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Patti pie is back. Are you satisfied now?
Let's talk about our dirty laundry in the washer and on the web

My right-hand man says that he has learned from his mistakes and that the matter is over and done with, so hush.
And I say great, but I’m on a mission to help save families, and I have to talk about this very serious matter that I suspect is affecting households worldwide.
It’s the laundry.

Ashley Madison fiasco plays like a blues song

The Ashley Madison hacking scandal continues to devolve into heartbreak and hilarity. As more and more users of the website for cheaters are being identified, reports are growing of suicides that could be connected, strained relationships and loss of standing in faith circles. And, as could be expected, lawsuits.

Call me Oscar, because I'm not paying for my "Sesame Street"

Don't come between me and my "Sesame Street." I have been watching the children's educational program since just a few months after its inception in 1969, and now I fear the block may be falling apart. Among a string of major changes: Sonia Manzano, who wrote for the show and played the character Maria for nearly 45 years, announced this summer that she is retiring.

Jamesetta | Fast food is what it is

Poor McDonald's. The fast-food giant is struggling to remain relevant as casual dining competitors eat away at its base.
As a discerning consumer, I'm probably part of its problem. I pulled back as I grew up and became more informed about nutrition. But I doubt I ever could completely turn my back on Ronald McDonald. He has been there for me so many times.

Jamesetta | Advice for graduation, wedding

Welcome to May - that time of year when graduation and wedding invitations begin flooding your mailbox.
Frankly, I don't know what to give as gifts. Money is always nice, but let's face it: All of these folks aren't going to get my money.

Jamesetta | Roaming cats bad for animals, neighbors

At last, it's finally time to get going in the garden. Woo hoo!
However, few things soil the experience, like discovering free-range felines are using your flower beds as a litter box.
Some pet owners believe it's perfectly fine to let their cat out at night. Nothing is wrong with allowing Frisky to get some fresh air and exercise, the reasoning goes.

Woman with profound disability needs help

ON SUNDAY, I wrote about Lisa Manyata Olson in the Magazine section. The story mentioned that a motorized wheelchair and a hospital bed were among the items she needed. I'm happy to report that a wheelchair has been secured.

Jamesetta | Frustration keeps pace with technology

A STRONG VIBRATION on my upper thigh jolted me as I left work around 1 in the morning. I let out a short scream. I thought I'd been grazed by a bullet.
To my embarrassment - and relief - it was just my pager going off for the first time. I'd forgotten I was wearing it.
That was 1996.

Does Facebook have you down? Browse life

TRY TO WRAP your head around this revelation: Use of Facebook can trigger envy and signs of depression, according to a newly released study.

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