidentally shot in the arm Wednesday with a gun held by another officer at the Academi training center near Moyock. Academi was originally formed in the 1990s as Blackwater, a company that trained and sent hundreds of contractors to Iraq in the early 2000s to protect dignitaries, among other duties.

Blackwater guard who testified against 4 others sentenced for 2007 shootings

WASHINGTON A federal judge on Thursday sentenced a former Blackwater Worldwide security guard who helped secure long prison terms for four ex-colleagues to 12 months and a day in prison for his role in shootings that killed 14 unarmed Iraqis civilians in a Baghdad traffic circle in 2007.

Blackwater sentencings give Iraqis some closure

BAGHDAD Ali Khalaf, a traffic police officer, stood in busy Nisoor Square on Tuesday, waving the cars by, and pointed. “It was there,” he said, “where people were dying and bleeding without reason. Blackwater vehicles were there, and its soldiers were shooting at people without pity.” He added, “It was as if I was watching a horror movie.”

Blackwater’s legacy goes beyond 2007 Iraqi shooting

By the time four former Blackwater security guards were sentenced this week to long prison terms for the 2007 fatal shooting of 14 civilians in Iraq, the man who sent the contractors there had long since moved on from the country and the company he made notorious.

Blackwater guards in Iraq shootings ask for leniency

Three of four Blackwater Worldwide guards scheduled to be sentenced next month for a 2007 shooting that killed or wounded 31 unarmed Iraqis asked a federal judge for leniency on Monday, saying a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 30 years is unconstitutionally harsh.

Blackwater’s founder faces another conflict

WASHINGTON The founder of Blackwater, once the world’s most notorious security contracting firm, seemed stumped by his interrogator’s question.

Ex-Blackwater chief Erik Prince hired by South Sudan

NAIROBI The former head of U.S. security company Blackwater USA, Erik Prince, was hired by South Sudan to help repair damaged oil facilities and boost output cut by a year of civil war.

Legal questions loom in Blackwater convictions

WASHINGTON Congress and courts alike could end up chasing after the high-profile convictions of four ex-Blackwater Worldwide guards now facing decades in prison.

Reports: Blackwater made death threat to investigator


Iraqis testify in U.S. court about Blackwater shootings

WASHINGTON Sarhan Deab Abdul Moniem was a traffic officer in Baghdad in September 2007, when a convoy of Blackwater Worldwide trucks pulled into his traffic circle and started shooting.

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