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Sessions to help people sign up for Affordable Care Act begin Wednesday

VIRGINIA BEACH The city's Department of Public Health will be conducting enrollment sessions to help people sign up for Affordable Care Act marketplace plans during the open enrollment period, which began Sunday and runs through Jan. 31.

Virginia’s top Democratic leaders call for acceptance of federal Medicaid money

Virginia's top Democratic leaders - the governor and two U.S. senators - said Thursday it's time for Republican legislators to stop blocking the expansion of Medicaid in the state under the federal health care law.

Health center to host events on government health care

Celebrate Healthcare will host two health education events this week to honor the 50th anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid. The organization will provide updates on Medicare and Medicaid as well as information about fall enrollment for Affordable Care Act insurance plans. U.S. Health and Human Services Regional Director Joanne Grossi will attend the events.

"Cadillac" tax on health insurance spending gives local schools heartburn

School divisions in South Hampton Roads may face stiff penalties - in one case exceeding $1 million - come 2018 if a key component of the Affordable Care Act is left in place.

Health care sign-ups extended for those penalized

Americans penalized on their income taxes for failing to have health insurance in 2014 have a second chance to sign up for coverage this year. The initial deadline to sign up for health insurance through the government's marketplace was mid-February, but it has been extended to April 30 for anyone who has paid or will pay a penalty this tax season.

Over 50K locally have signed up for health care plan

Enrollment figures released last week show that 53,801 Hampton Roads residents have signed up for Affordable Care Act plans during the most recent enrollment period, which began in November and ends Sunday. Across the state, 329,477 people signed up or re-enrolled in the second open enrollment period, compared with 216,000 who signed up for a 2014 plan during the first one.

Insurance rule an added headache for many taxpayers

A bespectacled man in a gray suit sits behind a gray computer in his gray office. The lights appear to be off. His bright green bowtie is framed squarely in the center of the screen.

Deadline nears to sign up for insurance

The open enrollment window closes on the Affordable Care Act marketplace Feb. 15, so counselors are gearing up for the last-month rush.  Marivic Potter, a certified application counselor at the Hampton Roads Community Health Center, said she's been counseling 10 to 15 people a day and expects the pace to increase in the final month.

For many in Va., Medicaid coverage gap is unaffordable

The army of counselors who help people sign up online for insurance in the Affordable Care Act marketplace this open enrollment period face a range of reaction.

Surveys: Most companies keep benefits after health law

WASHINGTON The Affordable Care Act so far has not prompted the nation's employers to drop health benefits for some or all of their workers as critics of the law had predicted, according to two major surveys released Wednesday.

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