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As one of his final acts in Congress, Boehner sees budget deal through

WASHINGTON Striving to end a cycle of crisis, congressional leaders and the White House united Tuesday behind an ambitious budget and debt deal aimed at restoring a semblance of order to Capitol Hill and ending the threat of government shutdowns until well after a new president takes office.

Warner, Kaine: Budget deal wards off defense cuts, but uncaps national debt

U.S. Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine see good news and some not-so-good news in the two-year budget deal struck by congressional leaders about midnight Monday.

Senate plan would eliminate one housing allowance for married military couples

A proposal on Capitol Hill to significantly cut the monthly housing allowances for married couples who both serve in the military is making many in Hampton Roads see red.

Fort Eustis to lose fewer than 100 soldiers in Army drawdown

NEWPORT NEWS The Army confirmed plans Thursday to reduce its force by 40,000 soldiers and 17,000 civilians, but fewer than 100 of those personnel cuts will come from Fort Eustis.

Report: Army to cut 40,000 soldiers, 17,000 civilian jobs in 2 years

The Army plans to cut 40,000 soldiers over the next two years, according to a document obtained by USA Today. These cuts will affect nearly all of its domestic and foreign posts, the newspaper reported today, and an additional 17,000 Army civilian employees would be laid off under the plan. USA Today said officials intend to announce this plan this week.

Military service members could get pay raise

Sailors and other service members may see a small pay raise next year and some noticeable changes in other benefits, depending on whether the Senate or House version of the defense budget wins the day on Capitol Hill.

House passes Pentagon measure after debates

WASHINGTON The House approved the annual Pentagon policy bill Friday after a tense debate over funding limits on federal agencies and a fight over an immigration amendment.

Senate defense plan looking good for region

The 2016 defense plan approved by a Senate committee Thursday bodes well for Hampton Roads' Navy-centric economy, following a similar path as a House plan that supports the region's ship construction and repair industry.

Navy considering Newport News Shipbuilding's future

Is the day coming when Newport News Shipbuilding will no longer have a monopoly on building the Navy's aircraft carriers? A defense analyst said the Navy's desire to create more competition - to stifle rising costs and address changes in technology and warfare - could lead the Pentagon to encourage a future rival to Virginia's largest private employer.

2016 defense budget provides lots of local work

The Hampton Roads ship construction and repair industry would have plenty of Navy work next year under a 2016 defense spending plan to be considered today by the House Armed Services Committee.

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